Metal Gear Solid The 1984 Collection: MGSV:TPP clothes inspired by the eighties

Last week, Konami announced a new Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain branded clothing line, called the 1984 Collection. It includes shirts, jackets and sweaters inspired by the 80s, as well as limited boombox-shaped smartphone speakers, of which only 500 are made.


The clothing line has been divided over two sperate stores, Insert Coin and Level Up Wear. Check out the official photos below (posing in the Level Up Wear clothes none other than Quiet actress Stefanie Joosten).

DD84 Tee

Metal-Gear-Solid-1984-Collection-DD84-Tee Metal-Gear-Solid-1984-Collection-DD84-Tee-3 Metal-Gear-Solid-1984-Collection-DD84-Tee-2

DD84 Varsity


Metal-Gear-Solid-1984-Collection-Varsity-3 Metal-Gear-Solid-1984-Collection-Varsity-2

DD84 Girly Tee


Metal-Gear-Solid-1984-Collection-Girly-Tee-3 Metal-Gear-Solid-1984-Collection-Girly-Tee-2

DD84 Sweater

Metal-Gear-Solid-1984-Collection-Sweater Metal-Gear-Solid-1984-Collection-Sweater-3 Metal-Gear-Solid-1984-Collection-Sweater-2

Big Boss ’84 Varsity Jacket

Metal-Gear-Solid-1984-Collection-Varsity-84-Tee Metal-Gear-Solid-1984-Collection-Varsity-84-Tee-3 Metal-Gear-Solid-1984-Collection-Varsity-84-Tee-2

Big Boss 84 Girls Football Tee

Metal-Gear-Solid-1984-Collection-Girls-Football-Tee Metal-Gear-Solid-1984-Collection-Girls-Football-Tee-2

Diamond Dogs Neon Girls Tee

Metal-Gear-Solid-1984-Collection-Neon-Girls-Tee Metal-Gear-Solid-1984-Collection-Neon-Girls-Tee-2

Diamond Dogs Neon Mens tee


Diamond Dogs Neon Crop Top


Desert Camo Berlin Boombox

Metal-Gear-Solid-1984-Collection-Boombox Metal-Gear-Solid-1984-Collection-Boombox-4 Metal-Gear-Solid-1984-Collection-Boombox-3 Metal-Gear-Solid-1984-Collection-Boombox-2



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