New Metal Gear Online screenshots show sneaking, selfies and shootouts

Konami released some brand new Metal Gear Online screens, in addition to the ones published earlier. Check them out below.










Also, here is an excerpt from Konami’s press release:

METAL GEAR ONLINE represents the third iteration of the popular multiplayer game, newly redesigned with the familiar gameplay and aesthetic styling of its companion single-player campaign METAL GEAR SOLID V: THE PHANTOM PAIN. With a focus on Tactical Team Operations, the game features a ‘class system’ that more uniquely defines the strengths and abilities of player characters on the battle field. Key characters from the series including Venom Snake and Ocelot will also make appearances in the anticipated multiplayer feature.

Source: Konami

  • Shyne Gli

    Snake owns Ocelot.

  • Aaron

    that selfy with Ocelot is so damn classic

  • 9Ocelot9

    Kojimaa stahp, release de game already D:

  • DDADDB .

    Hey, long time listener, first time caller 🙂 Just wanted to point out that ‘LIQUID’ is written on the insignia on the shields in the 5th photo with what also seems to be a snake design in the middle.

    There is some more writing on it (at the side) but I cant make that out.

    It could just be a custom logo like I believe can be made for ones own DD base or just a made up one for MGO but still, it piqued my interest at any rate.

    • Big_Boss88

      Welcome :), yeah thx I had not noticed that myself before.

    • No Place For Hayter


      Didn’t notice that I wonder if that ties into any player customization or if it is purely based on the teams.

  • Ian Reay

    anybody notice the logo on the shield says Liquid and underneath a picture of a snake 😉

    • DDADDB .

      Yeah I did, Just made a post about it :).

    • jack_coban

      It actually says Liquid Strike Force with a fluid forming into a snake. Pretty cool stuff.

    • I wonder if they gonna let us use custom Unit logos on weapons/shields like Battlefield.

    • Fraaancis

      Yeah, its customizable for your mother base i believe, so it can be anything: Plasma Oak, Solid Hawk, Vapor Pygmy marmoset etc.

      • Ian Reay

        I know I just thought it was cool the way they put it in the trailer

  • Sly

    It’s been too long since I saw Ocelot spinning his revolvers and now in Fox Engine

    • mgsfan17

      I was thinking the same thing

  • Clearly the best game in ages….

  • MrVux007

    Cuming soon…

    • cardboardbox engineer

      i tried to see what you did there

    • Alberto Sánchez


  • Grandalf

    Class system? like Ghost Recon?

  • Big_Boss88

    I really like this cool image <3. I'm so looking forward to seeing Snake's and Ocelot's partnership in MGSV, as it's been a while they were together in a game. Can't wait to see what happens between them in TPP story.

  • Big_Boss88

    10 years difference, pretty good!

    • ThreeMadFrogs

      Not a fan of those guns, gotta be honest.

      • Jason Mounce

        It looks like it’s homage to Vash the Stampede’s .45 Long Colt Revolver, the ‘AGL Arms .45 Long Colt’…

        • Big_Boss88

          Wow nice find :D, I didn’t remember at all that Vash used those. It’s been years since I saw Trigun.

          • Jason Mounce

            It almost looks precisely identical. Scaring even myself still, even the circular part at the front of the trigger ring looks like its there.

        • ThreeMadFrogs

          Good call. Still prefer the old Single Action Army myself though 😛

          • Jason Mounce

            Long as they don’t have engravings on them to be sold as an antique

    • James

      20 Years, not 10.

      • Vonkronberg

        10 years since the release of the MGS3.

      • Big_Boss88

        20 years yes in the timeline, but I was referring to the graphical improvement between the games :). Which is 10 years as MGS3 released in 2004 ^-^.

  • Kenny Armour

    i got a new one

    • Big_Boss88

      That looks a little disturbing lol, big heads xD.
      Big Boss family photo.

      • DDADDB .

        Yeah its Big Boss, Vic Boss, Naked Snake, Punished Snake, Venom Snake, Saladin, John and Jack. 🙂

        • Big_Boss88

          😀 yeah !

          • Half the eyes. Double the men.

  • Urbz7870

    Hopefully they bring back the Emblem creator XD XD XD XD

    • WhatTheJuicay

      ugh god no i hated that thing

  • Arahmis ‘Bvgatti’ Mendez

    I have yet to see a comment about the STEALTH SUIT!! I don’t mind saving all my GMP to buy that to bust all your asses.. THANK YOU KOJIMA PRO LA!!

    • WhatTheJuicay

      Stealth/Sneaking suit in PW was pretty cheap.. so cheap, in fact, everyone had it early.. Heck i still havent even finished that game. dont really care to.

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