Possible director named for the Metal Gear Solid movie

Information has been rather scarce, but now it seems like Sony is ready to take the next step with the Metal Gear Solid movie. Film website Deadline reports that the studio is in early talks with Jordan Vogt-Roberts to direct the movie. Vogt-Roberts is known for the well-received ‘The Kings of Summer’.

Metal Gear Movie Columbia

The reason that it takes so long for the movie to take shape is ‘because it just took so long for the game creators and the studio to find themselves on the same page in how to tell the story of protagonist Solid Snake’, according to the article.

The Metal Gear Solid movie is being produced by Avi Arad, with Micheal De Luca as production president. There are no further details at this moment.

Source: Deadline

  • XIFF-5

    Hope they make it as an animation movie with high graphics cuz MGS can’t be done with real actors in my opinion.

    • Jason Mounce

      Imagine an attempt at making Real life FF7 without CG. LOL

    • gerber

      I would love to see MGS movie made on a Fox engine rather than with real actors

      • Ian Reay

        its to gard to get the actors to look like there game caharcters so a Fox Enigned CG movie of MGS would be the best thing ever

    • PrinceHeir

      Would love that!!

      Though i would really prefer if they just went with Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex.

      They can make “Complex” episodes while side stories can be labeled as “Stand Alone”

      Plus would love this animation!!

      • Ian Reay

        Im a massive fan of the G.I.T.S series and films, there awesome, a metal gear solid animeted series would be amazing after all this time i still dont understand why it has never be made

        • PrinceHeir

          They can just hire Kenji Kamiyama(SAC Director) to do it!!!

          He used to be close with Kojima during MGS3 days.

          I haven’t watched ARISE yet, I’m waiting for the 3rd movie then i’ll watch all three 😀

          So how’s ARISE for you? Pretty ace? I’ve gotten used to the new designs of Major since she’s in her young days ^^


          Still prefer her Stand Alone Complex design. Especially 2nd GiG.

          That jacket though!!!

          • Ian Reay

            really looking forward to Arise so much, ive seen the trailer on youtube and stuff im so excited for it, ive got all the Mangas as well cant get enough of it the 1st and 2nd Gig series was so complex and high tech i loved ever minute , check this out, !

          • PrinceHeir

            Will give my thoughts on this!

  • Hellrasinbrasin

    Well we have under 50 hours worth of existing narrative to work with. Why put a film series off any longer.

  • Ricardo Oe

    I dont think so…

  • Oscar Zulu

    I’d be OK with an MGS movie as long as they cast Hugh Jackman as Snake. Have you seen his butt in the new X-Men movie? He’s got the perfect butt for Snake.

  • NegaScott128

    If this is true, then it’s a weird-ass choice for director. Don’t get me wrong, I liked Kings of Summer, but it didn’t have any real sort of action or anything like that. Looking on IMDb, none of his other movies have any sort of action either. I just think it’s odd to choose a director with basically no action-movie experience for a movie about a super-soldier battling a giant robo-tank.

    • RoderickThe13

      Maybe that’s a good thing. They could easily turn the franchise into a typical meaningless action movie. I wouldn’t want to see Michael Bay directing it.

  • crimsonfox

    So I’m looking up this Director. I have no idea why Sony would want this guy to direct it. Unless he has shown some serious desire to do the movie and he’s a major fan of the franchise it’s kind of hard to sell me on this guy. Especially because a Metal Gear movie the budget has to be pretty big and this dude has only done one very small movie.I don’t know if they are going all out on the cast or if they are going to cast a bunch of no names (which I don’t hate the idea of) But either way this franchise better get the movie it deserves or else someone is gettting a high frequency blade to face / getting a chest full of SOCOM rounds.

    • Alex

      Its basically the same approach Arad/Sony did with Marc Webb taking over Spider-Man. It’s more about the passion as you said along with what they’re willing to do, not what they’ve done. Any solid story-teller can do something big when surrounded by the right people. Tron Legacy director never even did one movie at all, that was his first. Most big time directors with experience in big movies wouldn’t be into the games nor willing to corporate in the vision. So, I’m cautiously optimistic, lets just wait and see how it goes. Best case scenario is something like the recent Street Fighter web series that paid so much respect and attention to detail to the lore.

      • crimsonfox

        I really do want this movie to do good. I really love this story so much I really want to share it with people. I have mentioned it before, I have made coworkers watch cut scenes, I have told them the story verbally. I really hope to hear more about why they have chosen this particular director. Like you said I hope it’s truly a labor a love for him. And if it truly is, my heart might be able to handle it haha

        • Alex

          Right On brother, me too.

        • Janeo

          Yes I feel the same way I’m really the only one in my family that plays games regularly I have tried to get my brother into the series but it hasn’t worked but even he has said the story seems interesting so it would be great to just show him a well made movie. It said it has taken so long because the game creators couldn’t get on the same page with the producers of the movie as far as I’m concerned that’s a good sign because that means kojima isn’t just going to let them do there own thing but he will be involved in it.

  • LukesAlike

    Wonder who would portray Sniper Wolf. That role could be disastrous is taken too far. 😮

  • GhostReverie

    I remember hearing a while back that Guillermo Del Toro was interested in doing the MGS movie. That’s too bad; he definitely would have been my choice.

  • Arahmis ‘Bvgatti’ Mendez

    Bring Kurt Russel back! Lets do it right this time. Either that or Kiefer with make up

  • i’m a bit afraid about this, we all know that movies based on videogames have a long history of failures… and since i love these games, “acceptable” won’t cut it, i would expect an awesome film, even more when the source material is MGS, there’s a lot of cinema stuff going on in the saga

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