The Guardian mentions early 2015 release for MGSV: The Phantom Pain

In an article on Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain (containing an interview with Hideo Kojima), website the Guardian mentions early 2015 as the release date for the game, which does seem pretty plausible.

What is interesting is that the release date mentioned in the article was very specific at first: March 17th. But it has since been edited and changed to a more general ‘early 2015’. Here is a screenshot of the date before the change.


It could be that the website had some information that couldn’t be posted yet, and has been removed at the request of Konami. Of course, it could also have been a simple mistake.

In any case, early 2015 seems like a good bet, about one year after the release of the prologue Ground Zeroes. Keep in mind though that Konami hasn’t officially confirmed anything yet.

Update: The Guardian’s editor stated that ‘March 17’ was just a placeholder. They asked Konami for an official release, which is the ‘early 2015’ it was changed to.

Source: The Guardian, PSLS

  • gerber

    dammit I have to hurry up and make some extra money for ps4 + PP

    • V47

      And I have to hurry and platinum the rest of the MGS games before TPP.

      • Solid Snakes Revenge

        It’s a shame that mgs4 trophies didn’t come out for a long time because I got every animal rank and everything on the file before the update and now I’m still working on redoing it for the platinum after they added it. But it makes me go back and play a helluva good game so it doesn’t bother me too much. GZ should have a platinum.

        • Call me Snake

          no it’s okay ground zeroes didn’t have a platinum. it’s been to short and easy for that.

          • Romain Robin

            It took me a certain time to 100% the game. Actually longer than to platinum Watch_dogs or Infamous.

          • Solid Snakes Revenge

            I’ve gotten easier platinums that took less time.

  • Timothy Weaver

    I’m conflicted on this. On one side, I can’t see a major world-renowned news organization just randomly making up a date and posting it there, as that is a big no-no in journalism. On the other hand, people DO make mistakes, but once again, I just don’t see them putting that date there for shits and giggles. I think Kojima told them the date and they probably forgot that they weren’t supposed to release it yet.

    • flying_fox

      I don’t see how this could be a mistake. Has any other game been announced for 17 March 2015 ? Can a simple mistake turn “early 2015” into “17 March” ?

      From what I can tell from his articles on MGS, that journalist is no fool, plus he sounds like Kojima’s best friend. He may have overheard something.

      And it fits what some people did hear from Konami staff in Paris on 18 March 2014: “a year from now”.

  • BigBoss_88

    Lets hope so 😀 ! I’m sure Early 2015 is the area they are aiming for with the release, but not sure if they can finish the game in time. If we get to visit areas besides Afghanistan like Africa, then how far are they in development etc. I mean even the DLC hinted this months ago, but that also means people might be making these dates up and just put it in March.
    I want to believe that Kojima-san told them this date, because I really wanna play this game right now lol. This waiting is like a long torture scene in some MGS game, as I need to watch trailers/demos again and again to survive through it.

  • Janeo

    I really wanna believe this but I’m not sure people do make mistakes maybe the writer just thought it was coming out at that time for some in known reason then realised he was wrong but surly if that’s your job you are going to make sure all the information in something you publish is right. The date does seem to make sense though a year after GZ would work

    • Helder Coutinho

      I really dont believe konami would give a date to anyone with such advance, also that date dont add up, if it was march, by this time we would already know it right? Usually they post the release dates long before the game come out.

  • Ricardo Oe

    Very cool Miguelito…
    March 2015 is a good moment for the launch of this great work of art.

    Kojimas gang in action…
    And MGO forevahh…

  • Guest

    Play Arts Kai

  • I’ll try again
    OFF TOPIC: I have two Destiny Beta keys that I don’t know what to do with, and I’d rather give them to active members, and not some people who just joined to get a key.

    • No Place For Hayter

      I would ask for one BUT I already got one, lol. if someone here doesn’t have a beta key already I recommend to try and get one, I highly recommend giving Destiny a go.

      • PrinceHeir


      • Call me Snake

        it looks boring to me. like something that has already been there before.

        • No Place For Hayter

          Well there is a beta, so give it a try, I’m personally a very harsh critic of video games and will recognize and acknowledge crap and boring games, but Bungie has made themselves a very solid game full of a lot of content for different kinds of people.

          And even though it looks to you like it has been done before, it is the first game to blend multiplayer and single player together in such a great innovative and successful way, I personally don’t play online games but Destiny has got me playing with my friends co-op, online with and against people as well as enjoying myself in single player. The game has a lot to do (until you hit the end of the beta then there is less to do but still a lot) it might look boring to you but trust me it has a lot to do in it, it just depends on whether or not you want to do those things.

          Some people won’t like the game because they don’t like those kinds of games, but it is indeed a really good and well polished and put together game. My recommendation is to try the game, can’t hurt to try the game. At the end people have there own opinion and can love or hate the game you just have to play it to find out for yourself how much you like or hate it, though if you liked any of the Halo games before 4 or if you like action RPG’s you will like Destiny, and it also has enough options for both single and multiplayer that both parties can enjoy, though if you are like me, you will play it for the single player and end up playing all parts of the game lol.

          • Solidfox

            do you still have it? if its for ps3 i would love to try it :0

          • No Place For Hayter

            Sadly, I do not have another beta code, but I recommend spending 5 minutes to see if you can get one, currently the beta is offline for maintenance and will be offline for the 21st and the 22nd but it will come back online on the 23rd and it will go until the end 27th of July. Or if you are rich and can’t find a beta code you could pre-order the game from somewhere that will give you a beta code, and use that to see if you like the game. Maybe Focus Games above (well above for my layout) still has a beta code for the PS3.

            Destiny is coming out for the PS3, PS4, and it is also coming out for the Xbox360 and the Xbox One, so you can get it for whatever console you own/want to get it for.

          • WC

          • glitchbomb

            Solid, and anyone else that needs one,

          • Solidfox

            I sent you the email.

          • glitchbomb

            My close friends works for Bungie. Moved to Seattle from Here in San Diego for the position. She worked on destiny too and has the beta key connect, so let me know if you guys need one. She just got me an awesome arcade fighng stick actually..
            Bungie has this Bungie Barter system where instead of say, selling a used PS4 on ebay, they instead offer it to fellow Bungie employees @ a discounted price. Just one of the neat perks from working there

          • No Place For Hayter

            Cool……….. That’s all I’ve got, “Cool”, it is always interesting to have friends that are a part of a company like that, you get to be told of a bunch of interesting parts and things, and some times some not so interesting or good things, lol.

    • CrazyGuy207

      Hell, I’ll take one of you’ve got extra. Something similar happened to me during Call of Duty: Black Ops. I won a code for one of the dlcs, but it was for the Xbox 360, and I had a PS3 so I had to off load it. Any way, I’ll take one of those codes if you don’t want it or whatever.

    • Childers

      Jeez my friend got a key for free too, where do you get them?

      • I went to a Sony E3 event with my brother, and they handed out beta keys, and when you activate your key, you get two extra for your friends.
        And well, I have no friends who plays consoles, only PC.

  • PrinceHeir

    To be honest i’m probably the only one that wants this to be a June release.

    So many games coming out usually on March side of the year and i want to play this on Summer like i did in MGS4 and Peace Walker.

    Plus this is gonna be a big game, so i need all the time i need to dedicate my play time.

    More added development time, less big titles coming out(they usually come out on September instead, which doesn’t make any sense since Summer is the best time to play with less competition)

    • Golgari

      I completely agree with you. I want MGSV to come out on month that has no releases at all and June is the best release month. For me it’s a big and special game and I want to give it a max attention + reviewers will have more time to play the game and make a solid previews and reviews on it.

      + as you said. More added development time. September actually makes sense. Because on the summer you have people who don’t play a lot of games at the summer while in September everyone picks up the controller and woop di doop.

    • No Place For Hayter

      I don’t know why but publishing and game development companies LOVE the month of march for releasing games, I have no idea why but I see a lot released in those months, if it is one thing I rarely see in the gaming industry is a smart planned release that takes into account people lives and other games and when they are being released, usually its “when can we release this as early as possible?” or “how can we release this so it looks good when we need it to?” you hardly ever see a smart and planned release date for a game.

      June sounds great to me, after all my birthday is in that month :), but it will most likely release in march, though there is a decent possibility that it will release on some date that we have no idea about, that would be funny.

    • flying_fox

      Wait… There are other games?!


        really ha ha MGSV is really all that matters.


      I totally disagree, not to attack you or anything. I think Konami when they confirm this is giving everybody fair warning. Homefront Revolution is on the brink of being cancelled or severely delayed. Quantum Break will probably come out Q4 2015 as well as RB Seige so basically that leaves The Division which will probably ship near summer, The Order (who knows how that is going to turn out) and Arkham Knight wich will ship more than likely in January or early February. so if you think about it there is really not much coming out in early 2015.

    • Invader_skoodge

      Or you could just… like… buy it in June, and play it in the summer. It doesn’t matter if it comes out tomorrow, you don’t have to buy it on release day if you don’t want to play it ’til you have free time.

  • Solid Snakes Revenge

    Please let the March date be right. It’s the month of my birthday and I don’t feel like waiting any longer than I have to for this. This game will probably break my ps4 by being played wayyyyyy too long. But I can’t wait. There’s no other game coming out anytime soon that could hold metal gears jockstrap.

  • Eric Otness

    Technically, Konami HAD confirmed that MGSV would be released by Early 2015, since their CORE site mentioned that the players can expect TPP DLC by Early 2015:

  • BigBoss_88

    A little off-topic…

    Not sure if this has been discussed before, but my friends who do you think Skull Face might be?

    I found this interesting photo while reading stuff about MGS, not sure if it has been posted around here.
    A theory about Skull Face, that he might have been Dr. Clark’s patient or experiment back in the days. That bald guy does look a bit like him, well because of the baldness. I don’t remember seeing this photo before though.

    Anyway I dunno who the guy really is, but he still said in GZ something about him and Snake going way back, like knowing each other for years. Maybe he hasn’t been in the earlier games, but Snake still knows him somehow.
    Or maybe Skull Face is actually Snake’s father lol? So when we finally get our hands on him, pointing a gun between his eyes, he says: “I’m your father…”. Then Snake will hesitate in
    killing him and joins forces with him instead, so that’s why Snake was driving in a jeep with SF in the new trailer :D!

    • No Place For Hayter

      While the guy in the photo being skull face kinda of works and it does kinda look like him, it does not make sense when you think about it from the developers point of view, Kojima always says that the metal gear he is making will be his last so it makes no sense as to why he would have a picture of some important character in a game he does not even know he will be making many years from then, not to mention that it is just some small character picture from paramedic, it is not exactly something big enough to suggest that the characters featured other than paramedic are of any importance. To me the whole thing seems to shaky and unreasonable to have any merit, even though it does look kinda like skull face and suggests some connection that was hinted by skull face himself, I doubt what skull face mentioned has anything to do with paramedic and that photo.

      But I am looking forward to finally learning about the connection between Big Boss and Skull Face, though unfortunately for things like this, the connection is something we as the players do not know about, most of the time the connection is something we have not seen and will be shown when Big Boss is told and he remembers.

      • BigBoss_88

        I have to agree that you made a good point here ;D lol. True that Kojima has always thought as each MGS as his last, so it wouldn’t indeed make much sense. I guess that dude might just be some random patient after all :). Well, can’t wait to see what the connection is anyway! One thing that I know for sure, is that it’s gonna be great!

  • Joseph

    I can’t take the wait anymore. You know how long I’ve played Ground Zeroes over and over again just to be able to play the next MGS game? At least 7 times

    • Invader_skoodge

      I know what you mean. I haven’t been this excited for a game in a long time. I think I’m going to play through the Legacy Collection again. I want MGS V so badly I find myself daydreaming about actually playing the game. It’s getting bad.

    • BigBoss_88

      Same here :D. I’ve played GZ so many times, because love the gameplay and TPP is my most anticipated game ever really.
      But for now I’ll try to stop playing it for a while and focus on other games while waiting. Because I kind of hate how the GZ ending makes me feel, every time I get so sad that can’t continue from that scene :(…kind of feeling phantom pain myself… So I decided to maybe play it next time, when I have bought The Phantom Pain so I can actually continue the story. Long wait I know, but have time to replay the series once again and play the upcoming The Last Of Us and Evil Within, which should keep me busy.

  • flying_fox

    Apparently, the date was a place-holder. But The Guardian say they heard “early 2015” directly from Konami. So there’s still hope! ^^

  • Maik O’Bannon

    7 months 22 days until we all descend into madness,then!
    (if that release date is right,of course)

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