Pictures of Japanese MGSV: The Phantom Pain store promo boxes

Here are some pictures of the Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain promo box as it can be found in Japanese stores (posted by KJY on Twitter). This is a dummy box for stores to put on display meant to promote the game before release. Notice it still says ‘A Hideo Kojima Game’, but it’s unsure if this text will also be on the final box art of the game, as this may be an older item. You can also see a nice timeline of the previous Metal Gear Solid games, and a list of features that will be in The Phantom Pain.


Update: On another photo we can see a promotional stand for the game in a Japanese store, again with the text ‘A Hideo Kojima Game’.


Update 2: Ed K. from Chicago was kind enough to send some more photos our way of the promo boxes in a game-store in Kyoto, Japan.

MGSV-TPP-Dummy-Box-Kyoto-1 MGSV-TPP-Dummy-Box-Kyoto-5 MGSV-TPP-Dummy-Box-Kyoto-4 MGSV-TPP-Dummy-Box-Kyoto-3 MGSV-TPP-Dummy-Box-Kyoto-2

Source: KJY Twitter, ‏@CHIKURA_Ayumu Twitter

  • TIHamm .

    Konami better keep Hideo”s name on the box.

  • FMercenary


  • Gatsu

    So amazing … I’m sure the name will be there when we get it, but if not…well I won’t let that stop me from enjoying this emotional masterpiece.

    Kojima-san gimme the game already ;O !

  • Darby Crash

    In 4th picture near Ocelot i thought it was Darth Vader XD

  • Batzi

    Well, Konami released the Seiko watch trailer days after the rumours came out and it still featured “A Hideo Kojima Game” on the box. I say it’s damage control.

    • JDSS1

      Excuse me, I’m not English and I don’t know what do you mean by ”it’s damage control”, can you explain?

      • Batzi

        Konami’s “restructuring” backfired on them and they’re keeping the name and KP logo on the box so that fans can get what they want. Basically, Konami wants to shut us up and will do whatever it takes to make us buy the game with a big smile on our face. They should have done all that shit after TPP’s release and not 6 months prior which is why I still think it’s a ruse and we’re being played like a damn fiddle once again. These rumours/facts created a big buzz and grabbed the attention of the fanbase and the industry as a whole. A good marketing strategy to keep fans talking about TPP for the next 5 months. They want people to get emotional and be one with one goal in mind, get them all together at once and support Hideo Kojima by buying his game thus Konami making shit load of money. Konami knows how valuable of an asset Kojima is and they’re using his name to promote his game. Ironically, they’re achieving their goal by “attempting” to erase his existence and making us despise their actions and obviously unite us as fans to support Kojima.

        • JDSS1

          Ok man, thanks a lot!
          I think it is all a fool too, if not, konami is a thief and a disgusting company, boicoting TPP will be hard.

        • If that’s their plan it is not really working on. Some people have actually cancelled their pre-orders and Konami stock value dropped. It was very bad PR for them.

          • Batzi

            Removing “A Hideo Kojima Game” off the box is worse. You see, at least with a ruse, we know that his name is still on the box but come September 1st, if it’s not on the box, hell will break loose.

            Still buying the game though.

    • Guest

      There is people with Big boss pictures in their facebook .Calling him self fans ; Saying is not our buisness to know what happend between kojima and konami. I spend my money in a guy who respect and care since 1998 why i dont deserve the truth of this ?.. Kojima make us the man we are now .Metal gear Is not just a videogame ; is a way of life

      This happend when people with no brain jump up in a franchise like this one

      • Mintorment

        LOL Paul Guist

      • Korvus

        It honestly isn’t any of our business what’s going on between Kojima and Konami, nor is the “A Hideo Kojima game” tagline even necessary. Kojima just has a blindly loyal fanbase that feeds his already massive ego and God-complex. This is coming from a HUGE MGS fan, one who started making games because of Kojima.

  • My_FutureDream

    I’m surprised that all of the images at the back of the case are from trailers we’ve seen already, little bit disappointed in my opinion but it’s perfectly fine! I think it is a smart decision anyway to hide everything else for us 😀

    • Batzi

      You wouldn’t want anything spoiled for you trust me.

    • Maybe the final case will have some new screens (pretty sure they will release some more between now and the release of the game).

      • My_FutureDream

        Yeah I hope so, but isn’t a problem anyway. Maybe more chopper pics!! xD

  • Will Hough

    I like how secretive their being by adding nothing we haven’t seen yet to the screenshots. I like to think there’s still a lot we don’t know about!


      Very true. We know very little about this game. For example, nobody has a clue who Codetalker is or how he fits into the story.

      • Will Hough

        He is one the characters I’m most excited about due to just how little we know about him.

      • True, we know next to nothing about him. We haven’t even heard him talk yet, same goes for Eli.

        • Will Hough

          The general idea seems to be that Eli is Liquid, but then Kojima could just throw us a massive curveball and make him Frank Jaeger or something like that! I wouldn’t put it past him!

          • Yeah it’s still just a theory, but all the signs are there. 🙂

          • Raymondius

            I highly doubt it turning out not being true. I think it is like when we first saw Ocelot in GDC 2013 (Not your kind of people trailer). We HAD to be sure it was him. In this case, we can assume that Liquid cannot be named Liquid yet, so that’s what I think they may not even mention the “Liquid” title in the whole game.

          • Eli might be his real name just like Solid’s real name is David. We never learned his real name in any of the previous Metal Gear games.

          • Raymondius

            Yeah, of course. Have you heard this could be some biblical allusion? Eliab, King David brother, both brothers of 6 children (8 in total)… Wouldn’t that be awesome? We always get some of these allusions in every game with all of the Snakes, apples, sins, Adams and Evas… 😀

          • Yeah, there are definitely a lot of biblical references in the series.

    • Batzi

      Kojima is pulling an MGS2 on us, you’ll see.

      • Will Hough

        What with all the “Big Boss is a clone” stories that sounds possible!

        • Batzi

          That’ stupid.

          • Will Hough

            I saw one pretty convincing one about Big Boss actually still being in a coma and Punished Snake is Solidus, created by the patriots to replace Big Boss during the time he’s in his coma. Every other theory I’ve seen like Snake being Decoy Octopus or Grey Fox don’t make any sence at all.

          • But how can he be Solidus? Solidus was a child during the events of MGSV.

          • Will Hough

            Hence why it hasn’t totally convinced me! But then Solidus’ backstory was never really fleshed out much so it could easily be retconed. I guess we’ll just have to see but personally I think Punished Snake is Big Boss as we really need to see how he turns from a relative “good guy`’ to the bad guy we see in Metal Gear.

          • Perhaps, but if he was born in the seventies it’s hard to imagine him being Venom Snake. Besides, if Eli is indeed Liquid (which is very likely), he is also still a child in MGSV.

          • Batzi

            What @Nyxus:disqus said. However, one thing Kojima said that intrigued me was the fact Big Boss was only in one coma. He said when we play TPP we will understand why. In other words, he’s saying that coma post-GZ is the only one BB was in. According to the story, Big Boss was in a coma when “Les Enfants Terribles” project happened. Some said it might have been a lost in translation and that he was unconscious/heavily injured and Zero took advantage of that.

          • Kol Leqejza

            after the final cutscene in GZ, you can read the follow: “1976 – Les Enfant terribles project got cancelled” something like that. so kojima is retconning all over again.
            i bet its due accelerated aging, to focus more on that.
            like liquid being 9 years old, while his body got all the physical traits of a teenager.

      • In what way do you mean? Like we have only seen something equivalent to the Tanker chapter?

        • Batzi

          If TPP was a pizza, we’ve only seen a slice. We literally know nothing about the story, boss fights and the characters to expect. Even the enemy is not clear yet.

          • Ah yes. Hopefully they can keep everything under wraps, not like GZ when the street date was broken in some parts of the world and there was a much bigger risk of being spoiled.

          • Batzi

            Well GZ was mainly spoiled in the trailers. There wasn’t much left of the story that was kept under wraps. GZ was obviously not supposed to be released separately.

          • True, but there was still the ending at least.

    • The Reaver

      One thing that I think is being kept from us is Zero. Outside of the thing with his voice actor, nothing that Kojima/Konami has shown us indicates his presence in the game, but, judging by the dialogue between Paz and Skullface at the end of Ground Zeroes, I think he’ll not only influence the plot but also make a physical appearance.

      Secondly, the bosses are being kept very vague. If I had to guess, “Those Who Don’t Exist” is the collective name for the bosses, and the burning-dude and gas-mask kid shown in earlier trailers will be among them.

      • If we are to believe Jim Piddock it’s pretty much confirmed, since apparently they asked him for the role. 😉

  • FOX

    Hideo Kojima collection confirmed

  • Snorlax

    Portable Ops and Rising are non-canon confirmed.

    • Since Kojima explained the difference between Metal Gear games in general and those called ‘A Hideo Kojima Game’, it was pretty much a fact.

      • moto hellogoto

        a fact that they are non canon or canon?

        • That Kojima doesn’t consider them part of the storyline, so non canon.

          • Snorlax

            Exactly, alot of people seem to be in denial of this. They don’t even respect what Kojima considers canon about the series he created himself.


        Yup. There was an article explaining how the games where he isn’t directly involved and don’t have the “A Hideo Kojima” seal of quality are non-canon for him. It’s actually pretty sad because It is very heavily implied in lots of interviews throughout his career that he’s been trying to past the torch to the younger staff members of the now disbanded KojiPro but he felt discouraged in the direction they take the games so he has to get back on top of things. I think he tried to step back with Metal Gear Solid: Rising and we know how that turned out.

        • Yeah, and actually he wanted the staff to make a game about The Boss but they were afraid to do that.

    • JDSS1

      They are canon.
      The problem that kojima has with these two games is that he didn’t direct them, and then they are called non-canon, but not. Kojima not being the director does not mean they are non-canon.

      • Snorlax

        You’re wrong. In the most recent IGN video where Kojima revealed the release date of TTP he explained what the Metal Gear saga was:

        “The games in the series that I personally designed and produced. Metal Gear on the MSX, Metal Gear 2, MGS1/2/3/4 and Peace Walker and now Metal Gear Solid V are what constitute a single Metal Gear saga. With Metal Gear Solid V I’m finally closing the loop on that saga.”


        Rising and Portable Ops are not part of the saga. The pictures in this article of the store box promotion confirms that yet again. And besides Kojima is the only person that is an authority on this subject. Metal Gear is his creation. Your opinion is irrelevant.

        • JDSS1

          Then why for example with Rising he contributed? He was attentive or watching as a supervisor about it. He made a trailer and little more stuff…
          If he doesn’t consider them canon, why he contributes? (At least with Rising, with PO I don’t know.)


            Relax. Why are you dragging this discussion when it was already settled. Kojima was also a producer for Lords of Shadow, but that doesn’t mean that Castlevania is MGS canon.

          • JDSS1

            Making a question doesn’t mean that a person is not relaxed.
            You are talking about two different sagas, I’m not.


            Well I’m not sure what you want to hear. It’s the consensus that the OP @disqus_IyhhU8Gb97:disqus is correct in his statement since it came from Kojima himself so… I’m not sure where you’re going with this.

          • JDSS1

            I’m going with this to know why kojima lead these two games exist, led others make them and use ”Metal Gear” in their titles.
            I’m not doing anything wrong, just asking…

          • Rising, PO, Ac!d, etc are all part of the Metal Gear franchise. They use story elements and characters, and they are Metal Gear games, but they are not part of the main storyline saga because they are not ‘A Hideo Kojima Games’. That’s all you need to know. The main saga is as follows: Metal Gear, Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake, Metal Gear Solid, Metal Gear Solid 2, Metal Gear Solid 3, Metal Gear Solid 4, Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker, Metal Gear Solid V Ground Zeroes / The Phantom Pain.

          • glitchbomb

            ITS NOT?!? 😉

          • Rising wasn’t ‘A Hideo Kojima Game’. He did oversee the project but he didn’t write the story, direct the game and work on the game design.

            For more info check out these two links:

  • Golgari

    I’m so excited for this game. Nothing can stop my excitement. Even the last Konami/Koji Pro issues can’t do anything about it. I waited for this Open world sandbox stealth game for years. It was my dream when this game was announced.

    Collectors edition is already preordered. September 1 it will be mine and I will play this game for 1000 hours and ofc will watch you guys here on MGI for some spoilers… Will delete em’ he he. 😉

    • Snorlax

      Completely agree brother. I also feel MGSV is going to be Kojima’s best Metal Gear to date. September 1st can’t come soon enough.

  • Plissken
    • Thanks for the heads-up!

  • Mr.Pony

    I take it back, give us more of the chopper…

    • To think people were getting bored of them. Now they seem like a mirage in the desert.

      • Golgari

        I was never bored of them. Chopper pics were awesome and you could see some progress and small teasers.
        For example my fav chopper photo when Kojima tweeted about upgraded chopper visuals.

        Nyx, just compare GZ chopper with TPP latest chopper and you will see tons of new great looking details and what Fox Engine with great designers are capable of.

        • Yeah. Hopefully the block won’t last all the way until the release day, but maybe it will.

          The tweets we lost, the chopper pics we lost, won’t stop hurting…

          • Mr.Pony

            why are we still here? just to wait?

            That is actually my biggest fear, that they cut communication with the public in social media and give only information on events like E3 or through press-releases

      • Shalashaska

        it wasnt that i was bored.. it was more like “GIVE ME MORE” and right now its like .. “GIVE ME ANYTHING”

  • Solidpnk

    they look beautiful !!
    I wish they where here Already.

    Maybe in august the posters might appear?.

    everyone have a good day !

  • ObsessedGeorge

    Am I the only one who finds the game’s cover stupid? I mean it could have been something that tells something of importance, like Ground Zeroes for example. Even his ponytail looks weird. It’s not that short in the game. I don’t know it looks weird to me.

    • Will Hough

      I agree that the picture of Big Boss looks a little off and that there could have been more in the background, but I love the way that the V is made to look like the exclamation point from previous games.

      • ObsessedGeorge

        Yeah but, that V in the middle of the cover? And full size too.

    • Kol Leqejza

      the cover is soooo generic. GZ’s, too.

      • ObsessedGeorge

        At least GZ’s cover tells a story. It perfectly describes the game.

        • Kol Leqejza

          the japanase one maybe. but still generic. shinkawa cover ftw!

    • Gatsu

      It could have been different, but I love this cover for some reason. It just looks so cool and with that V.
      I was expecting the one with Shalashaska though.

  • Shalashaska

    You know the more i see the V Poster/Cover, The more I fall in love with that ponytail!

  • James

    V has come to!

  • James

    I love the box art. For some reason the trend in gaming is to have a large image of the main character’s face on the cover art but here it actually looks good! Plus, there is going to be reversible Shinkawa art on the other side which we are all going to use anyway so what does it matter

  • PrinceHeir

    Love the promotions!!

    So good!

  • Silverius

    LOL no portable ops in the time line 🙁 I liked that game.

    • Old Liquid

      To each its own, man. I hated damn near everything about that game.

      The controls were very awful.
      The recruitment system of dragging enemies to truck/cardboard boxes to recruit was very tedious and depending on the layout, time-consuming.
      Gray Fox’s story retconed in the form of Null, & characterization ironically turning into a prequel of Raiden.
      The Successor Project being a bad mimic of Les Enfants Terrible, between Gene & Big Boss.
      Outer Heaven’s concept being a hand-me-down of Army’s Heaven..
      Big Boss reliving Solid Snake’s adventure (again), via being forced back into war, out of retirement, to take out his former unit.

      I’m very glad Kojima sweeps that game under the rug. Half-canon, half-not. “Gene” was the only thing I liked about that game, the rest was terrible. In Ground Zeroes, Miller told me that Portable Op’s logo is “nothing special” when I tried to erase it in Deja Vu, and I’m inclined to believe him.

  • Javier

    Now I understand. When they said “earlier 2015” they were talking about advertising.

  • Niko Santos Tolentino

    how is this 9.2/10 if it didn’t came out yet.

    • PrinceHeir

      NO that’s the date of the release in Japan.

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