After 5 years, MGSV: The Phantom Pain is nearing completion

During the third day of the Tokyo Game Show, some interesting bits of information on Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain and the FOX Engine was revealed. Credit goes to JunkerHQ for the translations.


On Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain:

  • Kojima once again talked about the themes of Metal Gear Solid V: Race, conflict, the cycle of revenge, and war. “Snake and Kaz are hungry for revenge, Ocelot is more neutral.”
  • The buddy system (taking Quiet or DD the wolfdog with you) is optional, you can play the game alone.
  • You’ll be able to accept new missions without going back to Mother Base.
  • The sneaking suit is made of high-strength aramid fibers and has sound absorbing boots.
  • You will be able to develop weather modification technology.
  • A while ago, Kojima supposedly said he brought back a character he killed before. Now he clarified that he meant ‘a character killed off during planning’. So not a character that was dead in the story, but one that wasn’t in the story before.
  • If you clear Ground Zeroes you’ll get something ‘really cool’ in The Phantom Pain.
  • Kojima: ‘The Phantom Pain is nearing completion after 5 years.’ He said he wants it to stand up to the best in the world. It is the game he wanted to make 27 years ago.

On the Fox Engine:

  • The Fox Engine has facilitated multiplatform development. It also reduced development costs by 1/5.
  • The engine’s editor lets the level designers do about 80% of their work by themselves. They can now do things without having to ask programmers.

During the Fox Engine discussion they played a video showing how quick and easy it is to design an environment for the game.

One more thing: The prosthetic arm on display at TGS will be released somehow, but they aren’t sure how yet; maybe it will be part of a limited edition.

There’s one day of TGS left, and hopefully some more interesting new information as well.

Source: JunkerHQ Twitter

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