Kojima wins Bradford UNESCO City of Film Award for Cinematography in Videogames

Last month Kojima received a Golden Joystick Lifetime Achievement Award, now the game director has been awarded yet another shiny trophy. The Bradford Animation Festival presents Kojima with the first ever ‘Bradford UNESCO City of Film Award for Cinematography in Videogames’. Check out Kojima’s acceptance speech and a short description by the festival below.

The Bradford Animation Festival is delighted to announce that legendary Japanese game director Hideo Kojima receives the inaugural Bradford UNESCO City of Film Award for Cinematography in Videogames.

Hideo, Director of Kojima Productions, has been given this prestigious award for his astounding directing, storytelling and cinematography in games such as mech-battling action title Zone of the Enders, and of course, the world-famous stealth game Metal Gear Solid, which stars the iconic character and enemy-of-terrorists, Solid Snake.

Seems like Kojima’s trophy cabinet has become a little more crowded these last few months.


Source: National Media Museum, via TheSnakeSoup, Hideo Kojima Twitter

  • Dizz

    Grats Kojima-san! Now how ’bout that TPP release date. Lol.

    I will, however, settle for some MGO footage.

    • MGO is the reason I’m buying this anyways. xD

  • sunny

    Mgs5 will be the best game ever

  • just a few days until the the VGsomething and the PS day thing maybe some new stuff might appear those days, also MGS for PC! we have stuff to look foward …
    anyways kojima didn’t direct ZOE and Policenauts/Snatcher are all but forgotten…

  • hey, a bit of the spot for ZOE that’s always good

  • PrinceHeir

    I always wonder why people like Kojima, Miyazaki and others are only receiving awards like this when they should have gotten these years ago. Though i know Miyazaki has turned down a lot of awards in the past and only recently he actually came down to accept one(but he said he wanted to meet “Maureen O’ Hara” lol)

    Still congrats to Kojima-san and his team(especially Yoji Shinkawa!)


    • prothy

      Miyazaki should’ve won like 20 Oscars IMO.

      • Big_Boss88

        Yep I agree :).

  • Big_Boss88

    Kojima just keeps getting more and more of these sweet awards. But when MGSV is complete, then he will get at least a 100 more for sure :D.

    • PrinceHeir

      Nice Guts art 🙂

      • Big_Boss88

        Yeah :D, one of my favorite mangas ;).
        Also it’s pretty similar with The Phantom Pain, when sometimes have to wait months for a new chapter lol…such a long wait ;( !

        • PrinceHeir

          I kinda see the resemblance XD

          Guts slows turns into something else. He’s no longer the same person as he once was back during his training days(Much like Big Boss)

          Both are out for revenge. And it’s a shame that The Phantom Pain will probably be released well before the next volume of Berserk XD

    • Remco

      He’ll win the frigging Nobel prize!

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