Kojima talks about 20 years with PlayStation: ‘I feel I can relate to Sony’

In an interview in Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu, Hideo Kojima talked about his relationship with Sony over the past 20 years. Translation by Kotaku UK.

In the early 90s, 3D games using polygons where only found in the arcades, and Kojima thought it would be very difficult for a home console to be capable of this. But when he saw the specs of the PlayStation, he was ‘shaking’. He thought: “If I make a Metal Gear game on this console, it’ll be amazing.” So he asked Yoji Shinkawa to design a prototype for the Metal Gear REX, among other things.


One change Sony brought according to Kojima is how game developers where perceived. “I believe that the game business changed greatly because SCE treated those of us who made games as ‘creators’. We would have our pictures in articles as though we were artists, and there were parties for us. […] It really felt like the game business had moved up in the world.”

Kojima also told about how he was introduced to the PlayStation 2. Ken Kutaragi, the former CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment, gave him a development board, saying: “Mr. Kojima, please take this with you.” Kojima took the board back to his office and had a programmer work on it for almost three days in secret, as this was one of the few development boards in existence, and any information on it had to be kept under wraps.

Despite going multiplatform for the latest installment in the series, his history with the PlayStation brand is still there. “I feel I can relate to Sony, a company that was built up by engineers,” Kojima said. “And I hope that I can continue walking with them in the future.”


Source: Famitsu, Kotaku UK

  • MrVux007

    Aye….MGS and Sony were always a great pair 🙂

  • Neil Kapit

    So the moment where Otacon pisses himself and says “This is like something out of one of my Japanese animes” is a recreation of Kojima’s first reaction to the PS1?

  • LukesAlike

    Not bad, not bad…

  • Nacrois

    Nice 🙂

  • Big_Boss88

    20 years sure is long time with Sony :D!

    ‘But when he saw the specs of the PlayStation, he was ‘shaking’. He
    thought: “If I make a Metal Gear game on this console, it’ll be
    amazing.” ‘

    xD yeah the console was quite a beast, but MGS1 sure did end up being more than amazing. Pretty incredible how much console or gaming technology has advanced in 20 years imo.

    Some might disagree with me here, but I really like the idea that MGSV went multiplatform. Because now more people can get to experience the masterpiece story of perhaps the last MGS game in the saga by Kojima.

    Although I hope he continues with a possible MG1&2 remake after a decade, we’ll see.

  • Ninja_Se7eN

    As a PlayStation fan (I try not to be a fanboy) I’m not too happy with MGSV going multi-platform on release date.
    I hope Kojima keeps walking with Sony for many more years to come.

    I also hope he keeps making excellent MGS games :). MGS is my favourite saga by far!

    • Shalashaska

      umm…why arent you happy about that ? o.O
      You know many people who have xbox360s now were ps2fans.. including me.. I think he is doing a great thing by releasing it multi platform.. that way, everyone can enjoy this masterpiece 🙂
      p.s- if i had the cash, i’d get ps4 in a heartbeat and if ps4 hadnt been announced and i had money, i’d get ps3 in a second 😛

      • Ninja_Se7eN

        I never said it was right or wrong to go multi-platform, honestly I have no idea.

        I guess I liked the fact that my favourite saga was exclusive(ish) to my favourite platform. I know that it’s selfish but I was proud of that fact.

        But I have to recognise that more people playing MGS can only be a good thing :).

        • MichaelPayneV

          The only Exclusive MGS is 4, and that is because MGS4 is not something 100% Kojima, he clearly wasn’t in the mood to make another MGS, so MGS4 ended up being made because of Sony, it was made to raise the value of the PS3, which is why he is making MGSV now, this is a full 100% Kojima Sequel to Peace Walker and MGS3.

          I won’t be surprised if Kojima makes something like “Days of the Future Past” or “Terminator Genysis” to stop the Solid Snake Saga from happening, and fix the mistakes that brought Hideo regrets, like killing Liquid Snake for example.

          MGSV is Kojima breaking free from being limited to 1 Platforms, that Kojima you hear talking good about Play Station, Yes, is telling the Truth, but is the Business Man Kojima, not the Visionary Director, so be sure that he is happy that is no more limited by the Playstation hardware, and that he can finally do the Metal Gear saga how he wants, and possibly even rebooting it, a Fresh Start made for the Xbox and PC Community.

          • Ninja_Se7eN

            “The only Exclusive MGS is 4, and that is because MGS4 is not something 100% Kojima, he clearly wasn’t in the mood to make another MGS, so MGS4 ended up being made because of Sony, it was made to raise the value of the PS3, which is why he is making MGSV now, this is a full 100% Kojima Sequel to Peace Walker and MGS3.”

            First and foremost I said exclusive(ish) implying that they were not 100% exclusive.

            MGS1 was released for PC two years later than PlayStation.

            MGS2 came out one year later for xBox and 2 years later for PC than for PS2.

            MGS3 was an exclusive for PS2 for 7 years until it was released on xBox 360 and never got an official PC port.

            MGS4 is (to this day) a 100% PS3 exclusive.

            Peace Walker was a PSP exclusive for one year until its release on xBox 360.

            Clearly there was a preference for Sony platforms until MGSV.

            You say MGS4 was made just because of Sony, that couldn’t be furthest from the truth.

            Yes Sony was struggling with the PS3 at the time and needed to boost sales but so did Konami with the fall of their PES (or whatever is called in your region) franchise. And lets not forget that Kojima got a lot of fan pressure to make that game (including death threats).

            Don’t try to interpret facts that way because I really think you’ve got no way to know whether Kojima really liked to make MGS4 or not.

            “I won’t be surprised if Kojima makes something like “Days of the Future Past” or “Terminator Genysis” to stop the Solid Snake Saga from happening, and fix the mistakes that brought Hideo regrets, like killing Liquid Snake for example.”

            I don’t know, I won’t pretend to know what’s in Kojima’s mind.

            “MGSV is Kojima breaking free from being limited to 1 Platforms, that Kojima you hear talking good about Play Station, Yes, is telling the Truth, but is the Business Man Kojima, not the Visionary Director, so be sure that he is happy that is no more limited by the Playstation hardware, and that he can finally do the Metal Gear saga how he wants, and possibly even rebooting it, a Fresh Start made for the Xbox and PC Community.”

            This is the part of your comment that I really don’t get.

            First you claim (rightfully) that only MGS4 was 100% PlayStation exclusive and now he’s breaking free from 1 platforms? Has he not been free from that for a long time now?

            And again, I won’t pretend to know what’s on Kojima’s mind, but how do you know that the “Visionary Director” (as you put it) doesn’t like PlayStation as well? How do you know he’s so happy with that?

            How do you know that going multi-platform wasn’t internal pressure from a financially debilitated Konami?

            The truth is, neither you nor I know that so please don’t assume things.

            And that last comment on reboot really rustled my jimmies.

            He can reboot MGS2 if he wants and I won’t care but to reboot MGS1 would be blasphemy. That game is a masterpiece acknowledged to be one of the best PlayStation games ever made by many people (including Kojima).

            I don’t mean to be rude but that part about xBox and PC community must be a joke.

            We’ll see how well Ground Zeroes does on PC but PC is known for having fewer sales on most multi-platform games (I’m sure you can find an exception but on average that’s what happens).

            And make no mistake my friend, as we speak most of the MGS community and the loyal fans are still playing on Sony platforms. Over 80% of Ground Zeroes sales were either for PS3 or PS4 and over 50% of total sales were for PS4 alone. http://www.vgchartz.com/gamedb/?name=ground+zeroes

            Like I said in my previous comment, I don’t know if going multi-platform was the right decision or not and there was a clear preference for my platform of choice that I dislike not having anymore (and I believe that’s a natural reaction to losing a “perk” you once had).

            Sony platform still contributes more to MGS success (in terms of sales at least) so it would only make sense to show a slight preference for that platform like what Call of Duty did with xBox 360 last gen.

            But don’t get me wrong, everyone is entitled to play the game in their platform of choice.

          • MichaelPayneV

            Hideo said it himself that he regrets killing Liquid Snake, and also you said it yourself that Hideo made MGS4 because he was forced to by the “Death Threats”, you said it yourself, confirming my point.

            But yeah, you are right that i contradicted myself at some point, so i apologize for that.

          • Ninja_Se7eN

            No, I said there was a lot of fan pressure that included death threats. I don’t know exactly why he decided to make MGS4, I just presented some causes that may have influenced Kojima. Either way I am glad that MGS4 was made :).

            No problem bro, we’re all MGS fans here and while I may not agree with your platform of choice I’m glad you get to play the latest MGS on your favourite platform ;).

          • MichaelPayneV

            I was a PlayStation guys, that’s how i got to know the Metal Gear Series, with Subsistence, didn’t got in to the series at first due to the Camera, but when i found out that MGS3 has become Third Person with Subsistence, i gave it a Try, then a Few days later i played MGS1 and 2 ignoring the Bird Eye Camera, loving the Gameplay and the Cinematography, then later when i was almost grown up i moved to PC and saw what i have missed all these years, and now as a grown up i see why PC is The Best Platform, but that doesn’t mean that i will never get back to PlayStation, and i will use it only for Exclusives, but first i have to find a PS4 Game worth buying a Console for, hoped for Uncharted 4, but i’m not impressed at all by either the Gameplay or the Graphics, so maybe The Order 1886 will be the reason i buy a PS4, unless it turns out to be a Linear Boring Game like Ryse, that all it has great are the Graphics.

          • Ninja_Se7eN

            You’ve got every right to prefer a platform over another.
            Just be careful with sentences like “I see why PC is The Best Platform” because it comes across as kind of arrogant ;).
            PC may be the best platform in your opinion but I’m sure you’ll find many who disagree and everyone is entitled to their opinion ;).

            As for Uncharted 4, I really enjoyed the new mechanics, specially the real time transitions between stealth and action.
            I’ve got my eye on The Order 1886, but I don’t know yet.

          • MichaelPayneV

            When i say that PC is The Best Platform, that’s not necessarily my opinion, that’s just a FACT, PC is objectively The Best Platform for Gaming, this is not meant to be an “Arrogant” statement, this doesn’t mean that Consoles are Bad, no, they are good enough for their Target as long as their Target is satisfied with them, it is what it is, that’s all, and as a PC Owner and Player i acknowledge the FACT that PC is The Best Platform for Gaming, nothing more, nothing less.

            That being said, Consoles are great as long as they serve their purpose, First Party Exclusives and easy decent Gaming targeted to casuals.

            Before you jump, i said “targeted to casuals” that doesn’t mean that all Console Gamers are casuals, is just the Target Audience, and you shouldn’t have any problem playing on a Console as a Real Gamer, as long as you play Game for Fun, and don’t care what the majority of the fan-base you are is made of, and again, just play for your own experience.

          • PC isn’t the best platform for me,

          • MichaelPayneV

            That is your opinion, you have all the rights to not consider it the best platform for you from an Subjective point, as long as you can acknowledge that from an Objective point PC is The Best Platform!

            Again, what platform is best for your from a Subjective point is up to you, and whatever the platform it is, i respect your opinion !

          • Not too sure there is an objective ‘best platform’. I know what you mean, you’re talking about the increased graphics on PC, that is factually higher, yes. But for example what I want from a gaming machine is also physical media, something the PC does not offer (usually). So for me the PC is not the best platform if I consider those aspects as well.

            But let’s not focus on platforms too much, it usually only leads to flaming.

          • MichaelPayneV

            1 thing before we end this discussion, what do you mean by “Physical Media”?

          • Game in a box, on disc or cartridge.

          • MichaelPayneV

            PC Gaming is not 100% Digital you can get a Physical PC Disk or Collectors Editions for A LOT of PC Games, PC Gaming is more then just Steam!

          • Yeah, but for example MGSV is only on Steam. I never buy games digitally, not on any system. But maybe that’s just me.

          • No Place For Hayter

            Nope, me too, I have missed and will miss more games because they have/will get a digital release only, simply because I don’t buy digital games.

          • MichaelPayneV

            Ground Zeroes, i’m pretty sure TPP will have Physical and Collectors Editions as well.

          • Ninja_Se7eN

            I have to agree with Nyxus, the only fact is that PC potentially has better graphics ;).
            If you take into account other aspects you get a different conclusion.
            It’s highly subjective and it depends on personal opinion.

            For instance, I really like the fact that I don’t need to worry whether I’ll have the necessary specs to run a game with my console.
            Other people prefer to tweak the graphical settings on their PC.
            Both are just fine, it depends on what you want from your platform ;).

          • MichaelPayneV

            That’s also True!

          • MrVux007

            LOL* breaking free??? Limited by the hardware?and that he can finally do the Metal Gear saga how he wants, and
            possibly even rebooting it, a Fresh Start made for the Xbox and PC
            Again your telling nonsense about Kojima,and acting like you know what he was thinking at the time…get you ass out of your pc fanboyism and leave other peoples preference and ideas alone,just cuz Kojima made MGSV multiplatform doesn’t mean that he was limited by the HW of consoles ….
            90% of your comments are either bashing console graphics and consoles in general(ps4 preferably),or telling what Kojima was thinking or not,and in the end glorifying PC(wich is ok,but all should have its own limits)….
            I respect peoples preferences …but when someone spams that (platform preference) and then simultaneously *jumps* when someone has a different preference or doesn’t like ur own preference,i just cant hold myself from calling you a BIG FANBOY….
            deny it if you want and you can say that you even bought the bloody console,but you behavior still describes you as a platform fan-boy…. you Sir disgust me as a fellow MGS fan

        • Shalashaska

          ahh, i guess i know what you mean. You can call those feelings for halo on xbox.
          I remember I had this phase when Mgs4 released where i got so angry at myself for buying a x360 and not a ps3.. Im glad i wont have to go thru that again. I just hope they dont cancel it for previous gen.. that would be a crappy move … i guess they wont because of the fox engine but im still scared.. this is the final game i want to get for my x360…. plus wont have the cash for a new gen console …. So my future in gaming relies on this game :/ Anyways, I AM SO SO glad that Kojima planned to go multi-platform and suddenly had new-found respect for him. Thankyou kojima-san 😛

          • Ninja_Se7eN

            I don’t think they’ll cancel last gen. Over 30% of Ground Zeroes’ sales were for last gen and I don’t think Konami wants to throw that money away ;).

  • Big_Boss88


    So many great games coming next year <(^O^<) . Lots of stuff to play while waiting for TPP :3.

  • I still remember the peripheral hardware jokes we’d make about Ken Kutaragi in the early 2000s. The “gaming industry” was still just a group of disconnected geeks back then.

  • Shalashaska

    Wow. I remember playing mgs on the ps1. Then on the ps2. I wish i had a ps4/ps3 to play mgs 4.. its the only game in the series that i’ve missed :'(
    I am so grateful of Kojima-san releasing this on xbox360 and all the other platforms. Missing this masterpiece would mean heart ache forever.

    • john

      You’d love it it’s totally epic!

      • Shalashaska

        I know. Thats is why i steer far away from any of it’s gameplay videos because everytime i see that camo-suit.. i go like “WHY WHY DID I GET A X360 AND NOT A PS3, WHYYY”

        • turkishgamer35

          sad to hear man game was great but why you didn’t buy ps3? i mean you are a mgs fan

  • vic boss

    I think that while is good that mgs went multiplatform (more people get to play it) , it would be better if kojima doesn’t release it on last gen consoles. I mean when mgs2 came out on ps2 , it didn’t on ps1 and when mgs4 came out on ps3 it didn’t on ps2. When I hear of a new mgs game I always think of a new console. I mean the game looks and plays better than any other game right now (at least for me) but if it looks insanely good, and plays at 1080p and 60fps locked without a single drop on the ps4 just imagine how it could look if it wasn’t on ps3 and xbox360.

    • MichaelPayneV

      Completely agree, they should drop the Last Gen version just like the developers of Dying Light did, doing it so would benefit the PS4, X1 and PC Versions for sure.

      • john

        Don’t be elitists let as many enjoy the expierence as possible for if it is his “last metal gear game” why not go out with as much exp as possible!

        • MichaelPayneV

          You just said why, because IT IS the last metal gear, more reasons to want it as best as possible, therefore dropping the Last Gen version to improve the Game for Current-Gen and PC, since most Last-Gen Owners either own a Current-Gen console as well or a PC, so the X360 and PS3 owners can still play it, even if they don’t have a PS4 or an Xbox One, they can get it for PC and play it depending on the hardware, plus the System Requirements aren’t that big.

          Sometimes compromises have to made, because as you know, trying to please everyone mostly ends up in disappointing everyone!

          • john

            The only crappy ones were the ones that Kojima had nothing to do with…if Kojima handled it it was a great game no matter the platform.

          • MichaelPayneV

            I’m not talking about the Metal Gear Games, i’m only talking about this Metal Gear, about MGSV, and how trying to please everyone by releasing the game on Last-Gen may end up limiting the PS4, X1 and PC Versions.

          • john

            It didn’t limit GTA V and there’s only small slight differences in current gen and last gen so honestly if you’re a fan you could play on either and get just as much enjoyment out of it as you could on any system…atleast that’s how I feel about it.

          • MichaelPayneV

            Actually it did limit GTA V, even the PS4 version doesn’t look as good as the first Trailer!

          • MrVux007

            Source? cuz to me it looks just as the trailer showed on my PS4 😉 ….the only issues that PS4 has is the infamous bug that makes the game look like in PS1 era graphics,wich will be fixed soon enough(since it was a rushed port)….beside that it looks just as good,and the FPS mode is so freaking awesome…

          • MichaelPayneV

            Here, you can see the the Ambient Occlusion and the Physics were better, and YES, the Textures and Models are better now, so maybe this was actually the PC Version in Alpha!


          • MrVux007


          • MichaelPayneV

            You must be blind then.

          • MrVux007

            and you must be *living a lie* (no pun intended)

          • MichaelPayneV

            I just gave you proof that GTA V had better Physics and Ambient Occlusion in 2012, you don’t seem to see it, even after i told you to what to pay more attention to, and i’m living a lie? Give me a fukkin break!

          • MrVux007

            i dont see your *evidence* mate…. give me a proper article that further prooves this with proper HD screenshots evidence that its been a downgrade then i will call that a proper proof….no break for you 🙂

          • MichaelPayneV

            Again, you need an article telling you what you’re eyes are seeing, and i’m living a Lie, or maybe,just maybe are you playing that “Give me official evidence” Game, when this discussion was NEVER about Official things, is just a Subjective Observation and/or Comparison, nothing that needs an *evidence*, there is no evidence about my Subjective Observation, and will never be, because this is a totally Subjective Observation, get it?

          • MrVux007

            well you subjective observation is not clear to me mate….i dont see the downgrade….deal with it

          • MichaelPayneV


            So is like i said, you are blind (Metaphorically Blind, i hope i don’t need to mention that, i’m pretty sure you are at least smart enough to get Metaphors, but just in case i’m wrong and you don’t get them, repeat, just in case, so if it doesn’t apply, let it fly) you have to be to not see the better AO, and wind.

            But hey, that’s just my opinion, so in case i offended you (i’m pretty sure i did, whether you were you felt offended as well, that is your decision) i apologize.

          • MrVux007

            So as i said *your living a lie* 🙂

          • MichaelPayneV

            You know what, let’s end it here, the discussion.

          • MrVux007

            yes, lets pls 🙂

          • MichaelPayneV

            O.K. then.

            End of Discussion.

          • MrVux007

            End of discussion it is :3

  • jesse white

    pt is exclusive to ps4 and it’s the best graphics ever .I hope silent hills will be exclusive too.

    • MichaelPayneV

      That would be a “Fukk you” to the PC and Xbox Fan-Base, Silent Hill is not a First Party Franchise, so it should be PC, PS4 and X1, or at least PS4 and PC like Street Fighter V.

      The model of SFV is good because you can take full advantage of the PS4 hardware, like an Exclusive PS4 Game like Uncharted 4, and make some little improvements and put that on PC, and there you have Uncompromised quality, while being Multiplatform, plus Fox Engine is Best at Multiplatform, so there is no reason for Kojima to go back to 1 Platform, especially for a Franchise that already has a Fan-Base on PC and Xbox.

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