MGSV: Ground Zeroes for PS3 the 19th best selling game of 2014 in Japan

Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu published a list with the top 100 best selling games in Japan in 2014. We can see the PlayStation 3 version of Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes at number 19, having sold just over a quarter million copies, 260.852 to be exact.

A bit lower, at number 48 is the PlayStation 4 version, with 144.798 sold copies. It’s the best selling PlayStation 4 game in Japan aside from Knack, which came bundled with the system (there seems to be a small inconsistency with earlier released sales data on the game, but perhaps they numbers have been readjusted for accuracy).


So put together that’s well over 400.000 copies sold in Japan alone, and that’s not counting the other versions, though they likely sold a lot less.

Source: Famitsu, via Nintendo Everything

  • Z!

    Cool, GZ is a nice game and makes hungry for more (TPP). Thank you Kojima <3

  • flying_fox

    It really shows a different perspective on Kojima’s ambitions with MGSV. I remember now what he said about the Japanese market, how it has fewer room for such games than before.

  • Big_Boss88

    Really good imo in Japan alone 🙂 ! And pretty good sales numbers for PS4 too, GZ been doing well on these consoles. Part of me is glad that Kojima hasn’t forgotten older consoles with this game, as people need to play MGSV!

    I bet when TPP releases, it will sell zillion copies right away. Because of GZ and everyone wanting to experience the rest of this amazing game :D.

  • CTCCoco

    I’m interested in knowing how PC sales are going.

    • MrVux007

      The problem with PC is that Steam sales cant be registered like a physical copy can (cant be shown)… but undoubtedly it will be way below console sales(as always since MGS fan base was always mostly on Playstation,and also with most of multi-platform games) …i wont mention pirating

      • CTCCoco

        Yes I already know that Steam sales are not public, but they can be shown if Konami wants to, they are just private. Also, don’t come to me with the pirating and low sales bullshit, that’s really old and has been deeply discussed already.

        • MrVux007

          okay dude….pirating doesnt exist and low sales on PC-s (physical versions) are complete nonsense ..have a good day Sir …..i know i will :3

          • Rone

            we can see how many people are playing a particular game at a particular moment though. as for pirating, of course it exists. and i’m sure it effects sales to a limit. Ground zeroes was pretty high up there for a while.

          • MrVux007

            yes but that doesnt rly show the total number of sales unfortunately..the number of total sales could be 10-100 times bigger then that number shown in particular moment…

  • ObsessedGeorge

    PS3 sold more copies than PS4? Weird.

    • Not really, PS4 has been struggling in Japan unlike the west, where it’s been hugely successful.

      With TPP we may see a shift towards the PS4 version.

    • Big_Boss88

      I thought that too first, but PS4 is pretty new console so maybe not that many have it yet in Japan.

      • 925.570 PS4s were sold in Japan in 2014, and over 10 millions PS3s during the system’s lifetime. So if you look at the difference in user base, GZ did pretty well on PS4.
        Also, it will probably sell some more when TPP launches and more people want to get into MGSV.

        • flying_fox

          So almost half of PS4 users bought GZ? That’s incredible.

          • More like 14%. Still good though.

          • flying_fox

            Ahah yes sorry, I was looking at total sales. :-/

        • Big_Boss88

          That is quite incredible :). Also some skipped it because of length or price but that wont be the case with TPP :D.

  • kirra light

    The Phantom Pain is gonna sell 10s of millions!!!

  • Javier Sosa

    Resident Evil 7 the prologue is coming.

    • MichaelPayneV

      It better not.

      • Javier Sosa

        Wait and see. It’s the future. And we are a little guilty on this.

        • MichaelPayneV

          Yes we are, both MWN and Angry Joe warned us about it, what will happen if we buy GZ, and he was right.

  • FOX

    Damn japanese people know what to play even though it was demo. This proves how much they love MGS.

  • PrinceHeir

    Good stuff!

    Add in the Limited Editions and PS4 bundles which barely any of the West got, i think they did an excellent job on the sales.

    Though i do not want this practice to be the norm. I understand they needed the money for The Phantom Pain.

    But i really hope MGS6 won’t be like this in the near future.

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