Kojima unveils new MGSV: The Phantom Pain Venom Snake figure

On Twitter, Kojima has revealed a new figure representing Venom Snake from Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. The figure is being created as part of Square Enix’s Play Arts Kai line, and this specific version has a special color and will only be available at next month’s Comic Con in San Diego.


“New one from Playarts KAI.”


“Special color version only available at San Diego Comicon next month.”


The figure comes with several switchable parts, you can switch his hands or choose between a head with or without goggles.



The back of the box

Source: Hideo Kojima Twitter

  • Null

    Anyone going to Comic Con ?’ Would you kindly get one for me ?’ It’s so pretty it hurts my soul..

  • XIFF-5

    Did not like the idea of making it with 1 color brown (or bronze) 🙁

    • Danny (Soundwave)

      It’s still a prototype. When he first showed us P.A.K. Raiden he was all gray. I don’t think this will be his final colorscheme.

      • Stang

        It’s a “special color for Comic Con” and there’s a picture of it boxed in this article. Safe bet the SDCC exclusive gets the gimmick paint job.

        • Yes. It’s also safe to assume there will be a normal, colored version available outside of Comic Con.

          • bigshynepo

            Stupid comic con exclusives always bring out the worst kind of toy scalpers. I wish they would just sell everything through a SDCC online store so everyone could get a chance to buy these rare items.

          • glitchbomb

            So true. Even stuff that is set up so one person gets one exclusive each….these bastards pay people a few bucks to stand in line with then and give them $ for the item. They do that over and over. We try to catch them but its just too hectic on the floor.

        • Danny (Soundwave)

          I completely missed the SDCC part. I can’t read… v.v

    • Yaro

      I think it looks great that way.Something refreshing.

  • Hans Maulwurf

    venom snake looks kinda fat…

    • Raymondius

      Pay Arts Kai make extremely small heads… I have one figure (PW Snake sneaking suit) and the details are great, though, I really love it.

      • They’re always a lot more muscular than in the games. It’s probably just their style…

  • Sooo much brown….

  • Raymondius

    I bet this is gonna be some customized suit for TPP. Maybe not, they could be doing like that to resemble Snake in a sand storm, for example, but I think it may be what I said.

  • B.wolf

    Ocelot! I can’t see **** through my goggles! lol
    Will we get a sculpted tail as well?

    • To be fair Snake only needed one goggle. 😛

  • flying_fox

    Can’t believe how early it’s going to be released! SDCC is in 1 month! Regular version will probably launch with the game, so this is going to be the only official TPP figure for many months to come.

  • Alan Brave

    jesus christ….

    • No, Big Boss, but that’s almost the same.

      • César H. Sandoval

        But Solid Snake was the one who died for your sins!

        • Alex

          PLOT TWIST

          Jesus is a clone and not the true son of God.

          j/k of course

      • Invader_skoodge

        Big Boss is love, Big Boss is life. :O

      • Janeo

        Except way cooler


    That’s why I hate “special edition” figures… for some reason they’re expensive and the “regular” version will featrure better paint job, anyways seems like they rushed production just for selling these toys at the expo, bet Konami needed more revenue since MGZ is the only Big Game they’re selling this year (maybe the next PES with its 30 sec teaser) but seeng TPP figures on sale might mean the game is getting released sooner (or they just need to sell toys to compensate the MGZ copies that didn’t sell on the stores for some reason (paid Beta))

    • Ground Zeroes sold pretty well though.

    • flying_fox

      “Paid beta”, interesting. Usually, people say “paid demo”.

      GZ bashing is evolving…

  • CrazyGuy207

    Meh, this one looks better.

    • Zero

      It looks to ‘clean’ for Venom Snake imo but it could work for punished snake. Good work nevertheless 🙂

    • Jason Mounce

      Where can I buy one of those. RIGHT NOW.


        Its a custom job… those are worth minimum 1500USD since most pieces are custom made (sculpt) and hand painted.. sometimes there’s a limited UNOFFICIAL releases like “INFLAMES metal boss” which is MPW snake (In 2 dif versions jungle suit and sneaking) the one I got has lots of accessories and extra out-fits.. kind of cheap at release but lacks MSF/FOX logos but far more affordable than a hot toys fig

        • Janeo

          That’s really cool for a custom job but the cigarette ruins it for me

  • Stang

    I really hope a RevolMini figure of Venom Snake is made. The Solid Snake one is incredible (preordered that one already) and it’d be nice to have this character in that same scale.

  • Jonny2x4

    This is a good sign, since it means the game will be coming out sooner than we expect. Merchandize like this usually don’t come out until the game is released.

  • PrinceHeir

    Looking ace 😀

  • quikst3f
  • when the prototype was shown i thought the figure was looking awesome, and that it may be time for me to get my first play arts figure… now that it’s finished i think it doesn’t look too good, maybe the paint will make it look better, but i don’t like much the sculpt.

    I prefer mine ^^ haha, even though it’s a work in process, and i know it has some flaws:

  • Invader_skoodge

    All I want is this Naked Snake mass produced and sold.

    oh yeah and Quiet’s “Grandpa'” 😉


  • Decker

    I dont want a new action figure ! (i already have a big boss, solid snake, Gray Fox, lol) Give me the release date dammit!!!

  • glitchbomb

    Another perk of living in SD!

  • Chris Reyes

    ya quiero tenerla

  • Chris Reyes

    geanial ya quiero el mio

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