No trophies and achievements planned for Metal Gear Online, and some more info from the developers

As usual, the developers of the new Metal Gear Online at Konami Los Angeles Studio have been answering questions via Twitter, providing small bits of new information. Here’s the info collected over the past three weeks, on achievements and trophies, auto aim and support.


First, this was their response to some comments on how close they’re working with the Japanese developers (something that has been talked about earlier):

“Our Creative Director and Producer are both developers of MGO2, they work primarily with the team in our Japan office. Creative director [Kotaro Oki] visits our office as often as possible and works with us through long-stretches of development time. Additionally when he’s away we have multiple weekly discussions both in teleconference and email. In summary we work closely with the Japan team, on a regular basis, about as much as we do with the team not in Japan.”

Here is the additional info gathered from answered questions:

  • The maps are large enough that any sniper should feel right at home.
  • When asked how vast the customization will be, the developers answered: “It’s important to us, if that helps.”
  • You will be able to see the connection strength of players on the match info screens.
  • They’re looking into counter measures in regard to cheaters.
  • The developers stated it’s too early to talk about DLC and season passes.
  • Players can ‘opt out’ of matches with special characters.
  • There are no achievements or trophies planned for Metal Gear Online.
  • Hosts won’t be able to set upload speed.
  • Support for the game won’t be separated by region.
  • An auto aim option is planned, but it will be something you can switch off in your personal settings.
  • The control scheme is similar to the one in Ground Zeroes, but the team does their own balance and response testing for Metal Gear Online separately.
  • There are no plans in place to discontinue the service, the team has no end date in mind.

Lastly, the developers talked about balancing their own expertise and feedback by fans.

“While we appreciate all fan feedback, we aren’t looking to fans to decide our entire development plan. We are experienced professional game designers/developers and ultimately decide what works best for the game. Rest assured however we continue to listen to the community and will revise the game as needed. That is why we have sought the community for feedback and regularly take it in. We appreciate the support and hope you will enjoy the system, as free or limited as it feels in context of the game.”

Source: Metal Gear Online Twitter

  • invader_skoodge

    I hope they implement the trophies as a separate thing from the main game because My OCD can’t handle it when I play games where the only thing keeping me from getting platinum is multiplayer trophies that are almost impossible(for me) to get because I either don’t care for MP or don’t have the time to grind to meet the requirements to get Trophy.

    • WhatTheJuicay

      MGO sorta had trophies separate from the main game if that’s what you’re talking about. You can only view it in your character stats in the game. Nothing blanked out with question marks like on PSN. I like trophies to be a complete mystery that unlock without notice.

  • Cassio

    Trés bien, can’t wait.

  • Gatsu

    Sounds great info as always :), thx Nyx. About the trophies, I’m not sure were they in previous MGO so I’m ok if it don’t have them. I will play for fun, but if I try get platinum then I sometimes dislike when games got MP trophies. Because I’m not always interested in trying the MP. But as invader_skoodge said, they should implement them as separate to games imo.

    • Trophies didn’t exist yet when MGS4 (and MGO2) came out. They lated added trophies to MGS4 via a patch.

      • Gatsu

        Oh yeah :), now I remember them adding by patching MGS4 ;).

  • Rob

    We hope you all care A LOT about multiplayer without the motivation of trophies/achievements. However there will still be plenty of things to work for in MGO

    • Most people will probably support the decision to leave trophies out of MGO, since it would influence how people play and it’s also better for the completionists who are only planning to play the story.

    • Gatsu

      Yes we do :D. I am mostly used to play single player games/stories for earning trophies.

      To be honest, I’m not always a huge MP player. But certain games’ multiplayer is amazing. TPP is one of them and can’t wait to play MGO <(^O^<). I have faith in you Rob and your Diamond Doggies to make it fantastic!

    • Golgari

      I support this. It is a great design decision. Most of the trophies for the multiplayer are basically for grinding which is boring. Trophies should be for FUN first of all.
      Multiplayer should be FUN. That is important and people who play games just for the singleplayer ONLY should be happy too that they are not forced to play MGO if they have no interest in any MP Mode in games.

      Thank you and good luck.

    • Silverius

      Thank god, lol.

    • Kazuhira Miller

      Hell yeah, Rob. Damn sure didn’t need any motivation to log into MGO or MGO2. The existence of the multiplayer component itself was motivation enough!

    • Old Liquid

      HELL YES! This is excellent news!

      Now, not only can we can thoroughly enjoy the Single player experience to achieve a well deserved Platinum, but now we can relish and enjoy Metal Gear Online without the stress of chasing any nuisance trophies/achievements IE: Unnecessary boosting, trolling, asking random people on forums for assistance, and/or relying on trolls to help achieve generic 10pt bronze/silver online trophies lol.

      I swear this game is tailor-made for me. Lol.

    • kirtanloorii

      Good. That means I will probably be able to 100% this game unlike the games with multiplayer trophies.

      • No Place For Hayter

        Due to the nature of MGO I’m pretty sure that if it got trophies they would be a different trophy set from MGSV-TPP.

        Though I would not get your hopes up just yet, there is the base invasion online side to MGSV-TPP which could possibly have trophies attached to it, which would suck considering I almost never 100% games that have online trophies.

        • Edward Wokhands

          I never really play online either. (Well, unless we’re talking Mario Kart 8) TPP will most likely be the exception though. I think the invasion game will be enjoyable, so you have no reason to worry. It’ll be like a mini-boss. Sneaking around a base and then if you’re spotted by the owner you’ll have a good fight on your hands. It’ll be awesome. Try not to decide whether you’ll play it or not in advance, I did that with some games and it caused me to not enjoy them. Then when I went back to them after a while I loved them.

    • Le Guy who drowned quiet

      wish you good luck.

    • Shalashaska

      One word. Support.

      While we all LOVE MGO and will love playing this game, it is great to see that I wont be forced to play MP to get 100% of the achievements. So thank you. The very fact that its MGO and will be amazing thanks to you guys, will be enough of a reason for us to keep playing your game.


    • Sting’s Dad

      Multiplayer achievements are awful anyway – there are often too many variables to class them as either ‘skill’ or ‘luck’.

      Nice work Rob – at heart, MGS is a solo operation anyway. I want to be able to get all of my achievements in MGS5’s campaign and then play MGO as a completely separate beast.

      • Edward Wokhands

        Exactly! I’m glad to see so many MGS fans have the same preferences and thoughts about the game. I’d hate to see MGS become westernized and “modernized” (i.e. ruined) with useless skill trees and weird, out of place xp. (I know it has these kinds of things but they mean something. Or at least they did in Peace Walker) MGS really is mostly about single player and then multiplayer is a massive bonus treat.

    • Unlocking stuff and new levels, is what makes the player to continue with the game. And if this is good enough (and i know it will be), then that’s a perfect mixture.

      I hope autoaim players would get less points than those who are playing without helps.

      Have a nice day and keep rockin’. I’m waiting for this game more than the campaign, lol 🙂

      • Edward Wokhands

        When I read your comment I started thinking about the chicken cap. Maybe auto aimers will have to wear something like that… (I’ve grown to love the chicken cap idea. So many game coddle their players. It’s insulting to us all so it’s good to see someone express a dislike of it. No surprise that it’s Kojima!) and then I read “keep rockin'” as “keep cluckin’.” -_-

    • Jason Mounce

      No trophies is good – though having Goals or Weekly/Monthly objectives/feats of things you can optionally do to perhaps earn loot or little goodies that can be converted to your Mother Base in the Single player campaign may be an awesome bonus idea.

      Entice the people who play mainly the Single Player to play Online so they can get bonuses that of course – does not Take away from the main campaign. Like getting a certain killstreak unlocks a new sticker layout or – Goat recolouring job – Blingbling of some sort.

      • Edward Wokhands

        You’re right, when first playing Rayman Legends I was offline. Then I found the daily challenges section and it was one of the most addictive things I’ve ever played. You didn’t get trophies really (I think you got one for bronze, silver and gold once if you got on the online leader board) so it was about the challenge. That kind of thing really does extend time spent with a game. I’m salivating just thinking about it being in an MGS game!

        • Jason Mounce

          😀 Yay!

    • Snorlax

      Thank you so much for this brilliant decision.

    • andy

      Thank you so much for this guys. Although you could add in “Add on” Trophies for the online mode afterwards. I am so thankful that there are no online trophies tied to the Platinum though ^_^

  • 223hzy

    No trophies for MGO is good news to me. I want to get the platinum just by playing single player.

  • Did they say anything about the online level system? In MGO2 we had levels from 0 to 22 and you could decreasse your level if you had a bad round… Are we going to have something similar or what?

    • There will be some sort of progression system, but we don’t know yet what exactly.

  • Ninja_Se7eN

    I’m confused, the title says “No trophies and achievements planned…” but the article says “There are now achievements or trophies…”. I’m guessing theres’s typo somewhere?

    • Correct, that was a typo. It’s been corrected, thanks!

      • Ninja_Se7eN

        Anytime 😉 !

  • Ken Shiro

    “An auto aim option is planned”.
    Not sure how I feel about that.

    • You can switch it off and they also said skilled players can peform accurately without it.

      • turkishgamer35

        nyxus i have a question for you my friend am gonna buy ps4 in this november can i use my ps3 ground zeroes save data for bonus content in TPP ?

      • Ken Shiro

        Yea, I know you can switch off (like on MGO2), I am more thinking in terms of survival and tournament. Players don’t have the option to disable auto-aim. (if I recall correctly, auto-aim was on during survival/tourney).

        And when I say I’m not sure on how I feel about that, I mean it literally. I’m on the fence on whether auto-aim is an asset or not. It is handy to have. But it also feels like auto-aim is outdated in modern multi-player games. On the other hand, it comes in handy with the tranq gun, as head shots are harder to pull off.

        I don’t know, I won’t be mad either way. But wouldn’t miss it if auto-aim is off for survival/tourney and official matches.

  • turkishgamer35

    good most multiplayer trophies are annoying still remember that horrible batman arkham origins online trophies…. olso i hope they bring back tournament and survival modes

  • mobilevil

    Link is part of the team? Mgo is powered by tri force?

  • PrinceHeir

    “Support for the game won’t be separated by region.”


    “An auto aim option is planned, but it will be something you can switch off in your personal settings.”

    I hope there’s rooms where you can turn this on because auto aim is just not good tbh.

    As for trophies, never cared about trophies, but i understand why they opted for the multiplayer(some MP trophies are stupid like Killzone 2 became a top player for one week etc)

  • Javier

    So many weeks.

  • kirtanloorii

    I can’t remember the last time I was actually excited to play a multiplayer game. I really look forward to MGO3, trophies or not.

  • Hells yeah, best decision yet, no trophies should be in any online game imo.

  • Shalashaska

    YES!!!!!! FINALLY A GAME THAT DOESNT FORCE ME TO go Multi-player to get a 100% ! Yes!

  • CodeBox

    Awesome news! I hate Online Trophies! I’m still working on Uncharted 3’s Multiplayer Trophies after nearly three years and they are a pain (I’m obsessive with 100% my games) And I hate having to boost, or finding somebody to help.
    It will be so nice to just play the MP for pleasure and not to grind for trophies.
    Only nineteen more weeks to go!

    • Edward Wokhands

      :O What the? What do you have to do that’s taking so long? That would annoy me. I avoid trophies for the same reason, I’d obsess over them so if it took 3 years I’d go crazy!

      • CodeBox

        The two trophies I’m stuck on is to complete two different lists of treasure sets. On Uncharted 3’s Multiplayer there are treasure sets that unlock new items for your online characters.
        You are supposed to gain treasures belonging to certain sets by playing on the modes those particular sets can be found on (deathmatch, plunder or co-op modes, etc.). Problem is, the treasures are completely random and you usually are stuck for hours getting the same treasures over and over again, instead of the rare treasures you need to find to complete the sets. It’s a mess. It is completely luck based.
        I love trophies, but it’s ones like these I wish I didn’t care, but I would go crazy seeing 94% complete in the middle of my 100% completed games.
        So the news that TPP’s MP has no trophies is a huge sigh of relief for me.
        Uncharted 3 is my favorite Multiplayer, but the trophies for the multiplayer are a pain, I hope Naughty Dog learns so there will be none of these kinds of trophies in Uncharted 4 online.

        • WhatTheJuicay

          I wish I could get a trophy just for going back to finish the game. I loved uncharted 1 and 2.. Even beat it multiple times. I stopped playing uncharted 3 when I got up to the teleporting enemies. For some reason, out of all the supernatural shit, that killed it for me

  • invader_skoodge

    I love that Kojima likes Shin-Chan so much. I am a big fan and I’ve watched most of the movies but this seems like lots of fun. Plus my family is from Mexico so it’s funny to see Shin Chan’s view of the country lol.

  • MrVux007

    DLC…god i hate that word

  • Maik O’Bannon

    can you drive vehicles in metal gear online 3?
    can we expect to drive Eva’s bike in the phantom pain?

    • You should probably ask them on Twitter (@MetalGearOnline). That’s where they answer questions.

  • Null

    I really don’t understand why the lack of trophy support is the main focus here. While it is a great move for them to take that path, I believe there are way more exciting news such as:
    -Support for the game won’t be separated by region.
    -There are no plans in place to discontinue the service, the team has no end date in mind.
    -They’re looking into counter measures in regard to cheaters.
    -The control scheme is similar to the one in Ground Zeroes, but the team
    does their own balance and response testing for Metal Gear Online

    It’s good to see support won’t be divided, the japanese MGO2 servers had a LOT of exciting events and new special items coming out every week. All the fabulous white clothing crazy started there! It’s also good to see they don’t want to repeat the same incidents with MGO2 and will try to tackle cheaters and provide us the best experience, but at the same time I think it will be tougher now with MGO coming to PC too. And a great last detail is to see that they’re trying to find a balance in the control scheme, GZ controls didn’t feel much MP friendly so it’s good to see they’re also trying to corner that.
    Lastly, I hope they release a beta when they feel ready, so that we can help with all the feedback and help make this the greatest MGO ever!

    • You mean the focus of the article? Well this was the most concrete and direct piece of news. Some of the other stuff mentioned has been stated before, to some extent. It’s just for the title anyway, since you are limited to how much you can put there, but that’s why it also says there is more info in the article.

      • Null

        I understand that, you also need to captivate the audience in some form. Maybe the “exciting news” I pointed out may not be so exciting for the majority of the readers as well.
        Sorry if I sounded like a douche, great work as always Nyxus, great job on covering all MGS news, keep up the good work

        • Don’t worry, criticism is always welcome. But as you can see, MGO not having trophies is pretty good news for most people. The idea is that it draws people in and hopefully they will read the rest of the info as well. 🙂

          • Null

            Oh and I agree on that one as well. Like Shalashaska said, it’s great to see we won’t be forced to play it in a certain way to get a bunch of trophies. That would just kill the soul of MGO. I’ll be extremely happy if we can read a beta launch news posted by you in the near future 🙂

          • Let’s hope so!

          • Edward Wokhands

            Yeah, I knew or basically assumed most of the other things. You’re right, MGS is about immersion, about the incredible story and world. People won’t be concentrating on the team work if they’re worrying about their specific trophy and it’d feel cheap, I dunno. It’d be like seeing xp popping above each of the players heads when they get shot. God, I can’t stand modern game trends and am so glad that GZ and TPP (it seems) have only taken influence from the good ones and not added the crappy ones for the sake of it. (Ubisoft style.)

    • Kol Leqejza

      in which regard didn’t GZ feel like MP controls?? fluid controls just like it will be in TPP. the controls are the best part about GZ.

      • Null

        Imo classic MGS4 controls were better. GZ controls are fluid but sometimes the animations duration take a while. If you can’t break the animation in a multiplayer you’ll find yourself out in the open very susceptible to a easy kill. MGS4 controls worked really well with MGO, they were fast and responsive. GZ controls are responsive as well but I don’t think they’re as fast. Thankfully the team’s targeting those issues and they will also be improved in TPP. Cover system had its problems too

        • Kol Leqejza

          aha, ok… u can cancel any animation when u aim w/ ur weapon. u can even go from vrouching to standing in under 1 second, when u hold ur weapon. very exploitive. and yes, there is a little issue with the cover system, but i only stumbled upon these on those little cover. but maybe it’s intentional. mostly if u throw grenades when ur in cover at a crate, snake leaves the cover, but is still right behind cover.

  • Daburcor

    Who needs trophies? This game looks like a hell of a lot of fun, and that’s all I care about!

  • Chris Jackson

    I hate multiplayer trophies anyways. Stuff like “10 first places in a row” can get me frustrated. I’m no pro, and I don’t want to be.

  • John

    “There are no achievements or trophies planned for Metal Gear Online.”

    literally no reason to play this now. its 2015, cmon now.

  • Dr. Miles Manners

    As long as they keep the reward shop and stuff to recreate characters from the MGS saga (Like Snake, Liquid, Ocelot, etc. on MGO2) we old fans would be happy as fuck!

    • WhatTheJuicay

      Yes keep the reward shop but not the ridiculous prices. 50k for a specific color hat or inflated prices favoring one color is not cool.

  • WhatTheJuicay

    What does “Players can ‘opt out’ of matches with special characters.”. Mean?

      • WhatTheJuicay

        Oh ok the way it was worded here I was thinking that you can’t quit a game unless you’re a special character or can escape the process of a match by playing as a special character.. Yes doesn’t make sense.. Wasn’t making sense to me. Does now.

  • Snake2410

    I’d be more inclined to actually enjoy a MP mode when trophies aren’t present. When they are it tends to ruin the experience because I’m spending more time doing things specifically for them rather than finding my own style of play. LOVE this decision to keep trophies/Achievements out of MGO3 . Please keep MP dlcs the same. None of the Uncharted 2/3 and The Last of Us MP dlc trophy garbage please.

  • Lee Young

    Would be good ton have a few trophies there’s people out there who like to aim for them

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