Konami will produce a new Metal Gear title after MGSV: The Phantom Pain and is looking for staff

Hideo Kojima has announced Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain will be his last Metal Gear, and with strong rumors suggesting his departure from Konami later this year, it seems the real deal this time. Not surprisingly, Konami, who still owns the (highly successful) franchise, will continue making new games after The Phantom Pain, and develop a new Metal Gear game.

In a press release they announce they are looking for key staff to develop these new games, people with rich imagination, a passion for game making and good communication skills.

Thank you for your continued patronage of KONAMI products and services.

The latest title in the METAL GEAR series, “METAL GEAR SOLID V: THE PHANTOM PAIN” (below, “MGSV: TPP”), will be released as planned starting on Tuesday, September 1, 2015 in North America, Latin America, and Europe, followed by Japan and Asia on Wednesday, September 2. Hideo Kojima will remain involved throughout.

Hideo Kojima Stated: I want to reassure fans that I am 100% involved and will continue working on METAL GEAR SOLID V: THE PHANTOM PAIN; I’m determined to make it the greatest game I’ve directed to date. Don’t miss it!

In addition, Konami Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd. will continue to develop and distribute top-quality content in the METAL GEAR series following “MGSV: TPP.” We greatly anticipate and deeply appreciate your ongoing support for METAL GEAR.

As the next step in the series, KONAMI has already resolved to develop a new “METAL GEAR” title.

We will be conducting auditions for main staff to lead the development.
Interested parties are encouraged to contact us to via the recruitment page of the KONAMI official website.

If you have any questions or concerns, please submit an inquiry via the “Contact Us” page.

As you can see in the press release, Hideo Kojima will still be involved with development of The Phantom Pain. Whether he’ll be part of the franchise at all in the future remains uncertain. From the looks of this he won’t though.

The official Metal Gear Twitter account also reassured fans that Kojima is still the driving force behind The Phantom Pain.

“Despite rumors, MGSV:TPP-written, designed, directed & produced by Mr.Kojima is still on track. The team’s hard at work. Pls support them!”

Metal Gear Online’s development also continues as normal.

Source: Konami, Konami Japan, Metal Gear Official Twitter, Konami UK, Metal Gear Online Twitter

  • solidsnack

    i’m really happy to at least hear that kojima is still the writer/designer/director/producer for the phantom pain and it’s not gonna be delayed. i hope the spending cuts on kojima productions doesn’t affect the game though that’s scary. best case scenario is kojima has had the kojima productions name removed from things himself because he plans to take the name on as a new company with the same team and we can get some interesting new games from him in the future. i really hope they didn’t do him wrong!

    • Edward Wokhands

      That’s what I was hoping. I hope he starts a new studio. I wonder what’s happening with Silent Hills? Anyone know?

      • solidsnack

        apparently it’s being continued without kojima as a “deal between konami and del toro”

        • Edward Wokhands

          Oh then I guess it’s goodbye decent Silent Hill. It might be good but I don’t know, Kojima is a genius game developer, is Del Toro? I imagine Del Toro needs someone to work with. This is a mess if it’s true.

          • solidsnack

            i agree. i definitely wouldn’t be half as excited for it with just del toro. i mean the mash up of kojima and del toro could have been something really special 🙁

  • Bramdeman

    After Phantom Pain Metal Gear is dead.

    • Schmojima

      Sad, but true.

    • mikeyyytexas


    • RanFujimiya

      I hope so. Many people are now saying things like that, but we all know that they are going to buy it anyway…

    • Ricardo Oe

      I dont think so…
      There is a lot of good people with a lot of imagination and creativity in the market.
      They may even make a game never imagined before with the new engine.
      As Kojima talks, we must look ahead and into the future.

      • Bramdeman

        It’s konami-milk.

      • Jak

        What is this weird obsession with the Fox engine? There’s been nothing shown so far about it that UE4 and CryEngine (and probably even Unity5) can’t do.

        • Vegas

          I disagree. I’ve never seen a game so fluid as Ground Zeroes. The way the world feels alive and all the moviments are smooth… and there is still a lot of things to see.

  • as

    no kojima,no metal gear

  • Vegas

    “Konami will continue to develop top-quality content in the METAL GEAR series”.

    • César H. Sandoval

      Joke of the year, they should be on Comedy Central.

    • Joaquin Romero Victorica

      Enjoy your money while you can Konami.. It Will the last time you get something for us

    • Tomas Prilepok


  • César H. Sandoval

    Oh boy! I can wait to NOT BUY Metal Gear Unity.

    No KojiPro, no cash, fuck Konami! The corpse is not even cold yet and they are already making a soul-less cashgrab.

  • Vegas

    Be ready guys, the new appearance of Solid Snake will come soon as a soccer player on PES 2016.

  • Javier Sosa

    A konami konami game

    • Edward Wokhands

      LOL! Draw the colonel saying “GET OFF MY LAWN!” and young Snake saying “la le lu le NO!” while putting his middle finger up.

      • Ricardo Oe


    • ZAHUBA

      MGS X : Get out of my skatepark .

      New stealth , fast paced online war between bladers , bikers and skaters with one and only Big bosses grandson .

      I think we need to start praying to god allmighty cos this is looking like end of something brilliant 🙁

      • Ninja_Se7eN

        and I’m hoping for some miracle
        To breakout, to escape from all this

    • Will

      Lol, agent Solid Skate.

  • Sn4ke_911


    • César H. Sandoval

      Funny how they actually believe developers like Kojima grow in trees..

  • Sonic 2099 The Hedgehog

    Dunno if i wan the New Metal Gear. If they Keep the Story Line and the Characters, Just Everything We Know and Loved from the Series, I’m Happy.

    • Sonic 2099 The Hedgehog

      Other Words: No Reboot Please!

      • Sonic 2099 The Hedgehog

        Remake: Cool
        Remaster: Not Bad
        Reboot: F*ck You!!

  • Gawd

    This will surely intensify the artistry, and delivery of TPP — great men like Kojima find it to be their duty to commit to their work especially in the scenario of a “last hoorah”. This is the end for us let Konami fancy their illusions.

  • A Hideo Kojima Game

    I heard Kojima Productions were available for audition. Just sayin’.

  • mikeyyytexas

    That’s it, Konami just cut my last tie… After TPP they will get no love from me…. This is truly disappointing and a sad day for all Kojima fans

  • ThreeMadFrogs

    I’m so bummed about this whole thing. I wish there was a loophole in which Kojima could have snagged the franchise rights.

    • Edward Wokhands

      This is horrible. It’s like when Michael Jackson owned the rights to The Beatles’ song library! It’s just mind boggling. It’s pure injustice. All the money he provided them, I always associated him with Konami but now… ugh. It’s HIS creation. This shouldn’t be legal. It reminds me of that guy who worked for Sega (I think it was Sega) who basically invented a Wii controller for the Dreamcast. They took his idea and basically scrapped it saying it was no good. But THEY owned the idea and the prototype that HE built in his garage just because he worked for them! So he couldn’t make any games or sell any ideas to anyone. Can you imagine being that guy? He invented the Wii and then saw the concept make billions. (I don’t think Nintendo stole it, just that he didn’t get there first.)

      Corporations shouldn’t be able to own people’s personal ideas like this. I mean Kojima would have been just as successful wherever he ended up. Konami were lucky to have him.

      • Jak


        I adore Hideo, but there’s no legal argument on the planet that would give him the rights to MGS.

        If you want to keep doing the “we built it damn it, it was ours” schtick, do recall it’s been Konami who has funded this every step of the way.

        Them pulling his name from branding is a colossally shitty move, but it’s not even like they fired him.

        • Edward Wokhands

          I know it’s all legal. It still doesn’t make it right. I knew someone would make that argument. Some laws shouldn’t be laws. He should at least be able to use the name and characters. It’s like Da Vinci’s landlord copyrighting the Mona Lisa so he thinks of it, paints it but it’s theirs. It reminds me of Nobuo Uematsu; Square Enix own ALL of his music and can do what they want with it but then again they didn’t restrict him. They let him play it, sell it, he can do whatever he wants with it. Kojima should be allowed that same freedom. When someone invents something like this and it’s so closely associated with them it just feels wrong that if he makes a new game with Snake in it or whatever then he can be sued!

          My point is that anyone could have got Kojima and anyone could have funded him. Th shouldn’t give them a legal right to what he made, that’s just weird. It doesn’t matter what company he ended up with, the result would have been the same as long as he had creative freedom. He made THEM the money. They didn’t take much of a risk with the early MG games. They were cheap to make for a corporation. He should go and join Valve or Naughty Dog somehow.

  • Gatsu

    Damn, I couldn’t log in for a while in work by using my phone ;(…
    I thought Konami or some evil villain had invaded our sweet MGI lol. Glad to see it’s up and working!

    So it’s real info then ;(…make me sad.
    Anyway, I wish they would not just announce this already… It makes it feel similar to how Ubisoft released a broken Unity and before it was even fixed, they already announced they’re working on the next game “Victory”. I’m not saying TPP will be broken, far from it as it’s perfect, but to say they’re already “resolved” (whatever it means lol) to make new MG feel like it’s too soon. I hope they take their time with it.

    Hideo Kojima will be missed after playing TPP for years to come, but I hope that the guys making the “new MG” are at least able to do a decent game… OR they could use their creative minds and start a new franchise, as MG will come to full circle after TPP. What could the “new MG” even be like, I’m scared to think of it… Will most likely pass on it as I’m satisfied playing Kojima’s perfect saga and TPP forever.
    As with some amazing movies like Indiana Jones-trilogy, deciding suddenly to make more of them usually ends up being shitty ones. Imo they should stop MG series when it’s at the top with Kojima-san and perfect time for the ending a.k.a. TPP.

    Something me and many others would like to see, is them keeping “A Hideo Kojima Game” with the ones he was creating. Glad to hear he’s still working hard with TPP though and scheduled release as promised :).

    • Edward Wokhands

      No idea because all that can be done now is remake the games. The whole story has been told. All they can do is keep stuffing games in between the gaps between the games or explore The Boss but they wouldn’t be able to do that as well as Kojima. I wonder if they own Fox Engine too? Or if that belongs to Kojima’s team? Seriously, after all that work he’s put into (it’s not like Kojima just sits around, he obviously works hard) Fox engine AND then making a game with it and they just get rid of him. I can’t STAND it when corporations abuse their power like this.

  • LiquidCampbell

    Kojima will still make Silent Hills, and will give full support to the franchise Metal Gear , noting that the SOLID franchise is with him, they ( Konami ) , not , can they use the Solid brand.

    • Gatsu

      He will still make SH :O? Is it confirmed somewhere? If in this article then I’m blind haha ;)…
      I really, REALLY hope he still can/wanna do it as he’s been so excited of it (me too) and even did P.T… Scariest game or demo in long time, I wanna play SH.

    • Sonic 2099 The Hedgehog

      So He Keep a Eye on Metal Gear. If So then I’m Happy

    • Where did you get this info from?

  • Cipher

    I’m not buying any game after The Phantom Pain
    MGS is dead without Kojima-san

    Last forever here in our hearts

  • What do you guys think of this theory?


    Really sounds too good to be true, to be honest. This whole thing has turned in a PR nightmare for Konami, so in that sense it’s not the same as the Moby Dick stunt.

    • Gatsu

      Interesting. I was thinking something weird and similar earlier today in work, if it would be what they’re planning to do. As for us fans sort of coming to “rescue” our God and for him to see how much we actually care about the guy, well I’m sure he knows this already lol :P…

      “To foreshadow and then fulfill his role as a martyr during this project
      fits perfectly with the themes of the series at this point, and
      guarantees the kind of tidal wave of attention that we’ve already seen. Fans are being provoked into coming to Kojima’s “rescue”, and thus
      generating a marketing campaign on behalf of the man at no cost to
      Konami. Already we’ve seen a barrage of sentimental photos from fans
      displaying their collection of “A Hideo Kojima Game” games, with
      hashtags and everything.”

      It is just so weird for them to erase his name from the games, after all this time? I mean are they serious??

      I wonder if it could be true somehow, I mean Kojima is a master at tricking us. Not sure what to think of all this really ;), but all this Kojima leaving Konami makes me think what about Silent Hills!? He was really excited to do it with Del Toro and Reedus, so what now he won’t do it after all? Make me think he is either tricking us in major way and still gonna do SH after TPP as part of Konami, or then somehow make SH after leaving Konami. I won’t accept them cancelling my SH >:C …

      • Edward Wokhands

        Wait a minute… I just realized, what are those missions for exactly
        in Ground Zeroes where you erase Metal Gear games? You only erase the
        ones that are directed BY KOJIMA!!! Does that tie into it somehow?

      • Shalashaska

        As for silent hill.. Del toro is good.. but P.t.. I really doubt del toro can make a game AS SCARY AS THAT without Kojima.. it maybe better than recent silent hills thanks to the fox engine but nothing great like P.T was.. It’s sad

    • Iike I said yesterday, if it’s not official, it’s not true.
      We all know that Kojima is a master at deceit, so until I hear it from him, offically, I don’t buy it.

      • Gatsu

        Yeah you’re right bro, just like with Release date confirmation, need it from Kojima.

    • Josh Houchin

      It may seem naive, but I’m still holding out hope that this is just a big trolling from the master of trolls himself. KojiPro are casting themselves as the Diamond Dogs.

    • cardboardbox engineer

      thank you for pointing out their webpage, it was an interesting read, they “are” having a conflict, the only reason it is not official yet is to do with Konami’s poor Video game diversity, (to make it short if MGS tanks their VG division tanks), they are trying to prevent that but not making an statement to hurt their market (stock) value, overall I believe this is a very good opportunity for Kojima to be forced out of MGS and think about a new IP. ( I hope I am right about this because I personally love his mind and would love to see his talents devoted to something else)

    • moto hellogoto

      SOunds like a crackpot conspiracy theory. EVerything is a conspiracy now a days.

      • Gatsu

        Yeah…but all this stuff is kinda messed up, so being open minded doesn’t hurt I guess.

      • Kol Leqejza

        ever played metal gear sololid? no matter which one, there all have geopolitical conspiracies.

    • MrVux007

      its highly plausible….im just not buying into this whole fiasco…

    • PrinceHeir

      Nah i think this is real. People are just grasping too many straws now. I know Kojima did Moby Dick Studios, but that was more of an experiment, for Ground Zeroes.

      This involves peoples career and jobs. I doubt Kojima would risk all of it just for PR stunt, it would be too much even for a Japanese style of prank.

      Just like Hayter not appearing on Ground Zeroes nor The Phantom Pain. People will just have to accept it.

      I know i did already, since this is Konami after all.

      • Gatsu

        I don’t want accept it ;(…. ;C

    • Ninja_Se7eN

      Either that theory is true and everyone at Konami is an idiot for seriously damaging the reputation of the company for a failed PR stunt or it isn’t true and everyone at Konami is an idiot for getting rid of their best developers in the most ridiculously disrespectful way anyone could conceive.

      The conclusion is the same: Konami = bunch of idiots.

    • SolidSuneku

      *sigh* I really dont know what to make of all this….i really hope its a big joke every one is taking the wrong way but after the backlash konami have had i would of thought they would want to clear things up ASAP!?!?!?!? i found this too http://www.siliconera.com/2015/03/18/despite-complications-konami-will-continue-making-loveplus-tokimeki-memorial-games/ …..
      I hope Kojima will update everyone soon and let us know the truth…..

    • If he pulled this off as a legitimate reflection of the story in the phantom pain… he’s more than a God..although it’s a PR nightmare now, the pay off would be huge. I read this article like the bullet points at the end of a metal gear game. I’ll keep the faith alive and go along Kojima. No company says “we’re auditioning new developers” it would totally kill the moral for the team working on the current title. This is all fishy.

    • Jak

      You guys don’t know much about corporate culture if you think this is true-this shit affects their share prices and reputation, they’re not going to fuck around for some meta advertising.

      Again-Kojima’s ruse cruises are always meant to be -fun-. He doesn’t fuck with fans emotions, he gives us cryptic trailers and fake games.

  • karoto

    I won’t scatter your sorrow to the heartless sea I will always be with you

  • …mmmm…

  • ObsessedGeorge

    Standing, at the edge,
    of the underworld, looking at the abyss,
    and l’m hoping,
    for some miracle,
    to break out, to escape from all this…

    • Nacrois

      Whispers in the air will tell the tales

      of a franchise that’s gone
      desolation, devastation
      what a mess they made, when it all went wrong…

  • RanFujimiya

    Do whatever you want Konami, but I’m not on the hypetrain. I’m done with you. Have fun.
    It simply hurts that they’re not leaving Metal Gear what it is and now trying to use the name to sell their games.

  • George Sears

    Let’s hope this backfires on Konami and the fans of Metal Gear leave along with Kojima after The Phantom Pain.
    MGS going the way of the Silent Hill series will make me lose hope in gaming in general. It’s better if the series ends after MGSV. No Kojima, no Metal Gear.


    At least some “gamers” will be happy cos they will get some nice new
    frenchise along with “brilliant” COD and even more “awsome” BF .
    more than certain that this move will be disaster and i will be more
    than happy if im wrong now but mgs without Kojima san is like ship
    without captain 🙁 .
    It will be first MGS which i wont preorder for
    sure and if didnt get grades 9-10/10 i wont buy it at all and no1 should
    cos our community should stop them from ruining best 28 years old
    videogame heritage .

    Peace out and hopefully this wont happen
    and they got straight in those heads full of profits and if they wont
    thay still can make remakes mg , mg2 and MGS1 aswell 😉 . Btw cant wait
    til 1st of sept to start MGS and MGO . Its been a while ….. 😉 Btw i
    like this comunity a lot cos here are true gamers which knows what is
    best . 😉 .

    At the end of this few years ago i found in one
    directory on kojimaproduction website one very interesting picture which
    was head with upper body . If someone is interested i can dig that
    picture up ( if i will found it and u will knew maybe something which
    no1knows 😉 . Personaly since that day im still waiting to see or hear
    about that character . Maybe it wont be in a game at all but thats only
    one way to found out after 1st of september 😉

  • Raymondius

    Konami, I told you on twitter, and I’ll do it again. It’s not his final Metal Gear. It’s our last one too. Fans never forget.


  • Edward Wokhands

    F**k Konami seriously. A**holes. (What kind of language can be used in these comments? I don’t want to disrespect the rules here since Nyxus and co are so cool) Everything Kojima has done for them and they just get rid of him? You know recently I was starting to admire Konami for how much creative freedom they gave him and maybe 2 weeks ago I genuinely thought “it’s awesome that they let him have his name on MGS games, it gives them a personal feel.” So yesterday when they got rid of it I was shocked. Really, what do Konami have without MGS?

    If they don’t employ Kojima to make Silent Hills then they’re done. They’ll have one soccer game.

    I’m genuinely terrified. They’re going to RUIN MGS. This isn’t Mario where you can just hand it off to a team after mentoring them. MGS is a personal game, it’s full of unique ideas and a unique atmosphere. Look at how different each game is to the last yet they all feel the same, they all fit together. That’s because Kojima directed them. Every successful TV show has the creator at least overlook every episode, The Simpsons, The Sopranos, Breaking Bad, Family Guy, they would have felt like a mess if they didn’t have someone overlooking them, they would have felt VERY disjointed. That’s why MGS Revengeance didn’t fit (it was an okay game, it got really easy after a little practice though) into the series. It felt wrong. Actually, I’m going to take a guess here, was Portable Ops directed by Kojima? Because just from the FEEL I’m going to say no, it wasn’t. (If I got that wrong I’m going to look like more of an idiot than I already am -_-)

    Konami is becoming more corporate and that is TERRIBLE for games. They’re art and they need to be treated that way, they need to be treated carefully and with care or you end up with the likes of Assassin’s Creed or Call Of Duty where games are just pumped out like baseball cards. You can’t just own an IP and make a new game with a new team. Kojima would have to train them and spend a few YEARS with them and maybe even then they might not be ready. Ugh. This is so annoying and sad. Please don’t destroy this series that, if MGS5 is great, is PERFECT.

    There are only a few ways this could work, if they start a new style and maybe follow The Boss, but still, all I’d be thinking is “can you imagine how much better this would be with Kojima?” or they could just make a few remakes of MG and MG2 and MGS1. Orrr… they could do some not so serious arcade like games maybe. This is not a good idea and it’s obviously the idea of a non-gamer with more money than sense or skill.

    • Gatsu

      “can you imagine how much better this would be with Kojima?”
      Nice post and yeah….it will be so different because different kind of dude leading the development.

      Btw curse words are allowed I think, just not towards each other so we can keep this community nice. I tend to avoid them because that’s how I usually behave in daily life :P. What Konami does here is bad, but I want to see and hear what Kojima say about all this before I rage into Nuclear mode. As there might be a slight chance that all is not what it seems… call me paranoid or stupid if want :).

      • Edward Wokhands

        Okay, cool. Yeah, I was thinking that too. Maybe he has something to say about it. In fact I’m starting to believe that something else is going on here now. Look at the Deja Vu mission in Ground Zeroes. You erase markings. All the markings are Kojima directed MGS games. There are other MGS markings in the level that can’t be erased, they’re all non-Kojima games!

        Now it’s like Kojima’s name has been erased just like the XOF logo and those MGS markings. I think he’ll probably announce something. If it’s not a publicity stunt of some sort then I think he probably knew he was going to leave and that’s why he put that in the game. Either way it’s kind of genius. As usual.

        • Gatsu

          Kojima has balls of steel, he might plan something like this although it seems crazy as hell.

  • Gatsu

    Lol it will be so funny if all this would turn out to be just Kojima fooling with us. To see all the raging over internet etc.

    • Edward Wokhands

      I really hope it is because this is ridiculous.

    • Javier Sosa

      We can’t say all the time that Hideo is trolling us. This is true and it’s bad.

      • Gatsu

        I know my friend, but I only meant it as if. I would like to see Kojima say something about it.

        This whole thing is sad.

  • Silverius

    Motherfuckers 🙁

  • Invader_skoodge

    OH HELL NO!!! You done fucked up KONAMI. This would all be fine and dandy if they didn’t remove the “A Hideo Kojima Game” tag from ALREADY RELEASED TITLES. I think this whole thing could have gone differently. Could have even been welcomed news that Kojima will finally move on to different projects. But, no. They had to do it the worst way possible. I’m sorry to say that MGSV:TPP will be my last Metal Gear game, and ultimately my last KONAMI game…………….

    “Here’s to you, Kojima-San

    Rest forever in our hearts

    The last and final Metal Gear is Yours

    Your name on the cover is your Triumph”

    This is 2004 speech describing this exact thing. We don’t buy Konami Games. We buy Kojima Productions Games. If kojiPro succeeds konami succeeds. They should have known that.

  • Xilurm


    Don’t know if this is the same exact blog but they just posted it on FB.

    Poor fools, completely avoiding the question. Everyone knows the release date Konami, people want to know if you’re actually removing Hideo or not…

  • Edward Wokhands

    I saw a conspiracy below (didn’t read it properly so sorry if it’s already been said) I just realized, what are those missions for exactly in Ground Zeroes where you erase Metal Gear games with the blue light on the gun? You only erase the ones that are directed BY KOJIMA!!! (Or at least that’s what it says on IGN, I haven’t looked into it properly) Does that tie into it somehow? Now they erased the name Kojima from the top of MGS5? Plus those spotlights with Koijima Productions.

    Unless Kojima knew that he wanted to leave early on in development and decided to put that feature in the game without telling anyone why, or just making up a silly reason. Then (I saw someone else with this theory) he makes ridiculous demands to Konami and basically makes them fire him? I think there’s a connection there in Ground Zeroes because making markings disappear is never explained. They don’t even try to explain it, they just say “weird”.

    • Invader_skoodge

      “You might be able to erase the markings, but the memories will never disappear…”

      Did he know all this time?

      • Edward Wokhands

        Something weird is going on. Why would they all be Kojima games that you can erase? It’s never explained! And why would they have non-Kojima games there too, as if he’s trying to make a point? Maybe this really has been planned for a long time?

  • Amir

    I wanna stay optimistic, so I don’t say that maybe this statement was forced or maybe it’s even fake:


    Also, this Hideo Kojima statement is not included on this official corporate news:


    • Edward Wokhands

      In Ground Zeroes you erase markings with the gun light in the Deja Vu mission. According to IGN all the markings that you remove (why are they MGS games exactly?) are directed by Kojima. The ones that can’t be removed aren’t Kojima games. And now they erased Kojima’s name from MGS5 right near the end of development? What the hell? I think you’re right that this is fake. Or maybe it’s tied into the story of the game somehow, taking the game into reality. He already messed with it with the first trailer and the bandaged face and so on.

      • Amir

        I played Jamais Vu again 2 hours ago (Raiden is awesome!); Obviously he knew that they would remove his name from the games. When you’re in a company, you hear things and rumors about the higher-ups’ decisions and I’m pretty sure the restructuring of the company was mentioned in their talks.

        Kojima knew that this might happen, so he included the logos of all the Metal Gear games released, as an easter egg in the level, but you see them only when you pick up the gun with the flashlight in the northwest are of the camp in the building.

        All the games are there, but you can only remove the ones directed by Kojima. This can mean two things. First: Kojima wanted the fans and new comers to the series to remember and know which games were his. Second: the thing that happened yesterday; the phrase “A Hideo Kojima Game” was removed entirely from all the games.

        When I removed the second one (which was Snake Eater), Miller said the lines that we were all sharing yesterday: “You might be able to erase the markings, but the memories will never disappear.”

        Kojima might’ve wanted to share his feelings on this act, or maybe even it was a dialogue directed towards the guy (or guys) who had planned this act.

        In anyway, I’m not even sad the Kojima is leaving Konami. I’m happy that maybe he can now work on the things he wanted or maybe even have some fun. He can retire and watch movies and read novels for the rest of his life if he wants. I don’t care.

        I just want Konami to respect his 30 years of work in that company and bring back the title of “A Hideo Kojima Game” to his games.

        • Gatsu

          “In anyway, I’m not even sad the Kojima is leaving Konami. I’m happy that maybe he can now work on the things he wanted or maybe even have some fun. He can retire and watch movies and read novels for the rest of his life if he wants. I don’t care.
          I just want Konami to respecthis 30 years of work in that company and bring back the title of “A Hideo Kojima Game” to his games.”

          This is kinda my feelings too, so he can do other things. At least he has given us all the MG games he wanted then. But the thing I don’t like is if Konami will keep on making new MG in the near future, because it’s Kojima’s baby.

          • exactly. but we know that it won’t be like this (if all these news are true) at some time Konami will make another Metal Gear, i can see a lot of similarities with what happened to Star Wars with the Disney deal /: (but at least Lucas got an absurd amount of money)

        • Edward Wokhands

          Yeah, I was playing it only yesterday and thought it was so weird that you could only remove certain games. I had no idea what it meant until just before I wrote the comments on here. It’s obviously connected, it’s just too strange. It makes zero sense without this news. It’s another genius move by Kojima.

          Yeah, I honestly don’t care that he left, (well I’m unhappy that there are no new MGS games) like you say he deserves to have a rest or to just play around with some smaller games or whatever. The only thing that bothers me is that Konami think they can carry on making MGS games. Who do they think they are? We’ve seen this over and over and over and over and over again in movies where a director makes a few amazing movies or one amazing movie and then the studio who owns the rights completely ruin it (even though I said it happened over and over the only one that comes to mind right away is Jaws for some reason -_- …oh and The Shining had a shitty TV series made) by making ridiculous sequels or remakes just for the money. I’ve noticed that the game industry seems to repeat everything the movie industry did; even it’s mistakes. It’s run by dummies.

          The only thing they should even try to do is remake the older games with Fox Engine. If they do they need to at least have Kojima executive produce or give some notes. This is such a terrible idea. Kojima has told the story, it was a long story but he told it perfectly (well, near perfectly but that’s understandable) and he knows that Snake and Big Boss’s story has been thoroughly told. There’s nothing else there.

          It’s crazy that this was known about so long ago. I wonder when that Deja Vu mission was made? It must have been late 2013 maybe? Then again developers do have to plan far ahead due to how long games take.

    • Invader_skoodge

      “You will feel ashamed of your words & deeds.” -Hideo Kojima

  • Maik O’Bannon

    Kojima said ” this is my last metal gear game” every time he had been developing one,this time it’s true.
    Well ,we can look back at what we played so far and say a big “thank you”,
    We will enjoy TPP and watch the decay of the series going on,we will be aware we played the best ,and most genuine mgs games .
    -life’s end,isn’t it beautiful?-

    • Gatsu

      We can at least be happy to get to experience Kojima’s last and best masterpiece in the saga. I’m so grateful for that :).

  • Icycool

    Ok so Silent Hills is officially fucked too

  • Shalashaska

    I would love to get an opportunity to make a MGS Game.. Ive had thousands of ideas in thousands of different places in my head.. but this feels like a back stab to Kojima san :/

    For You kojima.
    You made this franchise.

    If all this is true, it’s a sad day for gaming people. Im telling you guys, we are on a VERY THIN line between good games and CASH grabs.. A VERY thin Line.. Sooner or later , i feel, if this trend isnt corrected.. all our games will be like Unity or some Mobile game with parts cut out, waiting times and ton load of micro transactions

  • Colin Reid

    Hopefully they will ask David to come back again!

  • Shporet

    Wouldn’t it be nice if Sony showered Kojima with money and gave him all the time he needs to create whatever he wants… I hope TPP gives one hell of a closure to MGS. There is no MGS without Kojima’s full attention, but… although I was going to shout Fuck you Konami all over the place let’s not forget that they should also be credited for MGS. Something great like MGS is a sum of many, many factors, Kojima just being the largest of them. But to all things comes an end. I just hope that end is not what it seems and that all parties, especially, Mr. Kojima get what they deserve.



  • Invader_skoodge

    Breaking news! New KONAMI info leaked online.


  • NakedSnake85

    Its a ruse..” If i fail i might consider leaving the industry”
    hideo kojima last year s quote.. think of the parallels.. kojima with ishmael s mask as moby dick studio director.. and now this.. kojima is making a bold move right now… i hope that it will not backlash cause im a huge fan of his and of metal gear series.. but right now i think that he s going too far

  • StealthyBigBoss

    This is all we understand atm

  • NakedSnake85

    1) Fake studio that develops a title called phantom pain that the main protagonist looks like snake but “its not a metal gear”

    2) kojima denies his involvement with this phantom pain title even though the title uses the fox engine.

    3) kojima announces ground zeroes as a metal gear title

    4) then the phantom pain becomes a metal gear title

    5 ) kojima states that ground zeroes and the phantom pain are the same game

    6) hayter tweets on April fools day about the end of his journey as the voice actor of snake

    7) then they become separate titles

    8) he removes Hayter as the voice of snake and an explosion of fan rage comes afterwards..

    9) conspiracy all over regarding the main protagonist of the game – iSHMAEL big boss – GRAY FOX – solidus etc

    10) kiefer sutherland as snake is revealed with a cold disturbing video with avi arad literally insulting David Hayter even though these two are good friends… avi arad even Named Hayters daughter

    11) countless tweets and posts from hayter not letting go his Snake status even though its weird that this thing drags on and on and on especially the way he was treated by kojima/ konami

    12) a possible remake of Metal Gear gets aprooval from kojima but eventually is cancelled by Konami ( Hayter was to provide the voice of big boss/ solid snake)

    13) kojima and konami deliberatelly refused to announce a release date for the title despite the fact that they stated multiple times that a major announcement will come in the next months weeks days etc… ( chicken cap )

    14 ) the official release date comes and somehow kojima is fired or quiting Konami even though that the game is still in development and 5 months away…
    those types of decisions are made after the release of the game.. theres no way that a company like konami made this huge mistake now huge that may upset the fans all over the world BEFORE THE RELEASE OF PHANTOM PAIN.Plus Removing Kojimas name from past titles?? who does that?? really? its the most suspicious move that makes me think this is all a play.. a staged event… they are not THAT stupid.. Its just kojima is giving everything hes got this time around to cause rage betrayal confusion and to mislead everyone..Phantom Pain is a state that a person is missing a limb a leg a finger etc but he thinks and hes sure that the part somehow IS STILL THERE! my god.. kojima… u did it this time. YOU DESTROYED THE 4TH WALL

    ITS ALL A RUSE.. its a theme that brings V within real life.. Kojima wants the fans too feel betrayed.. and to seek revenge.. Dont you see? Kojima tries something noone tried before.. its a brave/reckless move that it might backlash and lead kojima out of the industry… i have faith in Hideo… and i hope that V is and will be the best game ever.. but dont you see?

    • Gatsu

      Master Kojima’s IQ is over 9000.
      Anything is possible.

      During my 2+ years of following TPP development, I’ve noticed there’s been a lot of raging from fans lol. Most because of Kojima’s masterful tricks of deceiving I think.

      • Jak

        What “tricks of deceiving” have caused outrage?

        We’ve been pissed about Hayter, the release date being kept secret for so long, and now this. None of those things are tricks, they’re things that happened.

    • it all seems too much, but knowing the man there’s a small percentage of all of this being a ruse as you say… if it comes out like that, this would be heard in ages to come. it would become one of the biggest news in the industry

    • NakedSnake85

      Kojima offered a few reassuring words as well, saying, “I am 100% involved and will continue working on Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain; I’m determined to make it the greatest game I’ve directed to date.”

    • Ninja_Se7eN

      Sure, never mind the PR hell Konami is going through right now. I’m sure was worth risking it all on a ruse for Kojima…

      • Amir

        Exactly. To those who in an unbelievable way still think this is a ruse:

        First: The news of restructuring came from Konami’s corporate website, not from a promotional website. Second: more than 80 percents of what Gamespot said was confirmed in this interview:


        So, we can be completely sure that those remaining 20 percents are also true. Which means that Kojima is having a hard time at Konami right now and we should support him instead of coming up with ridiculous theories.

        • Gatsu

          We all are supporting him for sure, don’t worry. Some just bring it up differently and some perhaps wanna think of theories, as if not wanting to believe any of this stuff.

        • Ninja_Se7eN

          Even if this was a ruse (and don’t believe it is) it’s just so unbelievably stupid.
          Why risk a fan base?
          I’ve seen people claiming to have canceled their TPP pre-orders because of this.

          • NakedSnake85

            .. send me a confirmation from both sides either that kojima quits or konami fired him.
            official statements stated that kojima is 100 focused on phantom pain and that the series will continue after V. Noone risked anything so far.. just because we r going ballistic on the internet the same internet that made famous rebecca black A DRESS and bieber i dont believe anything yet

          • Ninja_Se7eN

            I think you’re missing the point.
            As far as official statements go, yes Kojima is still working on TPP.
            I wouldn’t go ballistic if Kojima quitted now for personal reasons.

            I do go ballistic when companies take their consumers for granted and start disrespecting them.
            The key thing here was that they removed Kojima’s name from all those MGS games with no warning whatsoever.
            IMHO MGS fans like Kojima, not Konami and Konami just disrespected Kojima and Kojima Productions by making it as if they have never existed.

            And on top of that they told us “hey, we just killed Kojima Productions but that’s ok because we’re gonna make more Metal Gear without them anyways”.
            And THAT makes me go ballistic.

            MGS is one of the few games today that doesn’t deliberately try to shove down rubbish down the consumers throat with unfinished products and overpriced re-skins.
            Konami tries to take that away from us and I’ll be damned if I don’t give them a piece of my mind!

          • NakedSnake85

            okay we ll talk again in few months time

          • Ninja_Se7eN

            I don’t see what would be the point of that.
            You can say whatever is it you’re thinking now.
            If you’ve read my other posts here you’ll know I’m rather understanding ;).

            Look all I’m saying is that, even though I don’t agree with what Konami is doing, they could’ve done it a whole lot better.
            This wasn’t the right time or the right way to come out with a thing like this.
            Drastic changes need to handled tactfully.
            Just look at what happened to Microsoft with the unveil of the xBox One how they’re still suffering the consequences in spite of backing out on all their idiotic policies.

    • Edward Wokhands

      Hey, add the markings from the Deja Vu mission in Ground Zeroes to your list. The markings are titles of MGS games. You can only erase the ones that were directed by Kojima. There are markings of other games that he didn’t direct but you can’t erase those. This was obviously either a clue, another part of this pattern or he somehow knew 2 years ago that he was going to be fired/quit.

      Miller also says “you might be able to erase the markings but the memories will never disappear.”

      Without this news about Kojima’s name being removed from the game that side mission makes zero sense. I never knew what the hell it meant until the past few days. It’s genius!

      • NakedSnake85

        kojima wants as to feel just like snake.. Venom most likely suffers from amnesia. its preety obvious. so my guess is that kojima is trying to strip us the players from all previous afiliations just the way snake doesnt remember his past. his memories. really … its so obvious

        • Edward Wokhands

          You might be onto something. I hope we’re right about this because it’s really terrible. I just remembered too, another weird line in Deja Vu. When you find the Moai head Big Boss says “I can’t remember.” And I couldn’t figure out why. It doesn’t make sense why he only says it about that yet he acts normal when you find every other scene. (Then again I can’t remember anything else he says so I’m probably wrong.)

    • Solid Snakes Revenge

      I hope you are right and it’s just Trolljima at his finest but Im leaning toward s this actually happening unfortunately.

    • NakedSnake85

      Seriously everyone..open your eyes.. The fact that they removing Kojimas name from the phantom pain is a strong clue. that points to the ruse direction.. Konami cannot just simply remove the name of the director producer script writer of a game IN DEVELOPMENT when this person at the same time continues to work on the project.! there is no way that such a thing can be done except that is staged and has a hidden meaning.

    • Javier Sosa

      The last “joke” was the big announcement of the chicken hat. Then they realized it wasn’t a good move so they had to say “the announcement of the release date is coming soon”. Do you remember the theory of “the fake leak of the release date”? We spend one day trusting the game was coming sooner and NO. It wasn’t a joke. We are not going to see any more jokes about the game or kojima. All this problem between konami and kojima is true. And we have to deal with it. So stop creating fake hopes to the fans who want to believe in any theory of conspiracy about the game and its development.

      • NakedSnake85

        well maybe it sounds like a conspiracy..but to be fair and if u pay attention no one ever said that Hayter was gonna be snake.. or that the release date was to be revealed instead of the chicken hat.. i mean that there is a cloak of mystery that covers phantom pain from the begining.. i came to believe that this move is in the same direction.. no one yet confirmed or denied that kojima is fired.. or he quits konami… no? erasing kojimas name from metal gear? this alone is so stupid and literally cannot be done.. i mean litteraly.. there is no person alive that knows metal gear and doesnt know its creator.. for example removing the name from ground zeroes.. So? the game is packed with hideo kojima moments easter eggs etc.. same goes for peace walker.. i mean there is no goal that konami can achieve with that. its pointless.. and removing the name of the creator/director/scriptwriter/mastermind of a game thats still in development serves no purpose at all either.. think about it..Also i think that the countdown for the remake of “METAL GEAR” just begun 😉 its a good thing actually.. maybe the remake will come sooner than i ever imagined

    • Shalashaska

      what if the STORY of The phantom pain rides on the same crucial ideas ? But yea.. i guess we’d all like to believe this… but lets be honest.. its happening.. one or another. he has said it .. this will be his last game.. who is gonna carry forward that Metal gear series then ? That series that earns them so much money… they gotta keep moving it.. therefore.. they remove his name so they get credits alone, they remove his name so their brand is known more so that their next games in the series be bought even though the “a hideo kojima game”title isnt there.. brand recognition.. thats all they want. And even if this comes out to be some huge game and its all a ruse like you say, its still gonna happen.. kojima is leaving, people.. but konami isnt so popular with games to keep going on without him. They will continue to make “METAL gear” Games like Metal gear Rissing perhaps .. In the same uiverse but nt messing around with the Solid series.

    • Vegas

      I really, REALLY hope you are right. But don’t underestimate the stupidity of others. I still think the bigger possibility is that the rumors are true. Yet, what you said remains true: we can feel the Phantom Pain of not being Kojima but understanding how this affect him. And we will seek revenge.

    • FMercenary

      I’m just going to wait about a week or two to see if more news develops on the matter.

  • i feel all of this is really hard to believe, i had enough with the Disney/ Star wars deal so i don’t want to have my heart broken again. If this comes about to being real i won’t be supporting Konami any more, even if they make an awesome Metal Gear (which i doubt).

    anyway, if this is fake we know that a day like this will come in future years, it’s obvious that at some time Konami will want to make their own Metal Gear(s). i think it would be nice if Kojima leaves, the guy needs to work on his own pace and on whatever he wants i think that if it wasn’t for Konami, the Metal Gear Solid saga wouldn’t be as long as it is now. my only problem with all of this is the support of TPP after it’s released, we all know that games aren’t really finished when they release nowadays and there’s also MGO3 which of course need support for at least some years. i know there’s still the studio from LA but they seems like big MGS fans to me and that would mean that even if they keep working on it they might not feel as comfortable as they did. They seem to have a lot of respect for Kojima.

  • solidsnack

    apparently konami just issued this statement from kojima “I want to reassure fans that I am 100 percent involved and will continue working on Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain,” “I’m determined to make it the greatest game I’ve directed to date. Don’t miss it!”

    • korruption

      Yeah that was a silver lining amidst all of the bullshit. Kojima still showing 100% love to his creation and seeing it through to the end.

      They can take his name and logo out of the game, but they’ll never touch his high standards or especially his legacy that he’s left in each of his games… A little corny, I know, I even pictured Otacon struggling to maintain his footing on Rex while delivering that line. XD

    • Invader_skoodge

      That doesn’t sound like anything Kojima would say. How do we know this statement came from Kojima himself when it sound “100 percent” like PR talk straight out of a marketing word generator?
      His twitter has been silent. Not one single picture of a chopper or a sunset or even food. Is everything he says going to be delivered by proxy now?

      • korruption

        True, the entire team is being heavily restricted by the cocksuckers at Konami from making any online posts or calls. Way to “contain the threat” that will never again put meals on the sellouts’ tables. Looks like they’re in their own Camp Omega now…

  • Golgari

    I’m still shocked and I don’t believe any of this shit.
    It’s too brutal and hardcore even for Konami.

    • Gatsu

      I don’t believe it either…yet.

      • Mini gear

        tis is bad news

  • Javier Sosa

    Off topic. I think maybe we could see something like this in september.

  • Alberto Sánchez

    The end of Metal Gear has just started.

    • korruption

      In light of how Konami has already (and very predictably) stated their commencement to basically run this franchise into the ground, the end would be the best case scenario. For everyone who can past the bullshit, it already is.

  • Tibor

    man Phantom Pain cover is gonna be so weird without “A HIDEO KOJIMA GAME”

    • Alex

      Fear not, Kojima Crew will release a printable version with what we want on it once they’re out of Konami.

  • Nacrois

    This is TOO MUCH to be true D:

    • Ninja_Se7eN

      This is not over yet, everyone still bombarding Konami with #AHIDEOKOJIMAGAME .

      I really think we’ll be able to get something back out of Konami.

  • ElAlca

    If there’s no Kojima, there’s no Metal Gear.

    • korruption

      Hopefully millions of people who share the same sentiment and recognize what Kojima has done to evolve games will echo that same message. After MGSV is released, I’m closing all possible future transactions that Konami puts their now-forever tainted name on. Fuck Konami!

    • A Hideo Kojima Game

      LMAO. Hilarious.

    • Silverius

      LOL Konami no longer favorites that Tweet, someone got spanked.

    • Marxal

      Did it to me too and then quickly unfavourited xD

    • Kol Leqejza

      something lik this makes me still hope that this all ahoax

    • Vegas

      I like how Nyxus is ice cold, even when he is pointing out a joke he’s like “Here. This may amuse you”. XD

  • Ninja_Se7eN

    Ah yes, that would be a very nice press release IF WASN’T 100% BULLSHIT!!!

    This is nothing but very poor damage control from Konami. If Kojima just wanted to quit all he had to do was announce it to the fans and be done with it. There would be a lot of sad people of course (including myself) but it wouldn’t be the PR madness this has generated.

    NOTHING in that press release explains why Konami tried to be sneaky a-holes and remove Kojima’s name from TPP and expected no-one to notice…

    PS.: Still bombarding the living shit out of Konami with #AHIDEOKOJIMAGAME !!!

  • Guest

    I’m afraid MGS will now be an annualized money grab akin to Assassins Creed. Hideo Kojima has already laid the ground works for an open world structure and Konami owns Fox Engine. Man everything that has happened in real life mirrors MGS V: The Phantom Pain’s plot so much, so meta it hurts. I hope Kojima finds a home that allows him to have all the creative freedom he needs , and the funds to flesh out his vision.

  • Ninja_Se7eN
  • PrinceHeir

    I guess this is truly Kojima and his team’s Magnum Opus.

    So i guess they’ll also change the voice actors for the whole cast now. Wouldn’t be surprised if Akio Otsuka, Banjou Ginga, Tomokazu Sugita and others will be changed since they were pretty close to the original members of Kojima Production.

    Thank You Kojima Productions for making the franchise what it is today. Without you guys, MGS would have not become as big as it today.


    • Gatsu

      Arigatou Kojima Productions!

  • Ninja_Se7eN
  • Gatsu

    This was from year ago:

    “Legendary Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima has gone on record multiple times saying that he wants to quit the historical franchise, but apparently he isn’t so ready to stop telling the adventures of Snake’s war-torn universe.

    Kojima-san mentioned that the series has always depicted an era in which America was at the top of its strength, but he feels that this idea of a “strong America” is changing. In this sense, he also feels that this (Metal Gear Solid V) is not the end of his own Metal Gear Solid, but the next one may have a different theme.”

    But it turns out to be the end of his MGS and next will be different :(.

  • RevolverRoden


  • CodeBox

    I hope Kojima creates his own studio and is able to make the games he wants the way he wants. The man is brilliant and I would be so excited to see what other games he could come up with and what stories he is yet to tell.
    He is a master story teller and the Game industry needs developers like Kojima.
    I think the main reason I’m just sad over the whole thing is that Konami basically kicked him out the door and kept MGS for themselves.
    The story and characters Kojima created for nearly three decades pouring his heart into it making it the huge success it is today. And now he can no longer be part of it!
    It’s just wrong, and I hate to see someone wronged like that.
    As far as I’m concerned If Kojima has no hand in any future MGS titles, whether it be as producer, director or writer then I think it’s safe to say TPP will indeed be the last MGS I buy.
    I wish Kojima all the best, and have no doubt that “The Best is Yet to Come” from him.


    • korruption

      If he starts a crowdfunding campaign to create his possibly “Developers Without Borders”, I’ll damn near put myself into lifetime debt supporting him, and giving Ko-no-more (ugh, really?) the middle finger in the process.

  • Xilurm

    Wait a minute. What was this about April 1st again? Because KojiPro was founded in April 1st 2005. Exactly 10 years ago. Is this a coincidence?


      Yes, coincidence. Japanese Financial Year starts April 1.

      • Xilurm

        I see… nvm then.

        • korruption

          I know… I know… =(

  • Solid Snakes Revenge

    Ughhh. I can’t see myself not buying a new metal gear game. I sure hope they don’t ruin it and run it into the ground. I also hope they don’t start popping them out every year. I will try and keep an open mind and a positive outlook until I get to play one. I hope they just make spinoff types of games like boss’s story, grey fox’s story or even meryls ratpatrol team’s story. Please for all that’s good in the world DONT RUIN METAL GEAR!! thanks. Also put kojima’s name back on his masterpieces. I can’t wait til Sept1st to play the best game of all time. (If it shows up on the first day).

  • JDSS1

    konami is erasing kojima or kojima wants to leave?
    Anyway, it is sad both options, MGS V will be the last MASTERPIECE. I wish it is all a trick from kojima to get TPP attention from the people, but it sounds difficult.

    • Shadow Rex

      Last MGS Masterpiece, who knows what else Kojima and Yoji could produce with full creative freedom.

      • JDSS1

        Well, kojima has always said since MGS 1 or 2 that those games will be his last MG, and definitely, not. But MGS V… The big one, and now he is erasing
        In my opinion, what kojima wants is to leave with a big one project, and MGS V is a big one, the best game in history maybe, it has so much things, its very very huge with a lot of content, plus the story. How better for kojima to leave? He was waiting for this I think

  • kirtanloorii

    Crazy idea: What if this is all Kojima’s doing and Konami is taking all the blame? lol. I hope they include all of this in the behind the scenes documentary.

  • Golgari

    My problem with all of this shit is this video:

    You don’t do this if you are not certain about your future. So… Konami basically made Del Toro look stupid? I don’t believe in this shit. I refuse to believe in all of this madness. Konami is in multi billion dollar industry and you need to be absolutely retarded to do stuff like what is happening right now with the whole “A Kojima game”, MGS story.


      That’s what I’m saying. Del Toro wanted to be involved in this project because of Kojima-San, Not KONAMI. He has respect for Kojima, something Konami has no notion of.

    • Gatsu

      I need my SH with KojiToro, please god make it happen ;(….
      While hyped for TPP, this kind of news make me really sad. When dont know what will happen…

  • A Hideo Kojima Game

    Kojima and Konami parting ways really isn’t even my issue. Kojima not being involved in the next MGS installment isn’t even my issue. Literally all I want is for them to put back Kojima’s brand and title line on the boxart and promotional art. He literally said MGSV is the game he always wanted to create, and it’s shaping to be what he envisioned 27 years ago

    What they’re doing is treachery at its finest. Give credit where credit is due. You can’t just pathetically attempt to reclaim ownership by erasing Kojima Productions and Kojima himself by wiping his name away from the internet, to what is essentially his brainchild.

    It hasn’t even been a month since he announced he wanted MGSV to be his last Metal Gear game. It wasn’t even 24 hours since yesterday’s revelation, that Konami is now announcing to look for new “Yes men” to put their stank on a new Metal Gear installment, when Phantom Pain isn’t even fucking released yet.

    I guess Konami is trying to top SquareEnix, on who can get their fanbase to hate them the most.


      Yup. It’s all about the the disrespect they have for Kojima and his team at Kojima Productions.

    • Jak

      Yep. I -wanted- Hideo to leave the franchise behind with this (and focus on Hills, not leave the company…), but this is such an incredibly disrespectful way for them to try and get ahead on rebranding this.

      It’s pretty psychotic too-it’s not like MGSVI could be out before 2018 at earliest, so it seems bizarre to suddenly derail all the marketing for this last minute.

  • Solid Snakes Revenge

    Do you guys think we can make a petition to help kojima get his name back on his products?

  • VenomSnake1974

    No MGS game can be possible without Kojima. I mean extremely-high-quality game. I think Konami is gonna spoil the brand, I’m deeply disappointed.

  • MichaelPayneV

    The only one who could continue this Franchise is Del Toro, he is basicaly the only Great Directoor who understands Hideo Kojima as an Artist, but i really doubt that he would accept to direct this New Metal Gear Franchise.

  • MichaelPayneV

    You know what would be funny, getting David Hayter to Write and Direct this new Metal Gear Series, that’s the only way i would support this Franchise after MGSV.

    I will give it a try tough.

  • No Place For Hayter

    An end to an era, Even though we knew it was coming.

    • korruption

      Very few things hurt more than a bad feeling becoming reality. =(

  • No Place For Hayter

    What I expected was Kojima productions to continue making MGS games, so that even if I didn’t buy them others would and it would still be great games just far from a Kojima masterpiece. What is terrible about this is Konami is going to form a team that has nothing to do with MGS and has never had anything to do with MGS and thus ruin the entire thing.

  • Right about now David Hayter is like: Now you know how it feels, Kojima!

    • MichaelPayneV

      David Hayter removal was probably Konami’s work, not Kojima, and then they forced Kojima say that it wasn’t about the Money, the same Money proposed to Jim Piddock, insulting offers.

      • We just can only guess about that, nobody knows the real truth.

        • MichaelPayneV

          Jim Piddock said that Konami made him and insulting offer, so i’m pretty convinced that David was the same, but didn’t wanted to destroy Konami’s image, didn’t wanted to make Konami look bad.

          • But David Hayter himself said he was never approached. Besides, Hayter really loves playing Snake, it’s hard to imagine he would decline an offer that Kiefer Sutherland would accept.

          • MichaelPayneV

            In that case then looks like Konami didn’t let Kojima contact David, but wanted to get Kiefer some work, because of their contract with Avi Arad for the Metal Gear Movie, shoving Kiefer down Hideo’s and our Throat.

    • A Hideo Kojima Game

      David Hayter’s name and credit wasn’t removed from past entries going forward. In fact, he was still used in the MGS:DGN that was released months after news of the recasting for MGSV. David Hayter wasn’t approached for an installment, which doesn’t dictate the next installment. Without Kojima’s mind, there would have been no Snake, Big Boss, David Hayter fandom, MGS3 praising, etc. I don’t understand why everything that happens always needs David Hayter shoehorned into it. The same was done with Jim Piddock’s issue. People somehow found a way to make it about David Hayter.

  • FOX

    Well i fell better now. At least we know that he’s still involved %100 with V. But i do believe he still has plans for future. This will be last mgs for me too. But in an appointment, he said he would keep making games untill he’s reached his goals.Also he wasnt really happy making multiplatform and he feels close to Sony.Lets hope he gets hired by Sony

    • MichaelPayneV

      “he wasnt really happy mhe wasnt really happy making multiplatform”

      Actually he was happy, he is the one who wanted MGS to go on PC, he made the Fox Engine to bring the Series Multiplatform, if someone didn’t wanted MGS on Xbox and PC that is Konami.

      So let’s hope he get hired by someone who has no Budget concerns when making a Game, and who publishes Multiplatforms, like Take2Interactive, Rockstar Games Publishers.

      • Why would Konami not want MGS on Xbox and PC? They are the publisher, they want it on as many platforms as possible so they can make the most money.

        • MichaelPayneV

          Because of their ongoing deal with Sony, not only the Metal Gear Games have special things for PlayStation, even PES and Castelvania has exclusive stuff to the Play Station versions.

          Now do you really think that Kojima was the one wanting to limit his Franchise to 1 Platform, or do you think that he made the Fox Engine to make Konami release his Games on as many platforms as possible, to get as many people to play his Games, to basically get back to where he started, PC Development?

          • But they didn’t have an exclusivity deal with Sony for MGSV, since it was multiplatform from the beginning. Konami wants to release it on as many platforms as possible to maximize profit. Surely Kojima likes the idea that many people get to play his creations this way, but he also said he feels like he can relate to Sony: http://www.metalgearinformer.com/?p=17108

          • MichaelPayneV

            Yes, but again in 2013 he personally wanted to bring it back to PC, and Konami didn’t liked that as they usually treat PC like Crap (look at PES 15 PC vs PS4, you’ll see that even tough PC should look a bit better, that they made a version even worse then the PS3 version), therefore they didn’t let him start development on GZ’s PC version until Halfway trough TPP Development, June-August 2014.

          • Source?

          • MichaelPayneV

            I’m not talking about something official here, i’m talking about reading between the lines of Kojima’s interview from GDC 2013, and then all of the PC mentions over the past 2 years without being asked to, and how he tried to hint at the PC Version while being careful to not piss off Konami, creating the demand for a PC version when there wasn’t one, and convince Konami that is wroth it to bring it to PC.

          • Okay, but you should be careful with reading between the lines because you could easily read things that aren’t really there. That’s why it’s good to distinguish between facts and speculation.

          • MichaelPayneV

            Well someone saying “And this is running on PC right now” multiple times, and saying in interviews that he was a PC Developer, that in those days was Hard to develop Game, how he liked making PC Games, and that with Fox Engine he can finally now develop more easy for any platform, especially PC.

            After all Hideo’s first Game was a PC Game, then only years later in 1998 with Solid his Games were made for Sony, and you’re saying that he is much closer to Sony then to PC, the platform that helped him express his creativity in the first place?

          • Not saying that, just repeating what Kojima said in an interview a while ago. But he didn’t say he’s closer to Sony than PC, just that he feels he can relate to Sony.

          • MichaelPayneV

            True that, but now that he is free, he will probably start with an Indie Project to Steam Greenlight, and then later to PS4.

          • MichaelPayneV

            Look, i’m not trying to make a PC Vs Sony war her, i’m just trying to say that Kojima probably won’t go to Sony and purposely be limited by 1 platform, when he is free to do whatever small Independent Games(Indie Games) he wants, for whatever platforms he want, about whatever he wants, not just Metal Gear on the platform Konami wants, but something new since he is tired of MGS, and that Sony’s deal was with with Konami, and that Konami is the one close to Sony, since they are Japanese publishers, the one deciding.

  • I will try to get hired, i will produce the music. LOL.

  • Marxal
  • MichaelPayneV

    Kojima’s Respons to Dre…ah, i mean Konami.

  • Ninja_Se7eN
  • Gatsu

    Wow this FFXVdemo sure is awesome :D, anyone else got to play it yet? I love the new mechanics, open world and everything+ Japanese VA! Glad they do it differently from previous games like TPP does.

    Sry for such off-topic thing :P… I just try to take my mind off all this sad news.

    • Ninja_Se7eN

      Didn’t play it.

      I did play some Battlefield 4 and I’m curious to see how Bloodborne turns out :P.

      • Gatsu

        Me too, Im sure Bloodborne is gonna kick ass ;)…

        • Ninja_Se7eN

          I sure hope so!
          The Order 1886 was so disappointing.

  • stagueda

    Here’s to hoping for the best MGS ever 😀 sorry about kojima leaving, Konami isn’t getting another cent from me after MGSV, no Kojima no MGS period.

  • MichaelPayneV

    Guys, this is just like N.W.A. departure.

    -Ice Cube Left
    -David Hayter Left

    -Eazy Left and N.W.A. was gone
    -Hideo Left and MGS “Solid is Gone

    -Cube and Eazy latter stayed in good terms
    Conclusion: David and Hideo will collaborate on future projects.


    I saw this tribute pop up.


    Never forget this KONAMI. You can’t stop Kojima!

  • Cobra

    I sniggered a bit more than I probably should’ve.

  • Chris Jackson

    I’ll collect future games, but I won’t actually consider them in the same universe. I’ll play them like Portable Ops. I’ll try to understand their story and all, but being a game like Portable Ops can mess the story up a bit. Like how they tell us Sokolov didn’t die by getting his skull smashed inside out. Or how he invented “Metal Gear RAXA”. Metal Gear Rising is especially a type of game I don’t consider canon. Total story screw up.

  • Marxal

    Can’t wait for Kojima Studios to become a thing. It just really sucks that they spent all that time on the Fox Engine and it’s being taken away from them.

    But who knows what Kojima will be capable of off his leash, ’cause we all know Kojima is God.

  • PrinceHeir
    • PrinceHeir


  • PrinceHeir

    I remember there were some Ghost in the Shell fans here. Have you watched any of the films or series @Gatsu88:disqus?

    Evolution of Ghost in the Shell(From First Film to the 25th Anniversary One), some spoilers throughout the series. Also new footage of the 25th Anniversary film towards the end.

    The memories of watching the franchise grow in 25 years 😉

  • MichaelPayneV

    Well at least he will be able to keep the “Kojima Productions” Name and Logo, so here is that.

  • vic boss

    I don’t know why but I think all of this is fake. I think they’re trying to create as much hype as they can for the game and that’s why the game is coming out after E3 and gamescom. Think about it if people think this will be his last mgs game they will buy more, besides taking away AHIDEOKOJIMAGAME from the covers just makes it more credible. I don’t know I might be wrong but that’s what I think.

    • MichaelPayneV

      No, this seems pretty legit, i always felt that the bad Kojima didn’t had that much liberty ever since he was forced to make GZ a separate Game, Yes, is good that we played it, but is not something Hideo wanted, and i just felt that Konami was keeping Hideo from reaching his True Potential, making him continue a Series he has ended, instead of giving him the possibility to start his Filmmaker Career.

  • turkishgamer35

    Konami has changed.

    It’s no longer about quality games, player friendliness, or respectability. It’s an endless series of throwaway games designed to milk series fanboys, designed by first-time studios and amateurs.

    Konami–and it’s production of games–has become a well-oiled machine.

    Konami has changed.

    When the franchises are under control, bad games become routine…

  • Hellrasinbrasin

    A Petty KONAMI Shit cans Mr Kojima . Our Collection is Rising all for Revenge.

  • korruption

    *Roles in on the conjecture train*

    I think they’re hoping that by removing Kojima’s name and logo from the game, that people will be stupid enough to buy every new “Metal Gear” title after MGSV releases, thinking they will be from the same developers.

    Since Kojima will no longer be working for them, there won’t be any reason to have his name and studio logo on any future games. Looks like MGSV is to be the first to kickoff the misleading bullshit campaign so buyers who don’t do their research will be fooled into expecting the same level of quality for future titles only to get a mountain of shit dumped on them by comparison.

    Konami has become so blinded by corporate greed, they really think that the Metal Gear name alone will sell based on positive feedback from MGSV (you know, the “developed by Konami” bullshit that they’ll use to sucker potential buyers in the future), and people won’t give a crawling fuck about who the real developers are and blindly buy it up.

    That’s just my conspiracy theory anyway. Giving how much they’ve fucked over Kojima after everything he’s done for them and the fans, I wouldn’t say it’s too farfetched that maybe they really are just that fucking stupid.

    Edit: By the way, I know this theory has been brought up before, but being in a rage mode somewhat messes up my ability to think and act rationally.

  • Darby Crash

    Kojima has been taken by the psycho-police! 😀
    This whole thing reminds me of 1984 by George Orwell.
    Konami is Big Brother and changes history/past erasing everything they don’t like.
    I wonder who plays the part of Emmanuel Goldstein.

    Anyway, i don’t really know what to think about this konami vs. kojima story, i’ll just wait and see.

  • FMercenary


  • psychomantis18

    Go and get fucked Konami! No amount of thankyou’s will suffice if this is true. All that’ll be left will be a bitter relationship between consumer and corp. The Silent Hill HD collection and now news like this!? Konami is on thin ice

  • Cartmangus

    This is depressing as fuck. It would have been one thing of Metal Gear resurfaced some years down the line with word that Kojima is not involved with it. But this just puts a bad taste in my mouth and is such a shitty send off to Kojima and his team that have been making great fucking games now for ages. Instead of promoting this as A Hideo Kojima game and letting him do his last thing then move on, they’re already confirming future MGS projects and stripping his name from his own product.

    What a fucking shitty send off to the man, Konami.

  • Sting’s Dad

    In short, I think this means;

    “Metal Gear will become Silent Hill, an incredible franchise that Konami will work hard to derail and urinate on”

  • Danny Field

    Guys – ive started a petition to have ‘A HIDEO KOJIMA GAME’ placed back on The Phantom Pains cover – mind signing it? https://www.change.org/p/konami-give-hideo-kojima-credit-for-the-phantom-pain

  • Joseph

    I think Shinkawa should continue MGS’s legacy should it continue. He’s made so many great characters that even Kojima was surprised with. I don’t think if he’s able to direct a game but to would be cool

    Even if Kojima supervises the next title, I would still like Shinkawa to be Game Artist or a role like that

  • mcroix

    Kept u waitin, brah?

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