Impressive MGSV: Ground Zeroes Snake statue by Gecco gets price, release date and lots of new photos

After creating a Raiden action figure, Gecco has now completed work on a Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes Snake. It was fully supervised by Yoji Shinkawa, and the attention to detail is pretty impressive. The statue includes three different heads: a regular one, one wearing night vision goggles, and one with injuries. The assault rifle comes with and without suppressor. You can even see one of the patches you have to collect in the game at the statue’s foot.




























The statue is made of ABS/PVC, and has a 1/6 scale, measuring 32 cm. It’s set for release in March of 2015, and carries a price tag of ¥18,900 (around 140 euros/175 USD). You can admire its details on the photos below. To order the statue on the official website, follow this link.

Update (13/12/2014): Video added.

Source: Gecco

  • im a dot

    pretty expansive
    but good

  • Patriot Infinity

    Already preordered this.

    But what the hell is up with his beard growing on/over his eyepatch strap on the right side of his face?

    • gerber

      nanomachines, son

    • Maybe it’s just supposed to be the hairs growing above the strap that cover it.

      • Patriot Infinity

        I thought this at first, but it still looks too goofy to be the case.

    • Big_Boss88

      Big Boss maybe uses a special fake beard, that he puts on over the eyepatch strap when he wakes up each day. We just didn’t know it until now :O !

  • CrazyGuy207

    That’s very detailed, but they gave him whatever they call the 1911 in this game instead of the tranquilizer gun. Which reminds me, will TPP have the real names for guns or are they all going to be made up? It’s kind of annoying when games do that.

    • cardboardbox engineer

      they have to pay for licensing real names, i guess it all depends on the budget

      • CrazyGuy207

        That’s too bad, but with a game like MGSV, I’m sure their budget is nearly bottomless.

    • flying_fox

      No real names in TPP either. There was an article about that, some time ago. It’s not specific to MGS, other developers have dropped the real names of the weapons. It costs money for nothing (actually, for advertising weapons manufacturers, which is pretty dumb, especially in a game like Metal Gear…).

      • CrazyGuy207

        That’s a shame, it just seems more realistic with real names.

  • Guy Incognito

    This is a very good sculpt, too bad I have no money.

    • cardboardbox engineer

      same here

  • Schmojima

    He looks a bit fat, doesn’t he? :/

    • BaconBits

      It’s muscle.

  • Sly

    Can’t help but love that XOF patch

  • Frank Jaeger

    That release date seems pretty interesting. Perhaps it’s also the release date for Phantom Pain?

    • Solid

      Yeah, I think so too!

      • Mini gear

        I’m hoping for it

  • PrinceHeir
  • well at least i have that play arts figure… but this stuff is completly out of my reach…

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  • Kevin Willians

    Hey Guys, can you explain me something that has really bugged me since GZ, what are those circle pads on the Sneaking Suit legs, right above the Snake’s knee ???

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