Small bits of Metal Gear Online info straight from the developers

Konami Los Angeles Studio, the developers of the new Metal Gear Online, has been answering questions from fans the past week on Twitter, giving out small bits of information.

  • The studio is working on ways to counter cheating
  • No three team modes are planned
  • They can’t say much about Ga-Ko and Kerotan, but added that they aren’t the only mascots of the series, there will be new ones in the game
  • When a player leaves, the match will continue
  • The studio is exploring a weapon switch option outside of the d-pad
  • Maps are designed to be used across multiple modes
  • The kind of info you get during a CQC interrogation depends on the mode
  • The team is still having discussions about aiming, and is considering all factors (specifically talking about aim angles)
  • They can’t confirm right now wether there will be a beta for the game, but did note that it would ‘definitely help with feedback’ [Seems like there is a pretty good possibility there will be a beta at some point]
  • At launch the game won’t have more clothing options than MGO2 had when it closed, but ‘the customization is quite varied and will grow’. [That last part makes it sound like they plan to add more though DLC]
  • Some people seem to be concerned the game will be more like Call of Duty, but the studio assures there is no risk of that. The game was never designed to be like that
  • Dedicated designers and fans of previous MGO titles are working in it (among which key individuals who also worked on MGO2), and they’re listening to feedback from fans
  • Another things that worries some people is the leveling system, but the studio said it wouldn’t use the phrase ‘linear’ to describe progression in the game
  • ‘Balance and sense of fun throughout are paramount to a good multiplayer experience regardless of intent’
  • As for the unpredictability of players, the studio said that’s a given for every multiplayer, and they try to design for both intent and contingencies

On the subject of Kojima’s rumored departure, they simply repeated that ‘Mr. Kojima is employed at Konami and continues to be involved in the development of MGSV’, and that ‘we have no plans to alter our support of Metal Gear Online before or after Dec 2015’.

The next info drop ‘will invite more questions and provide more answers’. This will happen before E3.

Lastly, the team showed some new posters that are now decorating the studio’s lobby.


“Recent updates to our lobby decor! Have a wonderful weekend all”


Source: Metal Gear Online Twitter, Robert Peeler Twitter

  • Will Hough

    Looks exciting, it’s good to know that they aren’t being restricted by the main game by way of things like aiming and weapon switching.

    • TIHamm .

      E3 shall hopefully reveal more, as metal gear news is more worrying to me than exciting after this debacle. Our true enemy has yet to show himself…

      • Kol Leqejza

        it definitely will. E3 is our only straw.

  • Silverius

    Cool Beans, it all seems as expected.

    • Ricardo Oe

      Yeeaahhh ..
      Ga-Ko , Kerotan , and mini dog…

  • Shalashaska

    The BETA is good new for people who can have access to it. This game is probably the ONLY game I wish Multiplayer for.

    I imagine konami is doing this right about now

    and trying this

    • Jonny McLaurine

      Ya know beta for ANY games online components is awesome because when millions get on, there are so many problems. The new Halo on X1 MP sucked because of that. Destiny had some issues .
      I know a lot of people will say screw online blah blah, just because where they live good internet is either too expensive or they just can’t get good service . I feel bad for y’all but if you haven’t got into online then you should. I used to be a SOLO player then got some crazy high speed internet service . Then I noticed that games were lasting much longer than usual because I started to meet others and now I always go MP because after I beat main game , the MP is a brand new and different expierence .

      • WhatTheJuicay

        yea I used to have shitty internet before PS3.. I bought that internet extention for my ps2 to play star wars battlefront 2 and socom online.. this was back in like 2006-2007. that didnt last long. Good thing My internet capabilities improved and I got proper wifi + cable when I got my MGS4 ps3 bundle. MGO was my first online gaming experience. Im sure everyone in my house got familiar with the lobby music. I played that game daily for 3 years. It felt like a WOW addiction, but less geeky.

        Unfortunately, PS3 bred new problems for me.. its called not finishing games :/.. I then understood the term, “backlog”.

  • Gatsu

    Good info :D!

    So if I understood correctly, they will keep supporting MGO next year too which is great :).
    I hope there won’t be many quitters in the games, because the match continues.

  • Amrit

    “A Hideo Kojima Game” is still present on the TPP poster. Surprised Konami haven’t conducted an armed raid yet to take out the hostile decorations….

    • Ninja_Se7eN

      Of course not, they’ll do it while they’re asleep and expect no one to notice…

  • Vegas

    I said it once but i think more people will see it now: guys, I want to play Metal Gear with you all 😀 those who have PS3, add me to play Peace Walker. With PS4, add me so qe can play MGO3 when the time comes. I am eager to reunite all MGI soldiers.
    PSN: XDVictor11XD

    • Kol Leqejza

      hey, i’d like to farm for camaraderie points. u need platinum? i can help.

      • Vegas

        I am not one for throphies but i can help ya xD

        • Kol Leqejza

          i’ve got platinum already. but if u play regularly we might play, if u like. peace walker is the only metal gear solid game i dont have 100%. and it hurts to think of that fact…

          • Vegas

            wait u have platinum and not 100%? How the fu..? Anyway u can add me and we shall play.

          • Kol Leqejza

            i just had a busy weekend… i’m going to add you.

            with 100% i meant ingame progression. like all insignias, codenames… those 1000000 camaraderie points, are just… AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!

          • Vegas

            Wow, you must be good at it. I am more like “playing for fun” so don’t expect skillz xD

    • XIFF-5

      PSN : Little_Faris : )))

    • Solid Snakes Revenge

      I second this Vegas. I’d hit you up but I only have mgs4 for ps3 I have the hd collection on Xbox 360. I’m trying to get all the achievements one day on peace walker. It’s my only mgs game I don’t have all the achievements for. If any of you guys have peace walker for 360 my tag is (SamueljacksonXL). I have ps3 and ps4 My ps :account is (gnarlsncharge) if u want to friend me for the phantom pain and mgo3 Or anything else I have really.

      • Vegas

        We shall be brothers in arms on MGO3 😀

  • Vegas

    This info really brought good news, the studio seems to knoq what theyvare doing. My one and only problem with MGO is the stealth possibilities and now I feel a little more safe. Thanks as always, Nyx _/,,/

  • kirtanloorii

    What I gathered from this is that “Kojima Productions” LA is going to be our new source of information while the Japanese team is in solitary confinement. Who wants to assist me in a rescue operation?

    • Vegas

      Uh uh, i am Sniper o/

    • GotNews4Ya

      Konami Productions.. “Kojima Productions” is captured.. remember? GET YOUR FREAKING INTEL RIGHT BEFORE SOMEBODY MESSES THIS MISSION ALL UP

  • MrVux007

    *The kind of info you get during a CQC interrogation depends on the mode*
    So the bots wont be there(might as-well cross that),Co-op is not part of MGO (IMO) nor was it mentioned to be in development… so in short i dont see how will interrogation of real players work in MGO…it might be a new SOP syringe(From MGO2 where when aplied to enemy player it would reveal other players)…so im guessing interrogation will work the same way

  • Sobekflakmonkey

    for some reason I’m really skeptical of the new MGO, this didn’t help, I have a feeling they’re gonna make it more fast paced, and less tactical…like I know the last MGO wasn’t exactly “slow paced” but still…it felt a lot different than other mp titles which is what made it awesome, I just hope they don’t lose sight of that.

  • Ninja_Se7eN

    It’s nice to see we’re still getting bits of info despite Konami’s comms embargo.

  • Batzi

    So we’re calling them “Konami LA” now?

    • Isn’t that what they are called now?

      • Batzi


  • Kero-tan and Ga-ko and more! I’m crying of happiness. Damn! :_ )

    I’m almost more waiting for MGO3 than Phantom Pain, lol.
    I was missing MGO2 sooo much. It was the game which made me buy a PS3, just for that online game.

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

    Oh, and for those who will buy the game in Steam or PC, here is my Steam ID.

    Add me, i want to play with you when the game is released.

    Have a nice day 🙂

    • Hopefully that was indeed a confirmation they are in the game, it’s a bit unclear. Here is the tweet about that:

      • The Reaver

        I’d be shocked if DD/Plush DD isn’t a mascot.

      • Dizz

        Incoming sheep mascot!

        Snake.. you only herded 2/8 sheep during the mission.. Your score is D- (Fawn)

  • Solid Snakes Revenge

    All I hope is that they don’t start you in a beginner lobby and then move you up after a while and make it so you can’t go back. The last mgo I loved it. It was my favorite multiplayer game but once it moved me outta the beginner lobbies it felt like it put me in supernerd expert lobbies.I straight up sucked at the game. I didn’t feel like I was bad at the game at all up until it switched me then I couldn’t step 5 feet without raidens dagger head shoting me from on top of a building across the map.

  • PrinceHeir


    The MGO3 is available day one inside of The Phantom Pain right? I was hoping they would close the servers maybe a week or so and let people finish The Phantom Pain so everyone has a fair chance on starting the same level.

    I know people who would go straight to MP and not care of SP just to boost up and all.

    I’ll be playing the SP and take my time(i’ll probably finish it in 1 or 2 weeks). since it’s also my last semester in college and will be graduating for my BS degree, it’s probably the only game i’ll be playing towards the end of the year.

    • I will play MGO3 while i’m alone at home.
      I will play Phantom Pain only when my gf is at home, she became fan, lol.

      Have a nice day 🙂

      • ThisIsSnake!

        Irion Da Ronin: Tactical Thinking Operations.

    • john

      you think you’ll finish phantom pain in a week?

      • ThisIsSnake!

        I didn’t think it at first, but then again sprinting and reflex mode can be used to abuse the game, like people did for GZ. I’m gonna take my time with it, Kojima was promising around 100 hours of gameplay, and apparently its so big some people won’t even finish it. We’ll have to wait and see.

  • Jerome Johnson26

    I’m actually starting to think about this game.

  • MAG V Supreme

    Lazy man request. Someone post all the events like E3 coming up. Can i get a list of dates and names of events. Most likely to have mgsv info.

  • hunner

    Every triple A game that has a multiplayer should have a beta.

  • Datguy8923

    I refuse to refer to the studio as Konami Studio Los Angeles.

  • John Guerra

    Kojima Productions Los Angeles

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