Don’t expect MGO3 to be MGO2 on the Fox Engine, devs say

Despite the fact that Metal Gear Online 2 is of great influence on the new Metal Gear Online, players shouldn’t expect the game to simply be MGO2 on the Fox Engine, the studio said on Twitter, answering fan questions. After all, they are trying to create a new experience.

Q: How influential would you say ‪mgo2‬ is to the development of ‪mgo3‬?
A: Very but one should not go into MGO3 expecting MGO2 on the Fox Engine, they’re different games.

The developers also answered some more questions via Twitter:

Q: Hello Guys I Want To Ask You Is MGO Will Be Localization To Other Languages ( Arabic My Language If You Know What I Mean )
A: Other languages yes, but I can’t confirm which ones right now.

Q: Noticed a masked player with a character model that resembled Kojima in the MGO trailer…is he a playable character/skin?
A: character designs from the trailer are somewhat early, we can’t guarantee they’ll be exactly like that, but should be close. But no plans for a Kojima character right now.

Q: Did you guys like mgo2? Does everybody in that awesome office know about our feedback? Thnx!
A: Yep feedback is shared regularly and of course we’re fans of previous MGO.

Also, some new pictures taken at the Kojima Productions LA studio were posted on the official Metal Gear Online Twitter account, showing off some play testing on the multi-monitor setup. Unfortunately you can’t really see the game as the screens have been blurred out.



“Remember that multi-monitor setup? Sometimes we play test on it!”


“TBF It can get a little crowded.”


“Plenty of desks to play from as well (shot from our all-studio stand up)”

Source: Metal Gear Online Twitter

  • gerber

    MGO probably won’t be cross platform. I will most likely get to play it on PC (I’m not planning to buy a new console) but I have to admit, that I would rather play multiplayer with Playstation fellas 🙁

    • Shalashaska

      It actually may.. They said fox engine is a engine that allows devs to go multi-platform easily.. not doing so will actually be a stain on fox engine so i doubt that they’ll only release it for next gen.. Plus TPP initially started for only the old gen, if im not wrong, so im guessing they already had plans to go multi platform with both but either way.. i dont see why it would be only next gen.. both are fox engine o_O .. TPP and MGO are basically the same thing with different modes and multiplayer functionality

    • PS4 is going to have the biggest community :p
      It’s not so expensive m8, let’s buy it!

      • Yofiel Malachi Yacov

        biggest community, probably but it will die quicker…PC, the servers will stay online or be at least accessible without too much tinkering. Mgo will never die on pc. Its hard to kill online on a pc game.

        • Don’t trust Kojima that much, lol.
          He shut down the servers for PS3’s MGO and no one was able to play it anymore. Yes, this is a whole new game and will last a couple of years, but eventually he might shut this one down too – hopefully he doesn’t.

          ps: MGO2 lasted for 4 years

          • Yofiel Malachi Yacov

            Exactly.. This is why it makes sense to get it on PC. You don’t have to worry about bricking your PC or being banned to get it to work only to be able to play with less than 100 people.

            PC is much more viable. We have games from2000 that still have communities. So I’ll get it on PC. I’ll get on both but PC I’ll be sure to get a copy

  • I’m glad they aren’t totally relying on past mechanics to make this portion of the game. It’s always hard to re imagine a game that (people who played it) loved. But I think it’ll be awesome coming from this new studio.

    Also, let’s all hope…for the love of God they skip that Konami ID crap.

    • Guest

      its like making a difference between MGS 3 and TPP.. its not going to be the same.. BUT BETTER 😀

      • Jesus’s Love Matters

        How do KNOW it will be better? They are removing hold-ups; Snake has less moves in GZ like no rolling, no knife, etc. Americans are making the game (think COD…Yuck!). It might still be good, but there is no evidence to suggest it is in good hands until we play it.

        • Sage Bustamonte

          Remving hold-ups? where are you getting your information, you can hold up people in GZ, and there is rolling, and in case you talking about snake jumping and rolling that was obviously replaced with snakes dive… which is arguably better.

        • Shalashaska

          Im not gonna be playing mgo but i know the details…
          1. knife will most probably be implemented.. just like how there was stun rod in peacewalker.
          2. what do mean no rolling? There is a dive button that is just the same thing as rolling.
          3. Americans also made other games, how does COD represent every game ever made in America ? O_o Also, everything goes through kojima san.. nothing is made without his view on it.
          4. Hold-up might be there and we know for a fact that CQC choke is there (The picture of B.boss holding ocelot and taking a selfie proves that) .. so its sorta like the same thing.. holding up a player makes no sense online because no one will like being restrained .. cqc coke on the other hand tells people that there is no escape from it ..which in my opinion, seems to be better, no? 😀
          As for GZ, it had hold up, diving (better replacement for rolling).. buddy, there’s a manual in-game..check it out…shows everything you can do 🙂

          So im guessing I just alleviated all your issues with the coming game 😀

    • Shalashaska

      Its like comparing MGS 3 to TPP..

    • Golgari

      They won’t have Konami ID crap. No way in hell someone will do that again in this industry in 2015.

      • I can’t believe that even in 2008 someone thought that was a good idea. And everyone approved that idea O_O blew my mind

  • Alberto Sánchez


  • kirra light

    The phantom pain is not just a game. It’s an entire world and would be the best experience of all time

    • Big_Boss88

      Well said =) !!!

    • Le Guy who drowned quiet

      kirra light yagami awesome username!

    • o1striker

      I’m extremely excited as well, but your expectations are sky high. Don’t let them get so high. I know this is going to be a great game, but your on a level of just wow. You may be setting yourself up for disappointment is all.

      • Shalashaska

        True but this game isnt going to be like other games.. you see, that’s the greatest thing about MGS series.. even if its not what you expected, it will still blow your mind with its awesome gameplay, story, story-telling and excellent quality 🙂 Perhaps it may not be what we expect, but honestly, if they rehased Ground zeroes in a larger place, EVEN THEN, it would be awesome and i’d pay for it xD

  • Shalashaska

    Lets Be honest.

  • IrionDaRonin

    As far as the mechanics are the same. The chat screen, the codecs, the fun, the SOP, the SOP block when you fire a teammate, TSNE, the leveling up, the customizing of your character (voice, clothes and so on) and a few freaky stuff (KeroTan and Gako, the mags or derivatives) from MGO2 is there, i will be ok with it.

    • Kol Leqejza

      honestly: is this sarcasm?

      • IrionDaRonin

        Nope. MGO2 was unique as multiplayer. In fact I just bought PS3 only for this game (+MGS4). I was very sad when servers got down. 🙁

        I also have played Ghost Recon Future Soldier, which for what i watched in the MGO3 videos are very alike.

        Honestly, i prefer to have an unique online game like MGO2 was, instead of another clonic multiplayer one. But well, in any case, i will play this game too because i love MGS world.

        Have a nice day 🙂

        • ThisIsSnake!

          ^ This. MGO2 was and is way ahead of its time. It was so advanced, and not in a intimidating way, it just gave the player so much to do. Fair enough, they need to bring out MGO3, but they could have at least left MGO2 running. The only game that has the potential to come close to this is The Division, providing it fulfills its potential.

        • Yofiel Malachi Yacov

          MGO was a booming community, then COD MW2 came out and the game was slowly dying. I played MGO2 on a 12 hour binge lol. I’m glad I didn’t die lol. That won’t happen again, but yeah it was ahead of its time. I like how they even let you play dlc in ranked matches and tournys. It felt inclusive. I’m not so sure about a class system. I like tailoring a soldier to my needs and wants. I don’t like the battlefield class system.

          • IrionDaRonin

            Do you remember those messages in the upper part of the screen from Kojima, when you were playing more than 3 hours without rest? Well, i got the same message, but with 19 hours of total playing, lol.
            This game was freaking good!

          • Yofiel Malachi Yacov

            Forgotten about that until you mentioned it lol I do remember in tournys they had an intermittent room for breaks so people an get up and eat etc lol

          • IrionDaRonin

            Exactly, i usually ate at those moments, when i got pwned or wanted to take a rest for a while, those were nice days. You could stay all day at home having fun while watching turneys or matches, then play, etc.
            I hope something like that would come again.

            Have a nice day 🙂

  • Solid

    I hope they add MGO 2 maps! We need it!
    U.U. – G.G. – H.H. – etc…

  • Javier Sosa

    I always wondered if all that people really works or just the half it’s doing something and the rest stealing money by doing nothing. I’m not accusing no one, just wondering.

  • Big_Boss88

    I am glad it will be different :). Just like MGSV is from earlier MGS.

  • FOX

    Screw mgo for now. All i need is TPP!!

    • Please… MGO is the main reason I’m buying TPP.
      Yes, the game campaign looks pretty good but as a competitive player, I’m looking foward for those survival/tournaments in MGO!
      Gotta be in that top 100 again heheheh

      • Shalashaska

        You are kidding me, Right? Youre Buying TPP for MGO? Not judging you.. perhaps youre into MP more but man.. the beauty is in the SP
        Also, I doubt they’ll release together.. i think it will be the same way GTA and gta online got released.. afterall.. Kojima does look at GTA for a little inspiration 🙂 We’ll have to wait and see 🙂

        • Lol yes I play MP way more than SP. I’m a competitive player, I like tournaments and all these stuff haha so I’m really looking foward for MGO3 instead of TPP. Been this way since I found out you can rek people’s @ss

          • Shalashaska

            Good luck to you, buddy.. but for the sake of the amazing game that deserves to be played.. Please play the main storyline.. such a beautiful wonder of the world deserves to be played if you have it.. if you wouldn’t it would be disastrous to the balance of earth and it’s creatures xD

          • I will play it whenever my internet disconnects xD or the servers are down. Otherwise, MGO it is. Gotta go after that GP

          • Shalashaska

            You may have to play it if it if SP gives you some cool advantages in MP !

  • NCell

    Hopefully people will realize that this is real life and will stop asking for MGO2 features like that PerfectStealth video

  • Rikimaru

    Not only they’re taking their time to make this game a COMPLETE experience but they also keep in touch with us fans through active feedback, god I love KJP!

    • Big_Boss88

      I love them too, they are godlike people 😀 !

      • Shalashaska

        You mean…

        • metalgearjax

          That is the best representation I have ever seen XD

  • flying_fox

    Well, I certainly won’t complain if it’s not exactly like MGO2…

  • The Q

    I personally hope it’s more like mgo1 than mgo2. Mgo1 is my all time favorite mp game by far.

  • ThisIsSnake!

    The realists knew this a while back. Let’s just hope it is as fun as MGO2.

  • newstreet

    Hey everybody! Take a second to vote yes in this mgo poll that’s been going around. There’s no harm in extra options, the more the better!

  • Mini gear

    im still praying for march (please o please kojima) but if announced at Taipei I can wait till April, after that and im dead of foxdie

    • Yofiel Malachi Yacov

      Lol march would be too soon. This game is launching in the summer time, if it lauches this yr without delay and on I just hope it comes out before 2016

  • FOX

    i wish there would be a free roam online where you can just wander around,drive,ride horse,hide,fight with other players and take missions just like GTA Online.İ know this isnt GTA but it would be soo cool.But they already confirmed there won’t be 🙁

  • 223hzy
    • Shalashaska

      That gave me a heart attack! I was like “Your best game of the year? WTH!” Then I saw the date..

  • Dizz

    I enjoyed the skills, leveling and cosmetics purchase systems in MGO2 quite a bit. I hope they retain these aspects, or something very similar.

  • Z!

    I can’t wait to play MGO again <3

  • metalgearjax

    I’m getting really excited I recently just got into metal gear I always admired it but was never able to play until now but this means I came in too late to play mgo now I see what they are doing, they are pulling out all the stops and building this mgs from the ground up this is going to be one hell of an experience.

  • Keystrokes

    Oh yeah, we’ve noticed.

    *grumbles about class system for forty hours*

    • RevolverRoden

      Come on, you can’t really have expected it to be exactly the same as MGO2.

      • Keystrokes

        Exactly, fuck no. But the system in 2 allowed for extremely varied playstyles. Class systems are limiting as fuck.

  • PrinceHeir

    Let’s go!

  • Yofiel Malachi Yacov

    I’m hoping MGO3 doesn’t suck. I love MGO2. I’m not a fan of classes. But I’ll wait til I see it until I pass judgement.

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