Recreate scenes from MGSV: Ground Zeroes with this figure set by Kotobukiya

During the Tokyo Game Show some impressive dioramas depicting scenes from Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes were on display at Konami’s booth, created using Kotobukiya’s figures. This set of figures, first unveiled at Wonder Festival 2014, will release in January of next year, and includes seven figures (three of which are Snake in different poses). It also comes with several accessories, including the walkman and the iDroid, but the environments seen on the pictures will not be part of the set. Also, keep in mind that the figures won’t be painted out of the box.


MGSV-Ground-Zeroes-Kotobukiya-Snake-Standing-3 MGSV-Ground-Zeroes-Kotobukiya-Snake-Standing-2 MGSV-Ground-Zeroes-Kotobukiya-Snake-Standing-1MGSV-Ground-Zeroes-Kotobukiya-Snake-Running-2MGSV-Ground-Zeroes-Kotobukiya-Snake-Kneeling-4 MGSV-Ground-Zeroes-Kotobukiya-Snake-Kneeling-3 MGSV-Ground-Zeroes-Kotobukiya-Snake-Kneeling-2 MGSV-Ground-Zeroes-Kotobukiya-Snake-Kneeling-1MGSV-Ground-Zeroes-Kotobukiya-Chico-1MGSV-Ground-Zeroes-Kotobukiya-Chico-2MGSV-Ground-Zeroes-Kotobukiya-Soldier-Poncho-1MGSV-Ground-Zeroes-Kotobukiya-Soldier-Poncho-2MGSV-Ground-Zeroes-Kotobukiya-Soldier-1MGSV-Ground-Zeroes-Kotobukiya-Soldier-2MGSV-Ground-Zeroes-Kotobukiya-Skull-Face-4 MGSV-Ground-Zeroes-Kotobukiya-Skull-Face-3 MGSV-Ground-Zeroes-Kotobukiya-Skull-Face-2 MGSV-Ground-Zeroes-Kotobukiya-Skull-Face-1MGSV-Ground-Zeroes-Kotobukiya-Snake-Kneeling-on-FloorMGSV-Ground-Zeroes-Kotobukiya-Snake-Standing-on-FloorMGSV-Ground-Zeroes-Kotobukiya-Snake-Running-on-FloorMGSV-Ground-Zeroes-Kotobukiya-Skull-Face-and-ChicoMGSV-Ground-Zeroes-Kotobukiya-AccessoriesMGSV-Ground-Zeroes-Kotobukiya-Set

The whole set will be sold for 3200 yen (roughly 23 euros or 30 USD), and the figures are around 5 cm tall (1/35 scale). For the full details, follow the link in the source.

Source: Kotobukiya, via

  • PrinceHeir

    Looks okay. I can’t see Snake’s eyes WTF, he looks like a zombie.

    Kinda wish Shunya did a version of this, even if it will be bishoujo Snake XD

    • The faces are a bit weird, but remember how small the figures are, so it’s probably rather difficult to paint. Also, this is just one example of how it can be done, since they are unpainted when you buy them. But yeah, they aren’t perfect, but at the same time they are pretty cheap (30 dollars for 7 figures).

    • Big_Boss88

      LOL Zombie Snake, nice ;D.

  • Big_Boss88

    Cheap price and these are super small in size. Not sure if I like small figures very much, but still they look pretty good. No Paz ;C …

  • gerber

    Just by looking and these, I feel like playing GZ for 1000th time

  • Invader_skoodge

    What I’m really curious about, is that weapon SkullFace is holding. I wonder if he ever gets to use it in TPP and against whom.

    • Noticed it as well. Looks like some sort of shotgun.

      • Kevin Kerr Music

        I’m sure we seen this gun before on Skullface. Either way it was known he uses a shotgun(short like a hand gun) from one of the guard conversations in GZ =)

    • Cobra

      It’s a sawn-off Winchester 1892 “Mare’s Leg”, as used by Steve McQueen in Wanted: Dead or Alive.

  • Daburcor

    First Big Boss pic looks like Simon Pegg.

  • Golgari

    It’s an old antique shotgun and not a modern 1984 +/- one. You can blow someone’s head with it although it requires some time to reload it. Maybe Skullface is really a boss at some point in the game. Maybe a duel… ha.

  • Theo Heisenberg Constantine

    if only the figs looked a bit better.

  • ShogunTake

    Where are the Kaz fiddle and Paz stomach figures?

  • No Place For Hayter

    Cool, I like!

  • glitchbomb

    The faces look off but it has to be because of how tiny and cheap they are, right? The only one whose face looks OK is skullface… and his face is messed up in the first place, Haha!
    Not -really- related to the topic at hand, but want your opinion. Be honest. We angled it counter clockwise so it would flow with my ribs better and will fit easier with my finished tattoo idea. Also, because the side i had to put it on makes it XOF. Figured the most honest opinion I could get anywhere would be from you guys. So, Whatcha think?

    Cleaned up most of the blood and covered the nerple as to not offend anyone, hah. 😛

    • Big_Boss88

      I think it looks nice :).

  • Sly

    I would love to recreate scenes with these…but Big Boss doesn’t hold his weapon in hand anymore 🙁

  • flying_fox

    I was expecting some gigantic diorama to go with these figures, so I’m a little disappointed.

  • Neil Kapit

    It’s a good thing they didn’t include figures representing the events of Chico’s Tapes…

  • chiffmonkey

    Skullface is kinda useless without a helicopter, pilot and XOF troops.

    Also needs the headset assault guard head.

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