Without the iDroid, the player is likely to get lost in MGSV’s vast jungle

In an interview with Dengeki Online, Kojima discussed the difficulties of creating a large open world, and their approach to the AI buddy system.

An important of the MGSV TGS presentations was dedicated to the buddy system, an option in the game that allows you to take helpers with you on missions. During the development of MGS2, the team had a hard time getting the AI companion (in this case, it was Solid Snake assisting Raiden) to work properly. For MGSV, Kojima Productions opted for a different kind of AI buddy. Instead of a more traditional companion, that is to say, one that follows you around and is at your side at all times, Quiet can look after herself. With her sniper she can provide back-up from a distance, or she can go on ahead and scout the area.


Kojima also talked about the difficulties of creating a vast open world. He placed landmarks throughout the environment to make sure players won’t be completely lost without the iDroid. Still, taking the recently shown African jungle as an example, Kojima said that without this device players are likely to lose their way, given the sheer size of the location.

Source: Dengeki Online, MGS.be

  • Ravenous

    I am loving the sound of that! Sheer size making it very possible to get lost is what I was hoping for with the jungles of MGS3 🙂 Shame that we didn’t get more new info about the release though..

  • Venom Snake

    I don’t understand, Hideo said first that Quiet is the Heroine of “Phantom Pain” now he said that not everyone will meet Quiet?

    I’m starting to get worried about the Story!

    • 合金装备

      Maybe she is not the such important role.You will meet her if you finish some extra missions.Just like the Lady Shiva in the game Batman:Arkham Origins.

      • Venom Snake

        You don’t get it, Hideo said that she is “The Heroine”, which means Main Character, so how could she be optional?

        • Charlie Gilligan

          heroin? lol. it’s spelled heroine. look it up.

          • Venom Snake

            My bad. Fixed now.

        • Not main character, that’s Snake.

          • Venom Snake

            Sorry, by Main Character, i meant Main Unplayable Character.

            Still how could “The Herione” be an Optional Character…why has Hideo said that Quiet is “The Heroine of MGSV”?!

          • Maybe she is just the most important female character, but the story mainly revolves around Big Boss and those close to him (Kaz, Ocelot). You probably don’t have to worry about the story, based on what we have seen of far.

          • Venom Snake

            I’m still confused.

            Hope is going to be good.

          • It will be.

        • decoyF0XX

          Maybe what he really meant got lost in translation…

    • Golgari

      It’s a sandbox. It’s not a linear game anymore. Basically if you will explore stuff you will meet her. If you are going just for the main campaign without exploring you will get your standard stuff.

      It’s a sandbox where you can meet people or you can miss them. The world is big now.

      • Similar to the way you could skip the entire boss battle with The End in MGS3, by shooting him in an earlier section.

        • César H. Sandoval

          Or having him die of old age by abusing the PS2 internal clock, It’s so great to know that MGSV will have a lot of options.

      • Venom Snake

        Yes, but my Question is how could the Main Heroine be an Optional Character, that’s what i don’t understand, if she is “The Heroine” why aren’t all players going to meet her?

        This is like saying about Snake Eater that not every player will meet The Boss.

        • César H. Sandoval

          I see that as Hideo saying to you: take your time with the game, enjoy and explore the huge world we have created, because if you take things too fast, you’re gonna miss on something good!

          Nice answer to the people saying GZ was 5 minutes long, if you ask me 😉

      • Big_Boss88

        It will be interesting to see, that how does player meeting Quiet or not effect the story of TPP, or possibly ending too. Or maybe it don’t effect much and main story stays the same for most parts. I always thought she was going to be the kind of main character everyone gets, because of trailers.
        But I’m glad we’re given much more freedom in TPP and I’ll definitely reach her in my game. Who knows what other characters there is to find too :).

        @Venom Snake
        I’m sure the story will be superb as always, Quiet is probably the heroine of the story of all the female characters involved. But I don’t know if a person being heroine necessarily means she is going to be one of the main characters, that everyone gets. Could be just optional too I guess, dunno.

        1. A woman noted for courage and daring action.
        2. A woman noted for special achievement in a particular field.
        3. The principal female character in a novel, film, or dramatic presentation etc.

        • Venom Snake

          O.K. but still, this is the First time i got Concerned about the Story in Phantom Pain, but that’s actually for the better, going cautious having doubts and Concerns would make my Experience even better when i would find out that it was Spectacular after all.

  • Big_Boss88

    Sure sounds amazing! It will be great to get lost in there and find your own unique ways to go through it :).

  • Venom Snake

    “Snake has lost Weight”

    This is another “Snake Eater” Reference, is what The Boss said in the first Codec Conversation with Snake, when he said:

    “Snake: It’s been 5 years, 72 days, and 18 hours.
    The Boss: You’ve lost weight.
    Snake: You can tell just by the sound of my voice?
    The Boss: Of course i can. I know all about you.”

    Overall the TGS reminded me of Snake Eater, the Freedom and the Multiple Pats that Snake Eater had in some places, like Go Left or right to reach north, it was the closest thing to Open World!

  • Benchmarks? Could anyone please clarify this?

    • Venom Snake

      Like Unique Buildings, like the one seen in the TGS Demo.

    • Points of reference. ‘Landmark’ is probably a better word.

  • MrVux007


    • Venom Snake

      “Snaaaaaaaaaaaaaaake, Eaaaaaa-teeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer”

  • Fredy Carius

    I already got lost in the gameplay presentation when Big Boss was rushing to the helicopter after being spoted by the enemy.

  • Mohandas

    mgs5 will be there best game in the world

    • Venom Snake

      Along side Snake Eater and GTA: San Andreas…at least in my TOP.

      • Big_Boss88

        Snake Eater ftw :), I hope they make TPP version too :P.

        • No Place For Hayter

          Awesome commercial, don’t see them like that anymore………maybe they still do in Japan, lol don’t watch many Japanese commercials.

          • they did wierd commercials for peace walker, and the cut at will promos for rising…
            but after this mgs3 promo i doubt they’ll ever improve on that, specially since new promos lack the iconic mgs music, heck even the games lacks iconic mgs music (mpw used a short version and mgs4 was even scared to use the mgsaga theme, let alone the original mgs theme that used to be everywhere) is cool to se “normal people” in mgs situations without recurring to props like cardboard boxes or eyepatches… this mgs3 promo actually showcased the core gameplay in pretty creative ways so lets se what wierdness will happen during mgsv lauch… after the obligatory e3 2015 trailer ( I just want a brand new 2 minute trailer, not a cutscene or music video but something like the old days that doesnt give away and follows the classic mgs trailer structure

        • Sly

          OMG YES!

  • Venom Snake

    Is it just me or in the Past couple of years everyone has started to make Games like Rockstar Games does, and by that i mean the Same attention to every Aspect of The game, Balance, Same Level of Graphics everywhere, in the Game, from the Main Character to the Objects around, Same attention to Story Gameplay and Graphics, basically a 9 for each of them, not a 10/10 Story with a 5/10 Gameplay and a 8/10 Graphics, no, 9/10 for all!

    The 2010’s are The Best times to be a Gamer!

    • Mark

      Maybe I’m bias, but I’ve always thought the MGS games I’ve played since 1998 were very well polished in all aspects – graphics, story, gameplay, ect. What exactly do you mean? There’s been a few other games that I’ve thought were great as well.

      • Venom Snake

        I’m talking about having the Balance between Gameplay Story and Graphics, exactly how Rockstar does since 2000’s, and that MGS was always Story first, Gameplay Second, and how now MGSV is nor Story or Gameplay first, but both given the same focus, which is a good thing, a thing that was missing from Metal Gear, the Balance between Gameplay and Story, now is PERFECT!

        • Mark

          Ahhh… I see. Yes, completely agree! Loving the balance in GZ.

        • Mack Ayash

          Disagree. MGS has always had polish across all aspects of its game. I do think I like the new approach to gameplay with MGSV in comparison to older MGS games though, but MGS was always 10/10 across the board.

          • Venom Snake

            I respectfully disagree, Metal Gear has always been Story first and Gameplay Second, not is both at The Same Time with V, it has become much better, MGSV is The Perfect Metal Gear!

  • Hanna-Mari

    Oh sh*t.. my nursing school is gonna suffer when I’ll get this game. Ah well like I care. Release date pls!

    • Venom Snake

      My Predictions.

      Ground Zeroes Steam/PC: February 2015
      TPP Consoles: March 2015
      TPP Steam/PC: June 2015

      • Hanna-Mari

        Hmm, It would be reasonable to release TPP soon after GZ PC version.

  • PrinceHeir

    I usually take time to explore every nook and cranny in every MGS game 😀

    Played MGS4(1 time only) and it took me 18+ hours to finish the game.

    This is gonna take me at least 100 hours or so 🙂

    • No Place For Hayter

      Exploring, plus 100%, 200-300+ hours. Needless to say everybody will be getting more than their moneys worth. I never buy games at $70 but this game I would (saying “would” because I will be getting the special edition whenever it is announced).

      • Big_Boss88

        I agree, TPP will be very huge and I will spend countless of hours on it :D:D. If I remember correctly, I playeed PW 80 hours on first playthrough, but MGSV got open world, bigger Mother Base to visit + upgradeable stuff, perhaps longer story too etc.

        I’m sure those countless people who raged about GZ shortness, will be super pleased with TPP and apologize to Kojima for saying evil stuff about MGSV :).

  • Automata Snake

    Lutwa Valley is located by Victoria Falls, Zambia, which is most likely the waterfall we see in the TGS mission.

  • Joseph

    I hope the jungles are like MGS3, which is by the way the best video game of all time

  • César H. Sandoval

    LOL funny they say stuff like that, I remember the Solid Snake AI in MGS2 being top notch, most of the time he was killing more Arsenal soldiers and taking less damage than I was while controling Raiden.

    Seeing this new advanced buddy AI system gives me a lot of hope for a game starring The Boss and her Cobra Unit someday.

  • Big_Boss88

    When PS4 finally get mp3 support, maybe in next update coming soon…so I need to start thinking of some good music for my MGSV adventure :D.

    I will listen to this in TPP while hunting those poor bastards in Africa’s jungle.

    And helicopter music, while my gang prepares for mission:

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