RevolMini Venom Snake arrives at Kojima Productions for final check

Yes, more action figure news. The prototype of the third of the RevolMini Metal Gear figures, Venom Snake, has arrived at Kojima Productions for its final check. Kojima shared two pictures.


“Revoltech Mini’s V Snake prototype has arrived for final check.”


“It got the tail too!”

Source: Hideo Kojima Twitter

  • ObsessedGeorge

    I don’t know why, but I don’t like this figure. Is that the same one that had Snake standing on a rock? (Which I also didn’t like)

    • No Place For Hayter

      It’s too uhhhhhhhhhhhh…… action figure-ish and not enough collectable, detailed, awesome looking, enough for me, I figure should make me say “wow, I need this”, this one doesn’t make me say that, to me this seems like one of those old figures you would find half broken in an bin of toys, doesn’t make it a bad figure by any means, but it is the vibe and feel I get from the figure, unless it gets one hell of a paint job.

      • brinco

        Isn’t an action figure supposed to be “action figure-ish”?

        • No Place For Hayter

          yeah, lol. There is a difference between, a “figure” and an “action figure” I’m a “figure” kinda man.

      • Invader_skoodge

        I agree this line of Revoltech mini isn’t much for collectors, at it’s price point and the sacrificing of aesthetics for the sake of articulation make these figures more suitable for people who do stop-motion animation and things of the sort. I believe these figures are made for rough handling and plenty of play-ability.

  • Nekkedsnake

    i kinda wish these minis would be “normal” Revoltech size. Like the Naked Snake figure i own from them. These minis do look cool though.

  • Rob Machado

    I got the mini solid snake recently and pre ordered the mini gray fox too!

  • Everardo Guzman

    The fighting poses that they put the Solid Snake and Grey Fox revol minis in for some pictures are what sold me on these. I can’t wait this new Venom Snake looks awesome. I’ve held back on getting the larger Play Arts figures because I think I just prefer these smaller ones to put on my desk.

  • PrinceHeir

    Why does it look like it’s buff as hell O_O

    • BigBoss_88

      Steroids o_O;

      • The guy who drowned quiet

        OH shit if solidus hears this he will awaken.

        • BigBoss_88

          He won’t 🙂

          • The guy who drowned quiet

            why not ?

  • Zlatan

    Fat Boss.

  • JonDoe


  • Solidfox

    i don’t like his face he looks mad i know BB it’s suposed to become a demon but they made him look too angry.

    BTW: anyone has a link to order this figures? i’d love to get the grayfox one.

    • Rob Machado

      try or

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