Memorable Metal Gear Moments: Pulling the trigger in Metal Gear Solid 3

Metal Gear Solid’ 3 story reaches a climax when Snake is forced to face his former mentor in battle at the end of the game. He has no choice but to fight and kill her.


After defeating The Boss, Snake approaches her. She hands him her weapon, The Patriot. ‘Kill me now.’ The Boss requests. Snake slowly rises to his feet. He points the weapon at his former mentor. The screen transitions from a cutscene to gameplay.


Now, there’s one last thing the player has to do. One last action. Pull the trigger. The entire game, everything that’s been happening, culminates into this one gunshot.

The music has faded away, and all we hear are some background noises: the soft blowing of the wind, the rustling of the plants. Up until Snake fires his gun, and a loud bang shatters the silence, its echo slowly dissipating.


A lot of games present the player with choices. In this case, it’s the absence of choice that makes it so memorable. You can delay your final shot, but you can’t avoid it. Snake cannot choose to walk away from this, no matter what, he has to fire. It has to be done.

But this shot, this minuscule movement of the finger that is required to pull the trigger, translated into the small movement of the player of pushing the button, will come to define the rest of Big Boss’s life, and the rest of the saga’s storyline.


  • Raymondius

    Awesome as always. Even read about it still sends shivers down my spine.

  • LukesAlike

    When you put it that way… ;0

  • No Place For Hayter

    I always sit there staring at the screen thinking every time I play this part, it always takes me a while to pull the trigger lol, even though I know I have to do it.

    Definitely one of the most memorable metal gear moments, if not thee most memorable.

    • BigBoss_88

      I agree, it’s always difficult for me to pull the trigger. I’m so attached to these characters in the end. Tough scene, when Snake or I don’t even want to do it… but still have to ;( . I love MGS3 so much. This Boss battle is very memorable for me, with the beautiful music playing in the background and to end the game in such a emotional way.

      I always cry some manly tears at the ending cinematic, when Big Boss walks to her grave, salutes and sheds a tear ;).

  • Solid Snakes Revenge

    Very emotional scene. Gives me the feels a lil bit everytime.

  • XIFF-5

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    • BigBoss_88

      I really liked that :D, scenes well mixed together with the music and the song was fantastic too =) !

      • XIFF-5

        Thanks bro!

  • Vincent Wong

    Thanks for writing this on September 2nd. The Snake Eater Mission did end on September 2nd, 1964 (50 years ago today).

    • Yep, that was intentional. 🙂

  • PrinceHeir

    One of the saddest moments in gaming history.

    I actually didn’t pulled the trigger until the game forced it to do it.

    Such a tragedy and the downfall of Big Boss in the other side. Though in all honesty he’s only doing this because US betrayed him and The Boss and how they were treated like mere playthings. They didn’t even cared for The Boss if she were to die. Even worse, she died as a war criminal, She will go down in official history as a war criminal, and no one will ever understand her… that was her final mission.

    I can definitely see why Big Boss would be mad as hell.

    I really can’t wait till Solid Snake’s return in Fox Engine! Seeing him and Big Boss go at it for two rounds of battle would be Godly!!! I do wonder how they’ll incorporate the fire spray and all.

    • BigBoss_88

      “I really can’t wait till Solid Snake’s return in Fox Engine! Seeing him and Big Boss go at it for two rounds of battle would be Godly!!! I do wonder how they’ll incorporate the fire spray and all.”

      This is my ultimate MGS dream moment… seeing Solid vs Big Boss and Gray Fox would be legendary epic in Fox Engine! Actually words wouldn’t be enough to describe how amazing it would be to see in a remake ;D. I really hope Kojima decides to remake MG1 & 2 as “Metal Gear Solid 6” instead of MGS1, because after all Kojima has said MGSV won’t be the last part of the series and he wants to continue :).

      The rise of a new hero and the fall of legend..seeing Solid burn Big Boss in the end would be really tough to watch, but still amazing duel.

      • mikeyyytexas

        Would you really want it to be titled Metal Gear Solid 6? I was kinda just thinking just to stick to the original title Metal Gear but what do I know right?

        • BigBoss_88

          Actually I think you’re right, maybe better if they would stick to the original name ;). Do we see the remakes or not after years, I guess it all depends on how long Kojima is planning to stay in the business. Or then he let others do it, I dunno.

          • mikeyyytexas

            I kinda really hope kojima returns for MG & MG2 because only he would be able to make it something completely amazing. leaving us with stars and birds chirping round our heads by the end

  • Guest

    So… I’ve been watching old trailers for TPP and came to across this frame and wondered if this is the boss in this scene i’m only making speculation because of the flower petals and the soldier looks like a woman but the only discrepancy is the red hair… idk… what do y’all think?

  • mikeyyytexas

    So… I’ve been watching old trailers for TPP and came to across this frame and wondered if this is the boss in this scene i’m only making speculation because of the flower petals and the soldier looks like a woman but the only discrepancy is the red hair… idk… what do y’all think?…

    • You mean that she is a hallucination? It could be, but if she is The Boss wouldn’t Snake have recognized her? And he refers to her as ‘the women’.

      • mikeyyytexas

        I think when Big Boss inquires about the woman, I think he means the nurse. This however really stood out to me, I don’t know why it hadn’t before. But maybe she is a hallucination like Volgin. Honestly whom else could this be? She is dressed in the same attire as the soldiers raiding the Hospital but I’m not sure… my best bet would be that this points towards The Boss and maybe a link to a post you had a while about that Lori Alan tweet you mentioned a long time ago

        • BigBoss_88

          I have wondered about this character too and I’m not sure who it could be. It could be a new character who’s after Big Boss, because the character is dressed in similar way then the others but without helmet. Or then a hallucination, but I don’t know really.

          When asking about the woman, yes I think Big Boss means the blonde nurse that is missing.
          Big Boss: What happened to the woman?
          Ishmael: The woman, I…we gave her a light, she took the short way down.

          Damn, now when thinking about this whole hospital scene, it reminds me of that recent TPP leak few weeks ago. I’m starting to think if some of the stuff he said could be true… because I remember Kojima saying that Big Boss has been only once in a coma during his life.

          So many theories flying around and I love MGS because of that :D. No other game get people to talk so much about plot and characters etc imo.

          • mikeyyytexas

            I agree! I can’t help to speculate and assimilate the leak with information we already have. I know Konami has already de-bunked the leak story but it’s hard not to compare and contrast. You’re right though about the theories, except the chico is quiet theory… that was royally obtuse. ahhaha I hated seeing those videos on YouTube or that being talked about in other forums. I would like to think that TPP picks up in the hospital and we get flashbacks before going on our first mission to Afghanistan.

            anyway, The Boss coming back at all is awesome. She was one of my favorite characters for MGS3 and I half wanted Snake to save her and keep her a secret from the government… 🙁 but instead we kill her. The world would have been a much better, much different place if snake spared her life…. BUT would that mean that the MiGs would have bombed the hell out of both of them? or could she just go into hiding in Alaska?

          • BigBoss_88

            Lets hope she comes back somehow in TPP ;). I’m not sure would Snake have been able to save her in MGS3, as she was so determined to fight to the death. One must die and one must live. I dunno, knock her unconscious and carry her somewhere to hide in some cabin lol ;)?

            The Phantom Pain plot twist: Snake didn’t lethally shoot Boss in the ending of MGS3, but it just seemed like it. They made a promise to meet again in the future. She escaped before the MiGs bombed the place. Boss returns in TPP to kick some ass with Big Boss=Biggest Boss combo :D!

          • mikeyyytexas

            You’re completely right… she would have been hella upset. She is all about the mission, even when the mission isn’t all about her. Loyalty to the end… what’s it gonna be snake? Loyalty to your country or loyalty to your old mentor.

            TPP Plot Twist: Surprise bitch, I bet you thought you saw the last of me.

            but that would be awesome would it not? come on.

          • BigBoss_88

            Yeah it would be so awesome :D.

          • mikeyyytexas

            Yessssss!!!!! LMFAOOOO

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