Fragged Nation is doing an interview with David Hayter and is asking for questions from the fans. Do you have any questions?

We’ve been contacted by website Fragged Nation, since they’re looking for questions from Metal Gear fans to Snake voice actor David Hayter for an interview they have planned. The interview will be streamed live on March 10th at 2pm PST (5pm EST / 10pm GMT) on Hitbox TV.


If you have anything to ask to guy who gave Snake his gravely voice the past 15 years, leave a comment below. You have to be quick though, as the interview will be held shortly.

Update: So, the interview is over, and Yong Yea uploaded the whole thing to his channel.

Two questions from commenters on Metal Gear Informer were answered by Hayter.

Thanks for the questions everyone!

  • no_fox

    What was his reaction when he finde out that Kiefer will voice Snake? (We all do know he’s the one and only real Snake)

  • Bramdeman

    How did you come up with the voice?

  • Revovler_Lee

    Who is your favorite metal gear character? (excluding Solid Snake and Big Boss)

  • Solidhoax

    How much money did you receive to be silent about your involvement in mgs5 phantom pain?

    • Big_Boss88

      Lol 🙂

    • Vegas

      I really will be frustrated if i don’t see just a little scene of the first MG game with Hayter’s voice. It would be so epic and i don’t think anything would replace this.

    • That is one great question

  • Braden Gunn

    How did you get involved with the fan remake of Metal Gear, and can you tell us a little about your experience working on it?

  • Adamska

    It would be kinda fun, Hayter making the voice of 12 years old Snake.

  • Shalashaska Has Landed

    We already know he’s going to be bombard with the same regurgitated questions about MGSV and Kiefer Sutherland for two-years straight, so I’ll step outside the norm and ask him something outside the box.

    (2 Questions, sort of.)

    “Were you specifically approached, or was it a walk-in audition against other people to become the new actor for Sean Barker in Guyver: Dark Hero, and was it ever mentioned on what happened to Jack Armstrong?”


    “A few years ago, you said Suzetta Minet (EVA’s VA in MGS3) wasn’t her real name. At this point in time, are you allowed to give a solid(lol) answer as to who the actress actually is? Speculations have been afloat for a long time, that it’s Debi Mae West using the alias.

    • Braden Gunn

      I’ve always thought Eva was Nan Mcnamara, if you go to the voice over section of her website and listen to her narration demo reel, she sounds exactly like Eva during the debriefing section of Snake Eater. She also played Anya in the Gears of War series

      • Shalashaska Has Landed

        Yeah she’s been compared to a lot of voice actresses. Personally, I don’t think it’s DMW, and IIRC she shot the idea down. However, that hasn’t stopped people from speculating it’s her lol.

        A lot of years have passed, and hopefully David Hayter is allowed to disclose who Suzetta is.


        • Braden Gunn

          Was it ever disclosed why the actress used an alias? I mean I could understand why actors used an alias back in the original MGS, but it seems strange to use an alias for a important role in a well-known franchise by 2004.

          • Shalashaska Has Landed

            I agree, and to the best of my knowledge, it was never disclosed why she did it.

      • Wow, very good chance that’s her. Thank you for sharing!

  • Braden Gunn

    Also can you congratulate Mr Hayter on the release of his directorial debut Wolves over here in the UK, it’s a great film, and I loved the sneaky Metal Gear easter egg.

  • Mrobycyek

    Solid Snake and Big Boss are two separate characters and so in your performances of both characters how did you try to make them distinct from each other and give them their own personalities?

    ps. Thank you Mr. Hayter for giving me so much enjoyment from Metal Gear and I wish you all the best for the future.

    • Very good question!

      • lostsnak182

        he has already answered this before not sure which interview but he stated he wanted naked snake to sound more soft and green like the “newbie” he was hence the upbeat attitude, as for solid snake in mgs1 he wanted him to sound tired of battle and just wanting to get it over with (not exaclty but close enough)

        • Yeah probably a lot of questions have been answered before, but he might still give some new insight.

          • lostsnak182

            Trying to help limit your list to unanswered questions for a more juicy interview 🙂

          • Appreciated. 🙂

          • Mrobycyek

            Yeah I am aware it has been asked before but I was hoping for maybe a bit more elaboration on it from Mr. Hayter.

  • Neil Attard

    Ask him what he thinks of the Venom = Gray Fox, Saladin = Big Boss theory. Let’s see how he will avoid that. It’s very valid since it would involve him ALOT in the story.

    • Kol Leqejza

      pls, don’t be like this…

  • Big_Boss88

    David have you ever been inside a cardboard box?

    And if so, how did you feel about it? Was it also your destiny?

    • gerber

      What if audition for Solid Snake took a place in an empty room with only a cardboard box in the middle, and Hayter got the job because he was the only one who just got into the box without a second thought. That would have been awesome

      • Big_Boss88

        XD that’d be funny.

  • lostsnak182

    When you are in the shower which MGS theme would you sing out as loud as you possibly can?

  • Mrobycyek

    I have another question if you guys are struggling to come up with something:

    During the VA sessions were you allowed any input, or allowed to try different things, or was it basically a case of just being given the lines and sticking to that?

    • Braden Gunn

      See, these are the kind of questions I like, where we get an insight into how the games came together and what it was like to work on them xD

  • MAG V Supreme

    David hayter will you be in just the end? Or more? Come on david just hint.

  • PrinceHeir

    I want to know if he has other plans on voicing in other media. I know he’s doing winter soldier, but any other shows as well? What about Anime?

    • Big_Boss88

      It would be interesting to know if David takes roles in some Animes :).

      • kake

        he did in gundam:war in the pocket

        • Big_Boss88

          Okey thanks, I didn’t know that ;).

  • LiquidCampbell

    Hey david,
    You will come to Comic Con in Brazil this year ?

    • muaddib

      É nozes

  • Solid BOSS


  • muaddib

    Mr. Hayter, what happened? Hayter? Hayteeeer?

  • gerber

    My question to David is, have you ever dreamt that you are Snake? How did it feel like?

  • César H. Sandoval

    I think poor David is tired of answering MGS questions, But I’ll wait for the interview anyway… Surely there will be some cool stuff in there

    • No Place For Hayter

      Yeah, I kinda want to ask a question but, he has answered everything MGS already, and constantly bringing it up could probably get annoying.

      • No Place For Hayter

        Yet I ask an annoying question anyway, lol. At least I ask question about things being annoying though lol.

      • If you ask about his voice acting for the games he’s worked on he’ll probably gladly talk about it. He has done a lot of interviews and he never seems annoyed with answering questions.

        The most interesting kind of questions would probably be ones that give some insight behind the scenes, or have him tell some fun anecdotes from the recordings.

        • No Place For Hayter

          I pinned down what I thought would be annoying when thinking of questions, and I put it in my question. It might be annoying to be constantly asked about parts of the franchise he has no part in after he was dropped.

    • Braden Gunn

      To be fair though the article does say they’re looking g for questions from Metal Gear fans, so at least David knows it’s going to be the main focus of the questions 🙂

  • ThreeMadFrogs

    How much Metal Gear memorabilia do you have in your house?

  • Golgari

    So, you are not Snake anymore. If there is an opportunity to work on other Hideo Kojima projects like new iP or Silent Hills as a major character would you do it?

  • No Place For Hayter

    “After being so coldly dropped from voicing Snake in the MGS franchise is it annoying to always answer questions about the present state of MGS and its future, considering you are currently no longer a physical part of the franchise and were dropped on a sour note?”

    That would be my question, nothing special but I’m curious how he feels about always answering question regarding the new MGS games when he is not a part of them. And on that same note of annoying questions I’ve got another question.

    “What is your opinion on the voice acting in the next MGS considering in past MGS games there was always a chemistry and knowledge between you and the other voice actors to the point where you knew a lot of each other and liked working together but since they didn’t hire you again to voice Snake most of the returning actors will be missing that chemistry?”


  • Braden Gunn

    I have one last question, and I understand if you don’t use it because it’s completely unrelated to Metal Gear but as someone who’s studying media at university, and wishes to become a director, I’d like to take the opportunity to ask Mr Hayter if he can tell us a little about how he got into making films, and what advice he would give aspiring filmmakers like myself.

  • Colin Reid

    Hi David. My question for you is. Will you be voice acting on any new upcoming games?

  • David, How do you feel about being played like a damn fiddle?!

  • Invader_skoodge

    I would just say how Awesome he is. In the form of a question…So, You are awesome? ¯_(ツ)_/¯

    • No Place For Hayter

      Best kind of questions. “So Mr. Hayter” “Yes?” “You are awesome correct?”

  • Solid Snakes Revenge

    Mr. Hayter do you have a favorite line that you’ve said in a metal gear game? If so what was the line? ( I feel this may have been answered before but I don’t remember the answer if he did.) Also thank you Mr. Hayter for voicing snake all those years. Ps. Can you talk to kojima or the smash bros guys to see if they can put you in the new smash. I needs my snake in smash.

  • ObsessedGeorge

    David, did you ever want to play Snake in an MGS movie?

  • Plissken

    David, I read that you thought Old Snake should’ve died at the end of MGS4, and originally Hideo Kojima was going to have Snake die but his team wanted Snake to have a happy ending, so it was changed. Is there something you wish Solid Snake/Naked Snake would’ve said or done that wasn’t scripted in any of the games? Thank you for everything
    -Gabe Pliskin

  • FOX

    Will you play us like a dam fiddle and show up as solid snake in TPP or even playable . lol

  • Shalashaska Has Landed

    Oh wow. I just went on Fragged’s site, and noticed they specifically stated they won’t ask any MGSV questions to him. Well, that eliminates like 50% of the comments here already lol.

    • korruption

      I haven’t really been keeping up with the MGSV/Hayter situation lately, but I think asking him about it would twist the knife in his back. I’m a fan of Sutherland’s work as Snake, but the way Kojima Productions treated Hayter was fucked. No courtesy, no respect. =(

      • Shalashaska Has Landed

        I’m surprised he hasn’t lost it yet. Me? I couldn’t be in his position, being hounded everyday throughout the year consistently over something I wanted to have a part of, but can’t have. I’d probably break lol. I even remember him making a tweet saying something along the lines of “Guys for the millionth time I’m not in it, no joke! true story!” etc etc

        • korruption

          Yeah and of course that only ignited the conspiracy theories further (“He said METAL GEAR V! Not Metal Gear SOLID V! Hayter confirmed!!” kinda stuff). I know Kojima has a way of messing with people’s heads but damn, they should let it go already.

          • No Place For Hayter

            Yeah seeing things like that always makes me laugh, it’s like “Guys I know you really want him to be in the game but he has always referred to MGS as MG”

  • Shalashaska

    ok so here are some good questions IMO if someone hasnt already asked him this in the past

    1. How did you feel when you first worked with Hideo kojima on MG and it became an hit.. did you expect it to be or were you skeptical about it ? Did it surprise you and did you know in that moment that you’d be an icon to thousands if not Millions of people around the world as Solid snake and Big boss? And how is your reaction to it.. knowing that you are .. how does that make you feel?

    2. As a role of the iconic Big Boss and Solid Snake, Do you ever in real-life begin to use their voices ? Who are they-Are they David Hayter, A part of you, or are they completely different people ? As two distinct Characters, what do you think sets them apart in voice, ideology and characteristics?

    3.Are you sure that you havent made any appearance in the upcoming game TPP and do you think that there will be remakes of the First MGS in which you’ll star in as Solid snake perhaps someday in the future ? Do you hope to play as solid Snake again ?

    4. how was it working with Kojima-san and his team all this time ?

    5. Do you think or hope to take part in other stories/sagas in the coming future? As a voice-over ? As a writer or perhaps even take on something different and something you havent taken on before ?

    6. As an Voice actor, who from your peers do you think does a great job at voice acting and do you hope to work with him on some project someday ?

    7. What are your planned projects or projects you hope to work on in the coming years ?

  • ThisIsSnake!

    David, why do you seem to think you’re playing us like a fiddle?

  • ShotgunDakota

    Hey guys ive just made an account. Ive been stalking this website for years even before it was called metal gear informer (unofficial metal gear site or something rather) and finally thought i might join since its awesome to see other people as passionate about it as me
    My question to david hayter would be why the hell hasnt he come down Australia to do a Comic Con yet haha. Alot of voice actors from various games movies and animes have come down except him! Ah well ill always have hope lol

    • Welcome!

      • ShotgunDakota

        Haha thanks. Great job youve been doing nyxus always keeps me coming back here for more

    • No Place For Hayter

      Welcome (it is strange to say that to someone who was technically here way before I was, lol) glad to have you commenting with us 🙂

      • ShotgunDakota

        Haha cheers. Yeah ever since they first announced they were making a new metal gear at the 25th anniversary i stumbled across this site and just booked marked it so i could always keep up with the news and over time i realised the majority of this sites community is actually pretty awesome. Me being an xbox one owner even though i grew up with a playstation, its hard to find a comment section on any site that doesnt keep paying out xbox haha so i feel at home here

    • turkishgamer35

      welcome to MGI its good to see more people join this great community

    • Big_Boss88

      Welcome to the best community brother =) ! It’s good to see more fellow MGS addicts in here!

      I hope you enjoy discussing MGS and stuff with us :), I used to be a long time stalker too until I realized I had to start posting lol.

    • “I’ll go to Austraila Comic Con the moment they invite me”
      -David B. Hayter

      • ShotgunDakota

        Haha whaaaaaat man i gotta let comic con know!

  • nyx

    Who would be your ideal candidate to play Snake/Big boss in potential MGS movie? And why?

  • OhFiddle-Sticks

    “How much has the character of Snake become apart of your life and how has it affected you personally throughout the course of the games?”

  • quintimnia

    are you going to be in the phantom pain? uh no. you just answered it but areyougoingtobeinthephantompain?imeanyouhavetobeinvolvedsomehowsomewayyouknow.

    are you?

  • Mini gear

    do you like the old or young snake voice youve done?

  • kirtanloorii

    Dear David Hayter, how dumb do you think we are? Sincerely, the MGS community.

  • turkishgamer35

    What is your PSN ID?

  • Shporet

    How did you learn to voice act, and was it difficult for you?

  • Xomak

    When doing the voice recording sessions, were there any times when you read the script and went “WTF?” or “what, I can’t believe that is happening!”

  • NegaScott128

    It’s well-known that David Hayter is a huge Black Widow fan. He even named his daughter Natasha after the character, and was at one point attached to direct a Black Widow movie. My question is, what does he think about Scarlett Johansson’s performance? What would be have done differently? Who would he cast?

  • Alex

    Will you ever come to a Florida convention? And are you currently screenwriting anything?

  • RevolverRoden

    Man. I might be too late, but might as well try.
    It seems with every new MGS game, your Snake voice becomes a little more gravelly or “exaggerated.” Was this due to the voice direction? Was this up to you (if so, why dd you choose to take the voice in this direction). Or was it for a completely different reason or no reason at all?
    David Hayter is the classiest man alive.

    • No Place For Hayter

      Now that is a question I want asked.

  • Daniel Silva

    My question is: “Love your work on the Metal Gear franchise, of course, and would like to know, being a brazilian myself, if you’ll ever come to visit Brazil to participate on the Comic Con Experience or for something else? What do you think about the country? I wanted you to know that you have a big fan base here. Thank you so much!”

  • Maxvon

    Hello David,

    On reflection, has the last 2 years changed how you think Big Boss should be played as a character, especially if you are hired again?

  • Invader_skoodge

    So the chopper is back in action. I guess I can look at these in a different way now.
    Also is it just me or is that photo in the back next to snake’s shoulder the scene where Snake rescues Kaz and they are getting out of the chopper. When Kaz says “Rubbing our noses in bloody battlefield dirt”

    • kirtanloorii

      It is. I really like those little hidden pics in Metal Gear games. I hope to see more.

  • MichaelPayneV

    This is just, Amazing!

  • MichaelPayneV

    Will you play TPP to find out how Hideo will bring the gap between Solis Snake and Big Boss era, or the fact that you can’t hear your own voice while playing makes it too much for you to endure?

    Anyway David, sorry if i made you angry…which i unfortunately did, i’m still blocked on twitter, same username as here by the way(Banned on twitter by one of my Favorite Hollywood Writers, still banned after almost 1 year, heh…this is good, isn’t it?) so i apologize for any inconvenience, David.

  • Ma2a

    Not a question but a greeting. Everyone from Metal Gear Solid Hungary greets you and love you. For me you’ll always be the voice and soul of Snake.

  • Eli Snake

    Hi David, I wonder how you feel, when you think the series, now is ending with The Phantom Pain, and you, which is known to many, as the voice of Snake, is not part of this last great moment of the series?

  • Jason Mounce

    Is it true that you sleep in a gigantic cardboard box that reads ‘THE ORANGE’ on the exterior?

  • Shalashaska Has Landed

    How long is the interview going to be? They also contacted Yong Yea to submit questions with his fan base as well. I get the feeling a large margin of questions aren’t going to make the cut lol.

    • No idea, hopefully they’ll take some of our questions.

  • Clayton Daley

    This was moved to March 11 at 2pm PST

    • Thanks for the heads-up!

  • KorruptRonin

    Feel free to send your questions to us via twitter @swiftstrike11b and @korruptronin. We’ll try to get as many of those as we can in for the interview.

    • Are you guys checking this page as well for questions?

      • KorruptRonin

        Yup. We’re checking everything we can for questions. But for those that want a more direct approach, they can try us on twitter as well.

        • Good to know, thanks!

  • Jason Siewert

    What is your favorite project that YOU have done that is NOT metal gear related?

  • Be Water My Friend

    David, How do you feel that this is Kojima’s last Metal Gear?

  • Guest

    Why hideo kojima, change of voice, when…your voice are excelent… can make a tone for cell of fans? thanks for all…

  • I think David’s Snake voice is stuck in Old Snake’s voice and I don’t think he can do MGS1/2 SS voice anymore.

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