Konami issues press release on The Phantom Pain E3 demo

Konami has issued a press release outlining their E3 plans for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, stating that the game is the publisher’s focal point at the show.

Konami Digital Entertainment B.V. has announced that it will premiere a live gameplay presentation of the highly anticipated METAL GEAR SOLID V: THE PHANTOM PAIN at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) event in Los Angeles.

E3 is the focal point of the interactive entertainment industry, taking place at the Los Angeles Convention Center between June 10th – 12th. Located at Booth #701, KONAMI will host a series of presentations by invitation only that will mark the first in-depth demonstration of Hideo Kojima’s latest, and most ambitious, addition to the METAL GEAR SOLID universe.

Concluding the METAL GEAR SOLID V experience, METAL GEAR SOLID V: THE PHANTOM PAIN focuses on the hero of the series, Snake, and follows the events of the recently released prologue, METAL GEAR SOLID V: GROUND ZEROES. The presentation highlights series Creator and Director Hideo Kojima’s ground-breaking vision of creating the largest and most technically accomplished title in the series’ history.

The gameplay presentation will showcase approximately 30 minutes of gameplay, focusing on new features and a short walkthrough of one of the game’s major locations. Members of the Kojima Productions team will be playing the game live in real-time, showing key elements of the expansive open-world environment, highlighting the sheer attention to detail, and demonstrating the freedom offered to players in the game.

The presentation will also illustrate how the dynamic environment, including the changing weather and the differences between night and day impacts the famed stealth-based gameplay. The freedom of movement, use of various modes of transport and key infiltration techniques will also be shown in their many forms. Attendees will also witness how specific actions have a marked affect on the game’s story.

In addition to the gameplay presentation, KONAMI has also revealed a new trailer for METAL GEAR SOLID V: THE PHANTOM PAIN. The exclusive new footage, fresh from its acclaim at Sony’s E3 showcase, highlights the fall of Snake as the series takes on a darker, more serious tone. The cinematic trailer depicts the harsh realities of war and its many casualties.

METAL GEAR SOLID V: THE PHANTOM PAIN is the focal point for KONAMI’s E3 presence this year. Visitors to the booth will be able to experience the evolution of the METAL GEAR SOLID series, leading up to the new game, and how the franchise has grown in scale and style over the years.


One interesting point about their demonstration is that it will show how ‘specific actions have a marked affect on the game’s story’. The game will be demonstrated to invited press starting today. It’s still unclear if (and if so, when) the gameplay will be published on the web, but it does sound like it would be rather interesting to watch.

Source: Konami Blog

  • MrVux007

    Fingers crossed for leaked footage….. ^ ^

  • Guy Incognito

    PLEASE, somebody leak this

  • Invader_skoodge

    Is Konami not having a press conference this year?

    • Doesn’t seem that way.

    • Crypt

      To showcase what? We have some mobile games. Oh and Metal Gear. Thus ends our 10 minute press conference.

    • Jonny2x4

      Their entire E3 lineup is literally just MGS5 and PES.

  • RoderickThe13

    I hope they at least release a brief version of the demo. I mean, if they don’t want us to see everything for some reason, maybe they still can show something.

  • ANY new information about the online mode? Really, I’ve been waiting for 1 year, 11 months and 29 days now, but who’s counting right? Dear Kojima, please hurry up.

    • Zero

      Konami said there will be no MGO 3 news at E3, hopefully we will get some news in the future.

      MGO 3 will come, no worries Gustavo 🙂

      • I just wanna know when can I expect anything about MGO….
        Thanks for that tho 🙂

  • Altaim

    i can’t wait anymore…

  • Raymondius

    We will have some extensive and detailed analysis of the demo in a couple of hours, that’s for sure. Maybe tomorrow, if not. But I highly doubt this demo can be “leaked”. Anyway, I really hope Kojima will show us some sneak peak or a shorter edition of the demo, if not now during the E3, maybe next week.

  • Zack

    If you follow the preorder link on that blog post, Amazon and Games top have TPP listed as coming out 12/31/2014 and Walmart says 09/01/2014. Is it normal for retailers to put up placeholder dates for games without release dates, or is there something to this? I’ve never preordered a video game before.

    • Just placeholders (especially something like December 31st), it doesn’t mean anything. It’s normal for stores to do this.

      • zack

        Thanks, dude. Got excited there for a sec.

  • Yaro

    Preorders are up!! Christmas 2014!!! WHAAA????

    • Guy Incognito

      That’s a placeholder date(December 31, 2014)

      • Yaro


  • Yaro
  • PrinceHeir

    Glad Fulton system comes back 😀

    I do hope they reveal the Collector’s Edition on Christmas. Want to pre-order the JPN version as soon as possible!!

  • Theo Heisenberg Constantine

    isnt ign doing a demo thing thursday?

    • Invader_skoodge

      I really hope not. After watching their reaction video to the trailer, I was very annoyed that the only thing they could talk about is how confused they were. “Metal Gear is funny”, “No idea what’s going on”, “It’s the Big Shell”, “Where’s Fatman?” are some of the gems they spewed out of their mouths.

      • Yaro

        I was pissed off aswell for their reaction. They where super excited about an uncharted trailer that is only a teaser which you dont know whats going on. They were excited about game reeboots and upgraded. They get in my opinion the best story trailer out on E3 and they react this stupidly. Its really annoying and disappointing.In the end they are the ones who ended up looking dumb. And to say more… a lot of movie trailers, specially good indie movies have trailers that are really hard to figure out. I bet they are more used to Adam Sandler trailers that spoils all the story for you.

        Whats so hard to understand about Snake getting back from comma…. comrades are all dead…. He seeks revenge. He or someone else builds up Big Shell and makes it their mother base… and snake is with Ocelot and Skullface…. Wow… that was hard to figure out. That was so lazy on their part.

      • Janeo

        It is truly pathetic the way they were talking about it. Of course the series is hard to understand if you don’t play the games and what the hell is wrong with Greg miller, he is meant to love the series and he is saying he has no idea what’s going on here to any. Metal gear fan it’s obvious it is showing us big bosses descent into darkness it’s showing us a new vengeful big boss. I really don’t think the games draw away fans because confusion how could anyone be drawn away because of that amazing trailer, I played mgs4 first and I loved it. Greg also though Eli was raiden which is just bad, raiden was hardly born at if he was even born plus raiden was in the Liberian civil war which hadn’t even started yet. It’s sad, every gaming site needs to have a metal gear

        • No Place For Hayter

          Yeah, the only thing drawing away anybody is the popular opinion that MGS is funny, hard to understand, confusing, and morons like these who think they can spew garbage about a game series without letting people actually make their own opinion by playing the game and instead buy into the popular opinion about the game further spreading obvious lies to anyone who has played any of the games.

          • Janeo

            It’s really sad that a lot of people won’t give the series a chance because they are told by these people that it is to hard to pick up and understand, its really one of the only video game stories that draws me in like a tv show or movie would I wish more games would attempt to have complex stories. Metal gear is actually my favourite story ever then naruto and Star Wars and i wish more people would give it a chance. I think it was a really bad idea for them not to show the gameplay at e3 now when they do release the gameplay it’s likely less people will watch it.

      • XIFF-5

        These assholes don’t know shit about games , just a bunch of guys talking in front of a camera and having fun , and what they only know about are stupid shitty games like COD and GTAV .
        Thats what they only know in games. fuck those people

      • XIFF-5

        Btw,FATMAN???REALLY??? what they were thinking about????

      • Raymondius

        Watching this was like hearing someone say Apocalypse Now is so cool because it had a lot PEW PEW and some hot strippers… Just an epic facepalm.

        I’ve always thought that the kind of Metal Gear fan you are says a lot about you.

      • psychomantis18


      • Theo Heisenberg Constantine

        i love the bit when they see a guy in a berret and a trench coat and sunglasses and say “is that miller? yea its miller” then the scene where the same guy hit a child soldier and they were like “thats not miller it gotta be campbell or OCELOT” like really? were they all sniffing glue or something?

  • Invader_skoodge

    Wow, such phantom, very diamond, much snake, wow.

  • CrazyGuy207

    I need more.

    • Madara


  • Rob Machado

    Still waiting for that release date…

    • What

      1984 did you not see the trailer

      • Rob Machado

        Yes i did but what does it mean??

  • Yaro

    Has anybody thought this about Quiet?
    Judging by the trailer… we see her quite a lot apart from Snake. Yet we still see a lot of her cut scenes… we usually follow Snake’s stories trough his POV…Maybe its a stretch. But I’m beginning to think that we are going to control both Snake and Quiet. This would be brilliant. You are going to use the hero and the anti hero… one undoing the actions of the other… It would be a huge task for Kojima Productions to pull that off technically. But awesome non the less.

    • Invader_skoodge

      That’s very interesting. I feel she is has a big role in this game. I think the scene where she’s hand-tied and getting chocked, is her being captured and then taken to mother base to be tortured by Ocelot. And the scene where she’s jumping on those soldiers might be her escape from mother base.
      I mean Kojima’s quote that said she’s the main heroine but is not telling whether she’s friend or foe is very interesting.

  • Schmojima

    Just found this on IGN, pretty interesting; knocking is back, no walls needed!

    • Anonymous GX

      Clever use of the prosthesis. Good job Kojima.

      • Schmojima

        thought that, too. kojima never fails to wow me!

  • grapes9h5

    From what I’ve heard already, the game looks incredible. I hope Konami doesnt wait long before releasing a video of some of the demo (or all of it) onto the web.

  • Hellrasinbrasin
  • Hellrasinbrasin

    – Afghanistan level

    (Apparently this was specifically tailored for E3 demoing)

    – Snake adjusting to using his new arm.

    (I smell an arm/aiming/grip levalling system!)

    – 3 Days to rescue Miller

    (Time-based mission? Avoid fast forwarding time too much? Perhaps more time-based mini-missions that you can fail?)

    – Miller is being held by Soviets.

    – Ocelot provides support over radio, oversees base building.

    – Like in Peace Walker, Fulton gets you people, sheep, supplies, even
    vehicles. However recovery depends on your location and weather

    (I guess un-recovered items just fly off into space).

    – You can even make Fulton escapes! Instead of calling for a heli, just
    fulton a vehicle or supply box and sit on it. Mission Success! But if
    there’s bad weather, you will die.

    – You can even order air drops to be dropped onto enemies below. Can also call in air strikes on an entire base,

    – Pop out of a box to shoot, or leave quietly form the side when an enemy is examining it.

    – No need to knock on walls anymore, you can create distractions using your metal arm.

    – Smoke an E-ciggy as time goes by to observe enemy patterns over the
    course of a day. These will then appear as marked points on a map so you
    can avoid their patrol routes.

    – Looks like even while you are walking around Mother Base, taking in the efforts of your labor, Mother Base can be attacked!

    ( Guess building up a good defense and even fighting yourself are part of managing Mother Base.)


    – Stuff you fulton back can be seen around your base.
    – On Mother Base, some troops are doing target practice, Ocelot is walking around staring off into the sunset.
    – Snake can spar with troops on base to raise their levels. Fight Club!
    – Get your team to scope out an area and gain intel before you infiltrate it.


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