Kojima to appear on All Access Live on June 9th

During this year’s E3, Hideo Kojima will be in LA to show off Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. He will also make an appearance on Spike TV’s E3 coverage show All Access Live, to have a talk with host Geoff Keighley on June 9th (5:00 PM Eastern, 2:00 PM Pacific, 10:00 PM GMT).

All Access Live: Hideo Kojima, Project Morpheus, Evil Within, and More
5:00 – 6:00 PM ET (2 – 3 PM PT)
Geoff gets a live in studio visit from his friend Hideo Kojima, plus Richard Marks from Sony Computer Entertainment America’s Magic Lab comes by to give an update on Project Morpheus and showcase brand new content.


Geoff Keighley and Hideo Kojima during E3 2013

The game is going to be presented the following day, on June 10th, most likely on Konami’s own digital presentation.

Source: Gametrailers

  • Zero

    I know i’m repeating myself but can’t wait!!! 🙂

    • flying_fox

      The voice is my head keeps saying the same thing over and over. 😉

      • ObsessedGeorge

        “Now, stand right where we can see you, and blow your brains out!” 😀

  • Janeo

    He really seems to like geoff he is always happy to to do interviews with him he must trust him, I remember geoff saying that kojima even outlined the plan of how he was going to market TPP

    • crimsonfox

      I remember him saying they setup that swerve with him 2 years prior to that, that’s crazy. I honestly can’t stand Geoff myself though. I don’t know what it is, he just has the face of a rat basterd. And him constantly hyping stuff up not delivering has made me rage too many times to ever forgive him.

      • EbbQ

        Atleast he isn’t a journalist, whatever he says. A Journalist has to stay objective, and want to uncover as much of the information as possible. He is nothing more than a PR-puppet. And I don’t mind that, but people should stop calling him a journalist.

  • Frederick Guese

    Doritos pope, but at least owned up to that. I remember I was interviewed by this guy at E for all

  • Golgari

    Guys, 40 seconds gameplay. BOXES are back and oh yeah it looks fantastic.

  • Erick Mattos

    My body and mind is ready. BRING ON #E32014

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