New print available at AOJI store, featuring Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker art

A new artwork is now available for pre-order through website ‘Art of Japanese Illustration‘, which sells high quality prints of Metal Gear artworks (among others). The new piece shows an artwork from Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, made by Yoji Shinkawa. The print is available in both aluminum and plexiglas.





For more information on the artworks, and images of the previous ones, go here and here.

Source: Art of Japanese Illustration

  • MetalGearAlex

    Big Boss with a FoxHound beret and what looks like Solid Snake? Seems more like MG1 art rather than Peace Walker.

    • César H. Sandoval

      There’s still a huge Peace Walker Logo in there; and the Foxhound unit was already created by Big Boss before that, in Portable Ops.

      • MetalGearAlex

        True. Plus Zeke and the Motherbase soldiers. I know FoxHound was created in PO, but the FoxHound logo and Solid Snake(?) is still interesting in this PW artwork.

        • Kazuhira-on-the-roof

          That’s not Solid Snake. Solid Snake is not anywhere in this image.

          • MetalGearAlex

            Are you sure? The black and white figure in the foreground with a bandana and no eyepatch?

          • jack_coban

            Yeah, it does indeed look more like Solid Snake rather than Big Boss.

          • flying_fox

            It does, in a way.

            But it is Big Boss (look at his clothes, boots, right knee, shoulders…).

            The ambiguity may be intentional. There’s a very peculiar reflection on the spot where the eyepatch is supposed to be, which makes it look like he’s not wearing one.

          • Big_Boss88

            Big Boss used the bandana in Peace Walker. It was only in the end when he threw it away, when he moved on from The Boss.

            The eye-patch can be hard to notice in that black and white figure, because of Shinkawa’s art style and the bandana being close to it.

    • This artwork can be found in the official Peace Walker artbook.

      • flying_fox

        And on the HD Premium Pack OST.

    • flying_fox

      “No! That is NOT Solid Snake!” 😉

  • MichaelPayneV

    14 days left.

    • Big_Boss88

      😀 oooh yeah

      • MichaelPayneV

        Yep, can’t wait.

        PS: I’m a little worried that there are less then 2 weeks left, and still don’t have a PC Trailer, or an up to date version of the Comparison Trailer for Ground Zeroes.

  • PrinceHeir

    Godly Art as always! Shinkawa-san!

  • Big_Boss88

    Looks so cool <3 !

  • Vic boss!

  • Daniel Rios

    how much does this run in american dollar? i can’t quite figure it out.

    • flying_fox

      Around $430 for the aluminium finish and $550 for the plexiglas finish.

      Don’t know how much they charge for shipping overseas.

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