Hideo Kojima is in Los Angeles for E3, here are some photos

Hideo Kojima and some of his crew are currently in Los Angeles for this year’s E3. After attending the Xbox Media Briefing Kojima stopped by the Konami booth in the convention center to check the gameplay presentation of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, that will be shown tomorrow.


“Tshirts of today. DD Tshirts.”


“World of green.”




“Stopped by LA convention center to check for tomorrow.”


“Tech check for gameplay presentation at Konami booth.”

Kojima will be interviewed by Geoff Keighley for Spike TV’s All Access later today. The new trailer (that leaked a few hours ago) will most likely be released tomorrow.

Update – More pictures and comments by Kojima from June 9th at E3


“Had a live interview in SPIKE TV.”


“Found Solid.”


“Theater in Konami booth.”


“Kojima Production interview room.”


“SCE conference.”

“For MGSV TPP E3 2014 trailer, I used the song called “Nuclear” from Mike Oldfield’s latest album “Man on the Rocks”. I proposed hints in the trailer. We’ll do 30-min long gameplay presentation all day for 3 days from tomorrow at Konami booth.”


“Dinner with incredible guys.”


“Japanese team, Mr.Mikami, Mr. Kamiya & Mr. Minami.”


“Hang’in there Japan!”


“Our sales didn’t like Snake covering his face since Snake & his team have been exposed in pub already, but my intension is to tell everyone that these dudes are gonna fall into evil.”

Source: Hideo Kojima Twitter, Ayako Twitter

  • NakedSnake85

    He looks calm. i bet he allready killed those responsible for the trailer leak !

  • lostsnak182

    umm i dont wanna be that guy, but oculd i possibly have a link to wait for the kojima interview on spike TV, sorry to be a nuisance ;D

  • PrinceHeir

    Is that Ayako-san?? 😀

    Shame i haven’t seen Yumi Kikuchi much nowadays. It was already confirmed in a podcast last year that Stangelove will be returning on Phantom Pain(despite the tape recording that she left MSF)

    Can’t wait for the gameplay presentation!!! It’ll probably be an extended version of we saw from the Konami channel with the desert setting and all.

    • Yes, that’s Ayako on the pictures.

  • Zero

    E3 is so boring man. Cmon Kojima i’m waiting only for you -.-
    MGS 5 is the only game i’m looking for and the reason why i have bought a PS4!

    • Anonymous GX

      He seems more like an Xbox developer now with all these appearances.

  • Soooo, Kojima’s in LA, checking ”gameplay”… Am I the only one feeling MGO? *-*

    • Machine Gun Kid

      Iv been waiting for mgo3 ever since they took mgo2 server down. I really hope they dont put reflex mode in mgo3

    • Ricardo Oe

      Man…we want MGO…
      MGO now…
      MGO forevah…

  • Anonymous GX

    That last screenshot at least confirms one thing. The gameplay demo he’s showing to the press starts off in the same desert as the E3 2013 trailer.

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