Voice recording for MGSV: The Phantom Pain continues, today with Stefanie Joosten as Quiet

Today at Kojima Productions, Hideo Kojima has been recording voice overs with Stefanie Joosten, the actress playing the role of sniper Quiet.

Is he covering something up on this photo?


“VO session today.”


“Today we did VO shooting for Quiet even though she is quiet.”

While the character doesn’t talk, she does make sounds as a means of communication, like humming to let Big Boss know she has reached her position. Though you might wonder why there seems to be a script consisting of several pages in front of her.

Source: Hideo Kojima Twitter

  • Alex

    Kojima Plot Twist
    Thats Why

  • gerber

    Still recording? Goodbye Q1 2015 ;(

    • crimsonfox

      That’s all I took from this article too 🙁

    • moto hellogoto


    • Timmy Hortons

      Thats the last step they’re at. Bug reports ans finalizing vocal recordings. It won’t take forever to apply it to the game, perhaps Q2 2015 maximum, my guess.

      • Big_Boss88

        I hope you guess is correct ;).

    • Nekkedsnake

      Exactly what I thought, hahaWAAAAAAHHH. 🙁

    • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

      tried to tell everyone that, but they wouldn’t listen. gotta wait at Spike VGA to hear release date.

      • datdude

        I thought the vga’s were dead considering what happened to gametrailers. Am I wrong?

        • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

          No just a large number of staff were laid off, it was never confirmed that VGA were dead. I believe it will happen again this year, since Geoff Keighley is still around.

    • César H. Sandoval

      It was never gonna happen.

      • Big_Boss88

        There was a chance and some things pointed towards it. Not anymore though…

  • Ricardo Oe

    All this is very cool; but what I want to know is the release date for Phantom Pain…

    • Venom Snake

      VGX or wait for GZ PC Release, TPP Release Date may be hidden in the PC Code.

  • moto hellogoto

    I’m confused, I thought she didn’t speak?

    • Correct, but she does make sounds (humming).

    • César H. Sandoval

      She’s gonna recover her voice in some dramatic scene, this is MGS remember?

  • Invader_skoodge

    I think I know why Kojima keeps bringing Miss Joosten back even though her character has no speaking lines. And I don’t blame him. I bet he recorded all those grunts and moans and made his own “secret” mission he plays by himself. ( ˘ ³˘)♥

  • Alberto Sánchez

    Wasn’t Quiet a muted character? O.o

    • She doesn’t talk, but she does make sounds.

  • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

    All of you who thought it’d be Q1 2015 obviously don’t recall when MGS4 and Peace Walker released, which is Q2 2015. Hence, the same will go for TPP. I’m betting on June. GZ was Q1 only because Kojima wanted it out sooner to stave the wait for TPP.

    • Venom Snake

      So June 8th seems legit.

      • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

        Whatever Kojima says will be legit-unless he pulls another prank.

  • Romain Robin

    So much focus and attention for an supposedly “optional character”. Who is really Quiet ? I don’t know which way to go anymore…

    • Well, they did say she is the ‘main heroine’ of the game.

      • Romain Robin

        the main heroine that you could never meet and have no incidence whatsoever on the storytelling. I’m lost.

        • Hamilton

          Just because it’s possible to miss Quiet doesn’t necessarily mean it’s likely to happen if you aren’t going out of your way to avoid her, and just because a subplot is optional doesn’t me it isn’t substantial.

  • outlawdg

    Flashbacks. She’s doing voice recordings for the character when quiet had the ability to speak. That’d be my guess anyway.

    • Big_Boss88

      Yeah could be possible 🙂 and it would be really interesting to see also.

    • Venom Snake

      Or maybe the Voice of what she thinks, or a Nightmare in which she can talk.

  • Big_Boss88

    Goddamit ;(… I guess the hope for March release has been lost ;O…
    The pain…the PAIN…THE PAIN of waiting is too much… ;C

    • Mini gear

      The rrelease date we lost, the hope we lost, won’t stop hurting

      • Big_Boss88

        I’m gonna make Kojima kaminandesu give back our release date ~Kaz.

        I was grabbing to that small hope, which was the GZ DLC hint about Early 2015 :P.


      Why do you think that??? It is just voice overs.

      • Big_Boss88

        I dunno lol, I might have been super overreacting to this whole thing ;D. Anyway, Im not expert in how game developing goes, but when I just read they are still doing voice recordings, it makes me think still much left to do until TPP is finished.

        But yeah, it’s maybe minor things they are recording so won’t take long to put them into game. We’ll see if get RD revealed in a few weeks :), if not then Q2 it is I guess. At least I assume we should get to know what the date is soon, like with GZ, if TPP would be available in March.

        • PUTEMnKASKETS .

          That’s right bro keep hope alive.

          • Big_Boss88

            I’ll try ;D , thanks!

  • 223hzy

    i’m thinking maybe you’ll get the release date after you beat GZ on pc

  • Dizz

    The more waiting, the better it will be. Or at least I keep telling myself that :3

  • decoyF0XX

    All those pages of script for a mute character?? Mmmm

  • LukesAlike

    Dat Joosten…

  • Bruce Wayne

    this can all be miss direction to torture and confuse us ..Kojima is a very slick Genius, there are a lot of MGS analyst out there that try to use what we see to crack the code of what the story may be about, we all want to know but if we find out we will be disappointed that it was spoiled for us and Kojima knows this so he strategically shows us certain things just to throw us and the analyst into a whirlwind ..when this game officially comes out it may be something we never expected but i’m 100% positive that this game will be a masterpiece. I really hope we get it in Q1 in March the latest but we can end up seeing this game in Q2 by April or May, heck for all we know we can get in in February ..we need to stop torturing our selves and just wait, only Kojima can tell us when it is coming out, I pray we get a new trailer for VGA/VGX 2015 and a release window if not a Date. #InKojimaWeTrust

  • PrinceHeir

    I already told this since the beginning of this year that the game will indeed come out around 2015 and June Summer for worldwide release(similar to MGS4)

    Told ya so 😛

  • MattPliskin

    VO for quiet….I’m sure it’s just grunts and gurgles!

  • slugnuts

    Q1 2015 is still possible, this could be cassette tape content they’re recording

    • Big_Boss88

      Yeah fingers crossed, I didn’t think it could be just some minor recordings etc. Well we’ll see if get RD at the end of this year, if not then Q2 for sure.

  • Big_Boss88

    A bit off-topic, but anyone else here excited for this badass sequel ;D ?

    • Mini gear

      Yeah it looks good

    • Le Guy who drowned quiet

      there should be a parody of I have no strings.I have no fiddle.


    Why do you guys feel that recording voice and applying it to the game(If that is what they are doing will) take so long?


    They are just doing voice overs ex:”We want you to deliver this line with more anger or compassion”. It is not like they are doing actual script work.

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