Kojima Productions is preparing for the Tokyo Game Show, and Kojima keeps teasing

As most will know, the Tokyo Game Show 2014, one of the world’s biggest gaming conventions, will start in just a couple of days, on September 18th. During the past days Kojima shared a couple of pictures showing the preparations.


“Checking TGS related assets.”



Lastly, there is this puzzling Tweet:



Make of it what you want. Of course it could be unrelated to Metal Gear, but let’s not spoil the fun.

Source: Hideo Kojima Twitter

  • Nikola Butch Jandric


  • JHuang

    March 7? LOLOL fucking kojima im tired of your shit

    • Venom Snake

      I bet is June 8th 2015

  • Omid Darakeh

    2 ِDay .. Go Go Go !

    • actually is just a day (and 5 hours), since in japan is right now Wendsday

      • Venom Snake

        Heaven Yeah!

  • Ravenous

    Isn’t that the mixing-board Kojima tweets pics of when he’s building anticipation for new trailers? Looks like we might indeed get a trailer/cutscene and gameplay-demo 🙂

    • Also the Konami logo on the screen could indicate the beginning of a trailer.

      • Ravenous

        Yeah, that’s why I asked about the mixing-board 🙂
        Getting really excited to see what they’ll show even if it’s most likely going to be in japanese, btw, have any idea if they will have anything in english at TGS or if they might release an english version of the footage later?

        • they might release english stuff right after the 1st event, or some days after it, but since the latest trailers are just “music videos” with lots of text in english maybe Konami will wait until the end just to warp things up and release a full english press kit including all the details and trailers for international press

  • Daburcor

    ’37’ could either mean 3/7 or 37 days. The latter of which would mean an October 23rd release. I’m actually inclined to believe the latter.

    • JD-v01

      Or it could mean 37 weeks, which would mean a summer 2015 release.

      • Venom Snake

        June 8th, as i always said, George Orwell 1984 Book Release date!

    • MaxiPower

      october 23rd my bday lol

      • YouAnd2MilOthers

        Irrelevant. It’s millions of people’s birthday. 7000000000+ people / ~365.25 days.

        • Ravenous

          You are absolutely right that it’s irrelevant, but it’s also irrelevant that thousands of people have the same birthdays ’cause I think MaxiPower just pointed out that it would be a cool coincidence if October 23 turns out to be release because it’s also his/her birthday 😉

          • MaxiPower

            I tip my hat to you good sir.

        • MaxiPower

          they are irrelevant… it’s my bday and i will cry if I want to… meh turns out its 2015 anyway… see that… Kojima delayed the game because you dissed me. hope your proud

    • Ravenous

      37 days would be incredibly awsome, and I guess not completely out of the realm of possibility considering how Kojima tends to be abit unconventional 🙂 (look at P.T, Moby Dick Studios and the whole MGS2-Snake/Raiden thing as examples)

      • Daburcor

        I’m inclined to believe the 37 days thing because of something that happened at GameStop the other day. My brother was checking on his pre-orders (Bayonetta 2, something else I can’t remember, and TPP. In that order.) to see if there were special editions.

        Bayonetta didn’t have one and the other game, I think, might have had one. The whole time, my bother was reading the clerks screen and seeing all the info first hand (we go to that GameStop a LOT). When he got to TPP, the guy told him there was no SE listed yet, then quickly flipped the screen away from him. But not before he saw the date October 23rd.

        Then the first thing he mentions to me when I see him today is this ‘Keyword: 37’ thing. So, like I said, I am actually inclined to believe we could see TPP next month.

        • Ravenous

          Hmm…that is interesting, even if gamestop in Oslo refused to sell me GZ the day it released because the management hadn’t gotten the updates info about the release Oo
          But then again it might be a placeholder date, though they tend to be major release-dates or the first/last days of month, or the last day of the year…

          Too bad I don’t know anyone who works at any retailers that have games, not that I would betray their trust and scream it from the rooftops or anything, but it would make the wait alittle easier 😛

          Anyways, if it’s going to release in October, we’ll most likely know about it come thursday 🙂

    • Venom Snake

      October 23, that could be Ground Zeroes Steam Release.

    • FMercenary

      There’s a partial solar eclipse happening on October 23.

  • Golgari

    I want a cutscene, release date and nothing more to be honest. I’m at the stage of hype when I will do everything to get this game on launch.

    I’m still playing time to time with Ground Zeroes just to remember the controls so I could come to the main game and do some crazy stuff at the beggining of it with my Big Boss.

    Kojima, just do it. Release the game. It’s GOTY. We all know it.

    • Venom Snake

      Nope, he doesn’t want to win against AC Unity and whatever Games are this year, Hideo doesn’t want MGSV to be Instant 2014 GOTY, No, he wants Real Competition, he wants MGSV to fight for GOTY 2015 against Games like The Witcher 3 and Batman Arkham Knight, Hideo wants to fight against the “Big Guys”, so Spring/Summer 2015 would be the Perfect time for Phantom Pain to Release!

      • Jon Lee Wilson

        That’ll be a fight, alright. Arkham Knight is shaping up really well, as is Witcher.
        Good news is, GTAV was already released, so he don’t need to worry about that.

  • johndow288

    37 in the Alphabit that’s CG one letter after both is DH just putting this out there

    • Venom Snake

      DH…Diamond Hugs?

      • Shalashaska Has Landed..

        I’m gonna throw a wild guess out there, and say David Hayter?

        • Venom Snake

          Hmmm, so he “played us like a Damn Fiddle”?

      • Schmojima

        I rofl’d! xD

  • Venom Snake

    “Keyword 37”

    37 days till Ground Zeroes Release on Steam?

    • Le Guy who drowned quiet

      solid snake!
      the characters name in 1984 is 37

  • ShogunTake

    For those who think there may be a chance of a 2014 release it’s not like that wouldn’t be too far fetched. Granted there are only 3 months left but Rockstar did just announce GTA V’s November release last week, so it’s definitely possible to announce a release date that isn’t too far away.

    If you want to make the argument that GTA V somewhat as a port has been in development for years well so has MGSV, not to mention the groundwork was already released with Ground Zeroes as is current gen’s GTA V’s groundwork from last gen.

    But I’m just throwing ideas around.

    • Venom Snake

      True, the only MGSV with a chance of a 2014 release is Ground Zeroes for Steam!

  • Venom Snake

    Now that Xbox Fans and Playstation Fans got Raiden and Classic Solid Snake as [Timed] Exclusive Characters for Ground Zeroes, who do you think will be the Ground Zeroes [Timed] Exclusive Steam Character+Mission?

    My [Imaginary Money] are on either Gordon Freeman from Half Life or Chell from Portal, both 2 Iconic Valve Characters, and since MGSV has a “SteamBox” (i see what you did there Hideo), is more then obvious that the PC [Timed] Exclusive Content for MGSV will mostly be Valve Related!

    • You probably shouldn’t expect too much additional content, if any. Kojima Productions already said that the team is busy enough with TPP, which is also why they’re not going to make DLC for Ground Zeroes.

      • Venom Snake

        Well it should have a Platform Timed Exclusive DLC Character, i mean they already gave Phantom Pain Steam, Xbox and PS4 Exclusive Mission/s, so wouldn’t the PC version of Ground Zeroes have an Timed Exclusive Mission+Character like the PS and Xbox versions had, especially since is a Re-Release?

        • They probably weren’t planning to release it on Steam in the first place, so that’s why it doesn’t have an exclusive mission. But those missions aren’t exclusive anymore anyway, so the Steam release will have all the content they have made. Well, the might put in something extra, but it’s probably best not to count on it, otherwise you might end up disappointed.

          • Venom Snake

            I’m pretty sure that the PC version was planed from the beginning, PC being the First Platform mention during ones of Ground Zeroes PAX 2012 Interviews with Hideo Kojima, he didn’t say X360 or PS3, no, but he did say PC, and ever since E3 2013 Hideo kept saying that the Trailers are indeed PC footage, and the funny part is that without being asked.

            Maybe Konami didn’t planed the PC version, but Hideo created the Demand for it, for some reason he really wanted to release it on PC, long before we made the petitions

            Almost forgot, that “Steam Cardboard Box” with unique animations proves that they will put real work on it, that it won’t be a Lazy Port, that it will get his Platform Exclusives stuff, so it would be a shame if Ground Zeroes Re-Release won’t have his own Timed Exclusive Character and Mission to do in Camp Omega.

            Back to the Question, who do you think could be a Steam Exclusive Character for Ground Zeroes?

          • Kojima said they were developing on PC, yes, but why wasn’t the PC version announced in the first place if they planned it from the beginning? But yeah, doesn’t really matter one way or the other.

            Both of the exclusive characters are from the Metal Gear universe, so it would probably be another Metal Gear character. But we will probably be something similar to the Metal Gear Rising Steam release: the full package with some optimization and for a reduced price.

          • Venom Snake

            Now seriously, don’t you find it weird that Hideo kept talking about PC, saying that it was running on PC without even being asked, doesn’t seam quite odd, i mean other than MGSV, when did Hideo said that a Specific Gameplay and/or Trailer was running on PC?

            Think about it.

          • Wasn’t the reason for that also that the PS4 and XB1 weren’t shown yet? Let alone the PS4/XB1 versions of GZ. So they couldn’t refer to those. But yeah, they just wanted to clarify that it was running on a PC (with specs similar to last gen consoles). They probably were thinking about a PC version, but hadn’t decided on it yet, in fact they hadn’t even decided to release GZ separately from the beginning. Maybe they wanted to see how the game would do on consoles first, and then make the final decision on the PC version. One has to remember that KP is a fairly big studio, but not a huge one, and developing for different systems takes additional time. And of course, TPP is an ambitious enough project as it is.

          • Venom Snake

            I’m just finding Hideo behavior regarding the PC as a Platforms from the last 2 years too weird to be coincidental, i mean is the first time Hideo felt the need to mention that a Specific footage was on PC, and to say, especially January 2014 that he was a PC Developer and how hard was to Develop PC Games back then, and how easy is now with Fox engine to Develop for any Platform, that’s all.

          • Yeah, Fox Engine makes it a lot easier to develop cross platform, that’s for sure.

          • Venom Snake

            I just hope that Hideo will add on the PC version what he initially wanted on the PS4/X1 version but couldn’t do doe to the Consoles limitation, you know, the extra stuff like the 80’s Film Filter for example…that will end up being a MOD made by the Community anyway, even if Hideo won’t put it.

  • Shalashaska Has Landed..

    You guys are coming up with some crazy far-reaching theories about 37, to the point that Stretch Armstrong would be proud. Please, keep them coming lol.

    I’m still laughing (in a good way), with that one comment on here, that said something about 37 in the alphabet is CG, and if you move those two letters up one time, you will get DH…. Which basically means nothing. lol

    • Venom Snake

      DH could mean David Hayter, not my idea, i mean. you said it bellow.

      • Shalashaska Has Landed..

        Yeah, just a random guess of mine lol. It still really means nothing though.

        • Venom Snake

          Possibly True.

      • Automata Snake

        T-minus 37 days until MGSVTPP launch! (Maybe not…)

    • Fraaancis


  • Leonardo Campos


    After reading a few pages, it had me relating 1984 by Orwell and Metal Gear, give it a look, something’s in there!

    Worth to mention that the main character is named thirty-seven.

  • LukesAlike


  • PrinceHeir

    Let’s go!

    • mikeyyytexas

      is it thursday yet?

  • PrinceHeir

    I have a hunch that the Metal Gear Collection will be 37 games!!!


    • Venom Snake

      Are there 37 Metal Gear Games, because i don’t remember being this much?

    • Venom Snake

      Or Keyword 37 is Silent HillS/5 Related, and not Metal Gear.

  • Prepare to be played like a damn fiddle soon.

  • Hanna-Mari H

    IF release date will be in 2014… well fu*k. No money yet to buy PS4 and then I have to play MGSV on crappy PS3, meh. But soon we know more, hope so! If we are not played like a damn fiddle again (new trolling word haha)

    • Janeo

      A lot of people seem to be getting their hopes up for a 2014 release but I’m really not expecting that or at least trying not to. I am hoping for a release date at tgs but I don’t see that date being this year, seems like it would be a good idea because the only real competition I can think of is smash brothers and assassins creed but I also think metal gear can stand up against any other game and no matter when it comes out it will sell well. I just hope konami aren’t trying to rush it out this year but if it’s finished then I’m obviously completely fine with it, I don’t think konami would rush it out in the first place so that’s not a big worry. I do have small hope it will come out this year though since kojima seems to be moving forward with silent hill and he wouldn’t do that unless mgs is very close to being finished.

    • Invader_skoodge

      Trolljima is on a role with all his craziness, so I don’t know what to expect at TGS. I hope for the game to release soon, but I love my PS3 and still play it very often so if they say release is in 2014 or early 2015, I will buy it for PS3. If summer/fall 2015, I will cry and just save up for a PS4, but I was wanting to keep my ps3 for a while longer.

    • Venom Snake

      You don’t have to play it on a “crappy PS3” you can always get on PC.

      • Hanna-Mari H

        nah, I am more console type. I tried PC gaming but no.

        • Venom Snake

          You can make an exception for MGSV, you can use a PS3/PS4 Controller if you want.

          • Charlie Gilligan

            do you have an ign account by the name of mgs sleeper agent?

          • Venom Snake

            Yep, that is me.

  • César H. Sandoval

    What if the “37” stuff isn’t about Metal Gear, but about Silent Hill?

    • Venom Snake


  • as

    37? 3 Snakes+7 sins?

    whats wrong to my head…..

    • Venom Snake

      Se7en The Movie Released on Septenber 22th 1995, so we may have a Release date for Ground Zeroes on Steam!

      • as

        wat?lol,nice find

  • MrVux007

    37 is the password to his porn sites…

  • Big_Boss88

    Kojima likes to play us like a fiddle, hmm no idea what 37 could mean :D…

    • Venom Snake

      37 is The Name of the Main Character from “1984 by George Orwell”

      Could 37 represent Solid Snake?

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