Metal Gear REX statue price announced, with some tasty pictures

The price for the half sized version of 3A’s Metal Gear REX has been announced, alongside some new information and a couple of tasty photos.

The statue will be available for a price of $230 USD, which includes free worldwide shipping.

Aside from the smaller size, this statue has the same level of details and features as its big brother, and on top of that has increased articulation.


Update: More pictures can be found in a ‘look book‘ published by the company.

The description on the official 3A site reads as follows.

April 23rd 2015 at Bambaland
09:00 Hong Kong Time
USD $230
Price includes Free Worldwide Shipping! 

The iconic METAL GEAR REX returns due to popular demand! This time in a half-size edition much friendlier for smaller spaces. REX retains the Light-Up system and incredible level of detail as its larger counterpart! The half-size edition features improved articulation including the ability to turn its head. Hatches on the knees and back-unit open and close – no removal necessary!

Lookbook coming soon!

Rail Gun Length – 11.59inches (29.45cm)
Resting Height – 8.35 inches (20.95cm)
Width – 7.35 inches (18.68cm)

METAL GEAR RAY half-sized edition coming in May!

Remember, pre-orders open on April 23rd (this Thursday) on 9:00 Hong Kong Time. That is 21:00 EST, 18:00 PST and 3:00 AM GMT. Update: Available now!

Source: World of 3A

  • Gatsu

    REX looks so cool <3. This is also a pretty big statue.

    Even though it don't say in the info above, Nyxus do you know was there a limited amount of these statues ? Need to think about pre-ordering a bit more.

    • The full-sized were eventually sold out, but not sure how long that took.

      • Gatsu

        Alrighty, thanks :).

  • Gatsu

    Btw this looks cool, I think Affleck will be good as Batman 🙂 :

    I haven’t read the comics so I wonder why they’re really fighting :P, Superman become evil o_O?. But how the hell can Batman even win against him lol?

    • Kan

      He has a piece of kryptonite in his belt

      • Gatsu

        Okey ;), should’ve realized it’s something like that.

        Kryptonite should work considering how Lex has almost killed Superman using it and is his only weakness :P.

        • James Raskalov

          Not to be THAT guy, but Superman is also weak to magic.

    • ThreeMadFrogs

      Because he’s friggin’ Batman.

      • Gatsu

        Yeah :D, Batman is gonna kick ass !

    • ominonarepus

      I was sceptic about Affleck, but once I see him in the teaser all my doubts finally go away…
      He loves comics, Kevin Smith (another comic freak whos been always related to Batman) is friend of him and for sure, he moves some “strings” to be THE BATMAN, and after The town, Argo or Gone Girl he shows how good he is behind and in front of a camera and don’t gonna let ruin that by a “shitty superhero movie”… I hope I’m not wrong.

      And by the sinopsis, I think that after The man of steel movie, where Superman destroys Metropolis after his first fight in earth, some people gonna be pissed off and Lex Luthor will take advantage of that to make Batman defeats Superman… mor or less 😛

      The Dark Knight Returns is a great comic and have the first fight (I think, I’m just a casual comic reader) between them, among some other surprises 😀
      So, read it if you haven’t, that maybe spoils you the “plot” or the final twist or whatever, but deserve it… anyway, I don’t think the’re gonna be the same, Year One a Batman Begins are similar but not the same.

      And to finish, this is the Frank Miller’s Bat, in case you haven’t seen it 😉

      • Gatsu

        Alright thanks 😀 and maybe I will read them. Yeah Superman made a mess in the movie lol, so perhaps that got something to do with it XD.

        I think the movies might not follow the comics 100%, also that’s a badass Bat pic ;). Frank Miller’s art style is awesome.

  • rovgo

    Looks awesome, have been wanting to get the full sized model back in the day but that was just too expensive for me, this is still on the very edge of affordable. I read that 3A pre-orders can take quite a while though, how long have people been waiting to get their full sized models after pre-ordering?

    • Edward Wokhands

      WHAT? A full sized model? As in a real size? As in you can sit inside it? Imagine the cost, it’d cost as much as a real tank.

      • flying_fox

        Full-size as in, twice the size of this half-size model. ^^

        • Edward Wokhands


      • Gatsu

        Now THAT is something I definitely want :D.

        • Edward Wokhands

          Yeah, it’d be cool to sprint down the street in a real Metal Gear. Someone pulls up when you stop at the lights and looks over like they want to race you… the light turns yellow… then green! Then you stamp on their car and make Rex do the robot as you dance off down the road.

      • invader_skoodge

        It’s not like it’s impossible to do a 1:1 of anything.

        • Edward Wokhands

          Holy CRAP!

    • flying_fox

      If I remember well, I waited 10 months for Rex and 9 months for Ray. 😉

      I have no idea how long it will take this time.

      • Damn, that’s almost a year…

        • flying_fox

          Yes. I have very bad memories of that. But at least, Bambaland’s delivery and customer care are top notch.

  • ObsessedGeorge

    In the Middle East, we don’t hunt foxes… We hunt jackals! Instead of foxhounds we use royal harriers, how strong IS that exoskeleton of yours? Snake, are just going to sit by and watch him die?! One of the best MGS quotes. Here’s to seeing Frank Yaeger and Rex prototype in TPP.

  • PrinceHeir

    Tasty as hell ^^

  • Gatsu

    Not sure was this info on that older MGO news, which was posted some time ago (too lazy to check 😛 ).

    I wonder how many will jump into MGO asap. I will enjoy TPP story and gameplay a lot first 🙂

    • Thanks! The devs just confirmed this on Twitter.

      • Gatsu

        Np ;), your Intel Team stumbled upon the info so needed to share. I think the old news didn’t confirm the exact amount of players for platforms.

        • No, not the fact that there are different limits between generations.

  • César H. Sandoval

    So cool, but still too much for my wallet.

  • Xomak

    Wow, $230 USD… Probably about $300 CAD after it’s all said and done. The free shipping helps, but the weak dollar doesn’t. Gonna have to pass, even though I really want it!

    Also, isn’t more of a figure than a statue? Statues are normally just things cast/sculpted in static poses, while this mech is loaded with articulation.

    • No Place For Hayter

      Yeah if I were to buy this I would wait for either the American dollar to drop or the Canadian Dollar to rise back up.

      Even then, as tempting as it is, 3A tends to be obsessively expensive.

    • Is it called figure if it’s not a creature? Not sure about the exact distinctions to be honest.

  • FOX

    İs this the one from mgs 1? İf so,whats is it the one we saw in e3 2014 trailer in hangar? is it Zeke or something we never heard?Thanks in advance

    • This is REX from MGS1 (and 4).

      • FOX


    • AV

      YongYea has a nice video on this, he says the one on the trailer is ZEKE and it was likely customized to look like REX. I agree and IMO the hangar seen in the trailer looks like the hangar where ZEKe is kept in PW

      • FOX

        Yeah i watched it.Zeke was kept underground of MB in ground zeroes so it wasnt destroyed

  • invader_skoodge
  • ominonarepus

    Has someone play Splinter Cell: Blacklist? I buy the special edition like, a year ago in GAME for 20 bucks or something like that and I don’t touched a lot, but now, with all those crazy theories around again (seriously, I’m gonna miss all this speculation and hype once the game is release 🙁 ) I’m playing it, and is quite fun, cool and looks a lot to TPP, well TPP looks a lot like this… He even has a gadget that scan paper in blue light a make it digital data and send it to his plane (motherbase) the one you can upgrade (very little, no changes) and you can also mark enemies (only five)… men, I already know Kojima take ideas from other games and push them to a new level, and here we have a great example, how he take his games one step further and why “A Hideo Kojima game” should be on the box.

    Comparisons are odious, but TPP next to this looks giant, but anyway, this Splinter Cell is really fun, cheap and gave more playability than Ground Zeroes in a similiar kind of game and mechanics (no open world, of course, they are very similar, but not the same)

    Anyway, I recomend it while we suffer this wait 😉

    • Gatsu

      Thanks I’ll think about it 😀 and nice video! I got quite many games on Steam that I need to play and then Witcher 3 coming next month so helps with the waiting. But maybe I’ll get this :), although I haven’t finished any SC game in the past so might be confused if there’s some story… Only played Double Agent for a short time years ago :(.

      Looks like it’s only 20€ on Steam at the moment, which is quite cheap hmm.

      • ominonarepus

        Mate, I know that feel, I have Metro: Last Light, Alice: Madness Returns, South Park: The stick of truth, Alien: Isolation… even BioShock 1!!! pending since I don’t know how long xD
        And also, the only Splinter Cell I play before was the double agent, but the PS2 version (sometimes, people forget that the ports from before where a lot worse than only lower resolutions…xDD) but dosen’t seem to be very dificult to follow, you’re a great agent and the goverment gave you your own team to make suicide missions and some terrorist steal the list of all the undercover agents of the world and you have to stop it before he put it on youtube… classical Clancy, like Patriot Games or The summ of all fears movies, simple and fun “espionage” story but with a technological fell, like been al connected all the time and internet and big data… it’s actual.

  • CodeBox

    Dang, I want this so bad!
    I’m worried if I don’t buy it now that It will sell out and then my only option will be to buy it for triple the price on eBay.
    Is it stupid for me to think it will still be available a couple months after it’s released and hold off on buying it until then?

    • Jak

      Initial run of their Rex sold out in a few months, and then they did a second production that’s still widely available.

      While the lower price point of this makes it more accessible, it’s still expensive enough that it should be easy to find online for a while.

      • CodeBox

        Thanks for the info, knowing that they made a second production on the original makes me feel a lot better about waiting it out.
        Between this half size Rex and Ray, and Square Enix’s Phantom Pain figures I’m going to go broke!

        • Jak

          Yep, I feel you-I just picked up the venom snake when it came out, planning to get the stealth suit and Ocelot as well (kinda meh on the rest of the current line, really hoping they get back to MGS1 and 2, or start Snake Eater).

          Just picked up the Yamaguchi Cyborg Ninja, and am getting the nendoroid and figma snakes in the near future.

          Sucks having a crazy obsession XD

          • CodeBox

            Man I forgot about the Nendoroid figures! Wow yeah I’m screwed. I should start stocking up on instant noodles because thats all I’m going to be able to afford after all this.
            And yes, I too would love it if they came out with more figures from other MGS games!
            It would be amazing to have a complete Cobra Unit on display.
            And I would pay a good amount for an MGS4 Raiden figure.

  • Jak

    Ehhhhh. I have the Kotobukiya model which I picked up for $100. It’s basically the same size as this (and not in aggressively green camo).

    I’m still trying to track down the original 3A one-originally had a deal lined up to buy it and then the seller screwed me on it :/

    • Don’t you have to put the Kotobukiya together yourself? They’re model kits right?

      • Jak

        Yeah, but it only takes a few hours. Snap together, no glue. Only real issue is how neatly you can get it out of the sprues, and whether or not you want to put any of the decals on (I opted not to).

        • Jak

          Don’t get me wrong-if you have the money, I’m sure this is worth it. I just think depending on your collector needs it’s still pretty easy to track down the black rex release Koto did.

        • Gotcha. Still, these 3A versions also have some other touches such as the lights. But yeah they’re not cheap.

          • Jak

            Yeah, they’re pretty damn incredible close up (at least the previous larger ones, haven’t seen these in person obv).

            I know the Ray is still easily available, last I checked BBT was doing a clearout on it for not much more than the half size one will go for.

    • ominonarepus

      oh, that’s a very good option, and then you have to mount it yourself also, wich is a plus in my opinion. I like that, rather than just pay 300 bucks, unboxed and put the battery… but I think you have to like build, like puzzels or Lego’s or that kind of stuff…
      I use to make warhammer and yes, the decals are a pain in the ass xDDD

      • Jak

        haha, I’ve tried my hand at a few WH40k models with friends, those decals are a nightmare.

    • rovgo

      The Kotobykiya model looks really good actually, could even get the RAY model too with it still being cheaper then the 3A one, lol.

      Just one concern: did you paint the model? Some reviews seem to recommend painting it as otherwise the look comes off as fake plasticky. Not sure if I’d have the patience or skill for that :/

      • Jak

        Nah, left it grey-it’s a matte finish, makes it look like its fresh off the factory floor.

        I have the Ray as well, but it doesn’t look as good unpainted (though could also easily add the water slide decals to it to make it look more accurate).

  • Sovereign SnaKe

    Does anyone know if this company Bambaland charges credit cards right away or will they wait until REX ships?

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