Journalists playing through MGSV missions at preview event, more info coming June 9th

Several gaming journalists have been given the privilege of playing through some of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain at a preview event taking place in the studio in Los Angeles.

“Major Press and Game outlets are playing The Phantom Pain. MGSV preview is well underway. Embargo ends June 9th.” – Konami


“It’s preview day at the LA studio where key guests have been invited to play Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain” – Metal Gear Official Twitter


“U.S. press have 1hr window to tweet 1st impressions, to save them from bursting with contained excitement -Preview embargo lifts 9th June” – Su

Currently, GameSpot editor Peter Brown is posting some information on Twitter and encouraging people to ask questions about this mission.

Currently, I’m in the desert of Afghanistan looking for a secret weapon in caves. I can only talk about this mission today. Needless to say, Afghanistan, in the game, is far larger than ground zeroes. Once I think I’m growing tired of the desert environment, I discover a new locale, tucked away, that brightens things up.

So far, I’ve Fulton rescued people, supplies, and…a massive bear. The bear was very challenging! Took 10 tranq darts. In addition to soviet troops, I’ve also encountered mysterious super soldiers on this mission. These “Skulls” are very fast, and are clearly biomechanical in nature.

The day/night cycle is great, and plays a big part of strategizing. The phantom cigar is weird! The mission to find the weapon takes you through massive military installations tucked away in the desert. The scale of them is daunting.

While I can only talk about this mission today, I will have a lot of coverage ready to go on June 9th. Any questions about this mission? Fire away! I can tweet about it until 10 AM pacific time.

In this mission, Episode 6 (“Where do the bees sleep?”), I’m 4% into the game, at about 7 hours of gameplay,, give or take.

For the tweets (and to ask questions) follow the link to Peter Brown’s Twitter in the source section below. Update: Here are some of the answers he provided:

Q: Can you still tranq/cqc skulls or are they like snatchers in jamais vu where something is preventing anything but outright killing?
A: they are so strong that I wouldn’t dare try at this point.

Q: How was the weapon variety/recoil? Do the guns feel meaty?
A: There are a lot of weapons at the moment, many w/unique characteristics.

Q: How does open world MGS feel? Open world games generally have quests, stuff to explore and find.
A: Lots of that so far. Both prescribed and organic

Q: Are there any map restrictions?
A: None that I’m aware of at the moment, but I’ve been focusing on missions.

Q: These biomechanical soldiers, can you give us some more info on them? Do they talk or make noises? Any info would be great
A: They didn’t talk. They’re commanded by someone familiar, however. Can’t say more.

Q: Have you been introduced to new characters? Yes or no would do 🙂 can understand your position!
A: Yes.

Q: How has the enemy ai been?
A: A good mix, actually.

He also confirmed the biomechanical soldiers are the same seen in the E3 2013 trailer (“Those Who Don’t Exist”).

“Did you know you can customize your emblem in MGSV?” – Metal Gear Official Twitter

Joe McCallister from Examiner has been tweeting about his experiences with the game as well.

I can confirm that Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is expansive, beautiful, and a seriously deep game, almost too much to do, but… Not overwhelming. Been able to get mauled by a bear, recruit a decent sized PMC, and punch nearly everything.

Also dropped a crate on my horse and myself, which deserves its own trophy.

Currently tasked with taking out three unit commanders holding a meeting, question is how quiet can I be until I find out how loud I can be.

You know those games you put down then immediately want to jump back in? Got that feeling with MGSV: TPP For sure.

At certain points the environments and level design are straight up photorealistic, music and sound as always are on point

MGSV-TPP-Preview-Event-3 MGSV-TPP-Preview-Event-2 MGSV-TPP-Preview-Event-1

“Everyone’s concentrating on the mission” – Metal Gear Official Twitter

David Roberts from Games Radar:

So I’ve been playing Metal Gear Solid V for about 8 hours now. 😀

Obviously, I can’t talk a whole lot about it right now. But it feels like Peace Walker blown out to huge, open-world proportions.

I’m on mission 8 right now, and I need to find a colonel and his accompanying tank squad. But to do that, I need to find some intel

Plus, I need to find more soldiers to “recruit” using the Fulton recovery system in order to research a new rocket launcher.

Once I do that, those tanks are as good as blown up. Or, if I were better at the game, I could always use C4. 😀

Matthew Kato from Game Informer:

Got my trusty horse in her battle dress and we’re stomping through the afhgan mnts. Covered in blood!

Mid- mission trying to locate Honey Bee weapon. Stopping to take care of Soviet relay station. Lets find some intel!

Wow did I get lucky. Spontaneous dust storm covered my entrance. Soviets are clueless.

That didn’t last long… resorted to using thier anti-aircraft gun against them. Oh well.

Cover of night is the perfect way to walk away from that disaster!

Narrowly avoided any enemy heli while I was on horseback. That would have been bad.

Been hearing a puppy yelp, but can’t find it! Would love to have returned it to Mother Base.

Jose Otero (IGN):

I played 6 missions of MGS5 yesterday (8+ hours). There’s a lot to talk about. Look for a preview June 9 on @IGN. For now, I’ll say this: If MGS4 Act 1 and Peace Walker had a baby, it would be MGS5. Huge spaces to explore. Lots of resources to develop.

Steve Haske:

Hanging out with my wolf pup pal on Mother Base. He likes getting his belly scratched.

Caleb Lawson (IGN):

Played about 7 hours of MGSV yesterday and it feels like the giant, open map Peace Walker sequel we’ve been promised. 7 hours put me only 10 episodes into Chapter 1 of MGSV while forcing myself to basically ignore Mother Base. So much to do.

Derrik J. Lang:

I spent yesterday playing MGSV and marveled at the little details, like overhearing Kim Wilde’s KidsInAmerica on a boom box.

@dtoidsteven (Destructoid):

7+ hours into Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Red Brass mission has me assassinating 3 Soviet officers. Gonna Fulton ’em instead.

Fulton everything + nighttime infiltration. Playing Naked despite the big arsenal available. More info coming June 9 (hehehe 6/9, nice!!!)

Here is some information from Japanese press, translated by JunkerHQ:

The world is huge, even bigger than he expected. You can do a side op, then another, then a main mission without returning to Mother Base.

The “showering” that was talked about before did in fact refer to an actual shower room at Mother Base you can use.

Despite recent concerns, MGSV is still a Kojima game through and through. Right down to the humor.

If you’ve played Ground Zeroes, The Phantom Pain is the same concept only super-expanded. Open-ended, next-gen stealth.

When someone asked wether the violence will be toned down, the official Metal Gear Twitter replied as follows: “Yes, there will be blood–enough you’ll need to shower it off.”

MGSV-TPP-Preview-Event-Photo-1 MGSV-TPP-Preview-Event-Photo-2

Here are some of the tweets from Spanish speaking outlets, as translated by Yong:


MGSV changes many things in the franchise, but what’s interesting is that the base that we know is still there. Evolving the base is what defines MGSV, which is what we commented in the podcasts.

I have played 8 hours of MGSV and I haven’t reached a quarter. Now I’m going to keep going, it’s very good. The embargo ends on June 9th to talk more about the game, so I will tell you more about my experiences then.

Bruno Silva (

I have played 8 hours of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain yesterday. And I will play eight more today. Wow.

The game is huge. I haven’t even passed the first area.

Mother Base is very well integrated into the game’s progress. You need it to advance, but you don’t feel obligated to build it.

Jorge Arellano (Level Up):

For now, I have unlocked 10 missions. In the 6th one, I had to infiltrate a fort to recover a weapon. I first tried during the day, but the enemies have very good vision. At night, it’s more difficult to be detected, but there are more guards.

The game looks incredible. When you enter a dark room and then you are in sunlight, you have to adjust. The same happens if you go out to the sun.

The controls: more polished then Ground Zeroes. It is the MGS with the best controls ever. You feel like you have a lot of tools to infiltrate.

The style of gameplay is very organic.

It’s the improved version [compared to Ground Zeroes]. You have more resources, as much as level design as tools as movement.

Technically, it’s impeccable.

It’d hard to get used to having so much freedom. The AI is ready and doesn’t forgive if you play carelessly.

In general terms, MGSV feels like the culmination of ideas that Kojima has spaced out throughout previous games. It’s as if MGS has always wanted to be The Phantom Pain. The open world makes all the difference.

On June 9th, the embargo for impressions will be lifted. I warn you that some things you will not believe.

The fulton system is super important for the game. You must be careful when using it. You can alert enemies!

The flow of missions is free. The dynamic is very organic. You can go back [to Mother Base] whenever you want.

The levels are very well designed. The freedom makes it more difficult to find the right approach.

There are TONS of weapons. You have to develop them first at Mother Base. Snake controls brilliantly.

Each mission gives you money. But also implicates expenses. If you ask for too much help from Mother Base, you will lose valuable resources.

About the missions: they give you a list of them and side ops. You can do them whenever you want out of order.

The day and night cycle and the freedom of the open map changes the way of approaching infiltration.

One final detail. Snake gets filled with blood during missions. You need to take a shower in Mother Base to get it off. :O

The game is incredible. After 9 hours straight, I want more.

The binoculars are VITAL. It’s very important to mark your enemies. You can do this during the day and come back at night…

Miguel Asher:

The first hours are pure tension.

For now I have only played the first 8 hours, it’s a VERY DISTINCT Metal Gear from what we’ve played before.

Mother Base is incredible, when I’m on the battlefield I want to fulton everything in my way like the hoarder I am.

The Phantom Pain is like having 1000 playgrounds of Ground Zeroes, there is so much to do it burdens me.

What I’ve liked most of Phantom Pain is that with each mission, the flow is distinct, organic, and the soldiers are no longer robots.

Attack during the day or night? I recommend the darkness for infiltration, but you can barely see anything, there are some who prefer the day.

The soldiers you take to Mother Base have distinct skills, depending on their development you can obtain more toys. These toys can be: improve fulton to carry more things, improve your iDroid, unlock uniforms and weapons.

From what I have played (and the hours left) it’s definitely a strong contender for Game of the Year.

There is nothing like the adrenaline of getting your own way in Phantom Pain’s missions, no scripts, pure gameplay goodness.

In the past they were hallways, in Phantom Pain the approach is where you want, as loud or as silent as you want.

Chinese website A9VG shared the names of the missions available to the journalists (a prologue and a chapter consisting of 11 missions). While they have since been removed, you can still see the list on this screenshot. Could be considered a spoiler.

Impressions from the European press will come at a later time:

“European press invited to the event will be tweeting 1st impressions later on in the week, watch this space” – Su

More information will come when the previews arrive on June 9th, and for Metal Gear Online on June 16th. In the meantime, enjoy this new screenshot. Update: Additional impressions from European outlets.


Source: Peter Brown TwitterJoe McCallister Twitter, David Roberts Twitter, Matthew Kato Twitter, Jose Otero Twitter, Steve Haske, Caleb Lawson Twitter, Derrik J. Lang, MGS Official Twitter, Metal Gear Official Twitter (EN), JunkerHQ, MGSFive Facebook, Yong, dtoidstevenMGSV Official Website

  • Tong Ninja

    HYPE Level: OVER 9000!!! XD
    Cheers for the information!
    Super soldiers? does he mean the soldiers that come under “those that don’t exist” in the 2013 E3 Trailer?

    • Mr.Pony

      Probably and if so it means that they are not a boss fight, more like challenging soldiers along the way.

      • Gatsu

        Maybe it will be first a boss fight, but later on they come more regularly. Not sure.

        • Mr.Pony

          that would be a bit too artificial i think like a pattern, i wouldn’t like to have eventually every russian soldier to be one of these guys, more of a mix, having those guys in more rewarding (for a lack of a better word or understanding of how the outposts work) or top secret camps

          • Edward Wokhands

            I wrote it in another comment but I think they’ll just be like the frogs from MGS4. As you say they’ll turn up to guard special areas and just provide extra challenge. You never know, there’ll probably be some mode or extra mission where you can replace all the guards with these guys. Imagine an MGS 5 European Extreme with just super soldiers!

          • Edward Wokhands

            Oh shit! I just realized. The skulls are obviously under the command of Skull Face. We see Big Boss turn bad in the trailer. He turns on Miller, we already know this. So, I’m going to guess that he goes over to Skull Face’s side and we get the Skulls to guard our base!

        • Shalashaska

          Didnt this happen in Peace walker ? Where those elite soldiers were only For bosses initially then became a part of harder missions as normal foot soldiers ? As long as they look like those “those who dont exist guys” in the trailer .. I dont care HOW Kojima puts them in xD

      • They probably have their own boss, maybe we can recruit his Super-Soldiers after defeating him?

        • Shalashaska

          This. Completely LEGIT and agreed. They will be a type with their own boss/leaders.

          • Mr.Pony

            We shall call them Skull-Soldiers, SS for short…oh wait…

          • Shalashaska


          • Ricardo Oe

            yes sir…

          • Skull?

        • I don’t thinki the game will allow you to have those super powered, high state troops, being biomechanical take for sure they will self destruct as soon as they get knocked out

          • Edward Wokhands

            You’ll probably fulton them and be told “it’s impossible to get them on our side” or something.

      • Edward Wokhands

        They’ll probably be like the MGS4 frogs, i.e. terrifying.

    • Cobra


      • Tong Ninja

        Cool thanks!
        Interesting, I was hoping that they would be a boss battle. Sounds like elite soldiers under the leadership of Skull Face.

    • Shalashaska

      You know what I really hope they include.. the ability to use the phantom cigar in hiding places like trash bins and port-to-pottys.. and interaction within.. like the trash can being moved to a dumping site while snake is smoking inside and then being placed back in a different or same place. Or soldiers coming to port-to-potties and realising someone is inside and knocking for him to come out till they pee themselves or till snake has to cqc them before they realize whats wrong.. Stuff like that.. the dynamic stuff is what makes a game even better.

      OR say if he is in a drainage channel, smoking and then suddenly it begins to rain and water in the drainage rises slightly or say for example if he is hiding in a box, a few soldiers gather around the box, joke about it or play around and then go back to their patrols

      • Joaquin Romero Victorica

        “I spent yesterday playing MGSV and marveled at the little details, like overhearing Kim Wilde’s Kids In America on a boom box.”

        Just imagine Shooting like a maniac after you are spotted with this music – Headshot blood all over the place Fuckin Epic GOD!! GOTY OF centuries

        • Joaquin Romero Victorica

          One of the greatest tribute i have ever seen in my life ..(warning the hype can kill you )

        • Shalashaska

          Im having a feeling that this game will have better music than any other game before. (Y)

          • mikeyyytexas

            Dude yes! I hope there is a whole 80’s in game soundtrack that would be fucking awesome

          • Zlatan

            NOTHING can hold up to GTA San Andreas. Radio X – One great song followed the other <3
            But kojima has a fine taste in music aswell so i'm looking forward to some nice tunes. Plus the MGS Score that will be great, as usual.

      • Tong Ninja

        haha who knows! Kojima is well known for adding the small details to his games.

      • Edward Wokhands

        I wouldn’t be surprised even slightly if Kojima included the port-a-potty idea. Those are great ideas, hopefully we’ll find these kinds of secrets/strategies with certain items and stuff. We’ve already seen that pretty much everything has an alternate use, like having supplies dropped can be used to knock enemies out. So I wouldn’t be surprised if we could wait in dumpsters maybe with the penalty that it makes us stink? So soldiers easily sense us?

        I’m already curious about what happens if you stay in the “sexy box” too long. I’d like to know what the soldier starts doing. -_-

        • Shalashaska

          haha i know i heard that remark that commentator gave to that guy looking that lady on the box ! haha I cant wait to see .. i hope its something funny the Kojima does it xD Man Cant wait for this game.. the detail and small stuff is amazing.

          • Edward Wokhands

            I know! Those are the best parts of MGS games in a way because they really make the game feel alive and create immersion. You always feel like something unexpected and unique might happen and something that you might actually miss first time around. I love that so much. There’s so much stuff in MGS games that just don’t have to exist but because they do they make the game feel special and eternally replayable. Some open world games don’t have that at all.

            I’m playing The Witcher 2 for the first time ever (trying to complete it in 1 weekend before 3 releases, I know, probably not possible -_-) and it’s FULL of little side missions that don’t matter to the main story. Each one matters though, if that makes sense? They contribute to how the world feels rather than just existing as filler. It’s so awesome. So if you’ve never played The Witcher games I seriously recommend 2 and The Witcher 3. I’m sure they’ll make the wait for MGS seem a lot shorter.

            Just a suggestion because there seem to be no new AAA games worth playing and I know how hard the wait is for this game.

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    • Mr.Pony

      “In this mission, Episode 6 (“Where do the bees sleep?”), I’m 4% into the game, at about 7 hours of gameplay” I think we may have been underestimating the actual size of the game o.O

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    • Just hold on untill 1st of September, don’t you die on me dammit!

  • 4% after 7 hours…

    • Javier

      It’s the same as gz. Then you find tapes and finish in hard and the percent will increase. It’s not “a real” 4%. Anyway, I will play this for hundreds of hours.

      • But still, this game is going to be long

    • Shalashaska

      Doesnt matter. With the amount of content I think there is in this game, i’ll top 150hrs MINIMUM! hehe I did a 100+ PW and GZ.. This game will probably run my Xbox360 6 feet under :'(

      • Well I’m going to play this game on my PC after I’ve done a ritual for it

        • Shalashaska

          Aw man I wish I had a Gaming Pc.. This game.. The only Reason I want a PC 😀

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            It would be less but got into an accident and lost 1000bucks of what I had collected :/

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          • I don’t really have a gaming PC – but still good enough to run the game

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            It’s the same for me, which is the reason I will play Witcher 3 on console because my PC isn’t maybe high enough.

          • Mini gear

            Got a super pic but ps4 is so comfy

          • MichaelPayneV

            You don’t need a powerful PC for MGSV, GZ runs even on PC’s with Dual Core CPU’s and 2GB of RAM, so if you have an i5 and at least 8 GB or Ram you can Max it out at 60fps.

          • Shalashaska

            ahem… dude.. The PC i got was built in 2005.. 1gb ram and some built in useless Video Card and Directx doesnt work .. so theres no way im gonna be able to play this on a pc anytime soon.. I have to get atleast 200$ more to get a good PC and that itself will take a year to collect :/

          • MichaelPayneV

            Do you have a PS4?

          • Shalashaska

            Nope .. just a Xbox 360 🙂

          • MichaelPayneV

            Then i guess you’ll have to play it on the 360. but don’t worry, it will still be good!

        • Zetokei

          Well… the question is: will the PC version release at the same time than consoles? According to IGN there isn’t even a PC version, lol.

          • The PC version will release on September 15 (Europe, US) and 16 (Japan), two weeks after the console versions.

          • Zetokei

            Ah, okay then- Alright. Not sure it will look as good on my PC as it would on PS4 though.. mhhhh damn it. (i7, gtx 760)

          • 11 days after my

          • It’s been said coming to PC/Steam soon in a video so I guess it is after console release


        x box 360 ha ha ha This guy is going to play MGSV on old hardware.

        • Shalashaska

          Dude, If i Had cash to spare, I’d surely get a nex gen console or a PC.. But I dont.
          And Im not the type to care about graphics.. I care MOSTLY abut the Gameplay. The graphics are a bonus that I’d Like.
          I still Play the old Hitman and Splinter cell games again and again… not Including the MGS series itself. so Yea.. I dont care much about the graphics.. As long as the Gameplay is amazing.

          • Hanna-Mari

            I’m gonna play TPP on PS3… graphics are sometimes just too mainstream to me, ofc they’re good looking but all I want is to play TPP. But other games being released only nex gen console? that makes me want to use my mastercard. They are testing this poor student’s wallet.

          • Shalashaska

            Honestly Dying light and this game are the only game that i want to buy a nex gen console for but no cash = No new console for atleast a year till i collect but money always gets spent 😀
            This game though , i can still play on old gen, got no issue with inferior graphics.. if it looks anything like GZ, im fine with it 🙂

          • Someone

            you can trade your Xbox 360 and get PS4 or Xbox One

          • Shalashaska

            my xbox is pretty old.. it will sell for 10% of the price for a nex gen console so that is useless 🙁

        • Someone

          Well what’s the problem with playing it on old hardware ? So long that the owner is happy, then there shouldn’t be any issue.

    • Daburcor

      Hell, I’ve got 100+ hours in GZ… TPP is going to rule my LIFE.


        Really though GZ is the most replayable game I have ever encountered. And I am not the type to replay games.

    • Melyssa

      This is going to consume our freaking LIVES.


    I cant wait to play this game !!!

  • Well I know who’s fast ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    • Mini gear

      I wanna Fulton them

      • Shalashaska

        This. UP there its written they are too strong and leaded by someone familiar.. MY guess is .. Skull Face.
        And Be too strong at the beginning to recruit ? Hmm… IM gonna make it my SOLE AIM to recruit 10 of these guys before the 5hr mark xD Also.. See the Ear Phones on their heads.. and the eyes.. My guess is that they got some kind of super senses of sorts that makes it really hard to stealth around or behind them..atleast initially

        • Mini gear

          These guys look like they’ll run up to me and beat me to death if I ran xp

          • Shalashaska

            hahaha that would be so annoying yet awesome 😀

      • Zlatan

        i want them cleaning my laundry at mother base.

  • MrVux007

    I dont know about bears in a desert environments….but that camo in the screenshot + fultoned soviet soldiers…im thinking we will prety much see Soviet winter tundra alright !

  • Gatsu

    OMFG I’m speechless O_O…so much hype. Ty so much Nyxus for this tasty info.
    And this… “In this mission, Episode 6 (“Where do the bees sleep?”), I’m 4% into the game, at about 7 hours of gameplay,, give or take.”

    Holy shit.

    “So far, I’ve Fulton rescued people, supplies, and…a massive bear. The bear was very challenging! Took 10 tranq darts. In addition to soviet troops, I’ve also encountered mysterious super soldiers on this mission.
    These “Skulls” are very fast, and are clearly biomechanical in nature.”

    BEAR!? Oooooh hell yeah, I’m gonna stuff my base full of these furry buddies. I assume by Skulls he is referring to the Sins of the Father trailer guys, will be so exciting to encounter them. This news came out of nowhere .

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    Oh and SKULLS ! SKULLSS OH YES ! Finally Im sure you’ll have a good difficulty level and challenging game 😀

    • Gatsu

      “Been hearing a puppy yelp, but can’t find it! Would love to have returned it to Mother Base.”

      Hey Shala :D! Yeah, Nyxus is really bombing us with some incredible stuff XD, sooo darn excited. Can’t wait to see E3!

      • Shalashaska

        Holy YES! MY GOD man… this game.. This game.. What can I say.. this will be a mix of MGS3, MGS PW, Assassins creed Series, Sniper Elite… God .. this is like a “ALL YOU CAN HAVE BUFFET” 😀

        Great NEWS man GREAT NEWS!

      • Mini gear

        I’m too dang excited for this game I’m dying seeing them play it, IWANNAPLAYTOOKOJIMA

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  • Sweet mother of sweet mother…

    • Sweet mother of Mother Base 🙂

  • omfg I love the MG[S]-Community

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      • Now if only all that – Konami firing Kojima stuff – would be a ruse

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          I’m afraid not… But our MAN and his BOYS are still there, somewhere, finishing this future masterpiece… No matter what happens to them, they got our loyalty! 🙂

        • Shalashaska

          Unfortunately.. Its no way that its a ruse.. if so they come out saying it was all bull.. I’ll call bull to that and known that they just did it to save themselves 😛

          • Yea I know but just that – A HIDEO KOJIMA GAME – missing from now on…it’s too much ;_;

          • Shalashaska

            True That … I feel sad when I see no “A Hideo Kojima game” on the Art.. When I get the disc, i’ll print out a nice little piece and paste it there so whenever I look at it,, I see his name on it ! 😀
            So much fan giriling. haha 😀 But yes, i’ll do that 😀

          • Mr.Pony

            Meanwhile at Konami:

            “You know what Let’s f*** our reputation, and make everybody think we are firing Kojima, and canceling TPP”


            “Because one does not simply anticipate a Hideo Kojima game”

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          haha I hope Kojima doesnt do a Pervert clothes-flying-off thing at the jerk of the Fulton .. hahaha

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            Dating Kaz and/or Ocelot, of course!

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            No, unless your real name is Albert.

          • Edward Wokhands

            I can change it to Albert if you want? -_-‘

          • Melyssa

            Noooo thanks.

          • Edward Wokhands

            LOL! Fancy a date then? I’ll dress up as Big Boss if you like.

          • Melyssa

            Again, no thanks…

          • Edward Wokhands

            Just kidding, I get pretty bored and just like to see how people respond to ridiculous comments.

          • Shalashaska


            Haha you mean like this ? Im sure they will add something like this! Even PW had it so im sure he will add it in this game too ! 😀

          • Melyssa

            EXACTLY! Now imagine this, but with the FOX engine. And Ocelot in a revolver-pattern thong.

            “How about some shooting practice, Boss?”

          • Shalashaska

            Hahaha… ahem im rooting for a shower scene 😀 There is a shower, perhaps Kaz will accidentally drop the soap; This game will make me turn gay for it.. haha cant wait to see the guys in the Fox Engine. Ah-mah-zing; That is what it’ll be.

          • “Do you wanna know why they call me big boss!?” “oh god…” 😀

          • Melyssa

            Well, someone HAS to help Kaz to bathe since he can’t stand and is missing an arm, right? At least at the beggining while he gets used to it? 😛

          • Shalashaska

            OH god that is going to give me nightmares. but im a get it all in one playthrough type of guy so hell YES! Im gonna be doing everything for the heck of it! If there is a gay shower scene! SO BE IT! Im doing it! haha xD

          • Melyssa

            I’ll be satisfied with a flashback to the shower fight mentioned in Paz’s diary.

            Knowing Kojima, there has to be some HoYay content! One way or another!

          • Shalashaska

            haha looking forward to it 😀
            I loved the Paz and Dr. Strangelove tape in Peacewalker ! It was hilarious and cute 😀

    • Önce Vatan
  • Raymondius

    I just need a cigarette right now… Dunno why.

    • Gatsu

      I quit 2 months ago :P, need to stay healthy so can play TPP lol.

      • Raymondius

        Strange thing is I do not smoke… 😉

        Gats, don’t worry, your former addictions will be completely forgotten in September. I can see it! 😀

      • Shalashaska

        Good.. because your body can handle only one addiction at a time. Cigarettes or MGS 😀

      • cardboardbox engineer

        good for you, i quit it over a year ago

      • Mini gear

        As much as I wanna be like BB I’m never gonna try :p

        • Gatsu

          Don’t ;), you save lots of money too. Took me about 10 tries to finally be done with it :] .

        • Braden Gunn

          Big Boss smokes cigars, but same principle I guess xD

  • Javier

    Omg! News! Yeah! So excited reading this.
    In other topic: I was watching old videos. The horse has an eye protection against the sand.

    • Needs an eyepatch.

      • Mr.Pony

        Big Boss difficulty, everything has an eyepatch

        • Shalashaska

          Difficulty Select:
          Young snake
          BIG BOSS
          Path of the Eye Patch.

          • Gatsu

            That would be awesome :).

          • *Phantom Pain*

  • Nemis94

    I hope we are getting to see more images of mother base or some gameplay footage 😀

  • PlayStation4Life!

    HOLY SHIT !!!

  • solidsnack

    maybe we can fulton the super soldiers and develop a way to reprogram but with balancing through questioning morals e.g. use humans as fighting robots which is making them kinda inhuman/making yourself less powerful by not being apart of that.

  • Mini gear

    That first screen made my souls shrivel and die….. The hype is back! AGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

  • Gatsu

    Nyxus is N4G working normally for you? It seems to be lagging for me a little, and can’t post replies currently for some reason or even switch the hottest games tabs :P. What the hell :C …

    • It was working before but it’s very slow quite often, so that wouldn’t be surprising.

      • Gatsu

        Hmm yeah you’re right, I get some weird error now.

        Server Error in ‘/’ Application.

        The resource cannot be found.
        Description: HTTP 404. The resource you are looking
        for (or one of its dependencies) could have been removed, had its name
        changed, or is temporarily unavailable.

        Maybe it get fixed soon for me if I try later, I wanna post some comments :D.

  • CodeBox

    Glad to have you back Nyxus!
    It feels great to get some sort of news about TPP, 7 hours and only 4%!!!
    I’m going to be on TPP 24/7 for months!:D
    “These “Skulls” are very fast, and are clearly biomechanical in nature”.
    Assuming he is taking about the soldiers in the trailer (“Those who don’t exist), it makes me wonder if Skull Face is the leader of the group? And if Psycho Mantis is somehow part of the group?Must play the game, must have answers!!!

  • Cobra

    So, they’re Skull Face’s super duper crack unit, maybe?

    • mikeyyytexas

      Cypher watches all

  • Javier

    I don’t want to see a head tranplant in the game.

    • ObsessedGeorge

      I’m sorry but I’m afraid you will… Why do you think that Big Boss wears this scarf? Because he has to hide the big ass stitches mark left by the head transplant on his throat. 😉

    • As far as i have heard in the Yong Yea interviews, a couple of interviewed guys said that there are graphic content, so, expect it, lol…

      I still want to see Solidus and Raiden beginning. 🙂

    • Shalashaska

      That scar LOOKS AWFULLY similar to the V-x Logo, doesnt it ? Kojima playing with our Hearts man.
      Man, They can put all the head transplants they want as long as I play as Big Boss and not Raiden or Gray fox or some other dude :/ I mean.. I dont get it.. Why would you want to play as gray fox when its the ending to Big Boss’s life.. I want to see how HE lives his life out to be a villain.. not gray fox or random other dudes :/

  • Neil Attard

    Here are some more replies from the same editor! Very interesting indeed!

  • Kol Leqejza

    i’m getting excited again.

  • stagueda

    Metal Gear Awesomeness… 😀

  • Gatsu

    Thanks Nyxus for constantly updating the news/tweets on this post :), keep it coming. Anyways, time to get some sleep g’night ;).

  • No Place For Hayter

    Great…. Now I’m excited again, and I thought I could relax until launch, lol.

  • invader_skoodge

    The HYPE is real! I feel the Hypetrain will come back to town. I feel a little footloose right now.

  • José Lucas

    Kept yoy hype, huh?

  • PlayStation4Life!

    meanwhile Assassin Creed Syndicate is the top trending in Facebook… this game deserve more love!

  • XIFF-5

    AWESOME INFORMATIONS! Can’t wait anymore :/

  • vic boss

    Oh man seeing how great the game is makes me sad that I’ll get the game probably 3 to 5 days after it comes out. Because of the shipping of the collectors edition. So should I buy a normal edition on Sept 1st and return it when I get my CE or should I just wait for my CE to arrive? Not sure what to do.

    • CodeBox

      Not sure if it was because the Gamestop I go to is amazing but when The Last of Us came out there was a mix up in my collectors edition pre-order so I wasn’t able to get the game at midnight, so they let me buy the single copy of the game and I returned it the next day, picked up my collectors edition and returned the single game for a full refund. Like I said it might be that the GameStop I go to has amazing customer service but If you asked someone at a Gamestop they might let you buy the game and return it after a few days and give you your money back (or at least most of it)? It’s worth checking out instead of waiting a few days in agony.

    • Mini gear

      get it as fast as you can my freind

    • stocchinet .

      Is this screen new? never seen it before, awesome!

    • Rent it, can you in your country?
      We can in Spain.

    • MichaelPayneV

      Buy the normal edition and ignore all the DLC, fukk Konami, Hideo’s Game doesn’t need any of Konami’s DLC.

  • Loup L’Orange

    I hope ocelot knows how to train bears…

    • Mr.Pony

      “You see Boss, in Mother Russia man rides bear instead of horse. In the Motherland we don’t fear bears, bears fear us.”

    • Gatsu

      Wild bears can be tough to tame, but Big Boss can manage. Here’s a good guide how to do it.

  • RevolverRoden



  • ominonarepus

    “U.S. press have 1hr window to tweet 1st impressions, to save them from bursting with contained excitement” xDDD

  • Loup L’Orange

    What was I thinking, of course Ocelot knows how to train bears…all Russians do. Major TPP spoilers

    Exhibit A:

  • 223hzy

    What a timing Nyx. You were back yesterday and now today we got so much great news.

  • MrVux007

    CHARGE !!!

  • Revovler_Lee

    Will I be able to play this preview in London Comic Con?

  • Raymondius

    Apparently, this sounded on a radiocassette at some point during a mission. 🙂

    80’s, bitch, don’t stop the music!

    • Raymondius

      Well and here is the tweet, sorry for the delay:

      • Gatsu

        MMM Kim Wilde <3, awww yeaH!!!

        • Raymondius

          In The Snake Soup think this could mean more licensed 80’s music in the game! :DDD

    • invader_skoodge

      Yesh. I can only imagine the soundtrack MGS5 will have. Pure gold might even rival GTA soundtracks if they fully embrace the 80’s.

    • Cobra

      I’ll be sad if this doesn’t make it in.

      • Raymondius

        I would love some Pink Floyd. The Wall was released in 1979! 😀

        • mikeyyytexas

          Any Floyd would be amazing in mgsv!!!

          • Raymondius

            You’re so goddamn right.

            Shine on you, crazy Diamond Dog!

          • mikeyyytexas

            Now that I think about it shine on part two the beginning sound like the hospital scene that would be fucking amazing as a drug induced trip through the hospital oh fuck!!!

          • mikeyyytexas

            Welcome to the machine as the helicopter is approaching mother base

  • PrinceHeir


  • Silverius


  • SOLIDUS room, LMAO!!!

  • Lord Slevin

    Thanks for the intel. Solid Slevin out.

  • Chris Jackson

    And I just JIZZED IN MY PANTS.

  • ominonarepus

    Could those “skulls” guys be the early indications of genoma soldiers?(because, I think is no explanation to The Cobra Unit powers.) Maybe Quiet is an experiment too, and thats why they cut off his tounge…

  • James Sunderland

    This game has the potential to be something truly special! Metal Gear is imo the most legendary videogame franchise ever made. Gameplay, graphics, story, soundtrack and pretty much everything else is allways creamy in these games, Snake Eater is the the best imo, but i’m pretty sure Phantom Pain will top it. No point in my comment 😀 i’m just too excited to finally get to play a new Metal Gear Solid game this September, holy motherbase!

  • Golgari

    Excited. I want this game to be a masterpiece. Kojima, you can do it.

  • José Lucas

    OMG! “@CescAguedas: Playing though Mission 10. Sutherland’s performance is great. Two Gray Fox references. Thinking… #MGSVPreview”

  • Jon Givens

    U am so tranquing the heck out of one of those super soldiers,and sending him to MB,you know…for science…hehe yeah science. >:)

  • Jon Givens

    I am so tranquing the heck out of one of those super soldiers,and sending him to MB,you know…for science…hehe yeah science. >:)

    • FMercenary

      Imagine doing that and the super soldier ends up killing part of your crew at MB, that would be scary!

      • Jon Givens

        Ooh,too right,I’ll have to form more divisive ways of breaking them.

        • korruption

          Fulton wedgies!

  • MAG V Supreme

    First thing is first nyxus you work for kojima or Konami. Thats the real biggest theory Out there that i believe. Second i might boycott all media about mgsv to not be spoiled with secrets. Third the couple missions play are part of the deception kojima wants to trick people with. i can go on but lets leave it there. Enjoy everyone.

  • vic boss

    I just found this trailer recently, I think it’s even better than the official one. The intro scene got me more hyped than I already was for TPP.

  • Alberto Sánchez

    Holy shit. It seems to be the biggest game ever created.

  • Daburcor

    Fucking. Awesome. That’s all I can muster! xD

  • ominonarepus

    I’m excited about Batman Arkham Knight too. With The Witcher 3 so close, seem that everyone foget about it… I saw some “top 5 waited games for 2015” and a lot of people don’t even mention it or just make some “honorable mention”… cross fight with other heroes, a big Gotham to explore, the F*CKING BATMOBILE…

    The Witcher 3…yeah, looks bigger and better than The Witcher 2 but, I don’t know… I start like, three new games on The Witcher 2 but I didn’t fell nothing…

    I think I reach my limits of this “medieval stories” with Skyrim and his plot and then Demon’s and over that Dark Souls push it with the gameplay… I may sound pedantic 😛 but I’m a bit “tired” of those “classical” myth and magic quests, thats why I’m waiting to see more of this:

    • invader_skoodge

      This reminds me of Wind Waker.

  • James

    I CAN’T WAIT UNTIL SEPTEMBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • RJRO

    The “skulls” soldiers must be like the ocelot unit in MGS3 a kind of first Boss battle but you fight a Squad.

  • invader_skoodge

    Keeping the 80’s alive in the comments. Straight out of 1984 Let’s get HYPE-R-active for the new MGS info.

    • ominonarepus

      What about september 84?

      • invader_skoodge


  • James

    A Chinese website posted the names of 11 missions but it seems like it’s been taken down… Anybody have info on this? I’d love to know the names of the missions!

    • 223hzy

      第一章:Chapter 1

      • James


  • thetrooper1989

    @Nyxus leaves for a long period of time and after he comes back, we get a crap ton of MGS V: TPP news. Please go away Nyx, I need my MGS fix asap.


    Yep this is going to be just what the doctor ordered. MGSV, Battlefront, and well sh!t AC Syndicate to. I mean it is an open world game.

  • invader_skoodge

    Okay here’s another scenario. I can Imagine Big Boss coming back from a mission looking like this

    And we know there’s tension at mother base and Miller and the rest are starting to think about parting ways with big boss and Big Boss can tell and he starts singing this classic song from the 80’s.

    • ominonarepus

      check it and I raise it to a Friday night at the motherbase, all the comrades embracing togheter, rising their cups high in the sky and singing this

    • MichaelPayneV

      “Straight Outta Foxhund, Crazy mothafukka named Big Boss “

  • This is gonna be a solid game for sure. The only video game that matters… The only one.

    • korruption

      Quite literally. Being the only reason I bought a PS4 and all…

      • It’s gonna be the only new game I’ll play for a while.

  • James

    I can’t for Anita Sarkeesian to complain about Quiet in MGSV:TPP!

    • korruption

      Never gonna happen, but I still have hope that Stefanie slaps the shit out of that bitch.

    • Jake Barnes

      Disclaimer: Not all feminists are the dumbasses we’ve encountered recently, some of them are intelligent human beings who do great things.

      I’m surprised the femicunts haven’t picked up on Quiet’s outfit and bitched about it. Why? She was revealed years ago, literally.

  • Theo Heisenberg Constantine

    i need this game.

  • Fdisdoe

    I almost feel like I’m getting too much information – and that I’m going to be disappointed.

  • Alexandre Saccol

    Th-this… I’m going to faint from the hype.

  • XIFF-5

    I remember how we were so excited when we first got the impressions from Press reactions from the Ground Zeroes Boot Camp with so little info of a small game…

    And now how about a much BIGGER and complete masterpiece game (TPP) would be comparable to these tiny info… AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH… <3
    (EGORAPTOR xD Love him Haha…)

    • korruption

      Ah Egoraptor… the guy who tries to be funny. On exceptionally rare occasions he actually succeeds, and I tip my hat to him for that. =)

  • Cipher

    15 weeks and 5 days left.
    Hang in there guys

  • Jason Mounce

    I must resist the urge of reading a lot of the information posted here….lots of little things I’d probably rather learn myself after just reading one line of what a previewer had said got me to saying… “NOPE!” Must learn for myself and wait for Sept ;_;

  • Andrea Feletti

    I want tpp ASAP…

  • Omid Darakeh

    11 Chapter Mission Of MGSV
    Act 1
    Join Us:

    • Gatsu


    • “…Doing any of the…”
      WHAT… WHAAAAT i wanna know it! >_<

      (I guess, sidemissions?)

      • Melyssa

        Any of the side ops, probably. Imagine that. Over six days straight of sitting in front of your screen, watching pure MGS awesomeness, just for the main ops.

        Being the obsessive ADD bitch I am for side ops and quests, this is going to take me months to beat.

        • Yes, a complete nonstop week, plus MGO.
          Expect news about people dying or getting sick just playing the game without taking a rest, specially from Asia…

          What platform are you getting the game for?

          Have a nice day 🙂

          • Melyssa

            Oh yeah, asians are the first to fall.

            I’ll be playing on PS3, I’m too cheap for a PS4 😛

          • I will get it in Steam.
            It’s a pity, it would be cool to play MGO with you.

            Have a nice day ^ ^

  • Diego Guedes

    I’m speechless. Holy cow!

  • turkishgamer35
  • Mini gear

    Had dreams of playing it again

  • SiodogRehane

    fuck those lucky guys >_>

  • Mini gear

    I kind of hope. On June 9 GZ owners get a small little demo to hold us over a bit longer

    • Javier

      It could be beautiful. I was thinking something like that. We deserve it.

  • Mini gear

    Ok I’m dying right now, innnnneeeed this

  • Venom_Snake_BB

    Oh holy… Hype is real i mean real real just looking to monitor and it is looking at me and what? 7+ hour and f.. %4 this game is HUGE,IMMERSIVE AND A PIECE OF MASTERPIECE! GAME OF THE YEAR NO DOUBT!

  • Ken Shiro

    Hey Nyxus, did you also get invited to the EU journalist press event?
    And even if you were, would you go? I mean it does spoil the game a bit. But on the other side, I’m sure it would be an awesome life experience.

    • Nope, not invited, but it looks like only a select group was invited (probably the biggest websites).

    • Go to 0:45. :3

      • VIC BOSS


  • Gatsu

    The “showering” that was talked about before did in fact refer to an actual shower room at Mother Base you can use.

    Yes!!! Them details!

    • korruption

      Allow me to paint out the following: let’s say that perhaps Quiet got into a rather bloody firefight, and needed to use the shower…

    • The Sims 4: Metal Gear Solid.

  • This is awesome.

    • Gatsu

      That’s so amazing :D, congratz Nyxus <3! I wonder if Kojima is reading our comments right this moment if he check MGI … Your tweet got touched by God.

    • VIC BOSS

      Congratz 😀

    • Congratulations, mate. That’s your good work well awarded. 🙂

    • Javier

      Where did you get that picture? The one with snake and the mini robot.

      • Apparently it’s a new screen they released. Not sure where it came from originally but you can find it on Twitter. It’s also on the official Facebook.

    • Diamond Fox

      this is good.

    • Alex

      This may actually bring in people who may have never seen the site before.

  • Heinz Catsup

    Less than 3 months till September 1st… Damn can’t the time go any faster?

  • mikeyyytexas

    Aaaaaaaahhhhhh fuck yeahhhhh!!!! It’s about time we get some good news!!! Happy to finally have you back Nyx!! I was going crazy checking back and finding no news but you just made my week!

    Dude! I’m so fucking hyped!!!!!!!!!!! I had forgotten about MGSV and the feelings of excitement I had for it but this turned the flames to 9000 degrees lmfao it seems so close and you can almost touch your hideo kojima game! Ughhhh much excite

  • captain!

    I think I’ll die if I don’t play this game right now

  • mikeyyytexas

    I could be wrong but this is the first time we see the load screen for TPP right? I mean it is essentially the same as GZ but still I think that’s the first time we see that

    • kirtanloorii

      Yeah. And go figure it’s another chopper pic. Nice.

  • MichaelPayneV

    The only thing i’m concerned is the recoil, in GZ was absent, way to easy to shoot.

  • Kol Leqejza

    so that means that i should avoid the internet on june

    • FMercenary

      Yeah, I don’t want my first impression of the game to be spoiled by someone elses first impression. Gonna have to bury my head in the sand till the week of release.

  • I don’t know why, but i got a strange feeling…
    After all the silence and “bad news” over Kojima, Konami, and so on, now everything is going all over, here and there, people already playing the game, etc, etc, so somehow, i think the game will be released sooner, it’s not logical, i know, but i got that strange feeling…
    Maybe 25 June? Hmm…

    Dreaming too much? lol

    • Mini gear

      id love to play sooner too. kojima put it directly after my break is up to and the game id buy right now even if its bugged to make snake a lama

  • Snake

    OMG!!! i can wait more 🙂

    • These 2 guys in the 0:14 aren’t “the eye” and “the finger”?

      This video isn’t official, right?

    • Mini gear

      very very nice 🙂 still cant wait though

  • 2 Venomous 4 Kaz

    Aw man this is killing me! Hopefully we’ll get something at E3 (Trailer/gameplay).

  • Andrea Feletti

    Wrote a song today: “Somebody in the world is playing the phantom pain and im here at work” blues…

  • kirtanloorii

    Some people are worried about spoilers, but I have not seen a single one. Most of the discussion is about gameplay or extremely vague details on missions. We have learned absolutely nothing about the actual story.

  • korruption

    So with all of the above scenarios and still retaining its alleged 60FPS, even on a PS4/XBO? Just making sure here, as all other developers make it sound like it’s impossible.

    • Gatsu

      Kojima makes the impossible…possible ;).

  • Does someone know if these guys are playing the complete game? Or just kind of demo of Afghanistan only?
    Thanks 🙂

    • From what we know, they only play a part of it that takes place in Afghanistan. A prologue and 11 missions.

  • Edward Wokhands

    Wow, 7 hours in and 4%? So that’s 175 hours total! I hope that’s a speed run too. :p

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  • Jake Barnes

    I really hope Kojima includes David Bowie’s “Diamond Dogs” in the game. It would be too perfect.

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