You can own a limited edition replica of Big Boss’ leather jacket from Metal Gear Solid V

Ever wanted to own the leather motorcycle jacket Snake is wearing in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain? Well, now you can. Musterbrand is releasing an exact replica of the jacket, complete with tiger stripe lining and Diamond Dogs emblem on the front. If you want one, don’t wait too long, since only 300 pieces will be made.



The description from the official site reads as follows:

The Snake Leather Jacket merges the industrial rugged design with the elegance and exclusivity of high street fashion. Our team always strives for even more challenging projects and this jacket is the latest result of this endeavour. It is an exact replica of the outstanding in-game Leather Jacket worn by Big Boss in Phantom Pain.

The tailored fit and asymmetric design of the zipper creates a distinct biker jacket look. Quilted shoulder patches and the embossed Diamond Dogs logo on the chest clearly indicate the connection to the Metal Gear universe. The lining comes in the well known tiger stripe camouflage look.

Every part and detail of the jacket was hand-picked by our designers and the creators of the Metal Gear games. In order to create a truly unique product the choice of the fabric allowed no compromise. We decided to use high quality bull nappa leather to ensure that the jacket has a luxurious feel to it and features exceptional longevity.

Material Composition:

  • Genuine Leather (bull nappa)
  • Colour: Black
  • Care: Do not wash/ Do not bleach/ Do not iron/ Do not tumble dry/ Wipe with damp cloth/ Dry clean by leather specialist


  • Exact replica of the in-game Leather Jacket
  • Embossed Diamond Dogs Logo on the chest
  • Custom made tiger stripe camouflage lining
  • padded diamond stitched details on shoulder, sleeve and elbow

The jacket will be shipped around 31 May 2015, and can be purchased for a price of 499 euro. For more information and pictures, or to order it, visit the official Musterbrand site.

Source: Musterbrand

  • lostsnak182


  • jhsnake

    Looks pretty good.
    But when will come an important new? This is pure air

    • Ravenous

      I agree, I probably would’ve bought it if I could afford it, but the communications blackout over at KojiPro is really getting boring…atleast the chopper-pics gave us something to talk about Oo

      • True, but there’s nothing we can do about it, unfortunately.

        By the way, Ken Imaizumi tweeted about this jacket, which is the first actual tweet (not retweet) since the communications block.

        • Batzi

          Well I’m sure Ken has a phone connected to a network not affiliated with Konami’s internal network. He could have tweeted from his phone anytime he would have wanted. Same with Kojima and the rest of the team.

          • You’re right, but it’s still kind of odd Kojima didn’t tweet anything, not even in his free time, which he normally does all the time.

          • Batzi

            Well he’s busy now. Crunch time. I am sure he will post something around E3.

        • Ravenous

          The comms-blackout has made me wonder abit, is this how Konami would have preferred to have it all along, no news, no updates, no statements other than “Kojima and co. Are still working on TPP”, and nothing to create any hype for the game whatsoever? If they actually have a marketing plan for TPP, shouldn’t it have started by now with E3 barely a month away?

          • He did a self imposed communications block for MGS2 as well, because he wouldn’t have been able to finish the game otherwise. Maybe something similar is going on (although we have the whole Kojima Productions situation as well this time).

          • Ravenous

            Really? I didn’t know that he did this with MGS2, although I absolutely loved MGS to death I always thought it would be one of those one-off games. Since I didn’t know about MG and MG2 at the time, so MGS2 sortof came like lightning from a clear sky for me, and I found out about it only a couple of days before it’s release 🙂
            Could very well be that Kojima chose to sacrifice communication to really put the polishing in high gear, And it’ll be interesting to see when he starts tweeting again to let us know he’s still alive 🙂

          • “Hidden behind closed doors for most of the year as part of a self-imposed media and communications blackout, Kojima says that what happened behind the scenes was a frantic race to realize the impossible.”

            From this article:

          • 223hzy

            “This was Kojima’s subtle way of introducing his “submerge” media strategy, a complete and total communications and media blackout that would extend from E3 until the launch of the game. There would be no press interviews, no previews, and no new information about the game released until it arrived on store shelves.”

            Interesting, did not know that. But maybe it is whole another story this time.

        • Shalashaska

          haha depending on how konami’s record is right now, they probably did this to him to get him to advertise it xD

  • solidsnack

    i gotta say not many people are gonna be able to pull this off unless they have the physique and badass vibe of big boss… i’d prefer mine in game on big boss.

  • Ninja_Se7eN

    The first thing I thought when I read the title was “this is going to cost more than it should”, and 500€ fits that category xD.

  • Holy Shit…I need this…

    God Damn it I just spent money on a flight and hotel for my honey moon last week! son of a bitch it could have went to this!

    • MrVux007

      i feel ya bro….guess ill have to steal my grandfathers jacket(wich is almost the same)…and put a Diamond Dogs stamp on it …..(problem solved)………………………………………

      still need a bike tho…….guess ill need to visit gramps for that as-well ^^

    • Shalashaska
      • decoyF0XX

        Holy shit where is this from please lool

    • damn man, it would have been the right choice

  • Captain

    It looks amazing, but I’m not that rich…

  • Gatsu

    Looks super awesome :).

  • XIFF-5


    Totally buying it!!!!!!!!! A while ago i was searching for a similar JACKET and didn’t find one, but now I will buy this!

    • Ricardo Oe

      u are right dude.with a jacket like this could grow hair in the balls…

  • Le Guy who drowned quiet

    seriously konami is becoming a whore.still love the jackets design though.simple and stylish.

  • Aleezy

    20 weeks….

  • Batzi

    Man the lack of TPP news is driving me nuts! 0_o

    • Gatsu

      Me too bro ;(, but it comforts me when I think about that soon only 1 month of waiting for E3 and 4 for TPP release 😉 …

  • ThreeMadFrogs

    Damn that’s a sexy jacket. I’m glad the Diamond Dogs logo is an embossed image rather than a huge stand out logo. It’s subtle but very classy. This would be my go to motorcycle jacket.
    Awesome lining too!

  • Shporet

    Ok…I’ll watch that trailer again now… 🙂

    Btw… here’s my cover+chords for the song… 🙂

  • FOX

    im tired of waiting of some news or picture lately.Seriously Konami Fuck you again

  • Mini gear


  • No Place For Hayter

    As much as I would love to have that jacket, if I was going to spend that kind of money on a leather jacket I would get it custom made.

    • MichaelPayneV


    • yeah i’m thinking the same…. if i must spend that money and also pay for the shipping i guess it would be cheaper to get it done here. i know a few guys that may be able to do it… and with these pictures now i got good reference for a custom made jacket.

  • Theo Heisenberg Constantine

    lol its actually cheaper than the leather jacket capcom tried to sell that was like what $1,000?

  • César H. Sandoval

    Sweet, but I like the one in the videogame better.

  • Vegas

    They could try selling me the whole fucking Mother Base for 50 bucks and I wouldn’t accept. First, because I don’t have 50 bucks xD but specially because I won’t spend a penny in a Konami product that isn’t made directly by Kojima. I said it once and I say it again: MGS5 will be my last Konami product.

  • Plissken

    “Shut up and take my Drebin points!” Pre-ordered mine

  • Shalashaska

    looks amazing but haha let me complete that headline for you

    “… at the cost of your kidney, lungs and your heart”


  • PrinceHeir

    Damn cost too much :O

  • Javier

    They want us to spend money in a jacket we saw 5 seconds in a trailer of a game we didn´t play yet.

  • i like it. a lot. actually i love this, i got a thing for leather jackets i had like 4 different at a time i got only one now. this one would be perfect imo if it had something on the whole back, that’s how i imagined it when i saw the trailer, you know like a giant diamond dogs emblem on the back or even better, the outer heaven emblem. i’ll save some money and see if i can get one custom made over here…

  • You can win the jacket via the official Musterbrand Facebook:

    • ThreeMadFrogs

      I’ve entered! I know my chances are slim, but I know I got all the answers correct. I’d be so fucking stoked if I won a jacket 😀

      • At least the questions were very easy for Metal Gear fans. 😉

    • Shalashaska

      You know.. honestly.. their stuff is high class top of the line stuff… if i had money to dish out and didnt care about their prices, i’d probably have a room just for their brand’s clothes xD

  • Guest

    Looks cool

  • Looks cool

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