Kojima Productions update: MGSV bug reporting

As the director of the Metal Gear series and known perfectionist, Kojima is always on top of everything during the production process of the games. He used to make notes on discovered bugs, director’s instructions etc with pen and paper, but now he switched to a shiny new tablet for this purpose. Oh, and check out that floating Ocelot!



“Until now I’ve used my pen to draw/write what to fix, direct, adjust game. Now I got SHIELD, but still practicing.”


“This ain’t spec direction but just a bug report.”

And after you’ve been absorbed in the creation of a fictional world all day, what happens if you look outside the window?

“When I look up to the sky from window I feel awkward since I’ve been simulating sun rise & set in the game all day.”

Source: Hideo Kojima Twitter

  • Romain Robin

    That only means one thing : Development is finished. They are on Q&A processing. That usually doesn’t take long. Nice.

    • moto hellogoto

      That’s good to know. I think for sure we will get this game in early 2015 now. My guess is February

      • Mini gear

        Since there’s no real ease date for a while id guess march but February would be great

    • It could be, but it might be best not to draw any conclusions from this, and possibly end up being disappointed.

      • decoyF0XX

        I think they’re recording VO still so sadly, we might still have to wait a while.

        • Romain Robin

          I’m pretty sure they finished VO sessions according to the “party” and “relax” pictures taken in the Kojima audio booth posted by the VA staff members on twitter.

          • decoyF0XX

            About 3 days ago, Kojima tweeted a picture of a coffee mug tagged with something like “recording VO”. So they might still be doing that.

          • And today, they held another VO session: http://www.metalgearinformer.com/?p=16389

        • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

          I’m betting on a June release date. for MGS4 they spent 6 months JUST debugging and executing code to get it working, so don’t expect any special release window that falls within Q1 2015. April-June is most likely or else Kojima would’ve given a month within Q1 by now.

          • Mini gear

            If it’s that far away id be good if they’d release one mission as a demo. Hack id pay $10 for a demo

          • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

            I’d rather just have a normal free demo to download instead of paying a dime for it; Kojima already got us with GZ.

          • Mini gear

            You’re right about the price

          • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

            And the release date. Bet you it releases a week after Arkham Knight.

          • Venom Snake

            Or 2 days after (June 8th, 1984 Release)

          • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

            I think you mean 6 days after with that date, which wouldn’t make sense, since Arkham Knight launches June 2 and Kojima has released his games on a Wednesday, or Thursday I believe, so it’d have to be June 10 or 11.

          • Venom Snake

            Yes, 6 days, and No, is June 8th because 1984 was released on June 8th 1949, and at the end of the E3 Trailer it said “Coming 1984” which means Coming when 1984 released.

          • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

            OH. That’s my bad. I actually never saw the movie, nor read the book, so I didn’t get the reference.

          • decoyF0XX

            They could at least give us free GZ dlc, maybe like 5 new missions to keep us from hanging ourselves or maybe a mission creator in GZ, that would be awesome, will never happen though, I know.

          • They said they don’t have time to make DLC for GZ, since they’re busy with TPP.

          • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

            They could make the DLC give a sneak peak to what to expect in TPP and be like an opening into TPP and explain some of what we’ll see.

          • Tye

            Granted, a lot of that probably had to do with the ps3 being a bitch to develop for.

          • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

            Yeah same thing that happened with MGS4 coincidentally.

    • Kazuhira Miller

      Believe. 🙂

    • Derrik Touve

      Testing occurs throughout development, this doesn’t necessarily mean they’re done coding.

  • moto hellogoto

    Just give us a release date already Kojima!

    • Maybe at the VGX, if they make an appearance again this year.

      • ThreeMadFrogs

        I hope they go back to being the VGA’s. VGX sucked.

      • When will VGX happen again? xD

        • Assuming there is one this year, it will probably be in December. Rumors indicate it may be on December 5th.

          • Venom Snake

            Geof tweeted something like “Gamers get ready for December 5th.”

          • “Games Will Rise. 12/5/14”, to be exact.

          • Venom Snake

            Thanks for the correction.
            Anyway let’s help Solid Kenny Spread his and Kojima message. just watch the Video. The number of Dislikes coming from so called Metal Gear Fans is OUTRAGEOUS, we need to do something, to show what THE REAL Metal Gear Fans opinion is, especially since he telling the TRUTH!

          • Shalashaska

            You know what sucks? Labeling fans as “real” or not because they liked (find canon, whatever your problem here is) a certain game in a franchise that you and a number of others don’t. That is childish.

      • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

        June 2015. Calling it now.

        • Agreed.

          • moto hellogoto

            I hope you both are wrong. June is so far away

          • Venom Snake

            But June is the PERFECT Release Date for MGSV, because in June the only Game to Release for now is Batman Arkham Knight, therefore if it comes in June way more people will be able to play it at launch due to the lack of Video Games, which was Hideo’s plan all the time ever since he confirmed that MGSV is coming on Every Platform, PC Included.

  • Everyone get in here.

    No leave it in, I want hovering Ocelots.

    • MGS3 had that. 😛

    • xbocanegrax .

      Your sn an picture rule! ” you get that thing I sent ya? ”

  • César H. Sandoval

    “Cats, do love to play as birds…”

  • Big_Boss88

    Dammit :(, why no floating Big Boss >:C …

    • TheProjectAngry .

      Big Boss: Whoa, I’m… floating…

      This is why. XD

      • Big_Boss88


  • LukesAlike

    My face when.

    Oh, there it is.

  • anonymous

    What if in the update of ground zeroes on consoles and the release on steam in december 18 they put in something new to reveal the exact release date for phantom pain

    • Venom Snake

      Doing a P.T. Thing? It would be interesting, putting the Release Date inside the Game Code for Hackers to find. Sounds like Hideo to me.

  • PrinceHeir

    I hope they iron out some of the bugs till next year 🙂

    • Big_Boss88

      xD hahaha this made my day ;D. Nice!

  • Jason Mounce

    It could be a Mid-cycle bug check or an end-cycle bug check course, unsure how frequently Kojima like to bring up a bug-check cycle during game development, it could be one, two, three? Maybe four massive bug-checks or the like.

    Though I still believe Feb will likely be around the time it comes out, just I’d wish it to be April or March instead, so then I have all summer to play it 🙁

    • Venom Snake

      My bet is either March 18 or June 8th.

      • Mini gear

        Hope March is right

  • Venom Snake

    Why, why has Solid Kenny Video get so Many Dislikes?
    THIS IS THE TRUTH, Rising is not a Bad Game, but a Horrible Metal Gear that misses Metal Gear Point, which is passing on the good things to the Next Generation, WHICH IS THE OPPOSITE of Rising, and is Insulting!

    True Metal Gear Fans, Up-Vote Solid Kenny, because he is telling the TRUTH, we should not let Rising be the New Generation of Metal Gear, we should not let “Might is Right” aka Rising Message be the New Generation of Metal Gear.

    • Metal Gear Rising is just a very different game, and should be treated different from the other (Kojima made) Metal Gear games. That was clear ever since they passed it over to Platinum Games. It’s a typical PG game: crazy, over the top and funny, it just happens to carry the Metal Gear license.

      • Venom Snake

        Yes, but is also an Insult to Metal Gear, it made people think that this is what Metal Gear Is, and this is what it will be passed on to the Next Generation of Metal Gear Fans, and i’m sure no one wants this.
        Just watch it, and then decide whether you agree with him or not, don’t jump to conclusions, please.

        • People who do some research will find there is a difference between Metal Gear games in general, and those that are labeled ‘a Hideo Kojima game’. There are other spin-offs available, like the Ac!d games, and then there’s the ‘real’ thing.

          • Venom Snake

            But not everyone makes some research.

            I Wanted to say the same thing, to say “Fukk you” to this guy, then i watched the Video, and Realized that he is right.

            Point is, Rising is Business Kojima, and TPP is Creative Kojima, and that Rising should be Treated as what it is, a Non Canon Parallel Universe that is Gameplay Driven, and not Story Driven.

          • More like, Rising is Platinum Games, and should be treated as a Platinum Games title in the Metal Gear universe.

          • Venom Snake

            Yes, but still, as a Parallel Universe, as was Raiden in Ground Zeroes as well.

          • Yes, Kojima said something like that himself. It’s sort of a ‘what if’ story. So what’s the big deal? It doesn’t affect the overall lore, nor does it replace traditional Metal Gear games. Also, there are some people who aren’t interested in the MGS games but did like Rising, so in a way Konami expanded the series to those people with the release of Rising.

          • Venom Snake

            That’s the problem, some people will think that Rising is Metal Gear,

            But you’re right, is a “What if” a Really Bad What If, but yeah, as long as is not considered Canon ot Kojima Games, then i’m fine.

            About Rising, how come the Cutscenes Raiden is what Code Raiden Hates?
            I also hate the message that Rising is giving, that no matter how bad you are, people will still support you, and love you, which is the opposite of what Raiden said at the end of MGS2 and MGS4, that he will make his own Decisions, that he will fight to do thing right, which is what Metal Gear is about, about what you’re passing to the Next Generation, about Doing everything you can to escape from your nightmares, from your Bad moments of your life, never giving up, and that Fate and Destiny are just excuses to give up.

    • PrinceHeir

      Lol no offense but this guy is a fool if he thinks Rising was supposed to follow the Solid lineup.

      Rising is actually the best Hack and Slash game last gen, until it was top by Bayonetta 2 this gen by Platinum Games themselves.

      It’s no wonder why he’ll get many dislikes. This guy has no clue what he’s talking about.

      • Venom Snake

        He exaggerated when he said it sucks, he isn’t talking about the Gameplay or the Story, but the Plot and the message that “Might is Right” which is exactly whatkind of Game MGS1 was criticizing. MRG is not just not a Metal Gear, but is anti Metal Gear.

        The point is Platinum Games were too lazy to respect Raiden as a Character, instead they could have made a New IP with the Gameplay Mechanics, but it wouldn’t have sold that much.

        I just hate the use of the name “Metal Gear” that’s all.

        • PrinceHeir

          Who says Solid Series is the only interpretation for the franchise? This is the problem i have with fans like this. They think the franchise should only have one way for interpretation and everything else should be discarded. It’s the same i see with Final Fantasy, Resident Evil fans. They keep saying this is not FF or RE just because it’s not the way their used to playing.

          There’s a reason why it drop the Solid tagline for Rising. I actually the way they told about Revenge was really well done. Just look at what Monsoon’s speech about Nature running its course and your only a fool if plan on changing it.

          Problem with this guy is how he constantly keeps connecting the game to MGS4 and how Raiden shouldn’t act like this, when in fact this is just one of the many alternate routes on what could have happened to Raiden after MGS4. The game barely acknowledge MGS4 aside from Raiden surviving that incident(much like Big Boss to Portable Ops)

          And if people have a problem with Rising bearing the “Metal Gear” title. That’s too bad, blame Kojima himself since he was the one that cancelled “Solid Rising” and approached Platinum Games directly on their office and asked to revive the project.

          I don’t mind spin offs like Rising, AC!D since it’s always nice to see different gameplays, themes, philosophies in the world of Metal Gear. It’s not like Solid will be drop at all, if people don’t like this spin offs, they could just stick to Solid only Series.

          • Venom Snake

            No, you missed the point, what he is saying is that Rising shouldn’t have been called Metal Gear.

          • PrinceHeir

            And you missed my point. Blame Kojima for calling Rising as a Metal Gear game

          • Venom Snake

            No, no one is talking about Kojima, Hideo made it clear that Rising and Portable Ops are “Non Kojima Games” so what i meant was that i support Hideo statement, he cannot say that Rising is not a Metal Gear, because of something called Diplonacy, and that is 1 more reason to Respect Hideo, but that doesn’t mean Rising is a Metal Gear.

            Point is Rising is not just Different, but it pisses on Raiden, it ruined the Character, is an insult to Metal Gear and Raiden, and that is because Platinum Games are using the Name only to make money out of it, if Rising was just called “Rising Revengeance” and i would be perfectly fine with it, it should have been a New IP Spiritual Successor to Metal Gear, that would have been PERFECT.

          • PrinceHeir

            Point still stands. Who approved Metal Gear Rising to bear the name “Metal Gear” in the first place?

            And Kojima actually said he supported Platinum’s take on the franchise and saying it’s just one of those alternative realities within the universe.

            And why is that the game would have been perfect if it didn’t bear the “Metal Gear”?

            This is the same BS i see like from Polygon’s Bayonetta 2 review. “The game is amazing and probably is the best action game of all time(which is true), but since the sexuality was too much for us, we’ll lower the score just because.”

            Fans are only here to have their own take on what makes a Metal Gear a Metal Gear. At the end of the day Kojima and his team still decided to use the name.

            People will say “But they only wanted the Metal Gear name in order to sell”, guess what? There’s nothing wrong with that. When you have new IP’s are trying something new and innovative, that bombed as hell like TW101, Resonance of Fate, Valkyria Chronicles, Deadly Premonition etc.

            I don’t really blame developers relying on popular brands in order to sell their games. Gamers nowadays just don’t want to support something new and instead would only rely on something they know.

            And if it pisses you that they so called “ruined” Raiden’s characters. Keep in mind that Etsu Tamari was the lead writer of the game which he’s from Kojima Production. Platinum only did the gameplay(blade mode), level design, and fast paced action.

            All of the story, characters and even art(Yoji Shinkawa) all from Kojima Productions. And of course Kojima himself even oversaw the project just to see if it’s good or not, which he is satisfied and wouldn’t mind working with them on making Rising 2 in the future.


          • PrinceHeir

            Here’s more why Kojima respects Platinum games and why people shouldn’t be surprise why Bayonetta 2 got perfect score across the board.

            “As far as [Metal Gear] Rising 2 is concerned, I really do have that in my mind, and I want to make it,” Kojima explained. “And if we do make it, it would definitely be with Platinum. I don’t think anyone else could do it.

            “Of course, my ulterior motive is that if Rising 2 came out, it would be guaranteed to sell! Which means that I wouldn’t have to worry about that with [new project, Metal Gear Solid] Ground Zeroes. I can just do whatever I want!”

            “Platinum makes excellent games, there’s no arguing about that – but they’re not very good at honouring schedules,” he laughed. “I made it clear that in order to succeed on a worldwide scale, you not only have to make a good product, but you also have to keep a tight schedule. This time, they came through and delivered the product on time. I think even [Hideki] Kamiya-san was surprised!”

            Then comes the bromance. “Really, Platinum’s team is great at creating action games. They do it better than anyone else. I love them personally, as individuals… and now they’re able to do things to schedule as well! That’s very important.

            “The one thing I think they can still improve on is their technological level. Their technology is not quite up to par, so maybe for the next project if we did something with them, we would maybe have them use the FOX engine. Or, perhaps their next generation engine. I’m not sure. But it’s the only point I would improve.

            “If they did manage to get their technology up to par, then they would really be a world class studio.”


            Other than game engines(which Kojima suggested on using for future Rising 2 if it happens), Platinum Games makes amazing games and they know how to make a game with the best gameplay mechanics as possible. The fact that they were able to make Rising 1 in one year of notice and with a tight schedule is just amazing and no developer probably couldn’t pulled it off other than Platinum Games.

          • PrinceHeir
          • Venom Snake

            That’s exactly what i said, Diplomacy, but that doesn’t mean he means it, that he accepts MGR as a Metal Gear, is just Diplomacy, i’m pretty sure he is really disappointed by what Platinum did with it, but again, he can’t say it, and i respect him for that, for still being Diplomatic, and accepting the Responsibilities he has as Konami Vice President.

          • PrinceHeir

            Disappointed? LOL no. It seems you really don’t know how Kojima respects Platinum Games as a whole and your assuming alot of BS things just because your being clouded by your hate on Rising.

            Go ask him on Twitter or even the interview that i posted below and see how Kojima respect of Platinum Games and Shinji Mikami as one of the few JPN developers he thinks highly off.

            Don’t assume Kojima is only doing this for business purposes. He knows he’s stuff and is one of the few people who is honest and isn’t afriad speak on his mind on a lot of things(Like the Quiet controversy; which a lot of western journalist really love their stupid SJW tactics) despite being a vice president of his company.

          • Venom Snake

            What did i say, that he can’t say it, off course if you’ll ask him he want say, because of the contract.

  • Ninja_Se7eN

    Does that mean they finally corrected that annoying graphical glitch where Snake’s arm passes through the body of the poor prisoner he’s carrying while he’s sprinting?

    • Venom Snake

      We’ll see on December 18th if it has been fixed.

      • Ninja_Se7eN

        What happens on December 18th? 2014 or 2015?

        • Mini gear

          GZ PC release

          • Ninja_Se7eN

            Oh yeah. In my head MGS is still a PlaysTation exclusive even though that hasn’t been true for a while now :P.

        • Venom Snake

          December 18th 2014, and what happens is Ground Zeroes PC Release, and i have a theory that Hideo will pull a “P.T.” on Us and hide the Release Date inside the PC Version waiting for us to find it, then Officially Reveal it when we find it.

          • Ninja_Se7eN

            While a release date for TPP would be nice, I’m not going to get the PC version.

          • Venom Snake

            Too bad, you’ll miss the 4K, Increased number of Lighting sources at one, improved Draw Distance and Textures, but still, you don’t have too, the first day it releases we will start digging inside the codes and look for the Release Date….unless Hideo doesn’t reveal it at the VGX’s this year, or December 5th.

          • Ninja_Se7eN

            I won’t miss any of that because my PC wouldn’t run it on those settings even if I bought it :P.
            I like the way the game looks on my PS4 just fine thank you ;).
            MGS was never about graphics. IMHO no MGS ever had top notch graphics ever and that’s ok :).

          • Venom Snake


  • James Raskalov

    Ocelot has unlocked his true potential.

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