This Raiden statue’s eye can light up – details and pictures of Gecco’s upcoming figure

Today, details on the Raiden Metal Gear Rising statue by Gecco, along with a whole slew of photos. The statue is set for release in January of 2015 for a price of around ¥20000 (just under €150 / 200 dollars). It measures about 32 cm (around 13″) in height.

A red LED light is built into the statue, so Raiden’s eye can glow. In his left hand, Raiden can also hold the sheath of the Muramasa blade instead of the cyborg spine, and in his right hand the red colored blade itself. Raiden can also wear his battle visor.


Metal-Gear-Rising-Raiden-Gecco-Statue-2 Metal-Gear-Rising-Raiden-Gecco-Statue-3 Metal-Gear-Rising-Raiden-Gecco-Statue-4 Metal-Gear-Rising-Raiden-Gecco-Statue-5 Metal-Gear-Rising-Raiden-Gecco-Statue-7 Metal-Gear-Rising-Raiden-Gecco-Statue-6 Metal-Gear-Rising-Raiden-Gecco-Statue-8 Metal-Gear-Rising-Raiden-Gecco-Statue-9 Metal-Gear-Rising-Raiden-Gecco-Statue-10 Metal-Gear-Rising-Raiden-Gecco-Statue-11 Metal-Gear-Rising-Raiden-Gecco-Statue-12 Metal-Gear-Rising-Raiden-Gecco-Statue-13 Metal-Gear-Rising-Raiden-Gecco-Statue-14 Metal-Gear-Rising-Raiden-Gecco-Statue-15 Metal-Gear-Rising-Raiden-Gecco-Statue-16 Metal-Gear-Rising-Raiden-Gecco-Statue-17 Metal-Gear-Rising-Raiden-Gecco-Statue-18 Metal-Gear-Rising-Raiden-Gecco-Statue-19 Metal-Gear-Rising-Raiden-Gecco-Statue-20 Metal-Gear-Rising-Raiden-Gecco-Statue-21 Metal-Gear-Rising-Raiden-Gecco-Statue-22 Metal-Gear-Rising-Raiden-Gecco-Statue-23 Metal-Gear-Rising-Raiden-Gecco-Statue-24 Metal-Gear-Rising-Raiden-Gecco-Statue-25 Metal-Gear-Rising-Raiden-Gecco-Statue-26 Metal-Gear-Rising-Raiden-Gecco-Statue-27 Metal-Gear-Rising-Raiden-Gecco-Statue-28 Metal-Gear-Rising-Raiden-Gecco-Statue-29 Metal-Gear-Rising-Raiden-Gecco-Statue-30 Metal-Gear-Rising-Raiden-Gecco-Statue-31 Metal-Gear-Rising-Raiden-Gecco-Statue-32 Metal-Gear-Rising-Raiden-Gecco-Statue-33 Metal-Gear-Rising-Raiden-Gecco-Statue-34

Source: Mamegyorai, via

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