David Hayter talks about the Metal Gear Solid movie, would be interested in playing Snake

In an interview with IGN, former Snake voice actor David Hayter talked a bit about the Metal Gear Solid movie that is now in the works. He was asked whether he had been approached for the role of Snake, but answered that nobody ‘banged on his door about that yet’. “I’m certainly up for playing Solid Snake.” he said. However, Kojima said a while ago that they would probably use an unknown actor for the role, so it isn’t very likely. Avi Arad, who is producing the film, talked to Hayter about it 8 or 10 years ago, but at the time they were unable to close the deal with Sony.

Hayter was also asked what he thought would have to be in the movie. He answered that first of all, it has to have a certain tone: scary, suspenseful, big. “It feels like these events impact the whole world.” Hayter explained. There also has to be an emphasis on intertwining relationships between the characters, as well as betrayal and suspicion of superiors. There is always more to the mission than what it seems at first. What it comes down to is this story of one man who risks his life to save the world, wether it is under someone’s orders or on his own.


David Hayter in MGS4’s live action intro sequence

Hayter also pointed out the importance of the level of detail and reality that can be found in the games. He mentioned the Human Genome Project in the first Metal Gear Solid game, as well as the private military companies, as prescient elements. “Of course, you need a giant walking battle tank at the end, or it’s just not Metal Gear.” Hayter concluded his list of requirements.

On the subject of video game movies in general, Hayter sees two ways they can work: “You either need an incredibly talented writer and director to come in and put together an amazing vision, or you need a game like Metal Gear, which is very cinematic, has a huge amount of history behind it, but whose cinematic experience is very different from what you’d get in a theater. The storytelling is a lot more Japanese in its flavor. It’s very long and very complex in a way that you couldn’t do in a movie.”

In any case, it’s clear that David Hayter cares about the Metal Gear universe, and he wants the movie to do the games justice: “Whatever they do, I hope they keep it true to the spirit of what Metal Gear is, because it’s such a remarkable and unique world.”

To read the full interview, which also talks about other subjects such as Hayter’s new movie, follow the link below.

Source: IGN

  • Vesky Hippo Pelvis

    Man, every once in a while Hayter comes out and asserts something which just stings me in the ass due to the amount of passion and fervor he has for the franchise.

    Honestly, though, a few alterations to his countenance–some implicit prosthetics, perhaps?–, and I’m TOTALLY down for it. Induct any other eminent-at-this-juncture macho actor and they’d desiccate Snake’s more unpronounced characteristics and conducts.

    Also; if Kojima isn’t bestowed with ANY cardinal influence over the project… yeah, just don’t even engage this enterprise.

    Personally, I’d just fling past the film’s release. I concern for the movie’s success as much as I do the GitS remake; I will not supply them any moolah for a (projected) deplorable disasterpiece formed by their egregious, rapacious hands.

    P.S. Sorry, had to get that grandiloquent verbiage out. Didn’t really have anything productive to partake in, anyway. 😛

    • moto hellogoto

      Are you an alien?

      • No Place For Hayter

        I don’t think you have to ask, they try to hide but never succeed.

  • moto hellogoto

    Keep dreaming Hayter. Kojima didn’t even want you as a voice actor. And keep in mind that Kojima is a huge cinephile, I mean the man says he is made 70% out of movies, so there’s a good chance he’ll be taking this movie even more seriously than the games. So the chance of him hiring Hayter over a more experienced actor is about 100000 to 1.

    I like Hayter but there is no way this would happen.

    • prothy

      I agree that chances of Hayter playing Snake are low, but Kojima stated he doesn’t want a famous actor.

      • moto hellogoto

        “More experienced.” Not more famous.

  • EkSt

    Τhe movie can get only better if Hayter is involved with it. I prefer him to make the first drafts and give the overall tone of the film.

  • cardboardbox engineer

    i love hayter , but no , just no,,,,, a cameo would be nice

    • Venom Snake

      Facepalm: Read the fukkin Article, he was just answering a Fan Question, he didn’t say “I want to be Snake in the Movie” he answer “I would be Snake in a Movie”

    • moto hellogoto

      A david hayter cameo would make me nerd-out. That would be great.

      • cardboardbox engineer

        yeah , i know kinda like stan lee in marvel movies 😉

  • jack_coban

    Hayter seems to be in a MGS mid-life-crisis.

    • How so? He just responded to the questions. But he does care about the series and the character of Snake, yes.

      • jack_coban

        Well, I’m not sure if he cares about the character of Snake. Because Hayter actually playing Snake would ruin it, don’t you think?

        • He just said that he’d be up for it, it’s not like he has any actual influence over it though.

  • Javier
  • Shalashaska Has Landed..

    Notice how he said Solid Snake, and not Big Boss? Lol. I wish his rabid fanboys would learn to draw lines like that…… Instead of imposing those two conflicting characters as “one” single entity, and cry with an extreme uproar when he inevitably stops being 1 out of 2 characters.

    ((Still can’t believe that absolutely nobody cared with Hayter’s recasting for Big Boss’ in MGS4, but rioted to hell & back with Hayter’s recasting for Big Boss in MGSV.))

    • Mack Ayash

      David was recast for the role of Snake. Get the fug over it man. Only one “rabid” here is people like you who keep trying to convince themselves that he was only recast for Big Boss. Its one of two things: Hayter is never coming back and Hayter is never coming back. Choose one.

      • Shalashaska Has Landed..

        Seeing as how I prefer Kiefer for Big Boss, and have no opinion with Solid Snake’s rookie fate for Hayter or a new VA, there’s nothing for me to be rabid and “Get the fug over it” about.

        Also, I assume you have a link that says he’s also recasted and never coming back for Solid Snake as well…. and not pulling lies out your ass, right?.. I’ll be waiting for your response….

  • Big_Boss88

    Lets hope the movie will be good. MGS deserves that, just need to put the right people to work in it. As for David for the main role in the movie, I dunno how to feel about it. I love the dude and his voice, but can he act the role well enough? I don’t mean just the voice. Yes I have seen Guyver, but not sure what other roles has he done in movies. Too lazy to check IMDB xD.

    There have been only a few video game-movie adaptions imo in my life, that have been good like Silent Hill and Mortal Kombat.

    The problem with most movies, for example is that they add so much crap into them that aren’t in the games or bad actors.

    If the movie has Big Boss, just put Kiefer for the role ;D. But as it is MGS movie guess it makes most sense to have Solid Snake :P.

  • moto hellogoto

    Guys, there hasn’t been any mention of MGO3 yet and I have a bad feeling that it won’t be in the game. Which really sucks because I loved MGO.

    • I’m pretty sure it’s already confirmed

      • moto hellogoto


    • MrVux007

      It will be reveled the same time they show the launch trailer for MGSV …..

    • turkishgamer35

      same here my friend not much a online gamer but i love mgo only multiplayer game i spend months play until they shut deven all lag problems and crazy people (not gonna lie even miss all of those people 🙂 hope they make another mgo olso few months ago i saw a thread in neogaf some people saying :konami release mgo 3 is a seperate game not include mgs 5 (my english sucks hope you understand my post lol)

  • LukesAlike

    If he’s not Snake, at least put him in its production in some way.

    Like, I dunno, screenwriting?

    • Frederick Guese

      That would be ideal, but it seems like he got the persona non grata treatment from Konami.

  • PrinceHeir

    I prefer CGI like Tekken Blood Vengeance and Resident Evil Degeneration/Damnation, but i’m curious to see how Live Action will work.

    There’s also a Deus Ex Human Revolution Live Action that was announced. Guess that was cancelled as well no?

    And Ghost in the Shell Live Action is also being produced by Avi Arad and news going around that they want Scarlet Johansson playing Major.


    Lol no just no.

  • Zlatan

    no place for hayter.

  • gerber

    To be honest, I would prefer the MGS movie to be done in FOX Engine rather then real life actors and stuff haha

  • John

    i want keifer to play big boss or solid snake in the movie/movies.

    • Ma2a


  • Invader_skoodge

    I want him to use this as his Audition tape. LOL

  • Zven

    he will have zero input in the movie but still it’s interesting to hear his thoughts, thanks for sharing

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