Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain set to release at the end of this year?

One of the things fans have been dying to know is the release date for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Well, it looks like we finally have at least a rough release date: Q4 2014, meaning somewhere between October 1st and the end of this year.

The date appears in the Gamescom Daily, a magazine distributed at the event. The photo is taken by Kojima himself. You can see the release date at the bottom of the left page.


Interestingly enough, Kojima’s personal assistant Ayako retweeted a post by French site reporting on this news, suggesting the date is right. But, it needs to be said, it’s not yet an official confirmation.


  • Venom Snake

    That is awesome, it means that we will have the PC version this Spring, early 2015!

  • Ricardo Oe

    Great…Congrats to kojima productions…
    I am so happy with all of this…

  • BigBoss_88

    Yeah I just read about this over at n4g, Kojima posting cryptic photos again. Still interesting news 😉 and would be amazing if true indeed, but I just want Kojima to officially say it lol.

    It just feels so soon, but maybe they are further in the production of the game that I have thought they were.
    If it by any chance come late this year, I can die as a happy man lol ;D.


      SOON???? The game has been in production for 5 years.

  • Zven

    that would be insane, I think it’s way too soon. Of course I’d love to play the game already but I was thinking first half of 2015. I would be extremely shocked if it releases this year.

  • BigBossMisko

    You see, i was telling the date 28th od November and nobody wanted to trust me. i write it here again. Date 28th of November was confirmed to me by ZAAVI shop.

  • Rob Machado

    Please be true!!!!


      I think it is Kojima tweeted this himself as if he wanted us to see it, he could have blacked out the release date. Then his assistant retweeted the same thing. You actually had some people that have been saying Q4 2014. I always thought Q12015, but this is very big news if true. MGSV, AC UNITY, FARCRY 4. NOW THAT IS WHAT I AM TALKING BOUT. And I still have to get TLOU as I have never played it on PS3 because I knew it would come to PS4.

  • Shalashaska Has Landed..

    Hmmm. Sorry, I’m not holding my breath. Releasing The Phantom Pain within the same year of Ground Zeroes, kinda makes their reasons for splitting it up, and isolating them into two installments, to “hold us over” and “give us a taste” while they continue working on Phantom Pain, a bit pointless. If MGSV was gonna be finished and released within a 9 month frame from Ground Zeroes, then it should have simply been packaged together. With that being said, I highly doubt it’s being released this year.

    As much as I would personally want to be wrong, any other way just doesn’t make sense whatsoever.


      Ok what if it released Q1 of 2015? What is really the differe3nce between Q4 2014 and Q1 2015? about 6 months so basically it is the same thing. And remember Kojima never wanted to break them up in the first place, but Konami saw an opportunity to cash in and Kojima said well “why not”? I personally got around 100 hours out of that game. It was the most replayable game I have ever played. Kojima does not rush games nor does he like to delay, if this is true then the game is ready.

  • As long as it’s not rushed, I welcome it.

  • XIFF-5

    O…. M….. G.


  • PrinceHeir

    This definitely feels much sooner.

    So i’ll be able to play Evil Within and MGSV on the same month O___O

    What a B-Day present 🙂

  • Invader_skoodge

    I remember an interview with Kojima a while back, don’t know where so I can’t source it, of him explaining that the Fox Engine would make it significantly easier and faster to develop games. That it was built that way so it would have good optimization, I hope that statement makes a 2014 release date something that could be plausible.

    • Nekkedsnake

      I also remember this statement by Kojima. I’ll put it this way… I’m not saying Q TPP release is true (until confirmation) but it COULD BE true. Why? Cuz Kojima seems to have time now to work with Guillermo Del Toro on this new Silent Hills game. otherwise Kojima would still be busting his Ass trying to finish TPP. But who knows.

  • thetrooper1989

    No release date :'(

  • WAT i hope it isn’t /: from what has been shown (at least at e3) i always felt that the game was still in production, that it wasn’t finished.. i hope they don’t rush it.

    also, i’m not planning to buy a ps4 at least until next year, and i’m expecting to play this on that console, this would mean that there wouldn’t be phantom pain for me for a looong time (it was te same to me with MGS4, i didn’t play it for a couple of years) and it would be really difficult to keep away from spoilers all over the internet :c


      The only thing I saw was alot of pop in when the horse was running, but those were also early builds to.

  • psychomantis18



    Something tells me MGO will be sold separately. I think the invasion gameplay will come with TPP, but the other modes will be sold separately. And I don’t mind.

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