Stefanie Joosten and Akio Otsuka were with Kojima in the studio today

Since the restructure of Konami and the disbanding of Kojima Productions we haven’t heard much from any of the actual people working on the game. But now Stefanie Joosten, who plays Quiet in MGSV, and Akio Otsuka (Snake in the Japanese version) have provided an update via Twitter.

Stefanie mentions that she has worked with ‘Big Boss’ again today. She is most likely referring to Akio Otsuka, who also posted on Twitter a few hours ago that he was doing some work with Kojima, Shinkawa and Joosten. In any case, it’s good to hear at least something from inside the studio again. Both Joosten and Akio also said the team is working very hard on the game.

Akio posted a picture of himself, Stefanie and Kojima standing in the recording booth.


Source: Stefanie Joosten Twitter, Akio Otsuka Twitter, JunkerHQ

  • MrVux007

    me gusta Kojima,me gusta Akio….me gu……….OMG HOTNESS I WANNA BANG YOU!

    • ThreeMadFrogs

      Why don’t you take a seat over there…

    • Vegas

      Woah woah, calm the fuck down. Literally.

      • MrVux007

        ahhh it seems you didnt get the reference…. 😛

        • Shalashaska

          hahaa nice but the words “OMG HOTNESS I WANNA BANG YOU” are PRETTY hard to get the reference from xD

          • MrVux007

            idk every time i see a hot girl…i just hear SS voice saying that 😀 …i might be going crazy jahaha

          • Jason Mounce

            No worries, I got your reference. All these ‘Newcomers’ to the MGS community are a bit Green behind the ears, clearly we have to treat them well. Since they only just arrived due to the popularity MGS5 has garnered.

  • Golgari

    Well, at least she can comment on twitter…
    Kojima looks alright.

    I’m sad to this day.

  • FMercenary

    Today, I’d like to believe we’ve made a difference.

  • Plissken

    Ironic, she’s the only person to speak out. Quiet, but not silent

    • Vegas

      I think she is not the one deprived of her words.

    • TIHamm .

      Still doesn’t prove that Hideo is still even alive, could be an old pic! Konami damage control.

  • Batzi

    Kojima looks good! They’re still recording!!!!!????

    • Looks like it, but it could also be for something else (a commercial or something like that).

      • Batzi

        Kojima? In a commercial? Promoting..MGSV? Wouldn’t that violate Konami’s “restructuring”?! 😮

  • Raymondius

    I just hope they haven’t had to change anything. God, so much to worry about now! xD

  • ThreeMadFrogs

    Kojima lives!

  • Kojima Productions began on April 1st 2005. Honestly, what if all of the Konami and Kojima Production stuff that has been happening was all part of the 10 year anniversary for Kojima Productions this April 1st (ALSO KNOWN AS APRIL FOOLS DAY)!!!!!!!!!!

    • Alberto Sánchez

      Most elaborate ruse in the century.

    • JDSS1

      Good one, one more reason to believe the theory about it is all a fool.
      Hopefully is that way.

    • kirtanloorii

      I doubt that Konami’s investors are big fans of April Fools Day.

  • Tomas Prilepok


  • Jason Mounce

    That’s like, the first time someone ever referenced ‘Big Boss’ when relating to MGS5 instead of just ‘Snake’ or ‘Venom Snake’. Albeit, she was referencing the VA himself who does ALL the voices of every damn Snake, lol

    • Raymondius

      You forget Kiefer introducing Kojima as his ‘Big Boss’ when MGO was announced last December.

    • Chris Jackson

      I don’t like referring to him as Snake at this point. At the end of Peace Walker, he asked to be called Big Boss from then on. It’s up to Kojima for what’s in the game, but for me, he’s Big Boss.

    • Kol Leqejza

      except for liquid, though.

      • Jason Mounce

        I am still amazed that he doesn’t also voice Liquid XD

        • Kol Leqejza

          nanomachines, son.
          or because of the dominant genes, son. akio otsuka has quite a ramge. i like that guy, too.

  • Shalashaska

    Her Beauty makes me forget how much of an A** konami has been recently.

    • MrVux007

      hey restructure is really complex process…the removal of Kojima station,Kojima producfion logo and *Hideo kojima game* logo is only temporary….people just brew the shitstorm for nothing….besides the * Hideo kojima game* is allready back on site 🙂

      • You mean at the Metal Gear Online section? That one was never removed. Or is it back on other pages as well?


          He means MGO section he posted a comment on the other post about it but as far as I remember the site is still the same. With all the KojiPro logos removed A Hideo Kojima Game removed, and the KojiPro trademarks at the bottom of the page removed. So…it’s just wishful thinking.

        • MrVux007

          yea i was refering the Metal Gear online…i tought that one was removed as-well ?

          • Not sure, but when the rest of the site was adjusted last week this page still said ‘A Hideo Kojima Game’ and ‘Kojima Productions Los Angeles’.

        • Shalashaska

 Thought this would be good to share 🙂
          IMHO. Whoever is responsible of Konami’s marketing, is doing a HORRIBLE job. Rather than respecting the phantom pain and Hideo kojima’s leave, they already want to hire more people for the next game while taking out Hideo kojima’s name from the game.. although it may be for business purposes, their whole method of doing it is absolutely disrespectful.. sad, really. Konami needs to hire better people and that is surely NOT in the Game production department. :/

      • Shalashaska

        its not, buddy.. just checked.. only in the MGO section where they must have forgotten to take it down :/

    • Azarul Nazim Abdullah

      watch this looping… make my snake go Solid…

  • Yaro


    hehe… just kidding


      That’s probably a quote from a KONAMI watchdog put in charge of the project to make sure they finish and don’t fool around on the interwebs.

      • The picture was posted at 2:30 in the morning Japanese Time, when the watchdogs had gone to bed.


          “Kojima, age hasn’t slowed you down one bit.” I think I know how they were able to upload the picture

        • Shalashaska

          Kojima being SNEAKY!

          • Using Akio and Stefanie to smuggle his pictures to the outside world.

  • PrinceHeir

    Woah Otsuka-san!

    I guess they’re not yet done recording? Good thing for an update 🙂

    Damn Konami. I just hope at least give Kojima and his team a chance to do a world wide launch party like they did with Peace Walker(managed to meet him twice that time and signed my games)

  • Fredy Carius

    It`s probably written “I`m a slave, help me” in japanese in the paper Kojima is holding

    • Jason Mounce

      “They have a gun to my head when I’m sitting at my desk from a man inside a cardboard box that looks like me”

  • RoderickThe13

    I’m glad to see that Kojima is alive and Konami didn’t throw his body into the ocean and replaced him with a computer.

    • Chris Jackson

      It could still be Terminator… Konami is Skynet.

  • LiquidCampbell

    Finally a Pic’s…godjima is alive! T_T

  • My_FutureDream

    Really good to see kojima smiling. Even with the lack of information we’re getting I can still tell everyone in kojima productions are working incredibly hard during this crunch time. All the best! And good luck 😀

  • Nacrois

    Stefanie Joosten is a fVcking GODDESS

    • MichaelPayneV

      Did you mean Goodness?

      • kirtanloorii

        I’m certain he meant goddess, but goodness works too.

        • moto hellogoto

          yeah, she’s a goodness. That makes sense haha

      • Nacrois

        Goddess, a female deity, like Aphrodite.

        • MichaelPayneV

          Got it.

  • César H. Sandoval

    Akio is such a bro.

  • maybe the game is completed and they just create alternate ops like the side ops in ground zeroes. Ah…a man can dream…

    • Frederick Guese

      The game is most likely feature complete, and now they’re probably in hyper crunch mode to stamp out all the critical bugs.

  • kirtanloorii

    It’s information like this that make me glad that we got a release date. Otherwise, people would interpret this to mean that the game is still in heavy development and due in 2016.

    • Mini gear

      Yeah got tired of some crazy people saying early 2016 is optimistic to hope for

  • Chico Ribeiro
    • Interesting. That’s somewhat comforting at least. But it still doesn’t explain why his name had to be removed from promotional material and why his studio had to be disbanded.

      • Chico Ribeiro

        At this point we can only speculate. But I would guess Kojima wanted his name removed as part of that “I want to pass Metal Gear on to someone else” story we’ve listening since forever. The big loser in this is Konami. Kojima´s name on the box is a great marketing tool. He is setting himself free to create new stuff.
        Just a theory.

        • Hm, could be, but it seems to contradict earlier statements. This was meant to be the last Metal Gear branded ‘A Hideo Kojima Game’, but one of them nonetheless. Maybe that’s what Konami is trying to do: ‘smooth the transition’ from Kojima’s installments to Konami’s installments. Not sure if it’s really working as they intended.
          The studio restructure can be an explanation for the disbanding of KojiPro, but removing his name from the box, as well as from older boxes…

          • Chico Ribeiro

            It´s hard to believe in any statement this far. But if removing the name was a Konami decision, than it was a really bad against themselves. But then again, big companies do these kind of blunders every now and then. Just look at Sega.

            This made Konami the villain and turned Kojima into martyr. I can even imagine he saying “I´m no hewo. Never was, never will be”.

          • Whatever the reasons were, it seems like this hasn’t done Konami any good. But maybe it’ll all become more clear in the future.

          • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

            E3 may be the place they actually explain that, indubitably.

  • Mini gear

    Everything is done, CE fully payed and arrives on release, the release date is out, all is done, but I can’t stop myself from coming here, why? Because we enjoy reading news, talking, and hating konami recently. This is the best site ever

  • Gatsu

    Master Kojima <3 !!! I missed you ;D, good to see them together in twitter picture once again :).

  • prothy

    Off topic, but my browser is constantly showing this when i load Metal Gear Informer:

    • prothy

      It didn’t upload the image:

      • Strange, it’s working here. What browser are you using?

        • prothy

          Mozilla Firefox

          • Hm maybe wait a little and see if it returns to normal eventually.

      • solidsnack

        try right click and reload on the image if you didn’t already it worked for me earlier.


  • Cesare Di Maio

    FF XV Duscae Episode

  • Chris Jackson

    If anybody feels like throwing garbage at IGN for Metal Gear trashing, go here:

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