Metal Gear Online: Artwork, screenshots and some information

After its premiere at the Video Game Awards of 2014, Konami has shared some artwork and screenshots for Metal Gear Online. Check out the screens below:


Also, here are three artworks meant to be used as wallpapers. To find the wallpapers in a variety of different screen resolutions, go to the official website.


And here are some more details, with thanks to JunkerHQ and the official MGO account on Twitter:

  • As you can see from the wallpaper, the official subtitle for Metal Gear Online is Tactical Team Operations. Also, the ‘E’ is the character for ‘three’.
  • The MGO trailer is PvP, as confirmed by the producer.
  • The popular mode Team Sneaking will return.
  • The developers assure that they always have the players of MGO 1 and 2 in mind, since they are the ones that helped them get here and they want them to join in again.
  • More info coming ‘soon’.

Remember, if you have any suggestions or feedback on Metal Gear Online, use the game’s official Twitter to let the team know.

Last but not least, check out this cool new poster for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Kojima had this to say about the art: “Made new Snake face in profile for TPP for the 1st time. Had a covered face in last one as he falls into evil. Now horn & eye patch are hidden in back. Venom Snake won’t be looking to the front. ‘V’ with ‘!’ now.”


Source: Konami, Official MGSV:TPP Website, JunkerHQ, MGO Twitter, 4Gamer, thanks to B1GN05E on Twitter

  • Ian Reay

    I CAN NOT WAIT FOR THIS GAME ANY LONGER!!! to make the wait even more depressing on the MGS site it just says out 2015 haha givr me the relase date

    • Le Guy who drowned quiet

      my answer

  • Le Guy who drowned quiet
    • MrVux007

      Seven hells!!!

    • Big_Boss88

      Holy smokes O_o! Kojima should just tell it to us, but he likes to torture fans and play us like a fiddle a little longer. I mean take a look at that smile lol >__<.

      Reminds me of that Moby Dick – Joakim Mogren swedish trolling stuff, there has to be a big meaning to this message. Release date for sure!

      • Le Guy who drowned quiet

        me too!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • June 22 is actually my birthday 😀

      • Le Guy who drowned quiet

        oh thats awesome!!!!!!!!!

  • MrVux007

    Holy shit the fludility of those animations while BB takes down the dude handling the mini MG is so fkn awesome…..

    • Big_Boss88

      Yeah I definitely agree, it looks fantastic! 😀

    • Big_Boss88

      Check out those fancy moves, Ocelot still got it! Interesting looking revolvers btw.

      • Hopefully there’s some twirling in the story as well.

      • ThreeMadFrogs

        I hope those revolvers are limited to the Online portion. I like the normal SAA to be honest.

        • You know what this new gun type is?

          • ThreeMadFrogs

            Not a clue 😛

          • Ah. 🙂

          • ThreeMadFrogs

            Looks like something you’d find in Borderlands.

          • César H. Sandoval

            Modified Matebas

          • Jason Mounce

            I’d Totes label it a Modified .45 Long Colt revolver. As I said elsewhere on here XD Look up Vash the Stampede’s gun – May as well consider it homage in my mind.

    • moto hellogoto


      • For some reason I never had trouble remembering it.

        • moto hellogoto

          Me neither but it’s still funny 😀

  • Big_Boss88
  • Shalashaska Has Landed..

    Troy Baker reminds me of Christian Bale in Equilibrium.

    • Big_Boss88

      With a handsome beard and mustache.

  • Fraaancis

    I didnt notice this at first.
    Think with portals, huh.

  • PrinceHeir


    So my MP will be Uncharted 4 and Metal Gear Online!!!

    Just like the PS3 days with Uncharted 2/3 and MGO2.

    Can’t wait!!!!

  • Daburcor

    This game… my GOD. I need this on a far deeper level than I initially anticipated. I need to start wearing Depends, like, ALL THE TIME.

  • MichaelPayneV

    Looking at this Screen at Ocelot’s Scarf makes me wish they add Tessellation to the PC Version, at least for TPP if not for Ground Zeroes,

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