‘Miller needs to tie his shoe’ in short behind the scenes clip by Robin Atkin Downes

Robin Atkin Downes, the actor playing the role of Kaz Miller in Metal Gear Solid V, has posted a new video on Instagram giving another small look inside a voice recording / facial capture session for The Phantom Pain. At the end of the video, you can hear VO director Kris Zimmerman’s instructions: “So in this scene, Miller needs to tie his shoe.”

Source: Robin Atkin Downes Instagram

  • LukesAlike

    The heck. XB

  • No Place For Hayter

    Kaz only has one hand, is he trying to annoy himself, lol.

    • BigBoss_88

      Kaz :(…I’m sure he can do it lol ;)!

  • Invader_skoodge

    Was that Sean Eyestone? I guess he’s in L.A. working so that explains the English Kojima Station episodes suddenly stop airing.

    And I hope they fix the iDroid text spelling error that had “vacinity” instead of vicinity.

    • Xomak

      Looks like him! And that’s Kris Zimmerman beside him!

  • PrinceHeir

    Eh kinda random

    • OrangeVigilante

      Okay? The problem is?

  • Golgari

    That’s actually an important scene and probably for laugh too.
    Master Miller don’t have one leg and arm so it’s going to be a mess to tie something in that position. I think, maybe, there will be a cutscene where Big Boss will help Kaz to tie his shoe.

    • ObsessedGeorge

      He will need Snake’s good hand to help him tie his shoe! 🙂

      • BigBoss_88

        Yes, Snake will show how it’s done like a real pro ;).

  • jatin

    BB is holding a diamond in the 1st diamond dogs pic.which kind of diamond is this?MG(e3 2014) looks like a dog.might MG Raptor or MG Ridgeback.

  • Ben Roycroft

    Maybe Big Boss will help tie Kaz’s shoe as he will need a hand!

  • Sly

    lol reminds me of Ishmael saying “C’mon lets take the stairs”

  • Fox

    Or it could very well be a flashback…

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