Konami keeping track of demand for Special Edition MGSV: The Phantom Pain PlayStation 4 in the west

Fans around the world have been wondering wether they will get a chance to buy the special edition MGSV PlayStation 4 console that was announced for the Asian market this week. Despite what we thought earlier, the possibility may be there.


Earlier, Japanese site Gamekana (translated by DualShockers) reported that the console might be released outside Japan if there is enough demand for it. And now on Twitter, in response to someone saying the console should be released in Europe, Konami Europe stated they’ll be keeping track of the demand, and that they ‘have to investigate’ whether it will be released in Europe or not. At least they’re not excluding the possibility. So if you want it to come to the west, make sure to let them know. [READ BELOW FOR UPDATES]

Update: Meanwhile Ken Imaizumi, senior producer at Kojima Productions, said on Twitter that people who want the console should ask Sony, since they’re the ones selling it.

Update 2: Ken Imaizumi (Kojima Productions senior producer) now asked Sony in a tweet to consider a worldwide release for the MGSV PS4 (after receiving multiple requests himself). So if you want it and have a Twitter account, it might be a good idea to retweet this, so Sony can see the demand:

Source: Gamekana (via DualShockers), Konami Europe Twitter, 2, Ken Imaizumi Twitter

  • Big_Boss88

    Lets hope it comes outside Japan! I’d love to get this beauty but already got my PS4 ….

    • korruption

      Same here, even moreso now that I’ve seen this edition. I wanted to get my PS4 way later, wound up buying it a little more than 2 years ago – before Sony inflated the price for it in Canada. >_>

  • turkishgamer35

    this is more like a “shut up and take my money edition” just release this in europe

    • Adamska

      Kojinism, my religion, our religion.

    • korruption

      …I have seen the light!

    • Automata Snake

      Lol great picture! I hope they release this PS4 in the U.S. I’ve been waiting to buy the PS4 until MGSVTPP comes out, so I hope they bundle the game with this special edition PS4. They can charge whatever the Hell they want, I’ll pay! It’ll be 7 years since MGS4 came out, and it’ll be well worth the wait. Personally, I think Hater will return as Solid Snake, but it won’t be till the very end of the game when Solid is all grown up. He must’ve started chain smoking when he was like 10 years old lol.

      • turkishgamer35

        same here lol only have ps3 but if this special edition comes to europe definitely buy this

  • Steven Piskovich

    We should make a petition for this PS4, and show it to Konami.

    • Might be a good idea, and let them know via channels like Twitter and Facebook.

    • Silverius

      Where do I sign?

  • PrinceHeir

    Now that’s an awesome idea.

    Though it should have been bundle in the first place. I’m sure this will sell well, not to mention people might buy a PS4 just to play The Phantom Pain.

  • César H. Sandoval

    Bring this beauty to us, Konami! I’ll buy it at a high price! D:

    • Amrit

      hehehehe thank you!

  • CrazyGuy207

    I hope the faceplate or controller could be purchased separately.

  • quintimnia

    here is the demand you’ve been asking for…


    (functionality restored )

    i’m gonna buy it.

  • Santiago

    Should we do something on Twitter and send it out everywhere? Kinda like how back then we the PS community did #PS4NoDRM sorta thing?

    • Maybe send a tweet to PlayStation, Ken Imaizumi is saying SCE is who you should direct it to. But @konamieu probably wouldn’t hurt either, since they said they are keeping track of demand.

  • Machine Gun Kid

    I would buy it for sure if it came to north america

  • ok guys let’s do this, i was talking to my agents infiltrated in Japan just now but of course i would prefer to buy it for cheaper if Sony releases this console everywhere

  • Icycool

    i think petition will be helpful change.org

  • Gawd

    We ALL should be vocal in support of making this console available in multiple regions; obviously not everyone on the forum wants to buy the console but NA, EU, PAL & interplanetary fans revere MGS as much as Asian countries. It’s important we have the option. I’ll support any petition and send the same opinion to Sony.

  • Zazzspeed
  • Darby Crash

    Mmh, if it comes to EU i got to think about preorder one of these. I leave the black ps4 to my brother who probably goes to live on its own by the end of the year and i get this super sexy version.

  • Guest

    Best Friends For Ever

    • セーサー異音

      What’s making them better is that MGS was in PS1/PSX

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  • Somebody

    I want it! I waited too for the PS4 MGSTPP Console relase! Now is very close. That is the way i want to give the jump to the Playstation next-gen! And don’t let him go away, hey Sony! Hey Konami! Are you there!? take my money and Shut up!. Give me that PS4 MGSTPP Console Bundle! Can you hear me? Loud and clear??? Ok fine.

  • Zatarah

    Any Progress on the US release? and if there is no US release, anyone recommend a place for US folks to buy one?

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