Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater 3D now available in the EU eShop

Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater 3D, the Metal Gear Solid 3 remake for Nintendo 3DS, is now available in the European eShop. It has been available at retail since 2012, but since June 26th the game can be bought as a download as well (the price is €19.99 / £17.99).


Snake Eater 3D introduced several new features unique to the 3DS system, such as being able to use the camera to take pictures and create custom camouflages with them, touch screen functionality, and of course the ability to play the game in 3D.

To visit the game’s product page, go here.

Source: Nintendo

  • Nekkedsnake

    I own the cart. It’s fun n the BOSS is difficult to beat on Hard with the controls. But my real gripe is still the fact that they seemed to do a sort of bait and switch when the trailer for this came out. I thought the game was rebooted to LOOK like the damn trailer but NOPE. False advertising. Meh I still play it but yea.

    • crimsonfox

      The trailer was total over kill trying to show off the 3-D aspect of the 3DS version which to understandable. But all is forgiven right at 6:45 when the Snake Eater theme kicks in. Great times with that music…

      • Nekkedsnake

        This also made me wonder whether Kojima will ever develop another handheld MGS game, this time for the Vita. Since it has two sticks and has decent specs, I’d love another portable MGS. And maybe Kojima could develop it on the FOX ENGINE! Just wishful thinking but still exciting. Maybe Kojima will make a game about The Boss for the vita.

    • Sly

      All this trailer did was make me miss David Hayter right now. I was doing so good getting passed it. 🙁

      • Azteca

        The Spy Who Broke My Heart.

      • Yaro

        If you miss it. Play the games again.

    • PrinceHeir

      Wait so it doesn’t play like that O___O

      Would have love this version to be use in the HD Collection though :

      • Nekkedsnake

        Sadly it doesn’t play like this trailer. It is the SAME exact game as Snake Eater, with 3d effects, and PW controls supplemented with touch functions. So aiming/shooting/CQC are done via LR buttons. Face buttons are the camera. I’m a big fan of console games ported to handhelds so I like this game by default. I just totally thought what the trailer showed was actual gameplay. Oh well.

        • PrinceHeir

          Damn that sucks.

          I kinda like this kind of movement. It’s similar to MGS4+Peace Walker

          • NegaScott128

            It does have the crouch-walking and over-the-shoulder aiming of MGS4/PW. But it also has really bad pop-in on stuff like grass, horrible texture filtering that makes stuff far away look like a big blob of nothing, and atrocious performance issues (the Fury slows the game down to like the single digits. It’s insane). But it also is some of the best 3D on the system, and it’s still MGS3, so, you know, it’s still great. But there’s no extra content to the game; no Cutscene Theater, no MG1/2. And there’s only one save file.

            I’m kind of torn about this game, if you couldn’t tell.

  • CrazyGuy207

    I see it says 2DS, because it’s not 3D, does that mean I can buy it for the DSi? All I use mine for is “The Urbz”.

    • No, the 2DS is the same as the 3DS but without the 3D. It’s more powerful than the DS(i).

      • CrazyGuy207

        Crap, oh well. I do already have it for the Vita and PS3 though.

  • It seems to be Europe only. Can someone confirm this?

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