Metal Gear Solid The 1984 Collection: MGSV:TPP clothes inspired by the eighties

Last week, Konami announced a new Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain branded clothing line, called the 1984 Collection. It includes shirts, jackets and sweaters inspired by the 80s, as well as limited boombox-shaped smartphone speakers, of which only 500 are made.


The clothing line has been divided over two sperate stores, Insert Coin and Level Up Wear. Check out the official photos below (posing in the Level Up Wear clothes none other than Quiet actress Stefanie Joosten).

DD84 Tee

Metal-Gear-Solid-1984-Collection-DD84-Tee Metal-Gear-Solid-1984-Collection-DD84-Tee-3 Metal-Gear-Solid-1984-Collection-DD84-Tee-2

DD84 Varsity


Metal-Gear-Solid-1984-Collection-Varsity-3 Metal-Gear-Solid-1984-Collection-Varsity-2

DD84 Girly Tee


Metal-Gear-Solid-1984-Collection-Girly-Tee-3 Metal-Gear-Solid-1984-Collection-Girly-Tee-2

DD84 Sweater

Metal-Gear-Solid-1984-Collection-Sweater Metal-Gear-Solid-1984-Collection-Sweater-3 Metal-Gear-Solid-1984-Collection-Sweater-2

Big Boss ’84 Varsity Jacket

Metal-Gear-Solid-1984-Collection-Varsity-84-Tee Metal-Gear-Solid-1984-Collection-Varsity-84-Tee-3 Metal-Gear-Solid-1984-Collection-Varsity-84-Tee-2

Big Boss 84 Girls Football Tee

Metal-Gear-Solid-1984-Collection-Girls-Football-Tee Metal-Gear-Solid-1984-Collection-Girls-Football-Tee-2

Diamond Dogs Neon Girls Tee

Metal-Gear-Solid-1984-Collection-Neon-Girls-Tee Metal-Gear-Solid-1984-Collection-Neon-Girls-Tee-2

Diamond Dogs Neon Mens tee


Diamond Dogs Neon Crop Top


Desert Camo Berlin Boombox

Metal-Gear-Solid-1984-Collection-Boombox Metal-Gear-Solid-1984-Collection-Boombox-4 Metal-Gear-Solid-1984-Collection-Boombox-3 Metal-Gear-Solid-1984-Collection-Boombox-2



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    All hail Nyxus, our glorious leader!

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    New news? More stuff to waste money on?!


  • Bożydar Mazur

    I know this is quite unrelated, but I made this some time ago and completely forgot about it, thought guys you might like it

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        gawd i love that show..watching season 3 now

        • Gatsu

          I watched the 7th season about two weeks ago, which is the last one. I have to say it’s really one of the best TV-shows ever and it had many emotional scenes, especially the ending. I highly recommend to watch it to the end ;), you won’t regret it.

          I’ve been trying to find other show to watch, but nothing seems to grab my interest at the moment after SoA ended :(…it was just so good.

          I love SAMCRO.

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  • Awww, Joosten is so cute in these pics.

    The figurine of Quiet will come with touchable boobs (another material), by the way…
    :shameface: #dontkillthemessenger
    Which makes me think, didn’t say Kojima that Quiet was done as an antitesis of woman, and we all would be ashamed of thinking about clothes and nude, and so on? And now this? What the…

    Welcome back, Nyxus!!
    Your LOSS was a PAIN.

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    Pre-ordered the boombox! Set for life!

    And it’s good to have you back!

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    Welcome back Boss, is great to have you back in Base

  • ThisIsSnake!

    I’m still in two minds over buying MGSV, I’m just not convinced I’m gonna like it. I need some persuading, what’s your guys input? I’m a massive MGS fan.

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    Welcome back Nyxus.

  • Kol Leqejza

    just preordered the neon tees 😉

  • will kenderdine

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    work on all the ways visitors may arrive at a website. Appreciate your time to
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    Where i could buy that clothes? I WANTTTT IT

    • Not available anymore unfortunately…

      • CARLA

        Jum :/ So sad! Those sweaters were just PERFECT! T.T Thanks for answer :3

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