Seven reasons Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops was a great game


Before the release of the highly anticipated Metal Gear Solid 4 on the PlayStation 3, Konami launched another game in the series for Sony’s PlayStation Portable. Because Hideo Kojima wasn’t as heavily involved with the creation as he normally is, Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops is often overlooked by fans. Many people believe that the game is not worth checking out, but this is not true. Not only did this game lay the foundation of many mechanics later found in Peace Walker, but it was also an impressive game when it first came out, and a nice entry in the franchise in its own right.

This article contains spoilers for the game’s story, so if you haven’t played it, be warned.

“I’m not living unless I’m in battle. So I have to find my own reason to fight. I have to pass on what’s been handed down to me…”  Big Boss, Portable Ops

Good cast of new characters


Portable Ops had actually a very good cast of characters, with the most notable one being Gene. But also Elisa and the crazed Colonel Skowronski (‘Bring me a plane!’) are memorable additions to the Metal Gear universe. It helps that they are accompanied by very good voice acting, as is expected from a Metal Gear game, among which (for the first time in a Metal Gear game) Steve Blum, who would also return for Peace Walker.

Returning characters


Sokolov’s return felt forced, but other than that the returning characters were a nice bit of fan service. There is young Colonel Campbell, who shows a different side of the character the fans know so well. Gray Fox makes an appearance as the young, brainwashed ‘Null’. It even explains the origins of the name ‘Frank Jaeger’. And it has Ocelot (who was absent from Peace Walker), in his famous backstabbing, cool and collected -and always twisted- ways, which is a bonus point for the game of course.

Interesting story that foreshadows Metal Gear Solid 4’s


It may be true that Portable Ops’ story isn’t absolutely necessary for the saga as a whole, but on its own it’s interesting enough. When this game is brought up in a discussion, it’s more often than not regarding its canonicity in the series. Kojima himself separates the games he created from games he only produced, and Portable Ops is not a ‘Hideo Kojima Game’. Now that this is out of the way, the story does stand on its own. It has some interesting plot points and dialogue. It should also be noted that the game was released before MGS4, and gave some interesting foreshadowing on that game, the most important one being the identity of (some of) the Patriots, which turned out to be a major plot point in MGS4.

Some great and memorable cutscenes


Portable Ops introduced animated cutscenes by Ashley Wood (which would also return for Peace Walker), and there are some great ones indeed. The best one has to be Elisa’s death scene, in which she uses her ability to give Big Boss a glimpse of his future. Accompanied by fragments of Solidus Snake, Metal Gear REX, Liquid and other things to come, she tells Big Boss that his sons ‘will bring the world to ruin’, but also ‘save the world’. Something he can’t comprehend at the time, but the player knows exactly what she is talking about. But there is also the speech from Gene, with which he manipulated Snake’s squad into murdering each other, and Python’s introduction scene.

Superb music


As you would expect from a Metal Gear game, the soundtrack of Portable Ops is great. It’s composed by series’ veteran Norihiko Hibino and Akihiro Honda, among others. Calling to the Night is a favorite, but other good tracks include To Arms, Sad Man’s Theme (a rearrangement of Peter Stillman’s theme in MGS2), and Show Time. It’s not quite the best Metal Gear soundtrack out there, but the game’s music still manages to keep the feel of the other games while having some memorable tracks on its own.

Amazing graphics


Of course, the PSP isn’t exactly new anymore and seven years after the game’s release, we are used to seeing better graphics now, but at the time it released the graphics were absolutely stunning on a handheld. To have a portable game with graphics that approached MGS3’s, was unheard of. It also looked really sharp on the PSP’s screen, and the animated cutscenes were very impressive as well (memorable is the ‘3D truck’ in this scene).

Interesting and original gameplay mechanics


Portable Ops introduced many of the overall gameplay mechanics that Peace Walker expanded on, such as the soldier recruiting and mission selection. Thus, the game laid the foundation for base management that would return in Peace Walker and later in MGSV. You could also play as other characters than Snake, including a good selection of favorites such as Major Zero, EVA and Ocelot. Additionally, the game allowed players to choose not to kill certain bosses in order to recruit them to your team. The controls take some getting used to, the say the least, but if you can get past them it is actually a fun game to play.

In conclusion, for the true Metal Gear fans who missed out on this game, it may be a good idea to try it out sometime. While it may not be up to par with a Hideo Kojima developed Metal Gear title, there is still plenty to enjoy in this game.


  • Garry’Nator

    Portable Ops was my first MGS I got really into (played MGS1 when I was young but didn’t understood much)
    I spend hundreds of hours playing multiplayer alone. I never understood why fans disliked this one so much till I played rest of games (propely this time) and know I think is just quite different than other MGS games.

    Still one of my favourite MGS (peace walker be on top) but I propably wouldn’t like it so much if I played previous entry’s first. Is just that I grow up with it.

  • SolidKenny87

    I thought, in that twitch interview, Kojima flat out said that he didn’t write the story (he supervised the project, and he probably filled the writers in on details like Zero forming of The Patriots, but that’s it.)

    I feel that the main thing to take away from his answer is that (rather than saying if it’s officially canon or not) inside him, he separates “A Hideo Kojima Game” from games he didn’t direct.

    Kojima also said that PW isn’t really an evolution of MPO. He sees it as more of an evolution of MGS4.

    “Actually, I don’t look back on Portable Ops, almost deliberately because the staff that worked on that game, some of them are working on Peace Walker as well. However, we have a different thinking – we’re thinking of a whole new start, almost continuous of Metal Gear Solid 4 – how can we make a continuous version of Metal Gear Solid 4 on the PSP? So I deliberately don’t look back to the resemblance or the mistakes made on Portable Ops, it’s more the mindset is totally different; we create a new Metal Gear series, just on the PSP. It’s a whole new approach.”

    Going by what the creator of the series says here, neither PW or MGSV owe anything to MPO.

    MPO isn’t as offensive as Metal Gear Rising (I actually kind of, sort of, liked it when I last replayed it.) I just don’t like how people try to shove non-A Hideo Kojima Games into the perception of A Hideo Kojima Games, when Kojima flat out said he separates those games. Kojima’s authorship should always take higher precedence than “official canon.”

    • Well, this article was more about the game in its own right, the canon discussion isn’t really the point here.

      A lot of the stuff introduced in PO are continued in Peace Walker, mainly the recruiting system and mission structure. Portable Ops could at least get some credit for that. Portable Ops is not a Hideo Kojima game, but it’s still developed by Kojima Productions.

      • SolidKenny87

        I was replying to this;

        “Kojima himself explained in an interview that he wrote the overall storyline but not the script itself, and therefor the overall events are canon, but some of the details may be off.”

        I should’ve included that in my post. Sorry for not making things clear.

        Apart from recruitment (which has been so blissfully streamlined to the point where it’s become unrecognizable), there really isn’t that many similarities between MPO and PW. I don’t see how the mission structure is the same. You can’t repeat story missions without restarting the whole game like you can in PW (under “Main Ops”), and Extra Ops is more like a 1970s version of VR Missions than the bland side-missions of MPO. The maps are also smaller (with a more traditional area-by-area structure), but as a result, they’re more detailed and colorful. The mission structure of PW feels more like a chopped up, bite-sized version of how missions played out in previous MGS games.

        Having allies hide in cardboard boxes is also gone (replaced with a much more sensible, and much more fun, co-op system.)

        Yes, I understand that MPO was developed by Kojima Productions, but Hideo Kojima compares his studio to a kitchen, with him being the head chef. If they replaced him with a new chef, then the flavor changes.

        This is why Kojima has such a difficult time passing the torch, because he doesn’t want Metal Gear to continued by heartless, fatalistic assholes like Etsu Tamari. He wants someone he can trust to carry on the spirit of the series. So far, the only person he could trust with this responsibility was Project Itoh (author of the MGS4 novel. The book’s Afterward makes it apparent that Kojima wanted Itoh to be his successor)… and he died in 2009. Kojima’s been mourning that loss ever since. (I recommend reading the full article, but the stuff relevant to Project Itoh is on Page 4.)

        So as far as I’m concerned (and as far as Kojima is concerned, I’m sure), until he finds a new successor, if it’s not “A Hideo Kojima Game”, it’s not really Metal Gear. Without the heart and soul that Hideo Kojima pours into his games, Metal Gear is just a routine brand name.

        • No Place For Hayter

          Give me the torch 🙂 I can tell the difference between a good idea and bad fan ideas.

          In all honesty I don’t think Kojima should pass the torch to his team at all, just look at what they tried to do when left alone, Metal Gear Solid Rising, while it looked like a great game it’s story characters and setting and especially gameplay was very un-MGS, If Kojima is going to pass the torch he needs to find someone that will replace his role and will guide his team like he has guided them, without a guiding figure with a vision Kojimas team tends to be lost, his team is fricken amazing but they need that strong guidance by someone who knows what they want.

        • The point is, wether you would regard PO as a ‘real’ Metal Gear or not, you could still appreciate the game for what it does in its own right. Same thing could be said about Rising. It’s not that Kojima doesn’t appreciate these instalments in the series that aren’t made by him, he just differentiates between those and the games he made himself (and rightfully so). So yes, a Metal Gear that’s not ‘A Hideo Kojima Game’ will never be the same as something like MGS1, 2 or any of the other games that he created. But they could still be worth checking out, as an expansion of the series.

          Also, of course the gameplay mechanics introduced in PO were greatly expanded for PW and again for MGSV, but the similarities are so obvious there can’t really be any doubt about it. Maybe Kojima already wanted to do it and PO was the testing ground, but it’s safe to say PW did carry over some of these gameplay mechanics.

          • GrayJaeger

            PO and Rising should never be in the same sentence. EVER. Revengeance was a good Platinum game, but it was just as close to being a Metal Gear game as Metal Gear Ac!d.

          • They are both games in the Metal Gear series that are not ‘A Hideo Kojima Game’. That’s the similarity. Of course, other than that, they are completely different.

          • PrinceHeir

            Damn it Nyxus i fucking knew you were caring!!!

            Your not one of those obsessive fanboys who dismisses any Metal Gear not made by Kojima. You actually understand what other directors and creators are trying to create and take something on it.

            And lol at Portable Ops not having any influence on Peace Walker and MGSV. The fact that they build both games based on Portable Op’s base building is enough that Portable Ops is an important entry to the series.

            And the story is amazing!!! Definitely better than Peace Walker and handled The Boss’s death very well. Instead of Snake mourning, he actually stood strong and instead will refuse to live the same life as her(controlled by government officials, will carry mission despite that will kill you in the process)

            I’m glad there are still people like you who can appreciate other games spawned from the original series.

            It’s kinda like Gundam actually. There are tons of alternate universe people prefer than the original “Universal Century” timeline.

            Some people After Colony(Gundam Wing), others Cosmic Era(Gundam Seed), Anno Domino(Gundam 00) etc

          • Well it’s just best to see each game in their own right, instead of just comparing it to the others. When you look at this game in retrospect you can see that it did a lot of things right (although that’s subjective of course).

          • Janeo

            I don’t usually agree with you often and I certainly don’t agree about PO have a better story then PW but I do agree that people shouldn’t condemn a metal gear just because it isn’t done by kojima. If they don’t wanna consider the game canon then that doesn’t bother me but when they to argue that no one should see it as canon then that really annoys me.

          • SolidKenny87

            What’s the point in MPO and Rising being “officially canon” if Kojima is going to disregard those games anyway?


            ^Kojima disregards MPO when he made PW. In Ground Zeroes, all backstory media (Paz’s Report, the Backstory section, and the little text summary at the beginning of the main mission) only references MGS3 and PW (in fact, in Paz’s Report 2, Paz said Naked Snake only saved the world ONCE before Peace Walker.)


            RATHER THAN SAYING if MPO is canon or not, inside him, he separates “A Hideo Kojima Games” from games he didn’t direct.
            Kojima values his authorship more than official canon. And as fans, I feel we are obligated to do the same thing.

            Rising is a PARALLEL STORY and does not reflect Kojima’s view of what happens after MGS4.


            ^Most recent, OFFICIAL timeline. The MSX games are included. MPO and Rising are not.

            I’m not saying you can’t enjoy MPO and Rising as their own games. That’s not what I’m saying at ALL. You can. Please do. I was ONLY replying to the part of Nyxus’ article where he left out an important part of Kojima’s twitch answer about MPO. I said NOTHING about whether or not people should be able to enjoy MPO and Rising as their own games. If you want, you should.

            But just… KEEP IN MIND that these games don’t really reflect Kojima’s vision for the story and characters, ok?

            (And that goes double for fucking Metal Gear Rising. Raiden gets back together with Rose and Little John in MGS4. Raiden’s story is done, as far as Kojima and I are concerned. Rising is only a “parallel story” and Platinum Games’ interpretation of the series. Please stop trying to say it’s canon when it isn’t. Enjoy it as its own game and stop trying to shove it into a story it has NO business being in.)

          • Changed the line about the canonicity.

          • SolidKenny87

            Don’t strawman me. I can enjoy MG games that aren’t directed by Kojima. I like Ghost Babel.

            I just believe that the creator’s vision is important, and so games that aren’t A Hideo Kojima Game should be quarantined from A Hideo Kojima Games. Games like MPO and Rising can potentially harm one’s perception of the series (not such much with MPO, but definitely with Rising), and so they should be enjoyed independently from A Hideo Kojima Games.

            Hideo Kojima holds the exact same view.

            Also, you do realize that Hideo Kojima was the one who said MPO didn’t influence PW and MGSV, right?


            “Actually, I don’t look back on Portable Ops, almost deliberately because the staff that worked on that game, some of them are working on Peace Walker as well. However, we have a different thinking – we’re thinking of a whole new start, almost continuous of Metal Gear Solid 4 – how can we make a continuous version of Metal Gear Solid 4 on the PSP? So I deliberately don’t look back to the resemblance or the mistakes made on Portable Ops, it’s more the mindset is totally different; we create a new Metal Gear series, just on the PSP. It’s a whole new approach.”

            I don’t know how anyone can argue against this. It’s not like Kojima is shy about sharing his influences. He even made a painfully obvious Escape from New York reference in MGS2!

          • GrayJaeger

            Yes, but events in Portable Ops have been referenced in other parts of the series.

          • SolidKenny87

            :sorry it took me so long to reply. I had serious computer troubles:

            And I can respect that people can enjoy AC!D, Rising, MPO, and Ghost Babel as their own games. Hell, I really like Ghost Babel. If people knew to differentiate A Hideo Kojima Games from not-A Hideo Kojima games, this wouldn’t be a problem.

            But the problem is, people DON’T separate Hideo Kojima Games from non-Hideo Kojima Games. They see games like MPO and Rising as true representations of the Metal Gear storyline, even when Kojima flat out said he separates those games “inside him.” And while it’s not totally bad in MPO’s case, it’s absolutely HORRIBLE that people think Rising is a true, worthy part of the MG Saga, and think that the way it has influenced the perception of even long time fans of the series is a complete tragedy (the way they defend Jack the Ripper returning because “that’s Raiden’s true form!” when his arc in MGS2 and 4 was about him not being a prisoner to his past.)

            That was why I replied to the part of your article where you left out the part of Kojima’s answer where he said he separates “A Hideo Kojima Games” from games he didn’t direct. People don’t put enough emphasis on that part of Kojima’s answer. All fans care about is canon, rather than authorship.

            As for MPO influencing PW and MGSV… dude, Nyxus, I greatly respect you, but I think Kojima knows more about the development of the game than you do.


            “Actually, I don’t look back on Portable Ops, almost deliberately because the staff that worked on that game, some of them are working on Peace Walker as well. However, we have a different thinking – we’re thinking of a whole new start, almost continuous of Metal Gear Solid 4 – how can we make a continuous version of Metal Gear Solid 4 on the PSP? So I deliberately don’t look back to the resemblance or the mistakes made on Portable Ops, it’s more the mindset is totally different; we create a new Metal Gear series, just on the PSP. It’s a whole new approach.”

        • GrayJaeger

          But wasn’t The Twin Snakes’ dialog changed from what was in MGS1 to what Hideo wanted it to be and later was used in Metal Gear Solid 4’s flashbacks on Shadow Moses (rather than what it was in the original when the English translator modified it around a bit) and yet it is agreed that the dialog from the first game was much better overall? Would that mean that arguably best entry in the series was partially NOT Metal Gear because the English translator made some changes to make the game as good as it was?

          …and by the way, remember how Hideo stamped his name on The Twin Snakes and how much of a turd THAT game was? I doubt he would consider THAT thing a Metal Gear game today now that he came to his senses and saw what a mediocre job Silicon Knights did to his baby…

          • The script of MGS:TTS is largely the same as MGS1, but there are some differences and TTS is generally closer to the original Japanese script. Wether it’s better or not than the original is entirely subjective. There is also no indication that Kojima dislikes The Twin Snakes, and he was the one who wanted it to be something different from the original game rather than a more faithful remake.

          • GrayJaeger

            Did anyone ever find out why?

          • SolidKenny87

            I find it amusing, how the dialogue of TTS is more accurate to MGS1’s original script (even though both reference the non-existent coma that wasn’t in the original script), but the direction of the cutscenes is so out there.

            I actually do like some of the script changes in TTS (not all of them. Replacing Otacon’s “it’s not a weak point! It’s a character flaw!” with “It’s not a weak point! It’s a weakness!” makes him sound silly.) My main problem with TTS is the voice-acting.

            I really don’t know what point you’re trying to make. Of course the original Japanese version of MGS1 (and all of the MGS games, for that matter) is the most accurate representations of Kojima’s vision. The English dubs are just emulations. I would LOVE it if there was an option to turn on the Japanese dub with more accurate subtitles.
            I’m not saying I don’t like the English dub for these games; for the most part, I do. But I acknowledge that the English dub is just “the dub”, while to Kojima, the Japanese version is the game he wanted to make (besides MGSV, where the Japanese dub seems to be taking a back seat.)

            I fail to see how this is at all relevant to the discussion of how Kojima separates “A Hideo Kojima Game” from games that aren’t “A Hideo Kojima Game” (and no, TTS is not A Hideo Kojima Game. He only produced it. They got another director for the game.)

            P.S. The Japanese version of MGS4 uses the Japanese audio of MGS1. English MGS4 uses TTS’ audio because English MGS1’s audio has some pops and other errors (listen to the game with a 5.1 headset.) So quit bringing that up. I think Kojima values the version of the game he actually speaks more than a mere dub.

          • Eric Otness

            For the record, technically, The Twin Snakes doesn’t even HAVE a Japanese option, as it was done entirely in English, even in the Japanese release, so it wouldn’t have mattered either way.

            And as far as your comments about MPO, especially the bit about Ground Zeroes, by that logic, Miller had in fact been duped by Paz and Cipher’s cover story even when Peace Walker established that he had in fact been aware that Paz had been lying the whole time and was in fact in on Cipher’s plot (kind of, it’s unlikely he would have supported the whole nuking America bit and MSF being framed for it), simply because Miller said “Can’t believe we fell for that cover story” at one point in the game. And maybe I should remind you that the MSX2 games were in fact removed from one of the timelines at one point (ironically, it was the timeline published while PW was still in development). In fact, most games have in fact contradicted each other constantly to the extent they all equally apply as such by Kojima.

  • kiki

    well.. but control is really bad though it’s old game.

    • The controls were difficult to get used to but not impossible. It’s also because the PSP simply didn’t come with a second analog stick.

      • SolidKenny87

        I found out how to turn off that annoying auto-centering.

        When modifying control options for weapon aiming, there’s an option to have it aim where the Character is facing (like in MGS2 and 3), or where the camera is facing (like in MGS4 and PW.) Change it so that the the player aims where the camera is facing.

        Then, after making some adjustments so that it plays more like PW (L is aiming, R is shooting/CQC, the D-Pad does actions and the face buttons move the camera), the game becomes much more playable.

        BUT, when grabbing a guard, if you aim the camera all the way up (or all the way down down), and then interrogate him, you’ll find something HILARIOUS that makes dragging people back to Campbell’s truck infinitely more fun.

        • Nekkedsnake

          i did the same setup months ago. LR to aim/shoot/cqc, face buttons to move camera. so far so good.

    • No Place For Hayter

      The controls were bad because if the system it was on, not because it was an old game (that is if you were referring to the moving and aiming) likely for me though I had played games with that control scheme before on the PSP so I was used to it and had no problem using it.

    • GrayJaeger

      Wanna hear something amusing? At first I thought the controls were weird, it took me a while to get used to them. Then when Peace Walker came out, I was so used to the Portable Ops controls that the default Peace Walker controls were very uncomfortable and I actually switched the controls so that they played like Portable Ops! XD It’s funny how some things, even things you found terrible at first, can grow on you so much. 🙂

      • PrinceHeir

        Same thing!!

        I couldn’t get use to Peace Walkers new control system and instead stick to Portable Ops one.

        Somethings never change!

        • SonOfBigBoss

          War changes

  • No Place For Hayter

    Portable Ops was a good game, I played the frick out of it and finished it like 3 times (whats funny though is I only put in about 76 hours into the game, while one complete play through of peace walker nets me about 120-150 hours) I believe Portable Ops is a great game but the only thing it contributed to MGS that I believe was any good was the music, the music is just awesome. Though I really like the game I don’t want to see it heavily connected to the rest of the series because I believe it is a bad MGS game, when I say that I’m primarily referring to the story and some of the characters.

    Portable Ops gets overlook for many reasons, some of which are, it not being a Hideo Kojima game, the fact that Peace Walker is a super improved version of portable ops so there is little point to playing it when peace walker is a much better version of the in game mechanics, it is often looked down upon by many fans, and it didn’t really have a huge release so it might have slipped under a lot of peoples radars. Even though these reasons excist, people should still check the game out if they want a new MGS fix, BUT prepare to spend a lot of time dragging people back to your truck, lol.

    • You’re right, if you’re mainly interested in the gameplay it may not be worth it since Peace Walker, but a lot of fans also play Metal Gear for its story and of course that’s where it’s different from PW. So that may be one of the reasons to check it out.

  • LukesAlike

    Portable Ops was my second Metal Gear, but I still consider it to be my least favourite in the series.

  • NegaScott128

    I think MPO is a game that could have been great, but, due to some poorly realized gameplay ideas, was merely decent. If a remake of MPO was announced, with the improved gameplay and controls of Peace Walker or MGS4, I’d be really happy. The story, voice acting, and music were all outstanding, arguably better than Peace Walker. It’s just a shame that the gameplay and controls were so poorly implemented.

  • Despite a few flaws I’ve always liked MPO and still got the game.
    I wish it got included in the HD collection release for PS3.

  • Solidfox

    I enjoyed PO way more than PW the only flaw to me was the controls but the story was good the music was good and the MGS3 graphics were awesome.

    • PrinceHeir


      I was blown away when this appeared from MGS4!!!

      Man this work is just Godly as hell!!

      Only thing missing is Ocelot!!!

  • My take on MPO… I used to hate it until I played it on vita.. unlike MPW you can fully configure the controls matching a MGS3sub set up..
    -1st than anything “GREY FOX” they messed him up so bad, look back to the MSX games when he was the figure that snake considered a mentor of sorts, seem him betraying snake and after loosing everything that made him human, like his relationship with Gustava… then seen him “resurrected” as a coldblooded machine suffering from seizures with a blade weapon (they even added a new back story about him doing ninja stuff as a child or something) , you get a grim picture of not only his downfall but a insight into the terrible nature of the US gov’s experiments…. having him running around since a child cheaply foreshadowing his ninja persona, that has nothing to do with the commando soldier that solid snake remembers… destroys all the past from this character trowing him into the “Ninja Guy”…

    -I was going to put something about the controls and the way the camera centers its attention on snake’s butt, but all those issues can be fixed on the menu and vita’s 2nd stick.

    -The music is Glorious is the only “main metal gear game” where Hibino shined without any pesky westerners taking over… (HG WILLIAMS on MGS2/3 taking credit away from him and some Canadian dudes with some matrix-like music on MGS:TTS).. shame the MGS theme got banned or we could have gotten the best MGS SCORE EVER… but the gameplay music is something that outshines everything before and after MPO release…

    -The story (except the grey fox thing) is a pretty solid story of big boss becoming a Commander and unlike others he began to truly care for his men… Gene is a Pretty cool villain without a over the top voice actor… even when his powers where kind of weird he had a menacing voice

    Is the best Dubbed MGS game since the 1st one (the PSX version not the sleep pill version that the Game cube remake had)

    now talking about the MGS theme, heard the music before the censorship began in August 2006

    • PrinceHeir

      Amazing explanation!!

      And yes Hibino is pretty godlike!!! I’m sad that he was replace and got overshadowed by other composers.

      All of Portable Ops OST are fucking good. Alert System, boss theme!!!

      I actually don’t mind Null’s story, but yeah they should actually switched Roy Cambell’s roles and he was supposed the guy who help snake escape the prison and just cut Roy from the story(make him appear in MSX remake instead)

      I would also like to add this music from Gene boss theme!!

      Remember Gene was the only guy who made Big Boss scared as shit!!

      The way he mind fucked him throughout the game was beautiful! Definitely worthy of “The Boss” successor!!

      • that never crossed my mind… Frank been the noob on the fox unit and the only one to survive helping Big Boss to build his unit, then MSF, then OH… that makes more sense than putting him a lazy ass back-story about Mozambique ninjas then having seizures until the plot forgets about him and then he is only mention 30 seconds before the end… actually having Fox following Big Boss might have helped even MPW/MGSv in not having Miller, because that messed up the timeline even more…

        • GrayJaeger

          Dude… Just… Just no :/

          and this is coming from a GRAY FOX FAN, just read my username! XD

    • Gregson-Williams created some of the best tracks in the series though. But Hibino is great as well.

    • GrayJaeger

      Gray Fox was done decently at WORST in Portable Ops and superb at BEST, the controls were the ONLY major issue in this game.

  • CrazyGuy207

    What about MPO+? I have a LOT of hours on that one.

    • It didn’t have the story mode though, which is kind of a shame.

      • CrazyGuy207

        Yeah, but it has infinity mode. That was fun.

  • Golgari

    This game was important actually if you think about it. The idea of Portable Ops first of all was about making another team that could make other games or spin off’s while Kojima does his own game.
    But they did not succeed with that idea imo. Portable Ops was a great start but after that they tried Metal Gear Rising and failed (Platinum made it in the end)… Than ZOE3 and project was closed in the end.

    I really want another Portable Ops or a Metal gear game that can be done by other staff members while Kojima does his next masterpiece. I dunno what problems the studio have but it is very talented. Rockstar does it with it’s games. (they have multiple studios under the Rockstar’s logo – Rockstar North, Rockstar San Diego and etc.) or Naughy Dog that have two teams that makes games.

    I hope that the new studio in Los Angeles can make their own games too.

    • The thing with Metal Gear is that it’s not like any other game in the sense that there is no game in the industry that is created from the vision of a single person to such an extend, at least not another big game like this. Kojima is, as he explains himself, the auteur of these games, and in other studios different tasks are delegated to different persons, but Kojima is heavily involved in multiple of the most important aspect of the games: directing, writing, game design, producing. It’s really kind of unique in the industry. You probably knew this already, but this is likely the reason it’s so difficult to pass this series on to someone else.

      • Eric Otness

        Yeah, and a few times, he doesn’t even seem to know what he’s doing as a result. Metal Gear Solid alone basically retconned more than half of Metal Gear Solid 2, and that’s not even getting into the retcons established in Snake Eater, Portable Ops, Metal Gear Solid 4, heck, even Peace Walker, nor is that getting into the huge mess of retcons they did to each other. The story’s frankly a mess overall. At least Portable Ops tries to keep things consistent for the overall storyline. Maybe if Kojima did the Metal Gear series more like the Final Fantasy series (ie, have each of the numbered games be their own separate game with no connections at all between them other than reusing names), it could be forgivable, but since it’s supposed to be an ongoing series with an actual plot, it’s not exactly good writing.

  • PrinceHeir

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!! Nyxus!!!

    My favorite storyline for the series!!!

    I actually think the Portable Ops teams were the only who can carry the torch to the saga. The fact that they made this game with only few guid lines from Kojima himself and still be able to make a better story than Peace Walker just shows how amazing they are.

    I would also add a few amazing moments from the game that you didn’t mentioned.

    You know XOF from MGSV; possible rouge FOX unit?? Portable Ops actually use that scenario and Big Boss were fighting a rouge Fox group in order to bring back the philosopher’s legacy.

    Cunningham was amazing!! He wasn’t a bad guy per se(just working under the US). He actually questions Big Boss and why did he return to the field?? He has no reason to fight, no government backing him up, no The Boss or his former unit, no one ordered or forced him so why take the mission? It question Big Boss as a soldier and even refuse to live “The Boss” life.

    Python!! Never knew Big Boss had a poker buddy!! The two former friends are engaging in battle was really tragic. Though you can actually recruit him and save him so that’s cool!!

    For Null’s story, i don’t mind him, but he was already experimented after MSX games. So your telling me he was experimented AGAIN before that? Still he was pretty badass and would have been awesome if he was the “chico” meaning the boy Big Boss trains as he grew up in battle. I’m sure Big Boss doesn’t want any actual sons or daughters t o be born.

    Other moments when Gene was manipulating Big Boss’s recruits. He really puts fear through the hearts of soldiers. He just threw a knife out of nowhere then everyone became crazy and started killing each other. Johnathan(not Johnny) even saved Big Boss with a stray bullet). He was the only who put Big Boss to the test and even made him scared as hell!

    Just watch this scene

    Snake in agony that his soldiers are all dead, similar to what happens in Phantom Pain.

    Ursula and Elisa scenes are amazing as well!! Seeing a young child controlled and thrown into battle like that. And when they showed visions of Big Boss’s sons. Now that’s how you reference future games!!!

    Shame about Gene’s death. He was really the true “successor” to The Boss. The perfect soldier shaped from “The Boss” legacy.

    And MGS actually stop talking about Philosopher’s legacy. Big Boss actually use that money to build his army which makes sense instead of in Peace Walker where he was only given a base and nothing more.

    Ocelot even makes an appearance unlike Peace Walker. You telling me he didn’t follow Big Boss at all during that event!?!

    Amazing gameplay elements that were taken to future MGS games. Portable Ops+ introduce playable characters from past AND future games. Big Boss vs Old Snake!!!

    Not even MGS4 Online had that kind of feature!!

    It also had MGS3 characters like Para Medic and Sigint. So it’s awesome to see what happens to them after the Fox unit was disbanded.

    Man soo many features!!! Despite what other people says about this game. This game is an important legacy to the franchise!!

    I’m glad Nyxus made this post!! Makes me remember a lot of things on the game!

    • No Place For Hayter

      Love the game all you want, but don’t hurt on my Peace Walker, I love my baby.

      I personal think Portable Ops has the weakest story in the whole series, just my opinion though.

      • PrinceHeir

        I respect that!

        It’s good to see people having different opinions between the two games, which is good since more variety ^^

  • Solid Snakes Revenge

    I just need to order this game. Unfortunately I didn’t get my psp til pw came out so I missed out on it. They really should just make a hd version or something or just a port to ps3,ps4,360 or even the 3ds so I can play it.

    • Janeo

      A 3ds version would be really great, improved controls and graphics would be great. If you want to play it though it’s on the psn store for about $15 at least in Australia so you should check it out

      • Solid Snakes Revenge

        Yeah snake eater 3d was pretty good.I would download it but I like having the box art so I may just try Amazon or eBay maybe.


      I believe you can get this game on the PS Vita now as it is available on the psp store online, just purchase it from the PS Store and your set to go! 😀

  • Theo Heisenberg Constantine

    eh im willing to say its a underrated game but the flaws outshine the good in the game. the controls are ass, the story honestly i think is the weakest like they bring up snake eater was a set up and then never address it at all in any future games. i guess coldman set it up? but even that isnt that concrete enough to me. the story was eh and felt it was trying too hard to be a mgs game. the gameplay is a mess i would wear the exact same outfit as a guard and the guard would randomly without a reason say “ITS THE ENEMY” like i didnt bump into him didnt do anything suspicious yet he knew i was an enemy despite me fitting in and other soldiers letting me through no questions asked. the characters are ok gene i felt was a wasted potential like he was supposedly a clone of the boss yet when i was fighting him he didnt really fight at all like her or anything on that level. the missions were repetitive and bland and made most of the game boring and a chore to play. but that is just my opinion.

    • Yes, that was Coldman, the man who planned operation Snake Eater. Actually, it is mentioned in Peace Walker (‘The operation to eliminate the traitor? I planned the whole thing.’).

      • PrinceHeir

        You know your stuff!

      • GrayJaeger

        and briefly in Portable Ops! 😉

      • Theo Heisenberg Constantine

        but in PO they said it was a cunning strategist and in peace walker it just felt that he just planned on killing the boss not having volgin destroy the base idk but i guess its good enough though just i didnt really jump to that conclusion because he could have just planned snake eater after the volgin destroying that lab or whatever.

      • Theo Heisenberg Constantine

        yea but i just dont know if it should have been more clear or not but it works though.

    • GrayJaeger

      They briefly mention Coldman IN Portable Ops 😉 Just not directly

      • Theo Heisenberg Constantine

        all they say it was a cunning strategist that could LITERALLY be anyone. hell it could be zero it could be ocelot it could be santa clause it didnt give me much incentive to think “its coldman” other than PW saying he worked on snake eater but they dont really say it like he set it up though. its just the most pointless plot twist next to sokolov being in the game. but eh the game isnt terrible just not as good as it could have been.

        • Eric Otness

          Coldman said “That mission to eliminate the traitor? I planned the whole thing!”, that makes it pretty blatant that he was the strategist, especially when his terms made it very clear he did far more than simply worked on Snake Eater, he was the reason it happened.

          • Theo Heisenberg Constantine

            idk when i heard that it just sounded that he planned the mission to prove their innocence not telling volgin to launch the davey crocket. but i have been thinking it does seem more probable so im at this point more willing to accept that.

          • Eric Otness

            Yeah, and MGS4 kinda buried that bit about proving their innocence when EVA explicitly stated that the CIA had The Boss killed because they feared her charisma.

  • PrinceHeir

    I’ve been thinking. What are people’s opinion about another *drum rolls

    Metal Gear Collection!! but this time dubbed “Metal Gear Saga” Collection for PS4 and Xbox One!

    It includes Solid Series and MGS spin off games!

    Imagine if you have these games:

    Metal Gear 1 and 2 MSX via MGS3
    Metal Gear Solid, VR Missions/Integral and HD Twin Snakes(Not sure how MGS1 will work on Xbox One though, but ah some games already made it to them despite the reference to other consoles)
    Metal Gear Solid 2 HD: bring back MGS2 skateboarding please!
    Metal Gear Solid 3 HD bring back other missing features like Survival Boss mode, Ape vs Snake, Secret Theater Mode: Janken between The Boss and Naked Snake is funny as hell!, Nightmare Dream Mode from the Prison Cell etc
    Metal Gear Solid 3 Snaker Eater 3D HD, i want to test the Peace Walker mechanics in MGS3 with a stable frame rate!!
    Metal Gear Solid 4 with offline Metal Gear Online mode
    Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker HD
    Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes

    Spin offs

    Metal Gear Ghost babel playable via emulator; you already have MSX as emulator so just make a similar emulator as well!
    Metal Gear AC!D 1 and 2 HD
    Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops and + HD Version
    Metal Gear Rising Revengeance with all DLCs(including “Solid Snake” sword)

    Extra bonus CD:

    Document of Metal Gear Solid 2
    Metal Gear Solid 4 Database
    Metal Gear Saga Vol. 1 and 2
    Digital Graphic Novel Bonus

    All in case of a premium box(similar to The Legacy Collection JPN) with 3-4 BD discs in 1080p 60FPS Dual Audio(Japanese and English)

    Now that’s a dream collection i’m willing to buy Day 0!!!!!!

    • PrinceHeir

      As for the other minor spin offs they’re mostly from mobile

      Metal Gear Solid Mobile, Touch, Arcade, Social Ops.

      Metal Gear Arcade is cool, but it’s just MGS4 Online in arcade mode

      I do love Social Ops art though!

      The NES games should never EVER mentioned again. The way they butchered the MSX games ugh.

      For that they will be forgotten down the drain.

      They should also release and OST Sounds Box similar to Silent Hill that includes every track from every Main Silent Hill game!

      Ahh that felt good!

      • Eric Otness

        The NES version of Metal Gear did butcher the MSX games. Snake’s Revenge, however, was actually liked by Hideo Kojima, certainly a lot more than the NES version of the MSX Metal Gear. Besides, Snake’s Revenge was technically responsible for why we even have a franchise (Kojima was set on making Metal Gear the only game in the series).

    • Would buy.

    • GrayJaeger

      WOAH WOAH WOAH! MGSPO is NOT a “SPIN OFF”! Let’s just get that clear!!!

      • PrinceHeir

        MGSPO is a spin off, however that doesn’t mean the games are non-canon(i would say it is semi non-canon since some of the backstory maybe non-canon like Null for example)

        Peace Walker was originally gonna have the “5” moniker on it

        • GrayJaeger

          No, a spin off is something based on another character other than the main character from a series/going off in a different direction than the main plot of a series.

          I can get you a link to the definition if you want it.

          • PrinceHeir


            Spin off can be canon and non-canon.

            Also spin off can involve with a main character doing something that’s related to main story line without even pushing the story.

            You telling me MGS2 is a spin off even though you played Raiden in the Big Shell incident and Snake only provide back up? What about Zeta Gundam where the main character from the first Gundam didn’t appear only after 10+ episodes.

            Uh i’m sure i know what it means so you don’t have to do that my dear.

          • GrayJaeger

            I never said a spin off couldn’t be canon :/

            Um no I never meant that either. Even though you play as Raiden, it still, like I SAID, doesn’t “going off in a different direction than the main plot of a series”.

    • No Place For Hayter

      I was going to mention that they have the full original games instead of the dumb content loss “HD Edition”s, but you already mentioned the missing content, I was also going to mention that games like MGR are not MGS, but what you are talking about is a “Metal Gear” Sega not a MGS sega.
      Soooooooo, after reading your comment I 100%, and I would give an left arm and left leg to get my hands on that collection. What you have just described is a something that is simply amazing, one of the great things about it? ALL GAMES AND DLC OWNED ON DISC, nothing is more dumb than the metal gear collection where the first MGS was download only, that and the fact that the “HD Edition”s of 2 and 3 were missing content are the two reasons I didn’t buy the collection. This would also get me to play the games I normally wouldn’t, like the AC!D games.

      • PrinceHeir


        I’m glad a lot you notice the missing content of MGS2 and MGS3

        I understand some like skateboarding and nightmare mode since the latter is more of an demo game while nightmare mode was a prototype game, but they already built codec conversation in that game.

        So why remove it :

        Also Boss Survival mode from MGS3 and Secret Theater was cut!?! Come on now!

  • PrinceHeir

    Btw Nyxus do you remember the article when Kojima said Metal Gear Rising story is one of the possible ” alternative outcomes” after MGS4

    Someone is asking to me if Rising is canon or not. I said to him it is canon, but possible one of the “alternative route” that happens after MGS4.

    Thanks again for the help!!

    • From what Kojima has said about it, it doesn’t seem like he really considers Rising canon, he sees it as Platinum Games’ take on the story of what happens after MGS4.

      • PrinceHeir

        But didn’t he mention that it was one of those possible routes?

        I remember in that interview that it is canon, but just a possibility after MGS4.

        Remember they when it was revealed one of the official sites called it a “canon game” and people demanded some explanation to him.

        I finally found it!!

        • Kojima never really said ‘canon’ or not, he just differentiates between games he made and games made by others. Some are complete spin-offs (like Ac!d), others do take place on the timeline (like Rising), but he seems to regard it more as a ‘what if’ story, because he didn’t write it and the events in Rising aren’t what he would have written to happen after MGS4.

          • GrayJaeger

            Ac!d was based on the canon available at the time just like Rising did with MGS4, what’s not to say Rising is the same thing, just waiting for some canon material in a new game to clear it from the timeline like what happened with Ac!d?

          • PrinceHeir

            Lol so wrong.

            First off play Metal Gear AC!D first before making assumptions on it.

            Metal Gear AC!D story is actually quite different than any MGS game for that matter.

            The only reference they had is Snake and Campbell used to work together, that’s it.

            Pythagoras and other villains are not based on any characters of the franchise.

            They even have a different mech and a different design.

            And the “Snake” in Metal Gear AC!D 2 is actually


            A clone of the Snake from Metal Gear AC!D 1. He actually died sometime after AC!D 1. You were actually trick into thinking your playing the same Snake from AC!D 1. Even the events mirrored Metal Gear AC!D 1 and you also fought the same final boss, but resurrected from AC!D 1! Similar to what happened to MGS2’s event

            now that’s a twist you’ve never seen before.

            *END SPOILERS

            Please play Metal Gear AC!D before making any assumptions about the games

          • GrayJaeger

            I did, and it took place in the future, coincidentally enough, around the same time as Rising’s story. Just because it never referenced things doesn’t mean they still never HAPPENED! 🙂 It could have easily still made sense IN THEORY (Not that I ever WANTED it to lol It’s story was even worse than the one in RISING! And the sequel… Oooooh boy…)

          • PrinceHeir

            AC!D has been considered spin off non-canon from the day it was created.

            I’m sure you don’t see any “Solid” title on it.

            And AC!D story is actually one of the better ones. No Nanomachine BS AT ALL. Originally story that uses the themes of the main games, while offering a unique style of gameplay while still maintaining what makes this game a Metal Gear game.

            All games pretty much can made sense in theory. But AC!D and the others were already branded as a spin off the day they were created.

            Only problem is with Portable Ops because future games took a lot of concept from it and expanded it.

          • GrayJaeger

            Kojima said Rising was a spin off from the beginning as well 😛

          • Eric Otness

            He, or at least his staff, also said it was canon.

          • GrayJaeger

            Oh really? Have a link?

          • Eric Otness

            Sure. This was from PAX 2011:

            Keep in mind this was Yuji Korekado who said this. He mentioned it was technically a spin-off of MGS4, but confirmed that it was canon to the series as a whole.

          • GrayJaeger

            Well, it still isn’t Kojima, but it IS someone involved with the game… Hmm… I don’t know…

          • Eric Otness

            Agreed with your premise, although technically, the MSX2 games never used “Solid” in there as well, yet they were still clearly canon (well, barely, anyways, thanks to retcons that Kojima had stupidly introduced).

          • Eric Otness

            Actually, no, Acid contradicted one major thing: Solid Snake was still very much young in the first game, even though it was heavily alluded to since MGS2 that he was actually suffering from Werner’s syndrome (you know, premature aging). I mean, Liquid mentioned it to Snake, and even the script made clear he had been suffering from the condition since before the Tanker Chapter. Not to mention, as noted above, there was at best one similarity between Ac!d and the rest of the series, and it was that Roy Campbell and Solid Snake were war buddies.

          • GrayJaeger

            Hence why it isn’t canon lol

          • Eric Otness

            To be fair, even if MGRR was non-canon, the state of the world in that game was indeed accurate to what happened after FOXALIVE, based on what Drebin stated to Otacon in the ending. Honestly, how exactly was Sunny’s edit to FOXALIVE better than what Ocelot had in store? Considering Drebin made clear that far from being out of business, he and the DREBINS (which, BTW, were a weapons laundering/arms dealing business that clearly profited under the War Economy) are going to have a business boom even and especially with the Patriots’ destruction, and even implied that the UN would act as the closest things to successors of the Patriots, it seems like all of that was for nothing, being stuck exactly where they started in MGS4, or heck, even MPO when the Philosophers were killed for good.

            Note, I’m not saying war should end for good, because honestly, it can’t end for good. What I am saying is that it should be mitigated, and the problem is that FOXALIVE very likely worsened war than even under the war Economy, if Drebin’s claims about having a business boom to Otacon (with even Otacon telling him to tone it down) are anything to go by.

        • GrayJaeger

          It’s as “canon” as Metal Gear Ac!d was “canon” before subsequent Metal Gear games contradicted its plot, kapeesh?

          • PrinceHeir

            First off he never once said AC!D was canon so your pretty much wrong in that one.

            And he said it is an alternative take after MGS4 events. Are you telling me the backstory and references of MGS4 within Rising never happened?

            Lol people dismissing Rising just because it’s so called “non-canon” It’s actually the best in the hack and slash genre along with Bayonetta and Devil May Cry.

            It’s a different game that take’s the MGS theme and make different gameplay styles on it.

            So you got it now?

          • GrayJaeger

            I never IMPLIED he said Ac!d was canon, I was using an EXAMPLE :/
            And yes, the events of MGS4 did happen in Rising’s story, just like how Solid Snake saved the world from Metal Gear Rex in Ac!d’s timeline 🙂

      • Eric Otness

        Apparently, Kojima needs to recheck things, because I’m pretty sure Kojima Productions was actually responsible for most of the game, especially the story, while the only thing Platinum Games was actually responsible for was the gameplay and the character designs. This was even stated in a podcast once. Here’s a source:

    • GrayJaeger

      If you sleep soundly at night considering that thing’s “story” canon, I don’t know what to say lol

      Nanomachines, son? lol

      • PrinceHeir

        Lol you might as well consider MGS4 non-canon while your at it.

        Nanomachines?? Please tell me who what game that made all the explanations “Nanomachines”

        Change of blood Nanomachines, reverse Fox die and slow Fox die Nanomachines, Super Stength and “Immortality” Nanomachines etc.

        *Hint It’s MGS4 d’uh

        • GrayJaeger

          So I can’t suspend my disbelief to a certain degree? I remember Rising having 100x more of that than MGS4 btw lol

          • PrinceHeir

            Nothing wrong expressing disbelief, but your acting like Rising is a criminal in all of this while MGS4 a main game canon entry get’s a pass.

            MGS4 IS actually the worse of this.

            I don’t even want to delve in how much “Nanomachines’ they’ve use to explain what’s happening in that event.

            I wouldn’t be surprise if Psycho Mantis and other pyschic characters got their powers from “Nanomachines” Heck reverse Age might be “Nanomachines” for all we know in that game.

            Rising Nanomachine is only about Raiden’s blood transfusion and the president.

            No one in the game was using nanomachines, Sam is pretty much half human half cyborg, Sundown and Mistral weren’t nanomachine based. They were mech/augmentation based similar to Deus Ex characters.

            Heck not once did Monsoon said he’s body is powered by “Nanomachines”

            Admit it, you only hate Rising because it’s not a “main entry” and not “A Hideo Kojima” game.

          • GrayJaeger

            Actually no, because I believe Portable Ops IS canon XD

            …and last time I checked, it isn’t “A Hideo Kojima” game either 😉

            and at least in MGS4, no one was swinging building sized mechs around (mechs which had fucking huge SWORDS)! I’d take all the nanomachines in the WORLD over that! The only time something similar happened was when Raiden tried to stop Outer Haven from ramming into Snake (and got himself crushed, mind you)

          • Janeo

            Just because you don’t consider it canon doesn’t mean others can’t, until a game is made by kojima that contradicts risings story then I will consider it canon. It’s fine if you don’t consider it canon you are allowed to look at the series whichever way you want but just don’t get upset when others see it as canon.

          • GrayJaeger

            It doesn’t matter what I think about what you decide is canon, there are always going to be people with unpopular opinions one way or the other.

        • No Place For Hayter

          Agreed, MGS4 had to many loose ends tied with “Lol Nanomachines” even when it made no sense and actually didn’t explain how.

          • GrayJaeger

            Hey, it could have been worse! lol

  • Decker

    MGO 2 is back! but…

  • Tye

    Really wish they would remaster PO on consoles.

  • Nekkedsnake

    Nyx, best fucking article! I’ve been saying the same thing about PO ever since it came out and i got my hands on it. TTP, GZ, and PW wouldn’t be what they were and are today without PO yet some ppl still just say the same thing, that it’s not worth playing. i beat it half a dozen times and still find new things to do on it. it’s one of the best games on the PSP. in fact, PO is the reason i got a PSP in the first place.

    control wise, the default setting did take some getting used to. i found out that you can actually remap all your buttons in PO, the only MGS game to even let u do this, so i did my best to mimic PW control scheme. which actually works pretty well. my face buttons act like a 2nd analog stick, like PW and i use L/R to aim/shoot and do CQC moves like PW. There is a bit of give and take so it’s good to experiment to see what works best for u.

  • Dizz

    I couldn’t play this game. 🙁 The areas looked generic and almost all the same, the graphics were awful (not a big deal), the framerate reaally bothered me when it was dipping to what felt like 20 FPS, and the controls were absolutely brutal.

    I hate youtube lets-play’s, but I had to watch one of the story for this game as I just couldn’t make myself play it with the brutal controls and framerate.

    I enjoyed the story though. Note this is only my opinion, and if you liked the gameplay, I’m happy for you, and I wish I could too.

    • Seven years ago the graphics were actually rather impressive for a handheld game. A lot has changed since than but back then it looked very good for a portable game.

      • Golgari

        Graphics are impressive even to these days. You can compare Portable Ops to 3DS games and 90% of them will look worse then PO.
        MGS3 3D on the 3DS is still the best looking game not to mention about Vita ports of the old games.

        Kojima Productions when it comes to graphical technologies they don’t mess around.

  • Kol Leqejza

    i wouldn’t consider it a great game, but it is good. PW is still better in almost every aspect.

    • That is true, which is why this article looks at the game when it first came out. PW was released about 3 years later and had a much larger budget, not to mention the help of Hideo Kojima, so it’s not surprising it was better.

      • Kol Leqejza

        that’s true. my problem are those story-bits of NULL & Gene, i don’t consider those canon. but the game as a whole is. i only consider ghost babel & the acid games as spin-offs or non-canon. PO introduced the sorrounding indicator & a prototype of the most awesome sneaking suit EVER! also what i found awesome: 1. you can recruit bosses 2. the game has female guards as enemies 3. you control other soldiers, in a specific mission, in order to rescue snake from cunninghams torture – so awesome!

  • Eric Otness

    To be frank, Portable Ops seemed like it actually fit into canon more than Peace Walker did. People can rail all and on about how Kojima said that the game was technically canon, yet some bits aren’t due to story developments, but really, you can say that for ALL the games. Heck, Ground Zeroes did exactly that regarding Peace Walker at one point (if you call Miller at one point, he’ll reflect on MSF and Paz’s first meeting, with Miller then blithely stating that he “can’t believe [Miller] fell for that story,” and this was despite not only the secret tape in Peace Walker, but the second ending itself making blatant that he actually knew it wasn’t true all along).

    Campbell working with Big Boss was actually previously alluded to in Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake, where they cited that he was the only one on FOXHOUND to remember it under Big Boss’s command. In fact, Portable Ops improved upon it since, honestly, how can someone forget Big Boss was in command when it was, what, four years, maybe three at least since Outer Heaven and Big Boss being kicked out to such an extent that only one remembered it?

    Not to mention Portable Ops actually did connect with EVA’s history lecture in MGS4. Peace Walker, on the other hand, had Big Boss actually being unfamiliar with Cipher even when Paz made it extremely obvious who they were, with Big Boss still not knowing who they were even afterwards (look at the CIPHER tape, not the secret tape, the one where they discuss the immediate aftermath), and considering the bad track record of lying he practiced in that game (honestly, with all the “well crafted” [I’m meaning this sarcastically, of course] lies he told to Amanda, Chico, Huey, and Cecile when meeting them [and in the case of Chico, when rescuing him], he made even Roy Campbell seem like an expert at lying, and considering that he was explicitly stated by Snake to be a very bad liar in the MGS briefing files, that’s saying something).
    I can name several flaws in Peace Walker, actually: First off, as noted above, Big Boss doesn’t seem to know about the Patriots, even after Paz explicitly told him his role in it, and the opening even implied briefly that he formed MSF immediately after Operation Snake Eater, which really was bad especially considering how MGS4 made clear he formed Outer Heaven due to splitting off from Zero. Oh, and speaking of which, other than Miller’s secret call, there’s barely any reference to the Les Enfants Terribles. You’d think that something as important as that project, especially when that project, according to MGS4, IS the reason why Big Boss even left the organization. And considering the really terrible track record he had in lying to people in that game, I’m doubtful he was lying to cover his butt.

    That’s another thing I have a problem with regarding the game as well, Big Boss was shown to be a terrible liar. Aside from the fact that he was a former CIA operative means he’d need to do lying just to survive in the black ops world and various misinformation campaigns (which effectively means his terrible skills at lying was unbecoming of a CIA agent), it also contradicts how he was able to trick Solid Snake for most of Metal Gear, which actually required him to lie.

    And considering MGS4 strongly implied that Outer Heaven’s ties to Big Boss hadn’t even been discovered by Zero and his proxies until AFTER the Outer Heaven Uprising in 1995, and in fact this actually broke Zero’s heart enough to actually create the AI systems by the Y2K, the events of the second ending basically butchered this beyond repair, seeing how Cipher already knew about Big Boss forming MSF, and Outer Heaven, not to mention it being strongly implied that they have control over at the very least the DIA, the NSA, the NRO, and the CSS. MGSV worsens things even further, but that’s aside from the point.
    Oh, and while I can somewhat understand why Big Boss would still be grieving for The Boss (since Gene’s implication that The Boss had been set up from the start would definitely shake him), I also found his giving up The Boss to be contradictory especially considering how EVA explicitly stated in MGS4 that he founded Outer Heaven specifically to pursue her final will.

    They also gave too much Che Guevara love in the game, thanks largely to Kojima watching the first part of the Che Biopic (at least, that’s what I’ve heard) and really made Big Boss and Kazuhira Miller out of character by supporting him. I would have forgiven it if they had just kept the Che love strictly to the Sandinistas, since they at least had a reason to worship him as they were Marxist revolutionaries. However, Big Boss and especially Miller had absolutely no reason to actually worship the guy, especially when the guy, if you did the proper research on him, was about as bad as Colonel Volgin and, ironically, Hot Coldman, and considering that Big Boss hated Volgin largely because of his inhuman actions, he definitely shouldn’t be kowtowing to Che even under the premise of his being dissatisfied with America for its role in The Boss’s death. And honestly, Miller’s the closest thing to a pro-American among the main cast (certainly, he loved America better than his home country of Japan), so why would he effectively hero-worship a monster like Che, especially when he was against America? At least Ground Zeroes toned it down by only giving one reference to Che in the entire game, and not even in the game itself but in the previous story section for Peace Walker, and an appropriate reference since it was from the Sandinista’s meeting with Big Boss. Probably the only character who might not actually like Che was probably Cecile Cosima Caminandes, and even that’s ambiguous as her only comment about Che wasn’t even about him directly, but rather Sartre, where she simply said in reply to Big Boss’s correctly identifying Sartre as the man responsible for that erroneous “most complete human being” moniker for that monster “well, he is sympathetic with the left…” Honestly, Big Boss would have more been the type to follow George Washington, not Che Guevara, especially when Solidus actually worshipped Washington, not Che, and he made sure to stylize himself after Big Boss in nearly every way. And besides, Big Boss actually did try to establish his own nation, like Washington did with America, while Che basically took over a country via a coup.

    And some of the briefing files in the game really didn’t fit in well at all. For example, they dedicated an entire tape to the events of May 1968 and similar student protests when it has absolutely nothing to do with the game’s themes at all. Covering the Weathermen Underground would have fit in better since at least terrorism was actually a theme in the game. Likewise, some of the briefing tapes just repeated stuff that was already made blatantly obvious as well (for instance, the snuff tobacco conversation basically wasn’t needed because it was already made clear when Paz spat it out why she was even using it).
    Portable Ops frankly was much better than Peace Walker. In fact, maybe Kojima should just let people do the work on Metal Gear and keep his hands off, since he’s as adept at canon-destruction as George Lucas was, and like Lucas, he also seemed to love leftist revolutionaries (don’t forget, Lucas made the Ewoks largely as a promotion of the Viet Cong).

    • PrinceHeir

      Probably late, but thanks!

      Learned a lot in this!


    The best thing was recruiting them and playing as them with their actual uniforms on, that was the best thing about this game, such as recruiting female Soviet officers and government official’s, this game was awesome not to mention recruiting your favourites Ocelot and EVA! 😀

  • Justin Leslie Estabrook

    Remake Portable ops, plus, and Peace Walker for the PS Vita. Not a crappy download but re-release on game card. With the addition of the second analog stick, it should fix any game controls problems anyone had and make the games more enjoyable. A second analog stick was really all that the PSP was missing but we now know what Sony had hidden for us to come down the road. If the PSP had this. It would had been an even more major success feeling like a home console. But maybe it would had taken away from the excitement of the Vita somewhat. Lol also wouldn’t hurt to throw in some live HD animated cut scenes :p

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