Tasia Valenza talks about playing Sniper Wolf in the original Metal Gear Solid

In an interview by Fragged Nation, Sniper Wolf voice actor Tasia Valenza answered some questions about playing the role of the famous female sniper.


On the subject of how much gaming technology has advanced since Metal Gear Solid 1, Tasia said she would really like to see Sniper Wolf in today’s tech. She also talked about the differences between live action and voice acting, as with the first you can say a lot of things with subtle movements like raising an eyebrow, and voice acting is more theatrical because you have to ‘reach the back row’ (interestingly this is one of the ways in MGSV will be different from earlier installments, since the advanced facial capture allows the team to transfer subtle acting like this into the game, allowing for a more subdued performance).

Responding to the question of what drew her in about Sniper Wolf, Tasia responded that it is perhaps her top animated character she has played. “She seems one thing, and then you find out that she’s so much more.” Tasia explained. “The scene at the end [her death scene] exposes her vulnerability that she has covered up her whole life. And if you didn’t know that scene, you’d just think of her as a one dimensional woman who’s just a hard-ass killer.” But it’s those extra layers that makes it interesting for her as an actor.


She also talked a bit about working with Hideo Kojima. “He was kind of an intermediary where he would convey and then we’d have an actual voice director [Kris Zimmerman]. So that was definitely helpful.”

When asked who she’d pick to play Sniper Wolf in the Metal Gear Solid movie, Tasia said she’d choose someone like Charlize Theron or Uma Thurman. She then asked the hosts who they would choose, and they unanimously agreed that is should be Tasia herself. Tasia was surprised by this idea, but seemed to like it. “I might be lured back into on camera if they would present me with that opportunity.”


Tasia Valenza as Sniper Wolf, image taken from her Facebook Page

To watch the whole interview, follow the link at the bottom. To visit Tasia Valenza’s website, go here.

Source: YongYea

  • Ma2a

    She is a beauty. Just how I imagined her. Dibs. 🙂

    • Cobra Commander

      Who are you?
      Randy from My Name Is Earl?

      • Ma2a

        Is this supposed to be funny? 🙂

  • JoJo

    MGSV gives us a sniper and a wolf. Why not a Sniper Wolf?

    • It is possible we get to see a young Sniper Wolf, who knows.

      • JoJo

        Yep. That’s what I’m hoping.

    • Kol Leqejza


    • Ninja_Se7eN

      Give the sniper and the wolf to Motherbase’s R&D team and they’ll come up with something xD.

  • Old Liquid

    Talia is awesome, lol. But she looks nothing like Sniper Wolf, even in that cosplay attire. I still love her though.

    • kirtanloorii

      Maybe she did look like Sniper Wolf back in 1998?

    • ominonarepus

      I still don’t see the full interview so, I don’t know if someone mention it but, she looks like Carmen Sandiego xDDD

  • solidsnack

    probably my second favourite interview they did apart from the hayter one, i’m a sucker for him even though i like sutherland as big boss.

  • Gatsu

    Mmmm Sniper Wolf <3, she looks great .

    I’m hoping we see Sniper Wolf somehow in MGSV. I say anything is possible, because of course they haven’t shown all of the characters to us yet.

    Seeing her in the movie would be great, but whoever they pick…well I just hope the person knows how to act and also look like Sniper Wolf :).

    I wonder if Yong and folks gonna interview Kiefer Sutherland :3 and if so how it go.

    • They are trying to get Kiefer for an interview, as well as several others such as Paul Eiding, Robin Atkin Downes, Christopher Randolph, Stefanie Joosten and Lori Alan (some of them already said they wanted to do it).

      • Gatsu

        Okey nice :), yeah I know Stefanie said she wanted to. Just didn’t know they try to get everyone interviewed, the more the merrier imo!

        • Yeah, should be interesting since most of them are in MGSV as well. Actually all of those except for Paul Eiding, and Lori Alan hasn’t been confirmed but she hinted at being in the game.

  • Mr.Pony

    That scene from MGS1 *snif* *snif* so damn good…

    “Ok Hero, set me free.”

  • WrongDirectionZ

    “We are Nacho kind of people”… Yamy


  • PrinceHeir

    Great interview!

  • Vegas

    Lets see… Sniper Wof said something about the man that saved her and gave her the chance to see the battlefield in a distance. By that time, she was a child. And it was 21 years before. I would bet that Quiet was her mentor (and The End have some relation with Quiet – a family of Snipers huh). I would also bet that Quiet dies at some point and this influences Sniper Wolf to be a more cold-blooded person. Seriously, Quiet seems like that character that has one purpose: die to make a difference. I felt the same thing with Paz.

    • Vegas

      And I also say that Quiet died because she os nowhere to be found in MG 1 and 2. Neither Sniper Wolf so she departed from Outer Heaven and went fo FoxHound or somewhere else.

  • JDSS1


    Can someone help with these questions?

    1. Revolver Ocelot regarding the Perfect Soldier Project with The Patriots idea. Ocelot wanted as Zero (the person who he make the decision to form the patriots) to fulfill the ideal of The Boss. But what about the data that Zero shared with Ocelot in the same moment they were talking about forming the patriots? I mean, who give the idea of The Patriots? Zero or Ocelot? Ocelot was planning to break his ties with Zero, but Zero shared with him the Perfect Soldier Project data and then Ocelot intrigued agreed to join the patriots (with the condition that Big Boss joins too).
    In other words, what was Ocelot really wanting is the data, not The Patriots? Unless Zero don’t share to him the data of the project, he would have never join The Patriots?

    2. What meaning gave Big Boss to The Boss’ final behave about ”putting down the guns and sing” (Peace Walker Incident)? Big Boss was dissappointed, but then in MGS 4 Big Boss is not as dissappointed or something.

    3. Why Miller alerted Zero about the progress of Paz with ZEKE? Miller didn’t know that it was all a trap, Zero was going to bretayed him, it doesn’t make sense, Paz was going to lie about the progress. Was just Miller informing?

    4. Was Liquid or Ocelot who ordered to input Liquid Snake’s arm into Ocelot’s? In MGS 2 Liquid says that it was him who ordered because he knew that Ocelot was a spy of The Patriots. But Liquid was dead by the time of the transplant, it doesn’t make sense. When Ocelot made the decision to hypnotize himself and put Liquid’s personality was a bit after the incidents.

    5. What was Revolver Ocelot planning in the Tanker Incident and Big Shell Incident (MGS 2)? In MGS 1 was to kill Sigint. But it is strange in MGS 2, he is not doing anything against The Patriots. Was he just working as always, nothing else?

    • Plissken

      I have similar questions, but in answer to Question 4, I think Liquid had to have known about Ocelot’s past, his father, The Sorrow being a spirit medium. I think Liquid let Ocelot know he could have his arm if he died, as a back up plan. He may have even realized Ocelot was a spy. Liquid possessed Ocelot in MGS2, and the arm was replaced when Ocelot realized Liquid had taken control. Then Ocelot just went along with that to oppose The Patriots. Basically, in MGS4, Liquid Snake (if he had lived) and Ocelot had the same goal of taking down The Patriots, except Ocelot’s plan went one step further, to free Big Boss.

      • JDSS1

        4. Maybe is like you said, Liquid, knowing that Ocelot is a spy, could tell him to do that if something happens, then that explains why Liquid says in MGS 2 that he requested the input, so, he could make Ocelot his host.

        • cardboardbox engineer

          there is no liquid after mgs1,the guy dies, end of story

          • JDSS1

            Only Physically there is no Liquid

    • solidsnack

      to question 4: cats love to play as snakes. ocelot was faking the whole time because he is and has always been a tricky b*tch 🙂

      • He probably believed himself he was Liquid though. After all, he used hypnosis and replaced his own mind with Liquid’s.

        • solidsnack

          yeah i think he did start to believe it too but i don’t think he was spiritually possessed by liquid snake

          • Perhaps not. Although he did replace Liquid’s arm with a bionic arm at some point between MGS2 and MGS4.

          • JDSS1

            @nyxus @solidsnack

            Basically you say that Ocelot was acting like Liquid during the incidents? Then it was a mistake the changing voices Liquid-Ocelot?

            And Ocelot planed the entire fool to The Patriots since he decided to input Liquid’s arm and not since he decided to hypnotize and introduce Liquid’s persona in him years after?
            Maybe all this is a mistake that kojima made

            For sure when Ocelot is not acting is after he decides to put on himself Liquid’s personality, all this after the incidents.

          • cardboardbox engineer

            yes , liquid died after shadow moses, replacing his voice was a mistake

          • JDSS1

            One grave mistake.
            So, in the end, was he acting? likely yes, because when ”Liquid” says that it was him who requested to input his arm on Ocelot doesn’t make sense, because Liquid was dead back then to the arm operation. Something strange that he was acting, because why? During the incidents he was just working as usual as a spy… If he planned something with Liquid’s personality, as he indeed does but years later, he would have done the hypnotization since that moment, before MGS 2 events, not years after those events…

            It is confusing all this stuff about Ocelot and Liquid during MGS 2.

            For sure when Ocelot isn’t acting is when he decides to introduce in him LIquid’s personality and the rest of the events that goes on.

          • cardboardbox engineer

            do not over think it. ocelot did everything to fool the system after shadow moses,

  • hope she returns for the inevitable MGS1 fox engine remake in 2030…

  • Batzi

    Do you guys think we’ll be getting a new MGSV trailer at this year’s E3? The way I see it, Konami is going through some rough times trying to cover the mess they created and one way for them to achieve that is probably to release an MGSV trailer (Edited by Kojima himself) in order to shift the fans’ attention away from the ugly truth and have them talk about something else.

    • It would be strange if they didn’t, they have to keep the hype for the game alive, and E3 is the biggest game show between now and the release. If they are smart they indeed give us a ‘Hideo Kojima trailer’ that shows he’s still working on the game (even though they already said that, the recent events have made people worried).

      • Batzi

        This past December if I’m not mistaking, Kojima pulled out his editing keyboard that he usually uses to create trailers and he even teased the next song that he was going to use. Do you think that trailer was already made and is actually ready? Would make sense since all their attention now is on finishing the game and it wouldn’t be a priority to make a trailer during crunch time.

        • We never saw that trailer right? So yeah, maybe, though usually the trailers are made closer to the event. Either way, hopefully we’ll get at least one more epic trailer.

          • Batzi

            Yea, I always thought they were going to show that trailer during the release date announcement but would make sense to save it for E3. I doubt Kojima or anyone from the team will be at this year’s E3 but then again last year’s E3 Kojima wasn’t on stage when they revealed the awesome Nuclear trailer!

          • invader_skoodge

            They would be really shooting themselves in the foot if they didn’t show anything at E3. It really makes me wonder if this whole thing never happened(or at least if we never ‘knew’ this thing happened) how Konami would have promoted and advertised the game this summer.

          • Frederick Guese

            He was there..I shook his hand, but he was demoing the game within the Konami booth.

          • Batzi

            Yea but he didn’t present the game on stage. He doesn’t have to anyway and I don’t think he can anymore.

      • Vegas

        the problem is to expect smartness from konami xD

    • Gatsu

      I think we will see it :). It would make sense to give one more before the game release.

  • solidsnack

    almost 19 weeks! it’ll feel good to get past that 20 we’ve waited a while since the announcement already it’s gonna fly over.

    • Gatsu

      Yeah :D!

      • Mini gear

        were getting over the hill 🙂 cant wait till less then 10 weeks

  • invader_skoodge

    She is awesome. I’m glad she re-discovered this character though her twitter fans because to her it might have been just another VO job to add to the resumé back then but now she embraces the character so far as to Cosplay as Sniper Wolf. What a great lady.

  • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

    What I’d like is a remaster of all MG games on PS4, or PS5.

    • MichaelPayneV

      Nah, a port of them on PS4 and Steam would be enough, especially Steam since there is just 1 on steam, Ground Zeroes.

      • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

        Yeah that’s true but it doesn’t look like any work will start on it soon with woke still being done on Phantom Pain and then supposedly a new team doing a completely new metal gear so no room in the near future for work on that it seems.

    • kirtanloorii

      Or PC. You can’t go wrong with PC.

      • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

        I will always play MG on PlayStation, so PC is out of the question for me. Don’t mind if a remaster is done for PC too though.

        • kirtanloorii

          Yeah, that’s what I meant. I think some remasters for PC would be great. That way, I wont have to worry about my PlayStation breaking down.

          • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

            that’s also why I haven’t got PS4 yet since I’m hoping that or X1 has a slim version coming. don’t want to keep older version to find out later it has problems. I’m sure it would, but I got a 4K TV so I’ll be set 🙂

  • Shalashaska

    Time is going to damn slowly. Need that Phantom Cigar. Now.

    At the moment…This turtle seems to be walking faster than the speed of time


  • Sn4ke_911

    First look at Solid Snake 😛

    • MichaelPayneV

      Pretty sure that is the MGO Character and not Solid…or maybe is The Boss Story Expansion set in the 50’s.

    • kirtanloorii

      Too bad I can’t read what it says.

  • mikeyyytexas


    maybe this is just speculation but it seems to me as though it is implied through this article that kojima is retaining the rights to the Fox Engine. everything else in the article we basically already know… what do y’all think about this?

    • That article uses kdramastars and Cyberland as sources, and they are fake. They are known to make up stuff.

      • Mini gear

        week ago said ffxv had a release date. i hate them

      • mikeyyytexas

        Lame, I knew it was too good to be true, at least it was worth a shot… I haven’t really been keeping up with news since this whole fiasco started and me with college it’s been hard to keep up and all but it was worth seeing if it was fake or not.

  • MichaelPayneV

    Am i Crazy, or Terminator Genisys, the Story aaaand The Humor is really Metal Gear like now? (SPOILERS in the Trailer)

    Honestly, that moment (non-spoiler moment) when Arnold said “Nice to meet you” and aquardly smiled while Sarah said that he doesn’t blend well yet, look at that moment from 1:02 till 1:10, that is soooooo Hideo Kojima.

    • Gatsu

      Just now noticed that this movie got Emilia/Daenerys from GoT as Sarah :D, nice ;). I might go see this for fun, although nothing beats Terminator 1 and 2.

      But damn, trailers show too much these days :P. It’s like you can see the whole movie or plot by watching most trailers (yea I know my fault for watching lol).

      Lots of other interesting sequels coming this year too, Jurassic Park, MI 5, Star Wars etc :).

      • MichaelPayneV

        Well based in this Trailer Genisus has the potential to beat the entire series and give it a new bigger scope.

        • Gatsu

          Yeah it looks really great imo :). Maybe I shouldn’t have said “nothing beats”. T1 and 2 just so far are the best imo :), true classics. I guess what I really meant to say, was that sequels after sequels rarely are better than the originals, but it happens sometimes.

          • MichaelPayneV

            True, true.

    • MrVux007

      im so hyped ^^

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