Kojima has been location scouting in… Iceland?

After attending Gamescom to present new Metal Gear Solid V gameplay footage, Kojima flew to what appears to be Iceland for location scouting, according to the man himself. He didn’t specify what project this was for.

August 15th

Kojima-Tweet-Iceland-Network Kojima-Tweet-Iceland-Mad-Max-2 Kojima-Tweet-Iceland-Different-Planet Kojima-Tweet-Iceland-Location-Scout


“I see the town.”

This is (most likely) the town of Garður, Iceland, on a photo taken by Kojima during the flight.

August 16th


“This color of ocean scares me.”


“Is that an infant island?”

August 17th


“Only moss lives here???”



After a couple of days Kojima returned to Frankfurt, Germany, where he had a meeting at Konami of Europe.

August 18th



“KONAMI office.”




“PW Snake at our office entrance.”


“Honeycomb structure.”

Later that day, Kojima and his team got on a plane back to Japan.

Source: Hideo Kojima Twitter

  • BigBoss_88

    Beautiful photos from Iceland :D, never been there myself…but Kojima vising there for location scouting hmm o_O; … What could he be planning this time, maybe one of the MGS Movie’s filming locations? I dunno, haven’t heard much news about it so maybe can forget that lol.

    “Only one road exists, looks like MAD MAX2.” Haha yeah 😉

    Also that office is well guarded by all those Snakes O_O… There goes my chance to sneak into any Konami office to find out the release date.

  • Jay Deabes

    PT had some hints pointing to Iceland. Maybe location scouting for Silent Hills? My guess is that MGSV is getting some final touches to meet the “early 2015” release date.

    • BigBoss_88

      Yea Silent Hills was one of my guesses too :). I’m sure we’ll find out soon enough why he visit there.

    • Eric Otness

      Or even late 2014, if we go by Kojima’s earlier Tweet.
      And yeah, probably Silent Hills. I’m wondering what Normandy is for, though?

      • The Boss game?

        • Eric Otness

          Maybe, although why would Kojima go for making a game about The Boss, and even being involved enough in it to personally do scout locations on Normandy, when he made a pretty huge deal, even compared to prior times, that MGSV is his last Metal Gear game before retirement from the series (and its compared to other times due to his actually commenting on his tendency to say that when acknowledging he’s being sincere this time around)?

          • It remains to be seen if this is his last MGS game. He has expressed interest in making a Boss game before, in fact he wanted his staff to do it but they were too intimidated by this task, so they made a game with Raiden instead (which also didn’t turn out well, as we all know, until Kojima handed it over to Platinum Games). So a game about The Boss is probably something he would have to make himself.

  • LukesAlike

    Ain’t that something?

  • CrazyGuy207

    IGN says they are releasing MGO gameplay Thursday. It’s probably just the MB infiltration but who knows?

    • Yes, it’s the full 25 minute demo from Gamescom. Apparently it will also be on Kojima Station.

      • CrazyGuy207

        25 minutes as in new stuff as well because isn’t the only game play of the infiltration about 6 minutes?

        • crimsonfox

          They’ll probably include the rest of the Gamescon gameplay too.

          • Yeah, probably what we already saw (Gamescom gameplay plus the off screen base infiltration), but now in direct feed.

          • Le Guy who drowned quiet
  • no_fox

    Stupid Kojima!
    I was there from May – June :((((

  • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

    That ocean looks awesome. I’m really hoping early 2015 is the latest The Phantom Pain comes out.

  • PrinceHeir

    Interesting ^^

  • WhatTheJuicay

    I’ll just go ahead and say GODZILLA! You heard it here first.

  • Kan

    I wonder if the extra content for getting ground zeroes is going to make up for the price

  • MrVux007

    Probable snow/tundra environments confirmed ?????

  • I’m from Iceland and I’m really glad Kojima made his appearance there!

  • That honeycomb structure is in the centre Reykjavik, for those that don’t know, it is a beautiful Arts Centre, such an amazing place…Shadow Moses…

    • Thanks for pointing that out, thought it was part of Konami’s office.

  • Its for Silent Hills, no way this is MGS5 related seeing as the game is way late into development now.

  • Kabegami The Great

    Correct me if I’m wrong, they say he went scouting to Iceland yet I can’t find Iceland anywhere on the MGSV phantom pain FOB globe. Hmm…

  • LeGuy(CertifiedPIS)

    Now we know what I was for

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