Watch the MGSV: The Phantom Pain TGS Demo in 1080p with English voice acting and narration

GameSpot has posted the full resolution version of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain’s Tokyo Game Show demo. Aside from the higher resolution, this version also includes English narration by Kojima Productions’ Sean Eyestone, and English voices. Not that there is too much talking during the gameplay, but you can hear some Kiefer Sutherland and Robin Atkin Downes. Check out the video below.

Update: Youtube version has been added to the official Konami channel:

Also, here are some new details from GameSpot’s Q&A Session with Kojima:

  • Quiet isn’t the only character with supernatural abilities. Like in past games, Snake will come across characters with different powers (Code Talker?).
  • You won’t be able to select the regular soldiers as AI buddies.
  • You will not be able to play as Quiet, or any other buddy, just as Snake.

For the full interview, head over to GameSpot.

Source: GameSpot

  • Nekkedsnake

    I need this game now! Btw Nyxus, MGR is available for Mac as well. Just sayin.

    • Yeah, thanks, made a post about it just now.

  • ThreeMadFrogs

    I’ve been waiting for this!

  • Fredy Carius

    ‘You will not be able to play as Quiet, or any other buddy, just as Snake.’
    by Snake you mean Frank Jaeger, right?! /jk

    • Venom Snake

      No, Big Boss, is Big Boss, he lost his arm.

      • Fredy Carius

        But Frank Jaeger cut his arm to be Big Boss double. That’s why he is the most trusted soldier of BB and the only Fox Hound member awarded with the Fox codename. /jk

        • Venom Snake

          He may Cut his arm, but he will definitely not Put a piece of Metal or a Rock in his head, plus this is Personal, Snake has Honor, he is the one taking Revenge, he is not a coward.

          • decoyF0XX

            I know most of these theories are crazy XD but I gotta say, at the end of ground zeroes, big boss’ face get’s burned and in the GDC trailer we see that he may have survived the blast and his face has burns. Also, in that Ground Zeroes ending it’s made obvious to us that the medic’s hand gets burnt. Now, in the hospital scene, Ishmael’s hand has bandages in the same spot where the medic got burnt. Why is this so? and why the hell is Ishmael voiced by Sutherland?? I don’t know what this means but get ready for some crazy deception in The Phantom Pain!

          • uya333

            did you know the doctor is also voiced by sutherland!?

          • decoyF0XX

            “You’ve been in a coma for quite some blah blah blah…” That dude?? :/

          • The doctor in the chopper, when they are extracting the bomb from Paz.

          • decoyF0XX

            Oh, yeah that’s who I was referring to as the medic.

          • Venom Snake

            I already know that the Doctor calls himself Ishmael while in Hopsital, but that dude Crawling that you are playing as is Big Boss.

          • decoyF0XX

            Yeah sure we’re playing as Big Boss but that Ishmael dude seems real and I’m sure he knows some things we don’t.

            And also the image I posted makes it obvious that the bomb didn’t send Big Boss into that coma.

          • Venom Snake

            That picture with Big Boss is the Initial version of Ground Zeroes, in which you would find Paz in a putrefaction state in the Cell behind Chico, Hideo Kojima himself said in in an interview with IGN, so that is not Canon anymore.

            Now that is all clear, Ishmael is not a Character, is just a nickname used by “The Medic” to make Big Boss feel Safe, to get him out, to make him feel that is all a dream, to not have a SHOCK in the Hospital and die both, he is very Loyal to Big Boss.

            Why Ishmael? Big Boss has Amnesia, and he sees that Big Boss has a missing linb, so he wants to make Big Boss feel that is the main character in Mobydick, therefore the hallucination with the Whale on Fire.

            Also looks like Kaz, Ocelot and Skull Face and Zero found out abut Big Boss Location once he woke up, so Ocelot came to save him

            Psycho Mantis may be there to kill Big Boss, he is definitely not sent by Kaz or Ocelot, since the Flaming Volgin attacked them, he is most likely working for Zero, but Snake luck is that both X.O.F. and Foxhound are fighting over who to Kill or Kidnap Snake, which causes them to lose Focus and kill each other, therefore Snake escapes.

          • decoyF0XX

            Are you sure about the first paragraph? Cause that changes everything. At least you agree that the medic is physically there unlike those who say he’s a hallucination. And yeah you mean X.O.F. and Cypher are fighting to capture Snake and Ocelot comes to rescue him. Psycho Mantis is probably with Cypher like you said and I even believe Quiet would have probably with him too before joining DD, maybe Cypher is gathering a team of super soldiers, just speculating.

          • Venom Snake

            The point is that Ishmael is Real, but he is The Medic, not Big Boss, which means that Big Boss is The one without an arm.

            Anyway, looks like we are on the right track.

          • decoyF0XX

            Yeah we’re on the same page lol, I know that Big Boss is the one that lost his arm. What I was trying to prove is that the medic in the chopper got his hand burnt in the same exact place where Ishmael has a bandage and this shows that he may be real, not an illusion and I beleive he may be a very important part of the story. The reason behind all this may be the “suprise” that Sutherland hinted once.

          • Venom Snake

            Like i said, there is no doubt, Ishmael and The MEdic are 1 and The Same person, and Big Boss and Venom Snake, again, are 1 and The Same person, is way to Personal for Snake to put someone else cut his arm for him, he has Honor…and a HUGE Ego.

          • Fredy Carius

            Faking that horn would be much easier than faking a missing arm.
            anyway, i was just kidding in both those comments (hence the /jk at the end), i don’t believe any of those crazy theories myself =p

  • thetrooper1989

    Save D.D gotdammit


    • Hanna-Mari

      “Save him, goddammit!” >:o

  • Z!

    Just announce the release date Kojima!!! We have saw enough imo

  • ThreeMadFrogs

    For someone named Quiet, she makes a lot of noise when she runs. Sounds like gunshots.

  • Fredy Carius
    • thetrooper1989


  • Shiragama

    Anyone noticed, the Ocelots gloves looks exactly like the ones from Colonel Volgin in Snake Eater ?

  • Jiman Najmi


    • Thanks, added the official Konami video.

  • Golgari

    I saw enough. I was sold since Afghanistan first 30 minute demo. You can’t do anything Kojima. I’m your slave and I will buy your game and Will play it to death.

    Anyway, it’s the best sandbox stealth game. Period. Full control of your character, fantastic visuals with impressive long distance view, ambitious buddy system where buddies can do a lot of options to attack/guard/scout and not some stupid Elizabeth that can only drop a pie at your face. Buddy system imo is the most revolutionary thing about the game because MGSV will have few of them and they are all very different. You need some serious shit to program that AI and we all know how dumb buddy AI is in most of the games. Gorgeous gameplay with fantastic shooting mechanics. Snake is also the best climber. He does it in the most realistic way. Also, the map is very big. Kojima was not joking when he said that you can play this for 100+ hours. The only problem that I played Ground Zeroes for 55 hours already lol… I’m doomed.

    I can’t wait to buy a limited edition or any crap Kojima will give to me.

  • PrinceHeir

    Tbh it should have been “Shoot Her” instead of “Fire” since the Japanese used the word “utte” which means shoot her on command.

    Still amazing voice on both sides. Troy Baker is a little off here, but that’s okay it’s only one scene.

    Either way getting both versions! I’m still debating if i should get PS3 or PS4 due to custom OST and all.

    Can’t wait for the game!!

  • PrinceHeir

    Here’s the official Konami573ch video

    • Updated the post with this, thank you.

  • Cobra

    That inflatable decoy is quite possibly the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen.

    I love it!

    • Big_Boss88

      Lol great comment ;D, I love it too!

  • No Place For Hayter

    Once I was spoiled with the 60fps high bitrate videos things like this don’t satisfy my need for high quality MGSV videos, never the less it is still really nice to get and it looks great, plus great narration, English voices, and Jackie is a much better player than whomever played the Japanese one showed at TGS, unless that was Jackie to than he played better here. PLUS PUPPY!

  • August74

    Just let me play as Quiet. Even if it’s DLC.

  • Kevin Kerr Music

    Something I was worried about and the new gameplay confirmed it.
    The horse literally appears out of nowhere when you whistle.. =/

    • Fredy Carius

      Just like Red Dead Redemption

    • decoyF0XX

      It’s already been fultonned to your location pre-landing. Satisfied? =/

      • Kevin Kerr Music

        Nooo thats not my point. People keep thinking that’s what I mean.

        I mean how, when he landed. It WASN’T there, and he whistled and it appears.
        Every time we see the horse (in Afghanistan trailers too) You never see the horse running to you, it always just appears out of shot.
        For example..
        When BB climbed that mountain, if he whistled again it seems the horse would also be up the mountain.

        • decoyF0XX

          You sir, have a worse case of ocd than me haha. I bet you’re gonna spend alot of time fiddling with the camera to see the horse coming. Good luck!

          Okay, jk, I get you! the horse should be shown when you land and it should trace it’s path to you whenever you traverse to a new location but that would waste a lot of your time, they made it this way to make it faster so it doesn’t become another boring open world game. That’s how I see it at least.

          • Kevin Kerr Music

            Yeah I agree it would be a big waste of time, but thats what the fulton is there for right?
            The horse got fultoned away when it was no longer needed.
            I think it should be, if you whistle the horse and it can’t get where you are (or is so far away it “cant hear you”.
            Kaz or Ocelot tell you this saying “The horse can’t make it to you’re area.” etc

            THEN you should dismiss the horse via fulton on the Idroid, and drop it to your location (just like he did with Quiet).
            That way there is little time wasted, and no magic horse.

          • decoyF0XX

            Well too bad you’re part of the minority that don’t like Magic Horse (that’s what I’m gonna call him now haha). Come to think of it, you can actually decide not to use the whistle command at all, dismiss and drop the horse like you said. Will cost you GMP but will give you want. Problem solved!

          • WhatTheJuicay

            prime example of why realism kills games. gives people more things to complain about. you can never please a gamer

  • decoyF0XX

    Was replaying MGS 2 and I just wondered what if after we’re like 200 hours into TPP we’re able to develop Solidus battle suit, like wouldn’t that be awesome haha, have to find a way to pitch that idea to Kojima!

  • Mohandas

    Thank you for the best game in the world

  • Big_Boss88

    Awesome and beautiful <3 <(^O^^O^)> !

  • WhatTheJuicay

    so seeing as how the game is nearly complete. I’ll take it upon myself to nitpick– I guess we won’t be able to walk around while holding an equipped gun, like in previous games. It’d be cool if they just made our character do that as a way to show that reflex mode is active. it would make absolute sense as well. Quicker reaction time while holding your gun, as opposed to it hanging off your shoulder or holstered.

  • WhatTheJuicay

    In a previous comment…actually In a comment I made for the japanese version of this video that was posted here, I stated that its stupid that Quiet has her sights on enemies and doesn’t shoot them when they spot you. I never noticed that she actually did shoot the guy in the head, causing his helmet to pop off so snake can headshot him. What difference language and watching the video again after some time makes.

  • Ninja_Se7eN

    No japanese giberish in the background, thank you :).

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