Kojima Productions collecting feedback and suggestions for Metal Gear Solid V PC Version

Next month Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes will launch on PC, and The Phantom Pain will release the platform as well. Kojima Productions’ new Los Angeles based studio is asking for feedback via the Steam community. Check out the post by online community manager Robert Allen Peeler below (and notice all the Metal Gear references hidden inside).

Soldiers, hear my words!

My name is Robert Allen Peeler, and I am the Online Community Manager for Kojima Productions – Los Angeles Studio.

I’m here to follow this community of Metal Gear fans and let you know the thoughts of the development team on Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes and Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

I’m also following your conversations and providing feedback to the team on a regular basis. I’m definitely excited to serve the PC dedicated community and make your voice heard by the team.

There’s plenty of work to do, (no offense, but I don’t know what sleep is) but I’ll be around as much as possible to keep in contact with everyone here.

In the meantime, we had an exciting Halloween at the Kojima Productions Los Angeles office. 3 guesses as to who I dressed up as:


I hope you all enjoyed the holiday! Keep on talking about the game, and we’ll have more to say later!

I won’t slow you down. I promise!


So if you want to contribute to the discussion, head on over to the page and share your thoughts. Thanks to ShiragamaLP on Twitter for the heads-up!

Source: MGSV:GZ Steam Discussion

  • Batzi

    How about a release date for the PS4 version first?

    • No argument here. 😛

      • LukesAlike

        I second that.

    • Big_Boss88

      Hell yeah.

    • FareeL

      agreed. this is getting ridiculous give us a damn release date i could give two shits about the pc port

      • John Rhogan

        I’ll drink to that!!

      • Venom Snake

        Hey, you got Ground Zeroes this Marchn unlike us PC Gamers, so be thankful and give us some Space, stop being so selfish and let Kojima Production L.A. put some real time and effort on the PC Versions of GZ and TPP, and wait for VGX 2014 for the Release Date.

        • FareeL

          Sorry if you took offense venom snake, in no way was i trying to bash the pc gaming community..i could care less about pc because im a console gamer since the days of atari..no need to get your panties in a twist, im glad its getting release because mgs is an amazing experience. It has been announced for years what CONSOLE it was going to be released on and a date is way overdue. Reason why i want a date so desperately is because i have cancer and i dont have much time on my clock if you know what i mean. Happy gaming when it drops

          • Venom Snake

            “Live the life you have left, not as a Snake, but as a Man”

            So what i’ trying to say is that the life you have left is more important then The Phantom Pain, if is True and you have indeed Cancer, then is better to live the Rest of your Life with your family, not Gaming.

          • FareeL

            Believe me ive been spending time withmy family and loved ones been traveling doing things i would never dream of doing. .but i have a passion for gaming has been in our family for years so yes i want to play this game badly..im not just laying here waiting for my time to come dont tell me how i should spend the rest of my life

          • Venom Snake

            Dude, is just an advice, all i’m saying that people with Cancer would have more important things then Gaming, and by that i mean that not playing MGSV shouldn’t be your concern, instead the time you have left should be.

            Just think about it,is it really worth playing MGSV for the rest of your life, just think.

          • Oshoro

            Who the fuck are you to tell people how to spend their time?

          • Venom Snake

            I’m just someone on the internet that speaks his mind, that is having an argument with someone possibly with cancer, and i’m just trying to make him understand that he should regret not playing a Game, that there are way more important things for someone with cancer then a Video Game that may not come till June 2015, that waiting for MGSV and finding out that MGSV will release after his possible death, that this thing could hurt him for real, and that he should find something else to live for, not a Bloody Video Game.

      • Dizz

        Just like I could give 2 shits about the PS4 port.

        Paying for online is bad and should feel bad. What a scam, lol.

    • Venom Snake

      Or how about letting them finish the Development for all the Platforms, PC Included, then announce the Release Date for all the platforms,PS4 included, then start polishing the Game on all the platforms, PC and PS4 included.

    • moto hellogoto

      Every time someone asks about the release date Kojima adds another month to it.

      • Big_Boss88

        Yeah ;D, but lets hope that does not happen for real O_O …

    • jack_coban

      Agreed. I already feel like waiting for the actual release after playing GZ so many times. But there’s still a release-DATE tba!

  • I really want a PlayStation control layout. It’s what’s missing from every other game out there.

  • Nekkedsnake

    here’s a good suggestion: MAKE A MAC VERSION

    • They did eventually for Rising, so they may.

      • Nekkedsnake

        yep, that’s exactly why i have hope. unless i just drop some $ for a decent PC. honestly, i was shocked MGR came out for Mac. I mean I have it for PS3 but it’s nice to know there’s Something for Mac gamers like myself.

        • Maybe you can get a PS4 relatively cheap by the time TPP releases.

          • Nekkedsnake

            i have been exploring that option as well. the ps4 has been going on sale A LOT lately. down to $360 which is crazy since it’s barely a year old.

          • It would be a good idea for Sony to do a bundle of TPP in collaboration with Konami. They could even throw in a copy of GZ.

          • Nekkedsnake

            yes! and I’ll throw my money at them!

  • quintimnia

    ” There’s plenty of work to do”


  • PrinceHeir

    60FPS, True 1080p, Dual Audio(being able to choose which audio you want at the options menu), better draw distance and all that bells and whistles for making a PC game.

    Also a mode where you can create stages, environments like the one you showed at TGS.

    As for all versions, please PLEASE put a Gallery Mode. Once i finished the game, i may want to sit back and enjoy the cutscenes while i eat on my chair. Also secret theater and those easter eggs like from MGS2 and MGS3 would be nice.

    Boss rush modes, training stage basically what made MGS3 Subsistence awesome 😛

    • Dizz

      Stage creation that can be used in MGO.

      Would be sick.

      • Timmy Hortons

        Damn that would be creative and insanely fun, who knows , with the mother base customization we might get some stage creations or edits for MGO, or not lol

    • Big_Boss88

      Yes Gallery Mode is a must :D. I love cutscenes so I want to watch them over and over again later :P.

  • PrinceHeir

    Also since people are enjoying The Evil Within, another masterpiece from Mikami-san is coming this November 27 in a form of Remaster 🙂

    Of course that’s Resident Evil REmake HD Edition 😛

    For those who don’t know. The Japanese and ASIAN version will have Dual Audio(Yes it’ll have JPN voices) and Dual Language(depending on your system language, if your PS3 is set in ENG, it’ll appear in ENG, if it’s JPN it’ll appear JPN vice versa) as well as retail edition.

    You can import it here:


    My suggestion is to get the Asian Collector’s Edition(which is just few bucks more than Normal Edition) which is disc and region free!! Capcom US and Capcom EU might not offer a retail and instead put this on digital like they’ve been doing in other Remasters outside of Japan.

    I wouldn’t hold on for a PS4 version retail, since Strider HIryu PS3 had a Disc Retail in Japan, but the PS4 version is only digital even in Japan.

    So yeah better pre order this or it might disappear like Okami HD did(well you can still get it on Amazon US) 😛

    • PrinceHeir

      Here’s some Magazine scans in case your still not sure about getting the game 😛




      • Venom Snake

        You do realize that the Resident Evil 1 Re-Remaster is just Capcom way of making money based on Shinji Mikami work, right. money that by the way none of them will go to Mikami, only in to Capcom pockets.

        If you are a True Mikami Fan, don’t promote this Remaster that Capcom is using to get money from Shinji fans, just don’t, and remember that Mikami doesn’t win sh*t from the Re-Remaster sales.

        • KojimaKaminaDesu

          I don’t see an issue with getting the Re-remaster because Mikami gets nothing from it – he doesn’t get anything from any version and hasn’t done for years.

          • Venom Snake

            Still the Re-Remaster is nothing more then a Cash Grab, if it wasn’t, then they would have put some real work and include new features, like for example give it a Third Person Camera, making the Remaster worth buying, making it more then a Remaster.

          • KojimaKaminaDesu

            Would a third person camera even be possible? But yeah, I get what you mean. I’m only getting it because I don’t have a Gamecube anymore.

      • Big_Boss88

        I will definitely buy this Remaster. I remember playing it years ago and it still is one of the best RE games to me. So I can’t wait to experience the mansion again with the updated graphics :). The most important thing is, that it has the original slow zombies…the REAL zombies. Not the other crap that usually comes these days.

        • PrinceHeir


          I’m glad your also getting the REmake! what versions are you getting though?

          I know importing seems pricey, but damn i really can’t miss this at any cost! I’m glad i stop playing the Wii Version since i just finished RE0 and i was kinda fatigue with the nightmare and all XD

          Yes! The zombies are slow, but man they can over power you and kill if your not careful(just like The Evil Within). With all the zombies being faster and running around like clowns. It’s nice to see to go back to the old and original formula 🙂

          Also be prepare to save a lot of ammo! I had a saved where i lost most of my ammo and i can’t finish it due to some of the monsters needing to be killed.

          I hope RE0 HD is on the horizon for next year as well!!

          • Big_Boss88

            Hmm I’m not sure what kind of versions there are coming, but planning to buy it for PS4. This end year and early 2015 will keep me busy enough until TPP arrives ;), soooo many good games!

            It’s been very long time since I have played RE1 lol, so it feels really fresh to visit the mansion again which is awesome. I don’t remember much about the puzzles at all or different monsters etc.

          • PrinceHeir

            PS3,PS4,Xbox 360, Xbox One.

            Kinda saw Wii U doesn’t have it, even though it first came in Gamecube XD

            Be warned that the next gen consoles might not have retail and western versions might not have retail at all.

            ASIAN version is coming this Nov, 27 and i posted a link above where to pre order it.

            Either way i’m glad we’ll be able to relive the mansion incident once more!

      • No Place For Hayter

        I would buy it as I am very tempted BUUUUUUUUUT, if I can’t get a physical copy I won’t it, also if it was an actually HD remaster and not just an upgraded version of an older remake I would buy the crap out of it. There is a lot of good things with this release but it is the bad things about it that are big enough for me personally to not buy it, also I’m not done with The Evil Within yet, so stuff can wait lol.

        • PrinceHeir

          Just import the ASIAN version which let’s you give an English option depending on your system’s language.

          Plus Japanese voice in case you want to replay the game with different voices.

          Still not sure if PS4 will have retail(unlikely) so i suggest importing the ASIAN PS3 version.

          It costs like $50 for Collector’s Edition + tax and shipping it’ll probably $60.

          But i think it’s well worth it 🙂

  • PrinceHeir

    So with The Evil Within out. What do you think Miami-san’s next game should be? The Evil Within 2, Vanquish 2?

    I think after The Evil Within, my respect and love for the developer rekindled(it’s been 4 years since his last game: Vanquish) so i think The Evil Within 2 would be a welcome game!!

    I know he’s not fond of sequels, but i really want MORE The Evil Within!

    Also i remember he was only supposed to be a supervisor, but ever since he found his focus, he’s drive to direct games have rekindled and i’m sure he would want to direct more games after The Evil Within

    Vanquish 2 is awesome, but i read the gameplay director: Hiroki Kato quit he’s gaming job and went on being a farmer.

    As much as i hate linking that shitty site Polygon, at least they had a good insight of him and his new studio.


    • PrinceHeir

      So who are you favorite developers or directors/producers?

      For me the top 5 Gods right now

      Hideo Kojima
      Shinji Mikami
      Hideki Kamiya
      Katsuhiro Harada
      Hidetaka Miyazaki

      On their way to the Godsgarden

      Masahiro Sakurai
      Atsushi Inaba
      Yusuke Hashimoto
      Hitoshi Yamagami
      Hideaki Itsuno
      Hiroyuki Kobayashi

      Still Innovating

      Swery65(has potential to become the best)
      Suda51(he needs to back to pre No More Heroes era)

      I know i missed out other legends like Shigeru Miyamoto, Yuji Hori, Eiji Aonuma, Hirnobu Sakaguichi etc.

      But i haven’t played much games from Miyamoto and Hori-san and Aonuma(basically Nintendo stuff XD), and Sakaguichi hasn’t been active since Lost odyssey.

      Terra Battle is a good experiment, but i want another big project from him like Lost Odyssey and Blue Dragon.

      Tomonobu Itagaki needs to make a Ninja Gaiden spiritual successor! Ask From Software to make Ninja Blade 2 XD

      • Venom Snake

        Hideo Kojima followed by the Houser Brothers.

      • well i would pick:

        And Suda 51

        these guys have never disappointed me, though i agree with you that Suda needs to go back to some of his roots, i like his games i think they are great stuff but i feel that he haven’t surpassed himself after Killer 7 every game after that one doesn’t reach the level of killer 7 IMO.

        I also like the work of Aonuma but i feel like he has never had much freedom on his work it seems to me that he must be chained at Nintendo and forced to put all of his ideas into Zelda lol.

        i also like, Keita Takahashi, Fumito Ueda and Sam Lake (though he is only a writer) but i feel that even though i like all the works from these guys. they still have lttle work to show.

        I also love the work by the houser brothers but after GTAV i’m a bit worried i was a bit disappointed in the writing and after what has become of that game since GTA Online and the changes they are doing for next gen i’m even more worried of what path they are choosing to follow with their games

        • PrinceHeir

          Suda51 used to be my top 5, but yeah he really needs to go back to his K7 era.

          I think he was on the right track in Killer is Dead. Killer 7 arstyle with No More Heroes combat?

          Still it needed refinements as well as adding more story to it. I think the reason why Killer 7 was so well made is because Shinji Mikami wrote the story along with Suda51. Suda51 needs someone like Mikami-san when writing the story and its characters.

          Yeah i think, Aonuma, Tetsuya Nomura and probably Kojima are all chained down to their perspective franchises. Unless they actually moved out of the company(unlikely), i won’t be surprise if they will keep doing the same franchise in the next 5 years or so.

          Fumito Ueda really needs to hurry up with The Last Guardian. Keita Takahashi did the Katamari series, which i’ve been dying to play now XD

          He no longer makes games, but playgrounds now no?

          I haven’t really been excited for GTA game in a long time now. I think GTA3 and Vice City were their best works. San Andreas was good in terms of freedom, but story is meh at best. GTAIV is so overrated and broken game, i knew the press was BS the moment i saw a 10/10 out of their ass.

          Haven’t played GTAV yet. Looks good and i’m glad i waited for the PS4 version ^^

          • we are on the same boat man.

            I’m still wondering what went wrong with Suda after killer 7. i would like to know how much of the writing belongs to Mikami and how much to Suda because Shadows of the Damned and Flower, Sun & Rain make me think that probably Suda would be able to pull out a masterpiece on his own, but i guess i’ll never know.

            and yeah. Takahashi is away of the industry now, but i’m not sure if he cut all of his ties with Namco. You should totally play katamari though i know it’s not for everyone but people need to give it a chance and see if they like it or not, for me is one of the most relaxing and at the same time funny experiences in gaming.

            And about the Housers, i meant their work in general, not just GTA. i agree that their best works on that series aren’t the most modern iterations. for me Vice City is still the best, but i also think that Red Dead Redemption was one of the best games of the past generation and also their work on Max Payne 3 was above my expectations (thank god for that)

          • PrinceHeir

            After seeing Suda’s work on Silver Case, Killer 7, Clock Tower 1(yeah he made the first Clock Tower ADV/VN game ; not the PS1 though) i really think he can potentially do better than what he’s been doing nowadays.

            There’s something special about Suda51, but it seems he’s been hold back by his publishers since he hasn’t directed or have full control of a game since No More Heroes.

            KIller is Dead, Shadows of the Damned, Lollipop Chainsaw are all made by different directors, and only Killer is Dead where has has hands on it.

            Definitely! I always love those rolling all those things and being absorbed into one big ball XD

            Definitely a unique experience to be played!

            Glad we’re on the same page on Vice City. I want to play RDR, but i’m scared they might announce a Remaster or a 2nd game in the near future. so i’ll probably wait on that one.

            Other Rockstar games like Manhunt i actually enjoyed and finished it. I’m not feeling MP3 for some reason.

    • PrinceHeir

      For those who don’t know Mikami-san here’s his portfolio



      I kinda lol’d there’s no Shadows of the Damned. Come on at least you did supervise the game and taught Suda51 and the Unreal Engine 3 to his team.

    • PrinceHeir
    • Big_Boss88

      Vanquish 2 would be super awesome! Only if they made it a little bit longer this time.

      • PrinceHeir

        Also more boss fight! I want that Final Boss fight with the other guy having the same Vanquish suit.

        Now that was an awesome final battle! Want more of that!

    • No Place For Hayter

      I have no idea what he has in mind, but with The Evil Within, what he did with the game was successfully set up a whole franchise (or possibly just one sequel) even though TEW has and answers its own story there is much more to it and many more parties and questions which are left hanging on purpose. So I have no idea what Mikami will do next but one thing is for sure, we have not seen the last of TEW.

  • quintimnia

    release date is somewhere between april and july. im calling it.

    • Venom Snake

      March something, or June 8th.

  • PrinceHeir

    I really love The Evil Within’s End Credits Theme!

    I prefer this than Nuclear(yeah it’s different genre), but i think this Song impacted me more than Nuclear.

    The sense of hopelessness, fear, anguish, dark, twisted world like your in a some sort of psychotic nightmare.

    I hope MGSV has amazing end theme credits as well!!

    Man Mikami really needs to make a 2nd game!!

    Shadows of the Damned is similar, but more punk rock in hell XD

    • moto hellogoto

      WHy do you keep talking about the Evil Within on a metal gear fan site?

      • PrinceHeir

        Why the hell do you care? I know Nyxus and others are playing this game right now and i want their thoughts on it.

        If you don’t like it don’t go somewhere else.

        • Venom Snake

          Because is not your first post about, which makes it Hard for us to ignore you.

          I’m not saying don’t post off topic things like The Evil Within, i’m just saying that by doing it so you automatically are responsible for your own off-topic comments, and that you have no right to complain when people call you out on being Off-Topic, since is not your website or our website, is everyone’s website, so just deal with it, accept the fact that you are Off-Topic, or just stop posting Off-Topic Stuff and you’ll avoid all of these.

          Just a friendly advice.

          • PrinceHeir

            Yeah just like everyone is free to post whatever they want and what their doing besides waiting for MGSV.

            I saw people here posting movies and sharing their experience. I don’t see anyone batting a shit eye on them.

            Just because i’m more active in posting here doesn’t mean everyone have to respond in every single post i made.

            And actually you have to deal with it, since Nyxus and others are okay with it. If Nyxus wants me to remove these posts then i’ll gladly remove them ASAP.

            Like i said, don’t like what i post? Then feel free to ignore it. Just like what i’m doing when i see people posting things that’s none of my concern. I already know first hand the community here can be pretty aggressive, so i just stay out away when it comes to arguing since it’s useless and a waste of time.

          • Venom Snake

            Read again, i’m not saying don’t post it, just don’t get mad when people will call you out on being Off-Topic, accept it, that’s all.

          • glitchbomb

            This is one of the the most friendly communities I visit online. I think you just sometimes rub people the wrong way? I dunno..

      • Big_Boss88

        I don’t really see what is the big deal about it? Everyone here posts off-topic things/images all the time. As long as we’re mostly discussing MGS it’s cool, but it’s not the end of the world to discuss other things too. Or am I wrong?

    • Big_Boss88

      Yeah I enjoyed the theme too :D, but Nuclear is still more…well nuclearish to me (is this even a word lol?). I mean it gives me more feels. I hope Mikami will stay with the same genre type with his future games ;).

      I also really hope we get to hear some cool main theme, when The Phantom Pain starts :D. Just like “Snake Eater” etc…it would be so freaking epic. Maybe it could be “Sins of the Father” xD.

      • PrinceHeir

        I expect good things for MGSV 🙂

        I think this is the first MGS game where we had multiple themes throughout the development of the game.

        I hope they put all of these songs in the final game ^^

    • glitchbomb

      The comment does seem random.
      Aaanyways. I just beat TEW a few days ago. Cannot wait for the DLC in hopes that it will fill in some issues with the story.
      I sat and played it every day I had free time and enjoyed the hell out of it.
      I enjoyed the track too. Not a fan of the vocals though.
      Gonna pick up the art book soon!

  • Venom Snake

    This is great coming from a Japanese Company, understanding that the L.A. (Western) Studio is the right Studio for the PC Version, that is made out of people who understand Western and PC Gaming better then the Japanese.

    Now regarding feedback, i would like having a Proper Fully Customizable Controls, Short-Cuts for Items and Weapons, Steam Workshop and Last but not least Proper Optimization.

  • mhh i know there is some stuff i have heard before on that post… but even though i remember these lines i can’t point my finger to all of the scenes.

    also, about the release date it’s funny to me seeing how much some of you guys want it haha i know i should want it bad too but i feel that after Ground Zeroes and all the gameplay from V we have seen i can wait in peace, in fact i no longer care if the game is released soon, don’t get me wrong it’s not that i ain’t excited for it and it’s even weird for me to feel this way about it haha, i guess that the waiting for me is less of a problem mostly because of Ground zeroes, after all the gameplay will be similar. and i expect so much from V that to me is better it they take all the time they need to work on it, i wouldn’t like the game to be rushed in any way.

    It’s weird to feel like i’m the only one that isn’t ill about the wait or the lack of a date

    • “Soldiers, hear my words!” (Gene in Portable Ops)

      no offense, but I don’t know what sleep is -> “No offense, but I don’t know what peace is” (Big Boss in Peace Walker)

      “I won’t slow you down, I promise!” (Meryl in MGS1)

      • haha thanks man. i’ll admit that i was expecting you to enlighten me and i’m also ashamed to say that the one i wasn’t sure about was “I Won’t slow you down, i promise!” even though i love that one, i’m thinking a bit slow today

    • Big_Boss88
  • decoyF0XX

    I think I don’t even want to play TPP anymore because afterwards, I may never reach the same height of happiness in my life. Because what will top that experience?? Haha.

    Another of my drawings…

    • Venom Snake

      Maybe Other Games, or Movies?

      • decoyF0XX

        I’m just kidding though haha.

    • Big_Boss88

      Looks really nice and I like the red background. Btw how long did it take for you to draw this :)?
      I’ll try start drawing too this week, because haven’t done it in a while :3. I used to be pretty good at it, so maybe I still have some skills lol.

      • Venom Snake

        As a Kid i loved Drawing, used to Draw a lot of Mortal Kombat Characters, and Sonic, and Batman.

      • decoyF0XX

        Took me about 10-15 minutes but I’m kinda fast and it’s better not to take time on these kinda drawings. Also, you should, drawing is awesome.

  • Fraaancis

    Great to see this attitude to the new market.
    Most of the companies just make lazy port and thats it, but not this guys.
    I like that, very wise.

  • MrVux007

    I.only hope that this doesnt mean that they won’t stop on polishing and upgrading the XBOX one and especially the PS4 versions along with PC … I mean I wasn’t shocked about the PC 4k support but I was shocked when they mentioned that they will also have better lighting,number of objects and drawing distance then the current gen consoles…don’t get me wrong PC will be technollogically better then consoles for years to come,but for this game both the current gen consoles n PC should have the same features both from graphical and gameplay perspective…as I said PS4 has still room to spare for improvements ,im not a graphics whore or a console fanboy i just don’t like when developer play favorites among gaming platforms …peace out

    • Venom Snake

      “but for this game both the current gen consoles n PC should have the same features both from graphical and gameplay perspective”

      No, that is Parity, which is Totally WRONG, it should be taken full advantage of each Version, PC included, so it makes sense even for MGSV on PC to look and play Best.

      • MrVux007

        Except they didnt use even hAlf of PS4 capabilities and here u talk about taking full advantage of each version…and I sure won’t have this discussion with you,especially because for me you have an reputation of pc fanboy (no offense intended) I can have any kind of disscussion with you but not this one…

        • Venom Snake

          They are not using even Half, look at the Fox Engine Graphics, they are using the entire PS4, what are you talking about?

          • MrVux007

            I’m talking about that PS4 ran way more graphically complex games then MGS V with ease for room to spare greater performance and visuals….they are not using full capabilities since there are a lot of poor rendered texture,poor drawing distance and objects number wich shouldn’t be problem for PS4….saying that it hasn’t got the hardvare to run that is pure bullshit

          • Venom Snake

            That because

            1. The Game is Open world, so you need to Graphically compare it only with other Open World Games.
            2. The PS4 is not that Powerful, is barely more powerful then the Xbox One.

          • MrVux007

            1.GTAV,Upcoming games : Witcher 3,Far Cry 4,Ac Unity he’ll even a little Dragon Age: inqusition….2.As expected coming from you 🙂 this is the last comment from me to you about this subject

          • Venom Snake

            No no no, that’s cheating, tell me one Open World Game that is Released, that you can show footage from its retail version and compare it with MGSV.

          • Guest


          • Venom Snake

            If you think for a second that GTA V looks better then MGSV, then you must be blind as F.

          • Big_Boss88

            Gentlemen relax, no need to start waging war against each other. For that wait for TPP multiplayer.

          • Venom Snake

            I’m not mad, i was just playing his Game, and ultimately prove him wrong.

  • Mini gear

    Hey nyxus there doing some more VO today

    • Mini gear


      • Venom Snake

        Nice, that’s not a thing to worry about, since is Japan VO that they are doing, which is Voice Over work.

    • NegaScott128

      Hmm… since Snake’s VA isn’t there, perhaps this could be Radio voicework? Could Code Talker be a Radio contact?

  • ThreeMadFrogs

    This… will save… Big Boss?

    • Venom Snake

      It March…i mean, It May.

      • Big_Boss88

        I see what you did there ;).

  • Big_Boss88

    Hey Nyx is there something wrong with the Forum, because I can’t seem to visit there 🙁 ? Using FireFox, but it don’t open up the Forum page for me like it usually does hmm D: …
    Or maybe it’s just me, I might try some different browser.

    • The domain name expired, it should work now.

      • Big_Boss88

        Yes it does :D, thank you my Master! <3

  • Ninja_Se7eN

    As long as they get Co-Op in the final game I really don’t care what they add to the PC version.

    Also I want to know in what state MGO is because WE HAVEN’T HEARD ANYTHING ABOUT MGO EVER SINCE IT WAS ANNOUNCED!!!

    (sorry for the caps)

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