Pictures: Kojima paying a visit to the PlayStation Experience

Hideo Kojima and other staff members of Kojima Productions flew to Las Vegas to attend The Video Game Awards, where they debuted the first trailer for Metal Gear Online. Some were hoping they would also show something at the PlayStation Experience, Sony’s event that started the next day and also took place in Vegas. Unfortunately, this was not the case, but Kojima did pay the event a visit while he was there. Here are some photos of the booths he visited.







Here are some more pics of The Game Awards and its producer Geoff Keighley that were posted later:


“THE GAME AWARDS entertained us for real. It was a great show.” – Hideo Kojima


“Finished THE GAME AWARDS, almost for 3 hrs! Enjoyed much. This may become new standard. Thanks, Geoff!” – Hideo Kojima


“Dinner with LA studio compatriots! Good job guys!” – Ken-Ichiro Imaizmumi


“With Geoff.” – Hideo Kojima

Today, Kojima’s trip to Las Vegas came to an end, and the team headed to the airport to travel to Los Angeles.


“Boarding.” – Hideo Kojima

Source: Hideo Kojima Twitter, Ayako Terashima Twitter, Ken-Ichiro Imaizumi Twitter

  • jgfnjitdfj

    mgs5 is the best game ever!!!! yes bitches

    • Holy time travel Batman.
      Must be nice to be able to witness the future.
      I think you mean: “it will be”. 😀

  • PrinceHeir

    Wait that is a private Jet right?

    Damn, at least Konami is taking care of him and his team for sure.

    • Datguy8923

      Most likely a chartered plane, not a full-on private jet.

  • Shalashaska Has Landed..

    This will most likely be Kojima’s favorite MGS title after release. He has been at his utmost comfort zone, and demostrated nothing but anxiety with this installment. He’s been absolutely hands-on and proactive with everything related from the both ENG & JPN derivatives simultaneously – which is the first time in history that he’s ever done this for an MGS installment. This is the strongest I’ve ever seen him push an MGS title.

    I remember in an interview, or maybe it was TGS? He said MGSV was the game he always wanted to create 26 years ago. He said if he had it his way, MGSV will take on the world, to achieve what movies and novels have achieved – and I believe him. He’s doing *every* single thing right this time around. He’s going with his absolute artistic integrity, while consistently pissing off some fans in the process, and not being constrained to impose content at the expense of creative integrity for fan service and/or sales. Hell, he even said he’s prioritizing creativity over sales with this installment.

    MGSV will truly be a gemstone (and most likely under appreciated due to superficial demands not being present). IMO: This is Kojima’s true return to glory.

    • gerber

      Kojima is no longer a prisoner of fate, this time he is 100% in it lol

      • LukesAlike

        Hahah, yeah,

    • Big_Boss88

      Yeah I agree :)!

  • turkishgamer35

    kojima remindes me cole from first infamous game

  • Big_Boss88

    Kojima didn’t enter the PSX stage, to give us some TPP info, because his Godlike Aura would have been way too much to handle for other people in the show.

    Np Kojima-san, you can give the release date a bit later.

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