MGSV: The Phantom Pain voice recording continues for Robin Atkin Downes (Miller)

Voice recording sessions for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain are still ongoing. Robin Atkin Downes, who plays the role of Kaz Miller in the game, is back in the recording studios at Kojima Productions Los Angeles for more voice recording.

A few days ago he posted a photo of the new Phantom Pain script he received:


“New script for TPP”

Except for the date not much can be seen. But today he posted a video giving a small glimpse into the recording sessions.

Also, Kojima himself tweeted a picture a few days ago of the game’s script, stating that he is still doing recording sessions. He also posted a picture of Satoshi Mikami, the Japanese voice actor for Ocelot.



“A handsome man, Satoshi Mikami (VO: Ocelot) & me, the sleepy head.”


Source: Robin Atkin Downes Twitter, Hideo Kojima Twitter

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