Kojima on MGSV: The Phantom Pain’s E3 plans

On Twitter, Kojima spoke briefly about what they’re going to bring to E3 this year. There will be a gameplay demonstration for The Phantom Pain, as well as a trailer and ‘other assets’. Like last year, special posters will be made as well for the show.

As always, we’ll give gameplay presentation at E3 so as trailer, main visual, & other assets. Even poster was created by ourselves.

Tomorrow Kojima will give a sneak peek at the gameplay demonstration for The Phantom Pain during the Japanese Kojima Station. On June 10th, the game will be presented at E3.


Source: Hideo Kojima Twitter

  • crimsonfox

    “There will be a gameplay demonstration for The Phantom Pain” That’s all I needed to know! This years E3 is going to be siiiiick. I hate using that term…but damn it that felt good. Also “a sneak peek at the gameplay demonstration for The Phantom Pain during the Japanese Kojima Station”!!! Tommorrow no less!!! There goes my Orange juice! http://media.giphy.com/media/bdkhJr4LcB9ni/giphy.gif

    • Yeah, they’ll probably show a small segment of the E3 demo, most likely a mission in Afghanistan (judging by the thumbnail for the next episode).

      • crimsonfox

        At this point anything shown would be awesome to see. I been hitting that refresh button on Metalgearinformer.com (harder than a junkie hits the spoon) trying to see if there is anything I been missing. Thanks for keeping us all updated on everything Metal Gear! And congrats on all your new users. I see someone new everyday, Thats awesome!

        • Thanks! Yeah, it’s nice to see the community grow.

          • crimsonfox

            It’s nice to have somewhere to go completly dedicated to MGS. Other sites that put up news are full of idiots more worried about resolutions. Saying stupid shit about “Is this another demo” man! screw everyone METAL GEAR FO LYFE I’m embarrassing myself..I’ll se myself out.

          • Batzi

            You’re right though. Metal Gear for life! In Kojima we trust!

          • Janeo

            Your completely right it’s nice to have someone who really loves the series to deliver news. I wasn’t sure if we would get gameplay thought we might have to wait until TGS but now I’m even more excited for e3 I don’t give a damn if there are now new interesting games revealed, we will have a trailer and gameplay for this finally get to see some matches in smash brothers plus some new characters revealed so I am very excited

      • flying_fox

        Afghanistan again? I was hoping for some new location.

        But hey, I’ll take anything, even a small Trial in the desert would make my day!

        Like “Fastest elimination of all scorpions” or something. 🙂

        • It’s just a guess. We’ll know soon enough (1,5 hours left).

  • Ravenous

    OOOOOOOOOOH!!! I’m hoping for an unbelievable trailer-gasm from this one 😛
    Really curious to see why Kojima is so eager to finally show us something from TPP 🙂

  • PrinceHeir

    Man it’s been a long time coming 😀

    I Still remember when they did the announcement of Metal Gear Solid HD Collection on the show.

    Man can’t believed it’s been 3 years now. Then 2013 Ground Zeroes reveal trailer

    and now Phantom Pain.

    Time sure flies by so fast ^^

  • LukesAlike

    GOSH DANG-NAMMIT! 6 Burger-flippin’ days…

  • Zero

    I just want to see the cardboardbox 🙁

  • Alex

    Hey Nyxus, Kojima is also scheduled to be on All Access Live with Geoff on June 9th. He may reveal something or at the very least say interesting things. It will be during Spike’s/GameTrailer’s all day stream.

    • Thanks, made a post about it.

  • man i hope those posters are some shinkawa stuff, though i doubt it

    • crimsonfox

      Let’s just hope they have some of his art. It’s just too damn beautiful.

  • VicBoss

    Hi all. I can’t wait for E3 new trailer and gameplay footage. I just only hope that it will not spoil too much. I’m also curious to see how TPP had evolved since the last E3 (I’m not a fan of the cross-gen aspect, so I hope we will see a major amelioration of graphics for new gen versions).

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