Photos of Kojima’s second day at Kojima Productions LA are shrouded in secrecy

Hideo Kojima has spent another day at the studio’s office in Los Angeles. His visit is accompanied by more photos, but many of them are quite secretive and mysterious.



“I’m in the meeting.”

On the next photo you can see a room full of computer screens, all of them blurred out.


Next, some pictures of what looks like a regular hot dog, but the text ‘Never Be Game Over’ as well as the image of a pig with an eyepatch may be familiar. They can both be seen on Eli’s jacket in the E3 2014 trailer of The Phantom Pain.

Kojima-LA-Hot-Dog Kojima-LA-Hot-Dog-2

Then there’s an image of the Phantom Pain Bible, a book most likely containing all sorts of information we won’t learn for a while. Kojima wrote the text ‘TOP SECRET’ to go along with this tweet.


And this tweet by the official Metal Gear Online account, accompanied by the text: “More secrets, but we can’t show you too much!” The screen is partly covered with a piece of paper, to obscure something we’re not supposed to see.



“Curious who made those killer wallpapers? Meet one of our UI artists! He was also instrumental in making the trailer.” – Metal Gear Online Twitter



“Remote game check with Tokyo team.”


“Pic with Robert, MGO Community Manager.”


“Pic with OMER, UI Artist.”


“Was patrolling the corridors when I got held-up! Caught it on camera! Best Friends Forever!” – Omer Younas Twitter


“End of the day in LA studio.”


“See you soon! LA studio!”

Source: Hideo Kojima Twitter, Ayako Terashima Twitter, Metal Gear Online Twitter, Omer Younas Twitter

  • Mini gear

    All those computers probley have TPP and a note of a release date on them>_<

  • Ken Shiro

    I wanna work at LA studio now. I’ll even settle for an internship or something.

      • Ken Shiro

        Yeah I know, but no way I’m qualified for any of that lol. My profession would be more on the economics side.

        • Too bad, you could have been our mole. 😛

      • I would definitally work as the translator for the Brazilian Portuguese lol
        Too bad I don’t have a passport q.q

  • Big_Boss88
    ;D omg

    Btw anyone good with some un-blurring skills? I wanna know what those screens showed D:< …

    • Kumomeme

      this guys gonna get fulton trips

  • gerber

    Yay, more secrets ; __ ; Kojima is such a teaser. His fan torturing skills are on ocelot’s level

  • BlackLesnar

    I think I want to break in that office and steal all the secrets. Who’s with me?

    • Big_Boss88

      I’m with ya bro! I’ve been planning an infiltration mission to Kojima’s office to steal/find out that darn release date…

      • Mini gear

        Ill Fulton a sheep through the window to distract them

        • Kumomeme

          better you fulton kojima back

          • Mini gear

            And his translator

      • BlackLesnar

        Now that I think of it, breaking into Kojima Productions would make a pretty good Online co-op level.

    • gerber

      Do you have a super fit sneaking suit? (Preferably with few unpractical elements that doesn’t make sense but look cool) If you do, you may stand a chance. I sign up for codec team, I’ll provide some wise proverbs

      • Big_Boss88

        I was thinking of using the always reliable cardboard box, but I wonder if it’s enough to help me survive through the defense systems in the base.

        • gerber

          “That’s the Snake I remember. Those poor fools won’t know what hit em”

        • I’ve seen that trick used before.

        • Jason Mounce

          That video is pretty cringeworthy though at the same time of being awesome.

      • Mr.Pony

        Beware of the DD dolls or you’ll get stunned

    • MrVux007

      ok step number one …..make a Metal Gear…….step number 2 ????? ….step number 3….profit

    • MichaelPayneV

      Let’s plan the Heist, we will name it “The Fiddle Heist”

    • Joaquin Romero Victorica


      • Joaquin Romero Victorica

        That’s basically confirming the editable logos.

    • Plissken

      I’ve been to the Konami office in L.A. There was so much Metal Gear, I was gonna have “I don’t know…a heart attack or something”. They had the life size statue of Snake from MGS3 and MGS4, a display case of Metal Gear games and a cyborg hand from Rising. There was also a really long portrait on one of the walls done by Shinkawa. I didn’t even need a cardboard box, just took the elevator up.

    • Kumomeme

      that’s one of kojima’s motherbase
      becarefull of porn magz scattered around

    • Chris Redfield

      let’s do it man..then we record a reunion of Kojima and his team..cause u know we need to listen to the words of our God hahaha

      “And the sky opened and the image of our Lord appeared to bring light in this world of darkness..”

  • MichaelPayneV

    “Solid Room”

    Oh, you mean David Hayter’s Room?

    • gerber

      That’s the room where they keep cloned Hayter who will work for free

      • Mr.Pony

        Les Hayter Enfant Terrible

    • Kumomeme

      you need solid eye to spot secret in the room

  • MichaelPayneV

    Re-post: Tomorrow a new episode of Kojima Station episode featuring a Live Demonstration of the PC Version of Metal Gear solid V: Ground Zeroes, and also talking about MGO3 and the PlayStation Experience.

    Yes, we are finally getting PC footage!

    • Big_Boss88

      So glad we’re getting GZ next week :D!

      • MichaelPayneV

        Yeah, i’m also interested in who will be the PC Exclusive Character, i have a feeling that is this Guy with this weapon.

        • Mr.Pony

          Boss your mission is to infiltrate the enemy camp and retrieve the world’s deadliest weapon…the crowbar!

          • MichaelPayneV

            Good one!

        • quintimnia

          Pc exclusive character?

          • MichaelPayneV

            Timed Exclusive, just like Solid and Raiden.

        • Cmosfbincludestdioh

          really? i did not know that the pc also is getting a exclusive character

          • MichaelPayneV

            Is just an assumption based on the FACT that TPP on PC will get an exclusive Steam Cardboard Box, nothing confirmed about Ground Zeroes tough, but it has to have a PC Exclusive character.

          • Mr.Pony

            Always assumed that the PC would have both Solid and Raiden instead of anything new

          • Jonny McLaurine

            I’m alil lost and why does PC get a exclusive? Why would half life dude be in a Konami game? Seems hideo would have to pay extra todo that?

          • MichaelPayneV

            Let’s say just that you can’t have MG1/MG2 Character/s as PC Exclusive, like Xbox and PS got Classic Snake and Raiden, making Valve Character’s the most plausible option for PC Exclusive Items, like the Steam Cardboard Box for example.

            PS: Watch Yong’s MGO3 Analysis, you’ll see that Literal Portals are an item in MGO, item i’m 99% sure is not just in MGO, but also in TPP!

          • Jonny McLaurine

            Ah ok

          • Jonny McLaurine

            Ok I have replayed all the games past two months. People have said I’m crazy for this theory but check it out. Ok here I go.
            It is no secret that hideo kojima always meant for the story to be about solid snake and big boss. After replaying these games , I have noticed basically that as the series progressed from metal gear to the solid series he has wanted to get away from snake because after all snake is a clone of John . Mgs1 snake becomes legendary hero. Mgs2 you are put in raidens shoes to see snake as a neutral view. Well snake holds secrets , sells you out for torture instead of saying hey take one for team, basically wasn’t that much help as a ally. The end you play as raiden with sword signifying the torch passing. Mgs3 you play as big boss who is shown to have much more emotion and human nature. Showing he got close to people and helped allies as well as enemies. Compared to snake non emotion all straight business solid snake. Big boss took time to chill out wit Eva a few times . Snake would never do that. Ok mgs2 and mgs3 pissed fans off so kojima had a idea. Let’s show snake old as fuck,back aches , failing time after time gain . Obvious he was much older. He’ll even at the end big boss apparently put back together and in a coma since 1997 comes and disarms snake with ease. And snake is left to spend last couple months wandering aimesly for a few months till he died in peace. Big boss intentionally hugs snake and chooses how to die and before he dies basically became the star at the end and dictated what the end was about.
            Also during metal gear solid 3 , if somebody could find the interview that would be great but kojima basically says that he prefers big boss. Another fun fact for the young kids. Big boss was modeled after Sean Connery in metal gear 2.
            Also GZ and TPP basically retconned everything metal gear 1 and metal gear 2. Boss got a generic body part it never specified which part after the events of mg1.
            Do you think we are seeing the MG / MGS universe redone before our very eyes ?

          • MichaelPayneV

            Yes, it looks like MGSV is an MGS3 Sequel, while taking in to considerations parts of Peace Walker, and by the Direction MGSV is talking, i’m now almost sure that Big Boss and Solid Snake Saga’s are 2 Different Timelines that are not connected, that MGSV will Reboot the entire SS Saga.

  • ThreeMadFrogs

    I want that hotdog.

  • Johnny Zombrex

    Well at least they covered the screens this time to make sure not to spoil anything.
    Anybody remember how they screwed up during MGS4’s preview?

    • gerber

      Wow that really is a big screw up

    • wow i didn’t knew about this, incredible mistake

    • Jason Mounce

      I remember that! XD I was so glad I only saw that image AFTER I beat the game.

  • Paul

    In the third picture with the blurred out computers, you can make out solid snake because of the bandana

  • CrazyGuy207

    What could they be blocking out in the Phantom cigar one? We’ve already seen the watch. My guess would be either customizable watch (most likely not) or he’s smoking with someone.

    • gerber

      Or maybe it was just like “let them wonder trololo”

  • PrinceHeir

    LA Studio seems well taken care off 😛

    Also Famitsu scans of MGO

  • moto hellogoto


  • Stormy Rain

    The BIble?
    Liquid and Solid Snake confirmed!
    But what about Solidus?

    • MichaelPayneV

      *cough Ishmael *cough

  • Ian McConnell


  • Invader_skoodge

    That hot dog looks surreal. It looks like it was rendered by the FOX Engine. Almost makes me want one. Too bad about the sausage principle. “If you love something, never find out how it was made.” Too late for me.

  • that hot dog looks weird.

    look at the ketchup and mustard it almost look like wires… like, you know, a hot dog explosive, maybe that’s what they gave to Paz at omega, ha!

    • gerber

      You mean gave her to eat or… Nvm

  • Fraaancis

    Wow, Matrix, MGS V as “the Bible”, they really portrait Venom Snake as messiah.
    Also that Eli jacket refference on “hot “DOG”” box.

  • MichaelPayneV

    Robert from Kojima Prod. L.A. shared a Twitch link for the Ground Zeroes PC Demo Stream.

    And here the YouTube one as well, if you find it it easier to watch it there, like you’re on a Tablet or your Phone.

  • Shalashaska

    Please give us the date quick? I’m gonna die if i wait any longer :'( Was so hoping for March release :'(

    • Big_Boss88

      Me too for March :), but it could be any date and month with Kojima-san. You have to survive a little longer :O, don’t give up hope!

      • Shalashaska

        oh no man.. I cannot bear it any longer. It is killing me inside. Honestly, it’s killing.

  • Daniel C. Stringer

    There should be a co-op mission (or at least an easter egg) where you sneak into Kojima’s/LA’s office/ HQ. Would be awesome!

    • Jonny McLaurine

      I would definitely fuck with that mission haha

  • Chris Redfield

    Kojima in that reunion..more like a teacher in the classroom…Kojimaaaaa our god

  • solidsnack

    “we’ll make hot dogs from their ashes…”

    • Big_Boss88

      XD lol

  • bobfun

    I was working on Jungle Book across the street from Konami LA and everyday I wished I could cross the street and work on MGS:PP

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