Insert Coin reveals new Metal Gear Solid clothing range, coming this spring

Insert Coin, a brand producing video game inspired clothing, has announced a new range of Metal Gear Solid themed attire. This new line, coming this spring, includes shirts, hoodies and patches inspired by Metal Gear Solid 1. Check out the designs and their descriptions below.


Shadow Moses hoodie
Not many places can claim to have an entire ‘Incident’ named after them – but Shadow Moses definitely holds that dubious honour. A secret military base, hidden inside a nuclear weapon disposal facility – it was never going to end well, right? Show that you were there when it all went down with this awesome hoodie…



Psycho Mantis tee
You love this tee don’t you? To be honest, we don’t need to read minds to know that! The battle against Psycho Mantis is one of the most memorable in *any* game, and we were truly honoured to work with the legendary Yoji Shinkawa on this design, which comes complete with ‘controller’ detailing on the back of the neck…



Shadow Moses Self Storage tee
As anyone who loves Metal Gear Solid will tell you, the only thing you ever need is a cardboard box. Whether it’s to get you from A to B quickly, or to hide from enemies, it’s absolutely essential on any mission. This tee delivers a knowing nod to the humble container that always packs a punch…



FoxHound tees
Home to the deadliest of covert operatives, FOXHOUND’s roll call is an incredible who’s who of Metal Gear. Big Boss, Solid Snake, Liquid Snake – they’ve all been members at some time or other. Be part of the elite and get ready to sign up to FOXHOUND with this awesome tee – available in guys and girly cut!



FoxHound patches
Want to show your allegiance to FOXHOUND? Then wear your patch with pride! Now you can personalise your wardrobe with some serious Snake style – each pack contains three patches, perfect for adding to your favourite coats, bags or shirts…



Snake button-thru shirt
Snake? Snake? SNAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAKE?! When it comes to videogame heroes, few can measure up to Snake – able to go toe-to-toe with the world’s most dangerous villains and infiltrate the highest security with no more than a cardboard box. Represent the legend in style with this sleek military shirt, inspired by his first Metal Gear missions for FoxHound…

Source: Insert Coin

  • ThreeMadFrogs

    Shadow Moses Self Storage. Love it.

  • Shalashaska

    Did anyone get the reference ? xD

    • John

      Pretty fucking much. Thats why i use sites to print my own shirts at higher quality/ cheap as fuck/ Hit me up for links.

      • John

        p.s fuck the patriots, dont give them money.

  • The first sweater is cool I appreciate the “arms tech” on the back!

  • ObsessedGeorge

    Every single one of them is awesome! I’m getting some of these. 🙂

    • I don’t know man that long sleeve at the end is kinda cheesy haha

  • RJRO
    • Shalashaska

      Yes but im not hoping on it being super huge or anything like that.. I mean i wish it was MASSIVE but there is still always a feeling of dread.. will it block me from going there.. will it stop me if i walked there.. So until i’ve got my hands on it and play around the whole map.. i not gonna believe into the massiveness of the map.. it was confirmed that we can roam on the side snake was standing.. kojima never said anything about the other side of the river with the dense forests we see.. or atleast thats what i understand from the demos and his words.. just hoping for the FOX engine to surprise me so unless he says something like “anyplace you can see, you can go” .. im not gonna over hype this game .. either way, i still cant wait to play it and i would suggest people to not over hype the game too.. dont want to be disappointed if the maps are like Peacewalker but much bigger outdoors 🙂

      • MichaelPayneV

        Actually “any place you can see, you can go” was said in the PAX 2012 Ground Zeroes Demo, when Ground Zeroes was not a separate Game.

        • Mr.Pony

          I just hope that there is anything to motivate one to explore the whole area. We know that there is wildlife and raw materials scattered but I’m hope that they include something more, maybe unique weapons and gadgets specs for one to find

          • Shalashaska

            I’m hoping they keep the maps alive.. thats what matters the most..I care less for rewards.. for me, its the gameplay.. GTA5 maps were amazing because of its random encounters and the fact that it ALWAYS felt alive.. Even in the wilderness, it felt alive because you could hunted down any moment so it was alot of fun even just roaming around without an aim.. But just creating a map for size and then leaving it feeling dead is probably the worst thing a dev can do and i hope they dont do that in TPP

          • MichaelPayneV

            Well we did see Big Boss on a Motorbike, so it should be fun free roaming on your bike while listening to “AC/DC-Highway to Hell”

          • Mr.Pony

            still don’t know what to make of that scene, maybe it is a cut-scene from the end of the game, although riding a bike exploring the map would be pretty sweet

        • Shalashaska

          Are you sure they said that ? I havent seen all the stuff before Ground zeroes so most probably missed that stuff back then

    • MichaelPayneV

      A GAME Theory, thanks for watching!

    • MichaelPayneV

      So if Afrika and Afganistan are the only 2 Maps, which i doubt, then is at least as big as 50% of Just Cause 2, since Just Cause 2 is as big as 4 GTA V Maps.

  • I only liked PsychoMantis and FoxHound one. The others are so so.

  • Vegas

    I hope these clothes are cheaper than the Musterbrand ones… because seriously what the hell was that.

    • The Insert Coin items are usually pretty affordable. Looking at the previous Metal Gear range, the shirts are around £22. They also have a bundle (in the previous range) containing three shirts and three patches for £45.

      • Vegas

        Sounds like a dream! X)

  • PrinceHeir

    Yay more clothes XD

  • Big_Boss88

    There is never enough MGS clothes XD !

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