Kojima Shows Title Screen of the Metal Gear Rising Demo

With the E3 less than a month away, Kojima Productions is hard at work to prepare for the show. One game that will be shown extensively is Metal Gear Rising Revengeance, which will also be playable.

Today Hideo Kojima posted a photo on his Twitter of the title screen for Rising’s demo.

The screen isn’t very revealing, it just show Raiden against a black background. But who wouldn’t like to press start right now, and try the game out?

Update: Kojima posted some more photos of the title screen.

Source: Hideo Kojima’s Twitter

  • Donovancanadacanada

     That looks incredibly bad…

  • Looks fine to me. I just dont like seeing Xbox controllers >_> <_< :::beats PS fangirl side down:: I mean, It just feels wrong seeing them there XD. The arm thing is cool, Id buy that 😛 Im really looking forward to Raiden being the main character mwahaha time paradoxxxx (Snake Eraser)

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