Kojima Productions looking into making Metal Gear Online region free

Kojima Productions is looking into the possibility of making Metal Gear Online region free, so players around the world can play with and against each other, in stead of just having to look for them within their own region. This was stated by Kojima Productions via Twitter, as well as the official Metal Gear Online Twitter account.


“We’re looking into making this happen, but we don’t have any confirmations just now.” Kojima Pro Live said on Twitter. Metal Gear Online Twitter account mirrored this statement and said: “We’re looking into this but can’t confirm any details right now.”

So don’t take this as a confirmation, but at least it’s good to know the team is looking into the possibility, since this is a feature many players would really like to see.

The Metal Gear Online developers also shared some pictures on Twitter showing the recording studio and the voice over booth (used for last week’s trailer with commentary).


“Behind-the-behind-the-scenes with our MGO trailer sound designer Mario Lavin in our recording studio.”

Kojima-Productions-LA-Recording-Studio-Robert-Peeler“Not only did  [Mario Lavin] do sound for the trailer but also the trailer commentary! Here’s  [Robert Peeler] in the booth.”

Source: Metal Gear Online Twitter, Kojima Pro Live Twitter

  • Solidpnk

    good morning to all!

    Hmmmm… so possibly a new trailer?

    Can’t wait =D

    • Ricey123

      New trailer???

    • If you’re talking about the behind the scenes recording pictures, they’re from the narrated trailer released last week.

      • Solidpnk

        Damn, I’m sorry. you’re right Nyxus. I just got excited about the pictures that i forgot about that it said it was from last week. waiting is taking its toll on me.
        thank you for clarifying it for me .
        I do hope we get a new trailer later on the road.

    • Big_Boss88

      Good day to you ;D, I think we’ll get a new trailer in E3 the latest, if not before. E3 is gonna kick ass with MGSV going nuclear.

      • Solidpnk

        Helloww There! =].
        Yeah! I hope so . But, honestly the last trailer I saw was when they introduced Nuclear trailer. From there on I haven’t seen nothing , I’ve read about jungle and quiet gameplay. that’s about it lol I’m minimizing as much gameplay as possible ! I want this to blow me away.
        oh man we’ll ALL go NUCLEAR and WILD. lol

    • No Place For Hayter

      *Roles out of bed* Moruning…….. Ahem, I mean morning 🙂 it is really gloomy today, had trouble getting out of bed, lol.

      • Solidpnk

        Jajaja, now it’s goody afternoon :). Oh man tell me about It. same here some drizzling rain. But I love it love the cold weather 8) . But fear not ! release is upon us! * sadly 6 months to go *.
        everyone midnight launch or eagerly waiting in their homes for their copy to arrive =).

        • Edward Wokhands

          I LOVE rainy days. The sun is boring.

          • Solidpnk

            Oh man so sorry for a super dupeer Late reply . I’ve been working and just got my Internet back .=)
            I just love how the rain smells!
            I wish the cold would never leave nyc!. I dislike the sun because it hurts my eyes =/.

  • Silverius

    Ohh Yiss!

  • gerber

    I think the only problem with region free multiplayer is high ping. PW has region free multiplayer. Killing dinosaurs and stuff with japanese guys, good times

    • Ventris

      Yep! Ping would kill us 🙁

      • MrVux007


        • Mini gear

          ” the ping sent our server to hell, but we’re going even deeper”

        • Big_Boss88

          Damn right, too high ping and we’re gonna get owned like this dude ’cause of them uber lags.

          • MrVux007

            omg that will never get old

          • Big_Boss88

            XD I love it lol, BEST death scene EVER!

  • Omar Potter

    Konami never had good servers, Last PRO EVO 2015 before multi start working properly took about 2 weeks. So, bigger ping will not help at all if people in one match will be from different regions.

    • Edward Wokhands

      MGO2 was meant to be amazing though!

  • FOX

    Well lets hope Konami will have better servers and less loading times then GTA V

  • If we could do this is would be great. I can’t to get rocked by some 9 year old Japanese kids and curl my fists in pain & anger. ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ

    • MrVux007

      i once buyed my copy of MGS4 when i was in Singapore (also bought my PS3 there)…little did i know that it was region locked….you cant imagine the agony i had experianced when playing MGO 2 when i got back home Oo

  • As far as there wont be cheaters and “lagswitchers” i will be ok.
    MGO2 was a lag party when some cheaters appeared. The rest, the best online video game allong with Halo.

  • Big_Boss88

    This would be great and lets hope they manage to do it well :).

    We’re counting on you Rob and your brothers in arms 😀 !

    • Edward Wokhands

      Kojima could troll high pings into thinking they’re low. No lag for everyone thanks to Uncle Koji.

  • Everyone get in here.

    Dear MGO team: PLEASE make it happen! I have friends in other countries that I’m dying to play this with.

  • Vegas

    I thought region free was modus operandi for online games these days… what is so hard about doing it?

    • Kol Leqejza

      i don’t get it, too. never knew a game, that had region locked multiplayer.

      pls, somebody feel free to explain.

      • Edward Wokhands

        Me neither, this doesn’t really make sense to me. That would imply that some online games, say you buy it in the US, only allow you to play with other US players and I’ve never seen that in a game. In Mario Kart 8 it lets you choose between global players and regional but that’s the closest I’ve seen to anything resembling regions in an online game.

      • turkishgamer35

        pes 2015 have region locked multiplayer too:(

    • Derrik Touve

      It’s not “hard” to do, there isn’t anything that really prevents you from being able to have region-free online. It’s a choice, they have to implement the restrictions. The only real reasons that I can see are language barriers, but mostly the large increase in lag, and the way the MGO1/2 engines are, lag really looks bad for the game.

      • Vegas

        Thanks captain, now i know. Well, better to be without lag but i hope they can make it region-free and lag-free.

  • I really dislike this to be honest. Specially if you’re not able to play on other countries’ community. I love being a brazilian but I just hate the brazilian kids on internet – and yes, they’re everywhere – so I’d play on US server all the time, trying to get away from them. If that is possible then it’s okay, but I really preffer having rooms named ”Brazil” or ”Japan only” than having to switch communities everytime you want to play with people that speak your language. This room name thing worked just fine on other games (Battlefield, for example) and I can’t see a reason this should not work on MGO.

  • Big_Boss88

    A bit off-topic http://blog.us.playstation.com/2015/03/11/uncharted-4-a-thiefs-end-coming-spring-2016/

    Was kinda expecting this to happen, and not releasing UC4 this year. Also imo this is good, because lots of games coming this year and TPP is what we desire the most :). It’s nice that there still are some developers who don’t rush their games.

    • Edward Wokhands

      For the sake of crap. It’s a good thing MGS5 is coming this year because now all we have is TPP and The Witcher 3 for our new consoles. Not that I need anything other than Metal Gear. This has got to be the worst generation I’ve ever experienced. Good thing Nintendo are coming to the rescue with Zelda, Star Fox and some new Mario Kart 8 tracks! It’s a shame that Wii U sales are so low because it’s the one console that actually seems to care about releasing games and they’re all amazing.

      Unless I’ve forgotten about some upcoming PS4 games?

  • XIFF-5

    Bad idea…. sorry , but it will make more laggy gameplay experience to many players around the world.
    For me as a hardcore MGO gamer, I see making it region locked is much better.

    • No Place For Hayter

      That is why they are looking into it and trying to make it work, if it made the game more laggy they wouldn’t put it in, what they are doing is trying to prevent that, it would also be an option, meaning it wouldn’t be forced, so even if it is a bad idea you wouldn’t have to make your game laggy, and if it isn’t an option than that would be a horribly bad sign for MGO lol. I for one hope they do it but as an option, I mean some people just have bad connections and would only prefer to play locally, you can’t force people like that to play globally.

      • Edward Wokhands

        Yeah, I was going to say the same thing. No doubt they’ll test extensively and as you say they’ll make it an option. It works amazingly in Mario Kart 8.

  • Ah Hells yeah, make it happen Koji Pro. I cant wait to get my ass handed to my by a Japanese kid 😉

  • No Place For Hayter

    I would also love to see this, would be awesome 🙂

  • old_ass_snake

    Hell yes. I remember watching a video of the victory theme from MGO2 with people singing lyrics in various different languages. I unfortunately never got the chance to play MGO but it looked like the fanbase was very diverse. I’d love to see this return and be a part of it

  • PrinceHeir

    Definitely should be Region free.

    You could just toggle options where players within your region can only join in that server. Guilty Gear Xrd does this excellent, but it looked complex from the first time around.

    Can’t wait for MGO三!

  • Ninja_Se7eN

    I’d love this to be region free! Hope they can make it happen!

  • Edward Wokhands

    What a coincidence! I ordered a MIDI keyboard yesterday that looks exactly like that! Only got it for the 8 knobs and drumpads. Never know when some extra keys might come in handy.

  • turkishgamer35

    hope they make it region free or at least there is an option for it

  • Sonic 2099 The Hedgehog
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